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IFMSW Chapter 11

Ghost Marriage (10)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 11: Ghost Marriage (10)

Luo Ziyang rushed in, and the red light on Yin Xiaofeng’s wedding dress turned dim at a speed visible to the naked eyes.

As soon as Luo Ziyang noticed what had happened inside, he was terrified. He hurriedly pressed on Yin Xiaofeng’s legs and arms.

Wang Xue fainted after struggling a few times, Luo Ziyang, who was feeling hopeless right now, became stunned.

Chu Huai released his grasp on Wang Xue’s hair before he took a deep breath in relief.

Sure enough, the fight between women was none other than trying to grab each other’s hair.

“She shouldn’t be…a ghost, right?” Luo Ziyang swallowed with difficulty.

“You think she was a weak chicken?” Chu Huai said expressionlessly.

Luo Ziyang touched his nose in embarrassment.

Chu Huai explained: “That day, Wang Xue met a ghost in the toilet. The matter was resolved as soon as Brother Jin and I entered. Afterward, I figured it out that​ it was a hint”

“What’s the hint?” Luo Ziyang was surprised.

“Gender,” Chu Huai paused, “Last time, I wasn’t the one who saved Wang Xue, it was Brother Jin; he was a man while Wang Xue was a woman, so as long as a man and a woman are together, they will be safe”

That was also the reason why he dared to act against Wang Xue earlier. As long as Luo Ziyang was present, it was impossible for Wang Xue to do anything to him.

Luo Ziyang thought that it was reasonable and he couldn’t help but to blurt out: “So if Li Bin went in at that time, Wang Xue would’ve been safe.”

“Yes.” Chu Huai sighed.

“No wonder, the boss told me not to leave you alone!” At this moment, Luo Ziyang finally understood.

Chu Huai nodded.

He didn’t know when Jin Tianyi figured this out, but it must’ve been earlier than him.

He slept with Jin Tianyi every night and became the safest person instead. In these past few days, he only came across Father Yin but not a ghost.

That day he left Jin Tianyi and went with Wang Xue to Mother Ma’s house. Wang Xue might have had an intention of attacking him, but was soon discovered by Chu Huai himself. Therefore, the plan was delayed.

There were many restrictions for ghosts in this world. ‘Wang Xue’ needs to conceal herself in the crowd in order to find an opportunity to kill, and she also needs to wear a shroud. Just like what Jin Tianyi had said last time, the shroud was the host and the ghost could only use some means in order to make the participant wear the shroud, then it could kill people.

There wasn’t any ‘safe place’ since the beginning. Because he and Li Bin had a different opinion, Wang Xue chose to stay. Therefore, the Yin Family became a dangerous place and if Wang Xue decided to return with them, then the Cao Mansion would be one of the risky places instead.

Moreover, thinking until this point. He was right to suspect that the ghost was behind what had happened at the hut last time. At that time, Ma Zhicheng didn’t put the shroud on anyone, so it was impossible for him to kill. Therefore, he could only scare Wang Xue…

As for the purpose of doing this…

Chu Huai shrank and felt terrified upon thinking about Ma Zhicheng’s motive.

Ma Zhicheng forced…Wang Xue to feel resentment and made her take the initiative to wear Yin Xiaofeng’s wedding dress.

As for how Wang Xue found Yin Xiaofeng’s wedding dress…

This was not important anymore.

The horror world seemed to know them pretty well and it also took advantage of their weakness. Looks like the ghost also knew in advance about Li Bin’s decision at that time.

But how did he know?

It was not like the horror world would reveal everyone’s ‘crime’ to the ghost, right?

“How did you know that the hint would be like this?” Luo Ziyang cast him an admiring look.

Chu Huai came back to his senses with an odd expression.

He couldn’t tell Luo Ziyang that he was a man, which was the reason that he could figure it out.

His gender had been a serious part of the mission since the beginning.

At first, he thought that it was the process to keep the horror world balanced. That was why he was turned into a man in woman’s clothes. However, he immediately understood it afterward.

Why should there be three men and three women? In order to make three pairs, the horror world didn’t hesitate to change him into a man in woman’s clothing. Wasn’t this hint obvious enough?

If it wasn’t, then why were Wang Xue and Li Bin lovers?

After all, the main story of the instance was…the ghost marriage.

Could three people get married?

Could two men and two women get married normally in ancient times?

In this instance, the world approved his gender to be a female.

So if he figured this out, then the way to survive…had appeared.

Suddenly, Luo Ziyang covered his mouth with terrified eyes.

“Zhao Xin… was she killed by her?” He pointed toward Wang Xue.

“…It takes you so long to react.”

The ghost could only kill when the shroud had been worn by others. Zhao Xin and Wang Xue had slept together in the same room. It could be strongly guessed that she might have understood the circumstances after Wang Xue took off her coat.

“Father Yin and Mother Yin were also killed by her! No wonder you asked me if I saw footprints!” Luo Ziyang smacked his forehead, “I’m so stupid!”

He was really ashamed when he remembered that time he thought Chu Jiao was stupid.

“That night, when she slept next to Zhao Xin, she killed Zhao Xin first, and when the time was almost up, she screamed in order to mislead us!”

Chu Huai nodded: “As for the reason why Zhao Xin’s tongue was cut out, it’s because she spoke ill about Yin Xiaofeng.”

Luo Ziyang only felt his scalp go numb, who would have imagined that the ghost had already lived with them for so long…

“No wonder she always wears a coat…” Luo Ziyang murmured.

Chu Huai had almost explained everything,  so he stood up, “Brother Luo, let’s take care of her wedding dress quickly!”

“Why? Is it still useful? Is she going to wake up later?” Luo Ziyang wondered.

At this moment, Chu Huai couldn’t explain everything clearly, so he could only grip Wang Xue’s arm and began to remove her clothes.

Luo Ziyang immediately came to help.

When they were halfway through their work, a sudden woman’s scream, along with her miserable voice, could be heard from the outside.

Chu Huai’s movement paused.

“Madam Cao!” The two looked at each other.

Yin Xiaofeng’s shroud was with them, so the only person who could make a move right now was…Ma Zhicheng.

And Ma Zhicheng’s shroud was with…

Chu Huai lowered his eyes for a while, before turning his head toward Luo Ziyang: “Brother Luo, I will go out and take a look, give me the wedding dress.”

At this moment, Wang Xue’s clothes had been completely taken off and revealed her rotten purple skin.

Chu Huai took the wedding dress, which was handed by Luo Ziyang, before walking out.

“Chu Jiao, is it really alright for you to hold it like that?” Luo Ziyang asked worriedly.

With what had happened to Wang Xue earlier, his anxiety could be regarded as being highly appropriate.

Chu Huai shook his head: “No, I have no resentment in my heart, so she can’t take control of my body.”

“Chu Jiao, are you really a newcomer?” Luo Ziyang, hesitating for a while, asked the question that he had always wanted to know.

“Yes,” Chu Huai looked at him with an innocent smile, the hem of his skirt swaying gently, accompanied by the wind.

“You…” Luo Ziyang hesitated, “How many tails do you have?”

Chu Huai raised an eyebrow and asked, “How many do you have?”

Luo Ziyang paused, then he gritted his teeth and said: “Seven, how about you?”

Chu Huai spread his arms, smiled slyly, and revealed a beautiful little tiger tooth: “Did I say that I will exchange this information with you? You can just make a guess.”

Luo Ziyang: “…”

However, since Chu Jiao was also frank and straightforward, like this, she directly admitted that she was concealing something.

“When the boss sleeps with you, I will ask him.” Luo Ziyang was so flustered and exasperated.

Chu Huai turned toward him with a smile yet not a smile, seemingly as if he didn’t care about what the other party had said at all.

Jin Tianyi sleeps with him?

How could this be possible?

After a moment, Chu Huai was about to open the door, however, the door suddenly opened from the outside and Jin Tianyi appeared in his field of vision.

Chu Huai was taken aback.

Jin Tianyi stared at him with mixed emotions, which were difficult for him to understand.

Jin Tianyi’s eyes were very beautiful and there was always a glimmer of light entangled in them.

If his eyes were purple, then he would look like Elizabeth Tayor, the actor from ‘Cleopatra’.

Chu Huai shook his head, throwing that strange thought away before he threw himself into Jin Tianyi’s arm.

“Brother Jin,” Chu Huai rubbed his forehead against Jin Tianyin’s lower jaw. He placed his hand on Tianyi’s shoulder before glancing at the direction of the bed. “Brother Jin, Wang Xue was a ghost and I’m really scared, fortunately, Brother Luo was here to protected me.”

Luo Ziyang: “…” Well, he finally understood the meaning of wanting your lover’s attention. He was too naive when he thought Chu Jiao was timid and weak!

Jin Tian tightened his brows together. He opened his mouth and was about to speak. Yet, Chu Huai opened his mouth first, seemingly seeing through his thoughts, and said with a grievance: “I was wrong, I shouldn’t run around and make you worry, I should listen to you!”

His voice was low and soft: “So don’t be angry, okay? I’m already fine now.”

Chu Huai didn’t know what type of woman Jin Tianyi liked. Therefore, he could only act based on his own type, and his taste was always…heavy. But, it seemed like he and Jin Tianyi had the same taste.

“Looks like I can’t do anything to you at all” Jin Tianyi sighed lightly and hugged him back.

Chu Huai secretly smiled.

Luo Ziyang’s eyes lit up after witnessing this scene and so he also confessed his mistake: “Boss, I was wrong too. I should have listened to you and shouldn’t have left Chu Jiao…”

“Well,” Jin Tianyi glanced at him lightly, “Then I wish you to live longer through this instance.”

Luo Ziyang: “!!!”  Your mother! Why was the gap so big between the last and the current treatment?

“Boss,” Luo Ziyang smirked, “If I throw myself into your arms, will you gently say ‘looks like I can’t do anything to you at all’ like that? And are you going to protect me?”

He propped his chin with a serious expression as if he was thinking about the feasibility.

Chu Huai was stunned.

Jin Tianyi looked at Luo Ziyang with a smile yet not a smile.

On the other hand, Luo Ziyang didn’t realize that he had attracted the storm, and he added sullenly: “Selling yourself and laying flat without doing nothing, with women’s clothes on, is okay for me.”

“How about I recognise you as my master1It was like a master and a servant relationship first?” he proposed solemnly.

Chu Huai, who was hugged by Jin Tianyi, widened his eyes and sighed.

Too shameful! This was too shameful!

Chu Huai held Jin Tianyi tightly, without uttering anything. He was thinking about what abilities he’d use to earn favors in this sudden contest, and for the first time, Chu Huai felt a sense of dilemma.

“It’s my first time” Luo Ziyang laughed away shyly.

He was just babbling nonsense yet he still couldn’t control his mouth.

Jin Tianyi gave Luo Ziyang a light smile then he threw a black shroud on Luo Ziyang’s head.

Chu Huai: “…”

“Ahhh!” Luo Ziyang screamed and ran around.

“I’m going to be controlled by a ghost!! It’s over, it’s over!!”

“Eh?” He finally took off the black shroud on his head, “I’m alright?”

Wang Xue’s corpse: “…” It looks like you guys are really having fun next to a corpse…

The shroud was taken back by Jin Tianyi. Chu Huai felt both a little puzzled and relieved at the same time.

He had already found a way to survive and the two shrouds were with them so, at the current time, there weren’t any ghosts in the instance that could kill people at all. However, did everything really turn out to be this smooth…?

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    It was like a master and a servant relationship
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