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IFMSW Chapter 14

Ghost Marriage (13)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 14: Ghost Marriage (13)

Chu Huai felt a bit complicated, all while being led by Jin Tianyi to the sedan chair.

How come he had fallen upon such a day?

He opened the red curtain; Yin Xiaofeng’s memorable table was placed there. It was engraved with ‘My lovely daughter Xiaofeng’ on it, which seemed to be a little ironic.

Chu Huai picked Yin Xiaofeng’s memorable table carefully up, before taking a seat in the sedan chair. When he heard Jin Tianyi chuckle, Chu Huai directly put down the red curtain and pretended to be shy.

Jin Tianyi kicked the sedan chair lightly, then he stretched out his hand towards the sedan chair. Chu Huai placed one hand on Jin Tianyi’s and held the memorable table in his other one.

He was led by Jin Tianyi and stepped onto the threshold.

Luo Ziyang’s mouth widened into an ‘O’ shape.

The group of ghosts applauded like thunder. The sisters laughing was shrill and harsh, just like nails scratching a blackboard. Luo Ziyang’s scalp went numb because of this disturbing sound.

The pair stood in the center of the Mourning Hall.

Jin Tianyi’s expression became gentle while Chu Huai felt that his mind was a bit befuddled. He tilted his head to look at Jin Tianyi, a feeling that didn’t belong to him suddenly crashed into his heart.

Chu Huai licked his lips unconsciously.

He really wanted to kiss that person…

He was deeply obsessed with him…

He really wanted to…

Chu Huai suddenly reacted and his mind was about to collapse.

This great ghost was actually a domesticated animal.

He resisted himself not to look at Jin Tianyi and began to chant the peaceful spell that he had memorized before. Yet, it turned out to be…useless.

Jin Tianyi studied Chu Huai’s expression and asked: “What’s wrong?”

“…Remove your hand.”

Jin Tianyi’s eyes curved into a deep smile: “Your face is burning.”

Chu Huai: “…” I will kiss you if you don’t do as I said.

He took a deep breath.

The auspicious time had come.

“First, worship to heaven and earth,” The ghost wedding nanny shouted.

Chu Huai followed Jin Tianyi with great compliance.

“Second, worship to the ancestors.”

Both of them stood still without moving. Yin Xiaofeng and Ma Zhicheng didn’t want to worship Father Yin, Mother Yin, and Madam Cao.

Luo Ziyang was already numb when he heard ‘husband and wife worship’.

Here he was, struggling to survive, yet the boss still had time to marry that leisurely? When the instance was over, these two may need to deal with their life’s major event.

How could he be equal to the boss? Their gap was so big.

Luo Ziyang couldn’t help but sigh.

When Jin Tianyi and Chu Huai were about to worship each other, Luo Ziyang’s pupils contracted, then he shouted: “Be careful!”

He saw a ghost hand suddenly stretching out from Cao Rong’s coffin and it was about to pull Chu Huai in!

The wedding dress revealed a bright red light when the ghost hand touched Chu Huai, as if protecting the host.

However, after a short while, the red light suddenly turned vague and a large piece of the wedding dress had been torn.

There was blood tainting Chu Huai’s back.

He groaned painfully and was about to fall because of this spontaneous force.

The ghost hand was unable to attack them, yet it persisted in grabbing after Chu Huai. Jin Tianyi supported Chu Huai, the two of them rolling on the ground and avoiding it.

“He is my bride!” Cao Rong’s angry voice could be heard from the coffin.
A ‘crack’ noise sounded.

The coffin board broke into pieces and revealed Cao Rong’s figure, standing upright.

The horror world had already set him free!

“You killed my mother, ” Cao Rong yelled furiously, “You all will die here today, no one can escape, especially you!”

Cao Rong pointed at Jin Tianyi.

“And you!” Then he looked at Chu Huai with a dreadful expression, “How dare you betray me!”

Cao Rong’s gigantic figure made the guest ghosts tremble, with some even passing out.

Luo Ziyang was about to rush over yet, because he was seriously injured, his head became dizzy and he couldn’t move.

At this moment, Cao Rong flashed behind Jin Tianyi.

“Jiaojiao, we should continue our ceremony,” Jin Tianyi said with a light smile.

He helped Chu Huai up and protected him while he allowed the ghost to put its hand on his shoulder.

Then, blood began to flow out.

“Boss!” Luo Ziyang’s tears trickled down.

This was his instance, not Jin Tianyi’s. If anything happened, Jin Tianyi would be dead.

Chu Huai blanked out for a moment.

Jin Tianyi smiled at him.

Then, Chu Huai bowed to him.

The two foreheads touched.

The couple worshiped.

The moment the ghost’s hand was about to tear Jin Tianyi apart, a golden light suddenly appeared and covered the two.

“Ahh!!” Cao Rong’s miserable scream could be heard and there was a flame burning his fingers.

All the restrictions that had been set on Yin Xiaofeng and Ma Zhicheng were completely removed.

This was…the only way to survive.

There were two conditions in order to remove the restrictions that had been put on Cao Rong. The first one was the death of Madam Cao and the second one was Yin Xiaofeng wanting to marry Ma Zhicheng.

If they acted according to the original plot then, after Yin Xiaofeng and Cao Rong married, Cao Rong would not be free, furthermore, they would face Yin Xiaofeng’s and Ma Zhicheng’s wrath. As for Jin Tianyi who had helped Ma Zhicheng get his revenge, he could leave the instance safely.

And the other people would have to confront the crazy madness of both Yin and Ma.

Therefore, Cao Rong had turned into the most powerful ghost in the instance after both conditions were met. His strength could completely crush Ma Zhicheng and Yin Xiaofeng.

Hence, only when Ma Zhicheng and Yin Xiaofeng married did their strength increase at the last moment, and they could kill Cao Rong.

Resentment made them turn into ghosts and love helped them defeat the original ghost.

Within just a few breaths, Cao Rong’s flesh was already burning and revealing his bones. The fire was still spreading.

Cao Rong whimpered for a long while and finally, he was reduced to bones.

Everything was over.

Luo Ziyang clutched his heart, still engaged in his adrenaline rush. His forehead was covered in sweat, he even forgot about the pain on his back.

Because of her broken bones, Madam Cao couldn’t stand straight. She moved slithered towards the white bones and kissed them a few times, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Madam Cao lived until this day because of her son. She thought that when she turned into a ghost, she would be able to find him, yet she had never expected that her son couldn’t even become a ghost.

It could be said that she was the cause of what had happened today.

Madam Cao’s bloody tears continued to flow.

“It’s fine now.” Jin Tianyi smiled, his lips slightly pale and he was about to help Chu Huai up. However, who would have imagined that the other party suddenly pushed him down and didn’t allow him to move?

“Kiss me, ok? I will stand up once you kiss me.” Chu Huai’s eyes were bright.

Jin Tianyi was stunned before he began to laugh weirdly.

Yin Xiaofeng’s obsession with Ma Zhicheng was too deep. She was connected to the wedding dress which without a doubt, left an impact on the person who wore it. If she was still within control like before, then, after her strength increased, even Chu Huai also couldn’t stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

However, Jin Tianyi’s condition was a bit special. Unless he was willing, or if he wasn’t, then Ma Zhicheng would not disturb his mind.

“No, I don’t want to take advantage of you in such a situation” Jin Tianyi pulled him up, but Chu Huai refused to move.

Jin Tianyi was so angry that he started to laugh. For a moment, he even forgot about his injury.

Luo Ziyang was perplexed.

“Just once, I will not stick out my tongue.”

“That won’t do.”

“Then lick will do, right?” Chu Huai bargained.

Jin Tianyi: “…”

“Touch only, no more than that” Jin Tianyi helplessly held his red little face. With the expectation in Chu Huai’s eyes, his lips touched the other person’s lips lightly.

Just as Jin Tianyi wanted to move away, Chu Huai suddenly held him back. Then, catching him off guard, he pried open Jin Tianyi’s mouth.

Jin Tianyi: “…” He stuck his tongue out.

Luo Ziyang: What the fuck?! Could it be that this was like the legend of the hero saving the beauty and the beauty devoting herself to the man?!

Jin Tianyi knew pretty well that Chu Huai was unconscious right now and he would regret it when he returned to his senses. So, he didn’t follow his action but gently broke free from Chu Huai.

He didn’t understand why Chu Huai wanted to stick to him, but Jin Tianyi had noticed that Chu Huai didn’t seem to like him the way he acted on the surface.

Nevertheless, he was still satisfied. What’s more, he wasn’t in a rush either, everything could go slowly.

Of course, he might not be able to restrain himself from not teasing the other person in the future.

Jin Tianyi took out a paper napkin to wipe the saliva at the corner of his mouth, while Chu Huai licked his lip clean and then proceeded to stare at him with a smile and round, innocent eyes.

Jin Tianyi’s hand shook slightly while his heart trembled.

There was a sudden pain in Chu Huai’s mind, then blood-red words appeared–

   [Congratulations on completing the instance.]

The heaven mark on his body was burning and after that, the black bus came through time and space, appeared in front of everyone’s field of vision.

The bus door opened.

Luo Ziyang was so happy.

Li Bin, who was half dead and half alive on the ground, also woke up from the sudden pain in his mind. What’s more, the blood-red words made him thrilled.

This damn instance was finally over!

Wang Xue was dead, but he was alive!

Sure enough! He was special, so how could he die?

He could find another girlfriend in the real world.

Li Bin turned his head to look at the other participants. Yet, he didn’t feel any guilt. Even if he had beaten Luo Ziyang, so what? He just wanted to live after all.

He had to look after himself, or else he might get hurt. Jin Tianyi didn’t even care if he was dead or alive!

Li Bin got up with difficulty, only feeling dizzy because of the blood loss. Then, resentment appeared in his eyes.

If it weren’t for them, how else could he become so weak?

Li Bin was the first person to rush towards the bus, filled with hope.

His tears rolled down in excitement.

Suddenly Chu Huai’s eyes shimmered with red light.

Jin Tianyi glanced at Li Bin pitifully.

One of Li Bin’s feet was already on the bus, yet ‘Chu Huai’ suddenly flashed behind him and put his hand on Li Bin’s shoulder.

He felt his body sinking, and that slender, white hand was as strong as if it was a rock with a thousand kilograms placed on his shoulder.

Li Bin turned around and yelled: “Let go of me! I want to get on the bus!”

Chu Huai revealed a faint smile, then his delicate fingers gripped tightly on Li Bin’s neck. The other person immediately became panicked.

He pressed his fingers lightly, then, with a ‘crack’, Li Bin’s neck was…broken. Before he had time to react, he’d already stopped breathing and his head fell to one side weakly.

At the last moment, Li Bin had also died. And he still hadn’t figured out the reason for his death.

Wang Xue’s voice could be heard from Chu Huai’s mouth: “The underworld is too deserted, so…how could I let you remain in the human world?”

“Sister Xiaofeng promised me to kill you, that’s why I let her take over my body.”

Li Bin was killed by Yin Xiaofeng.

Bewitched by Yin Xiaofeng, Wang Xue was willing to sacrifice her soul when Yin Xiaofeng promised to kill Li Bin for her.

Yin Xiaofeng devoured Wang Xue’s soul and thus their souls merged. The truth was revealed by Wang Xue’s tone at the last second.

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