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IFMSW Chapter 12

Ghost Marriage (11)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 12: Ghost Marriage (11)

Chu Huai finally found an excuse to push Luo Ziyang away before he locked himself with Jin Tianyi inside a room.

Jin Tianyi sat on the bed with his legs folded while his sharp eyes glanced at him.

Chu Huai revealed a soft smile. He approached and squatted down in front of the other person, then he placed his white, slender hand on Jin Tianyi’s clothes.

Jin Tianyi was surprised, yet his eyes flickered.

Also, how could it be possible to conceal the truth from this person?

He had been wearing the shroud inside his clothes before, but now he didn’t. If Chu Huai took off his clothes right at this moment, then he would know that ‘he’ killed Madam Cao.

Jin Tianyi laughed: “Jiaojiao, it’s not the time yet”

Chu Huai: “…” His face reddened.

Jin Tianyi smiled faintly, and let Chu Huai continued.

Chu Huai unbuttoned the shirt buttons one by one. His fingers were really beautiful and elastic, like a ribbon.

Originally, Chu Huai just wanted to confirm his thoughts, but looking at the ‘scene’ in front of him made his mood turn a bit complicated.

The man had a strong body with a narrow waist and handsome,  well-balanced muscles.

The atmosphere was a bit subtle for a while.

Jin Tianyi was waiting for Chu Huai to finish his movements.

After a long while, Chu Huai suddenly stood up and commented with a sullen face: “They are…likable.”

“I just wanted to check whether you have it or not.”

“So you took off my clothes?” Jin Tianyi raised his eyebrows with a smile. “Are you satisfied now?”

Chu Huai blushed: “…Umm.”

He realized much too late that he didn’t need to take off Jin Tianyi’s clothes at all. He could have just found a chance to touch him when he hugs him, then everything would’ve been done. But earlier…

That was too stupid.

And it was really shameful.

Jin Tianyi didn’t want to make Chu Huai embarrassed, so he hurriedly buttoned up his shirt.

“Jiaojiao,” he turned his head to look at him, “From now on, only you can take off my clothes.”

Chu Huai: “…Okay.” (B.C: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, this scene!?)

Suddenly, there was a violent noise, coming from the outside: “Bro…Brother Jin, Madam Cao is dead!!”

It was Li Bin, his voice trembling.

Chu Huai looked at Jin Tianyi, who pretended not to know about the matter.

Madam Cao would’ve died sooner or later. However, he had never expected that Jin Tianyi would do the opposite by leading the ghost onto his body and killing Madam Cao.

He assumed that Jin Tianyi had been protected by Ma Zhicheng.

Therefore, when he put the black shroud on Luo Ziyang’s head, Ma Zhichang did nothing.

The four people who were still alive came to the Mourning Hall. Madam Cao’s corpse was lying quietly in there.
There were still dry tears on her cheeks, with both of her eyes cracked open.

“Madam Cao is dead…I knew it! We shouldn’t have come back…” Li Bin murmured.

He seemed to have realized something and there was fear in his eyes: “Where is Wang Xue?”

“Dead,” Jin Tianyi said lightly.

When Li Bin heard this word, he suddenly forgot to breathe.

Like a ball without any oxygen left, he collapsed on the ground.

“Wang Xue…is dead.” He muttered in despair and the memories of the past flashed in his mind.

Only at this moment did Li Bin realize that Wang Xue was really important to him…

For people who had been together for so many years, it was impossible for them to not feel anything if one of the partners died. In fact…as long as they could pass the instance, they would’ve been able to return to the real world.

This was a matter of life and death, but the word that came out of Jin Tianyi’s mouth was so simple and there wasn’t any emotion in his eyes.

“How can you be so indifferent?!” Li Bin asked Jin Tianyi in a harsh voice.

“She was Wang Xue, she had been with me for seven years! Seven years! Do you understand?!” Right at this time, Li Bin seemed to be a bit insane.

Jin Tianyi stared at him strangely.

Luo Ziyang scoffed, took out a matchbox, and lit a cigarette while telling the truth: “She was important to you, but to us, it was the same as to boil the hound once it caught the rabbit1to get rid of sb once he has served his purpose.”

He was surprised by his own literal artistry and added: “Only people who have an ability can live long.”

Li Bin seemed to be struck by lightning in an instant. He sat on the ground blankly, with tears on his face.

Chu Huai hung his head without saying anything.

The death of Madam Cao was the same as Father Yin and Mother Yin, neither of them causing any conditions.

Midnight was gradually approaching.

The huge Cao Mansion didn’t put on lights. The four people sat quietly in the darkness, waiting for the last event.

Li Bin looked depressed.

Chu Huai…felt inexplicably sleepy, so sleepy that he couldn’t even open his eyes normally.

Feeling that something wasn’t right, he forced himself to sober up and turned to ask Jin Tianyi: “How many minutes left?”

Jin Tianyi swept his eyes: “Ten minutes.”

The time in his watch was likely to be consumed by a second.

“What happened to you?”

Chu Huai shook his head with difficulty, watching Jin Tianyi in front of him to change from one to two, then become three…he finally fell asleep.

Luo Ziyang, on the other side witnessing this scene, couldn’t help but widen his eyes in shock: “It couldn’t be?! She can still fall asleep at a time like this?”

Jin Tianyi’s pupils contracted when he tried to wake Chu Huai up several times, but the other person still slept motionlessly, showing no sign of waking up.

He stretched out his hand toward Luo Ziyang: “Give me the sleeping pills.”

Luo Ziyang was dumbfounded, but he still took out the sleeping pills from his pocket and handed them to Jin Tianyi.

He often suffered from insomnia. Hence, he needs to bring sleeping pills with him. If he took a small dose, he could still wake up when there was any movement, but his strength would be weakened.

Jin Tianyi hurriedly screwed the lid and poured out a dozen of them before he put them in his mouth in one go.

“Boss, you…!” Luo Ziyang was frightened.

Jin Tianyi didn’t have time to explain everything clearly to him, so he said: “If I don’t wake up in ten minutes, then you have to put on this black shroud and find a place to hide. When the ghost marriage is over, you will leave this instance safely. Do you hear me?”

He handed the shroud to Luo Ziyang.

“Yes,” Luo Ziyang paused, he felt lost and didn’t know what to do, “But…”

Before he could continue his words, Jin Tianyi had already fallen asleep on the table.

Hearing what Jin Tianyi had said earlier, Li Bin stared at the black shroud in Luo Ziyang’s hand. His eyes shone slightly.

Chu Huai seemed to appear to be dreaming. Why was he here?

The surrounding was dark, he couldn’t even see his fingers, and this place looked like a tunnel.

In the end, what had happened?

Chu Huai frowned.

First, he tried to calm himself. Then, he squatted down and attempted to feel the surroundings as much as he could.

Finally, he touched something that was as hard as a wall.

The junction between the ground and the wall was a straight line. Therefore, this place shouldn’t be a tunnel and if it was, he would be able to see the light of the tunnel exit.

In other words, he was currently in an enclosed space.

Chu Huai slowly felt his chest tighten and it was difficult to breathe. Besides, there was also a foul smell in this place.

Strangely, this smell felt somehow familiar, but it was too weak, so he couldn’t tell what it was.

Chu Huai suddenly felt alarmed in his heart. The oxygen in this place was lacking and, if he continued like this, without a doubt he would die.

Chu Huai started to walk forwards while covering his nose and mouth.

He couldn’t sit still and do nothing.

After he walked for a few steps, his eyes slowly adapted to the darkness. While blinking, Chu Huai caught sight of a ghastly pale ghost.

There was foam inside the ghost’s mouth and at the corner of its mouth was a big, black mole!

The ghost disappeared in an instant, and Chu Huai was startled.

Cao Rong.

He said the man’s name quietly, with great confidence in his heart.

Cap Rong had turned into a ghost and he was…right beside him.

Why? Why did it turn out to be like this?

Could it be because Jin Tianyi killed his beloved mother and Cao Rong held a grudge?

He didn’t expect Cao Rong would turn into a ghost because of Madam Cao.

However, Madam Cao would die in all possible means. That was to say, this was simply a death game!

What he had been worried about before, finally happened.

It turned out that the great, hidden danger was neither Ma Zhicheng nor Yin Xiaofeng but…Cao Rong.

This was his negligence, he should have known in advance that he was Cao Rong’s target.

The ghost attacked Luo Ziyang and Li Bin because they were…men.

As for Jin Tianyi, because he had fulfilled Ma Zhicheng’s wish, he was protected by Ma Zhicheng.

So after Wang Xue and Zhao Xin died, in the whole group, he was the only…woman…left.

And only he could become…a bride.

As long as he was dead, his life would be in a knot and there was no other way out. The only person who could leave this world was probably Jin Tianyi.

He must leave here!

The ghost was still behind him. Chu Huai pondered for a while before deciding to move forward. The tunnel was very dark and it gave a sense of dullness.

After walking for about ten minutes, he finally caught a glimpse of a dense tree population, marked by a tiny light from an unknown source.

These trees were bare, without branches. It was invisible in the darkness and Chu Huai almost bumped into them.

The trees were flexible, a gust of wind could blow them off directly, but then something shocking happened. The trees stood up once again!

The ground under his feet began to rise and Chu Huai quickly avoided the trees.
He walked for a while, then he suddenly felt how the ground under his feet was gone and, before Chu Huai could react, he fell into a pit.

The pit’s walls were brown and they resembled jaundiced skin. The bottom of the pit was pitch black.

At this moment, the smell in the air was so strong that Chu Huai felt like suffocating.

He had accidentally fallen in and was unharmed. What’s more, the pit’s walls were extremely soft.

Chu Huai raised his head to calculate the height. After that, he gritted his teeth and began to climb up. He was surprised to discover that he could climb out of the pit so easily.

Chu Huai turned back to look at the dense trees in the distance. At this moment, the ghost appeared again, this time next to a tree. He was moving toward Chu Huai in a blink of an eye. Chu Huai’s pupils shrank and he directly ran away!

He suddenly discovered a strange thing.

Obviously, the ghost’s moving speed was faster than him yet ten minutes had passed, but the ghost still couldn’t catch up with him. However, when he turned back, he saw the ghost was attached to his back and was revealing its sharp teeth!

Two crescent-shaped lights suddenly appeared at the distance, without a doubt representing hope at this moment.

The light drifted as if it was inviting Chu Huai to pass through. As soon as the light faded, Chu Huai stopped running.

Under his feet, he felt a soft thing, like a human lip.

He took a step back.

A huge crack suddenly appeared in front of him, and with the support of the two crescent lights, he saw …sharp teeth.

There was also a squirming tongue, mixed with foam.

Chu Huai stepped back a few steps and turned around to smile at the ghost behind him. The ghost’s hand pierced through his body.

But, he…still felt safe and sound.

The ghost disappeared.

Chu Huai immediately understood something.

He was on…Cao Rong’s corpse.

This place was…Cao Rong’s coffin.

The smell was… corpse smell.

The dense trees should be…the legs hair. Chu Huai really wants to laugh.

And that huge pit just now was… the belly.

So the two crescent-shaped lights were Cao Rong’s eyes.

Cao Rong died because of epilepsy, his central nervous system had broken down and his body had gotten out of control. So after he’d turned into a ghost, the horror world restricted him from…moving.

Cao Rong could only forcibly create an illusion and force Chu Huai to move forward, step by step into a trap, before eating him…

It was safe to run back.

Under his feet were wetness and the foam in Cao Rong’s mouth kept on leaking.

Chu Huai ran back hurriedly, but then Cao Rong’s body twisted all of a sudden, which caused Chu Huai to slip and fall down.

When he was about to get up, Cao Rong extended his tongue and wrapped it around Chu Huai’s ankle.

Chu Huai’s eyes squinted. In an instant, the tongue pulled him with a strong force.

He grasped Cao Rong’s skin tightly and tried hard to crawl forwards while the tongue added more force to pull him over. It was just like striking a stone with an egg2to invite disaster by overreaching oneself..

Chu Huai gradually lost his hold and, upon seeing Cao Rong’s mouth at the end of his feet, he closed his eyes.

Suddenly, a faint smile appeared on the corners of Chu Huai’s mouth.

At this last moment, he finally figured out a way to leave the coffin.

This was…his dream.

In his dream, he was the lord.

The only lord.

  • 1
    to get rid of sb once he has served his purpose
  • 2
    to invite disaster by overreaching oneself.
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