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IFMSW Chapter 13

Ghost Marriage (12)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 13: Ghost Marriage (12)

When Chu Huai opened his eyes once again, he was surprised to see Jin Tianyi appear out of the blue.

The pressure on his ankle disappeared. Jin Tianyi was holding a broadsword more than one meter long in his hand, and the blood kept on dripping from the sword continuously.

Close by his feet was Cao Rong’s tongue.

Jin Tianyi gave Chu Huai a faint smile and the broadsword disappeared into thin air.

This place was a dream where people’s emotions determined everything.

Chu Huai’s body was very dirty yet Jin Tianyi still picked him up.

“Why are you here?” Chu Huai asked.

Yes, earlier he had thought about a broadsword. However, why did Jin Tianyi appear here?

“I should be the one to ask you this question.”

“Ask me?” Chu Huai was surprised.

Jin Tianyi whispered into his ear: “Because… you think of me in your dreams.”

He gave a low laugh in a somewhat strange and puzzled tone.

“Look, you dream of me!”

Chu Huai: “…”

Had he really thought of Jin Tianyi?

When did Jin Tianyi become so important to him? Why didn’t he know about this?

Could it be that the outsider noticed things more clearly than he, himself?

Chu Huai became doubtful.

“Sorry, I stained your clothes.” He said.

Jin Tianyi couldn’t help but smile, his mind moved slightly. Chu Huai’s clothes changed instantly into…a sexy backless white dress.

Chu Huai: “…”

Jin Tianyi’s fingers were rubbing against that beautiful butterfly bone.

Chu Huai: “…” Why would I think about Jin Tianyi touching my back? Is this really normal?

“Stop playing around, I have to hurry back, Jin Tianyi and the others are still waiting for me, goodbye, thank you for saving me earlier!”

After he finished speaking, Chu Huai closed his eyes. And when he opened his eyes once again, he was met with Jin Tianyi’s smiling gaze.

“Sorry, I fell asleep.” Chu Huai smiled in embarrassment.

When he realized something, Chu Huai directly grabbed Jin Tianyi’s hand to check his watch. There were still five minutes left before midnight. He thought that he had stayed in Cao Rong’s coffin for about an hour but in reality, only five minutes had passed.

“Ahh!” Suddenly, Luo Ziyang’s painful cry came from the darkness.

Chu Huai was stunned and instantly looked for him in the dark, while Jin Tianyi’s expression turned gloomy.

At the distance, not too far away from them, Luo Ziyang and Li Bin were fighting.

For some reason, Li Bin gained an upper hand because of his short height. He was squatting on Luo Ziyang while beating him. On the other hand, Luo Ziyang was clutching his head, shrinking himself. It was obvious that he wasn’t in a good state.

Jin Tianyi picked up a chair next to him and smashed it against the back of Li Bin’s head. His movement was sharp and precise.

Li Bin’s line of sight became blurred, then he collapsed on the ground.

Chu Huai dragged Li Bin away first, then he helped Luo Ziyang up, only to discover that his head was covered in blood.

“He attacked you?” Chu Huai’s eyes turned cold.

Only this guess was possible.

Luo Ziyang felt that his mind had become muddled and his body was also weakened: “I’m fine…”

Regret flashed in Jin Tianyi’s eyes. Ignorant people would get into trouble on account of cherished items, Li Bin was no different from those types of people. It was his carelessness and miscalculation before.

“Brother Jin, don’t blame yourself, this wasn’t your fault. It was me who underestimated the enemy and I’m also stupid, you have always protected me before…”

Chu Huai helped him sit down: “Say less and save some strength.”

Luo Ziyang shook his head in distress, yet there was determination in his eyes: “My current condition isn’t stable so just leave me, after all, I don’t want to drag you two down…”

He knew that he wasn’t smart enough. Chu Jiao and Jin Tianyi had already saved him several times and he didn’t want to drag them along with him.

Chu Huai was stunned and for a moment, he felt complicated.

Luo Ziyang’s tone seemed like he was expressing his last words: “Jiaojiao, I wish you and the boss will be together for hundreds of years, and give birth to a son…bah”

Chu Huai: “…”

Luo Ziyang immediately slapped himself: “No, don’t give birth to a son yet, or else he will be born without parents…”

“My stupid mouth!”

Chu Huai: “…” He quickly grabbed Luo Ziyang’s hand that was about to slap himself once again.

Jin Tianyi was pulling two white cloths from the Mourning Hall and, when he heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Rest assured, if you can still hold on for a while longer, we will go home.” Jin Tianyi walked toward Li Bin and bandaged his head with the white cloths in a simple manner.

“Go home?” Luo Ziyang’s eyes lit up.

According to the horror world rules, once they completed the mission, they could leave. Their injuries would also be healed directly.

Chu Huai walked towards Li Bin and kicked him with disgust before he snatched the black shroud from his hand. The shroud was stained with Li Bin’s blood.

When the hands of the watch overlapped for this hour, Luo Ziyang shouted all of sudden: “Ghosts!”

Chu Huai directly raised his head and could only see the daytime guests revealing their true colors.

They were all… ghosts.

In the span of a moment, they’d surrounded the Mourning Hall in a fan formation. They had lifeless eyes, their hands clasped together seemingly applauding, yet had no intention of attacking them at all.

The one closest to Chu Huai was a starving ghost. It was skinny with greedy eyes, as if waiting for a feast in the future.

Water ghosts, hanging ghosts, children ghosts…Chu Huai swept his eyes toward them one by one, his breathing turning erratic.

He should have expected this.

How could a ghost marriage have human guests?

Chu Huai’s gaze suddenly lingered in one place. Madam Cao, Father Yin and Mother Yin were standing there.

Madam Cao’s bones were broken into pieces, there was only skin that remained whole. Her body was soft, almost like she was laying on her stomach, her facial features, which used to be neat, were now turned crooked and distorted. As for Father Yin and Mother Yin, their faces were purple and their eyes were glancing up, their mouths hanging open and saliva dripping out of them.

They had also turned into ghosts.

Chu Huai was surprised.

No wonder; Madam Cao, Father Yin and Mother Yin were bound to die. Moreover, the death of these three people didn’t cause any impact on their mission at all.

These three people were the ones who witnessed the ghost marriage.

Therefore, on the day of the ghost marriage, there weren’t any living humans, except for participants like them.

“Boss, what to do now…” Luo Ziyang began to grasp Jin Tianyi’s clothes while trembling.

“What would happen if Cao Rong and Yin Xiaofeng married…after all, Yin Xiaofeng didn’t want to marry him and she was also indirectly killed by Cao Rong. As for Ma Zhicheng, if his beloved woman marries another man…”

Luo Ziyang’s tone instantly became cautious: “He wouldn’t kill us because of his grievance, right…?”

“Don’t bark like a duck,” Jin Tianyi paused, “In the end, you still have some brains, if you’re afraid, then just sleep.”

Luo Ziyang: “…”

The guests immediately cast their eyes toward the door entrance.

A sedan chair appeared at the door, emitting a red light through the darkness.

There were eight ghosts currently carrying a sedan chair, they looked so happy and their bodies were also shrouded in red.

The guests began to applaud and Luo Ziyang also followed.

“Jiaojiao,” Jin Tianyi came over with a smile, “I will carry you to the sedan chair and marry you, okay?”

Chu Huai: “…” Sure enough, this man also knew how to survive.

The horror world deceived them.

But, it wasn’t true to say that, either. In fact, they were deceived by their own minds.

The mission was to ‘participate in the ghost marriage that will be held in the Cao Mansion three days later’. So of course they believed that the ghost marriage protagonists were Cao Rong and Yin Xiaofeng, but once they finished attending Cao Rong’s and Yin Xiaofeng’s wedding ceremony, it was highly possible that their group would be…eliminated.

What Luo Ziyang said was correct. How could Yin Xiaofeng marry Cao Rong willingly? And how could Ma Zhicheng, who loved Yin Xiaofeng so much, give up so easily?

This pair of lovers suffered greatly when they were alive, and it would be even more difficult to separate them when they were dead. During the time that they were alive, they couldn’t do anything when someone tried to break them apart, but now that they were dead…

The last resentment was so strong, none of them could bear it.

Chu Huai had a guess that, once Cao Rong and Yin Xiaofeng were married, the horror world would definitely remove the restriction of using Ma Zhicheng’s and Yin Xiaofeng’s shrouds. After that, they would begin to…kill them violently.

While Chu Huai was lost in thought, Jin Tianyi had already put Yin Xiaofeng’s wedding dress on him in a skillful manner.

Luo Ziyang was slack-jawed1a surprised or shocked facial expression..

“Jiaojiao,” Jin Tianyi sighed and buttoned up the dress gently, “You are too thin, I feel a little heartache.”

Yin Xiaofeng’s wedding dress didn’t fit Chu Huai well, the sleeves were a bit too short and his shoulders were slightly squeezed by the dress. Some parts also stayed empty.

“It is not that I’m too thin” Chu Huai smiled embarrassedly: “It’s because I don’t have a bosom.”

Jin Tianyi’s hands paused: “…”

Luo Ziyang was still in the mood to interrupt: “With Brother Jin beside you, sooner or later you will have a bosom!”

Chu Huai looked at him with a smile that did not reach his eyes.

“Shut up if you don’t know how to talk.” Jin Tianyi glanced at him levelly.

Luo Ziyang felt his soles turning cold in a second.

Yet, after a while, he still couldn’t hold back: “Jiaojiao, I think this wedding dress is really ugly, only Victoria Secret clothes would suit you the best!”

Chu Huai didn’t bother talking to him.

“Actually… Brother Luo can also marry me.” He turned his head to look at Jin Tianyi with innocent eyes, there was also some hesitation in them, but what he said was true.

Chu Huai was right, there was only one bride but three grooms left. Even Li Bin, who was still half dead and half alive on the ground, could marry him.

Jin Tianyi smiled at Luo Ziyang.

Luo Ziyang became horrified by this smile: “No, no, no, my acting is too poor!”

The boss’s smile was too terrible!

Then he proceeded to pretend to be dead.

When Chu Huai first recognized the way to survive, he didn’t want to accept it in his heart.

Yet, he shamelessly accepted it in the end.

Right now he was in a woman’s clothes. Why did he have to care about a woman’s chastity? And what was the use of playing games of refusing and accepting?

Besides, he still needed to obtain Jin Tianyi’s heart and slowly devour this cabbage2T/N: In Chinese, if some women are married off to men, people may say, “The cabbage(the woman) of this family had been eaten by that pig(the man)”. So I think in here, it appeared that Chu Huai was slowly eating Jin Tianyi’s cabbage. HAHA~ to the end.

So how could he make Jin Tianyi fall for him yet ‘not fall’ for him? He felt that he might need a long way to learn it.

Therefore, when you acted at suitable times to make use of such knowledge, then the feelings would grow.

When Jin Tianyi pinched his face in order to teach him a lesson, Chu Huai was still thinking absent-mindedly.

  • 1
    a surprised or shocked facial expression.
  • 2
    T/N: In Chinese, if some women are married off to men, people may say, “The cabbage(the woman) of this family had been eaten by that pig(the man)”. So I think in here, it appeared that Chu Huai was slowly eating Jin Tianyi’s cabbage. HAHA~
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