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KTBW Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Zeng Miaomiao’s yell gave everyone a shock. When the mother heard the yelling, her heartache  caused her to tear up again. She hurried over and grabbed her daughter’s hand to comfort her, but Zeng and Liang Jili looked at each other with joy.


    “Miaomiao, do you feel pain? Where do you feel the pain?” the father asked eagerly.


    “Ouch!!!!!! the whole waist hurts, buttock and leg hurts too. Daddy, it’s so painful!!!” The girl kept crying bitterly.


    “It’s good if it hurts, it’s good if it hurts!” The father couldn’t help laughing. By then the mother also realised what happened and smiled with joyful tears on her face.


    Liang Jili hurriedly asked Guo Ming: “Dr Guo, can you cure her?”


    Guo Ming waved her hand and stopped Pang Deyou, then she flicked all the silver needles with her fingers. The silver needles were trembling as if they were electrified. Then she walked aside and said to Liang Jili and Zeng Youfu, ” She can be cured, but it will take a long time. At least half a year.”


    “Can she walk after that?” the mother asked earnestly.


    “If you do exactly as I asked,  she will recover well and be able to dance again.”


    When everyone heard these words, they were all stunned and the room became quiet. After a short while, the mother suddenly covered her face and sobbed a few times, rolled her eyes and passed out.


    Guo Ming revived the mother and had her brought back to her room to rest. 


    While Miaomiao continued to receive the acupuncture treatment on her stomach, the others went back to the living room again.


    “Miss Guo, you said that she can fully recover?”


    “Just follow my instructions, she will recover.”


    “Then what do you need?”


    “Your daughter is in good physical condition, but the fracture of her waist bone has blocked the meridians, causing her legs and feet to be paralyzed. The broken bones can be healed more easily, but the meridians will be much more difficult to recover.” Guo Ming turned his head and pointed at Pang Deyou: “Fortunately we got him.”


    “The martial arts he practiced is from the Yang sect, strong and violet styles that require solid internal strength. With his help, your daughter’s meridians could be reconnected in about half a year. As long as you act according to my requirements, it can be done.”


    Zeng Youfu looked at Pang Deyou excitedly, then at Guo Ming, and finally grabbed Liang Jili: “Lao Liang! You’re a great help!! You are all my benefactors!!!”


    “Doctor Guo, What are your requirements? We will do as you say, we will do as you say!” Zeng Youfu couldn’t hide his tears of joy.


    “At the moment, your daughter will need to take medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion daily, Pang Deyou will help her dredge her meridians every day. After the broken bone is cured, she needs a bath tub for medicated bath treatment.”


    “Okay, okay, I will arrange all these.”


    “The whole process will be very painful, especially the reshaping of the meridians. I wonder if your daughter can withstand it.”


    “Yes, she will be able to. My daughter has always been strong.”


    “Okay, give me a pen and some papers, I will write a prescription for her.”


    ————————————————– ———————————-


    As Guo Ming dictated it, Liang Jili wrote down the required prescriptions. Meanwhile Zeng Youfu had already ordered for someone to bring two heavy file folders and handed them to Guo Ming and Pang Deyou.


    “Doctor Guo, Doctor Pang, this is the fee for  today’s consultation. When my daughter recovers, I will repay both of you heavily again!”


    “Lao Liang, our friendship is worth much more than all this. I will always remember in my heart what you did for us today! Go! Let’s eat!”


    After a sumptuous meal with plenty of food and drinks, they arranged the time to pick up Guo Ming and Pang Deyou every day, then they all dispersed. After arriving home, they found that Wu Yuanyuan had not returned from work, and Zhang Qiang was nowhere to be found too. The two opened the file folder and saw ten stacks of pink notes inside each folder. Both recognize the 100 dollars bills which were the highest denomination used there. 


Pang Deyou asked: “Doctor Guo, do you have any plans?”


    “Just call me Guo Ming.”


    “I always thought that the doctor has no name, so the real name is Guo Ming!”


    “I plan to buy a mobile phone.”


    “We shall go together. I need to cut my hair. The man here doesn’t keep long hair. Every time I go out, they look at me with a strange look.”


    “Okay, let’s go.”


    The two flagged a taxi and told the driver to bring them to the best salon in town. They paid him with a note from the pile of money. The salon the taxi driver took them to indeed deserve its reputation. 


    The facade was magnificent, a few beautiful ladies were standing at the door and welcomed them warmly. Their smiles were as sweet as flowers. After realising that Pang Deyou was the one going for the haircut, they still enthusiastically recommended Guo Ming to wash her hair and get a head massage. Guo Ming thought about it, and agreed.


    Lying on the massage table, feeling the numbness on the top of the head as it is being massaged, they both felt that this place was fantastic!


    When they were both on the barber chair, as the hair stylist held the hair dryer to dry their hair, there was lots of praise around them.


    “Their hair quality is really good!”


    “Their hair are so dark!”


    “Hi Beautiful, how do you usually take care of your hair?” A female guest came over to ask Guo Ming.


    “Uh. I actually don’t.”


    “Oh, it’s natural, I am so envious!” said the female guest, and walked away.


    There was a slight problem with Pang Deyou. Similar to Guo Ming, his hair stylist was a male too. But this man is kind of sissy. After knowing Pang Deyou just wanted to have his hair cut short, he placed one hand on his hips and placed the other hand on his cheek and stared at Pang Deyou. After a short while, he twisted his hips and walked around Pang Deyou. Those looks gave Peng Deyou the chills.


    Finally he began to cut his hair. While he was cutting, he tried to flirt with Peng Deyou: “Hi handsome, are you a rocker?  Look at your long hair, how long have you kept it!”




    “Little handsome,  do you played the drums, hehe…  can you guess how I know”




    “Oh, look at your arms, they are so muscular!” As he said, he squeezed Peng’s arm, and then said, “Oh, I love a man like you, muscular when undressed and elegant when in clothes! These muscles are great! !”


    Peng almost stood up to rip off the chair and slam it on his face. But he managed to hold it down.


    After Peng had his hair cut, the hair stylist stared at him nonstop and you could see that his saliva was about to drool out. The expression in his eyes was really affectionate! Truth is, Guo Ming didn’t expect that Pang Deyou, who had never cared much about his look or bearing, turned out to be so handsome. Thick eyebrows with high nose bridge, although the eyes are not big, but the narrow and long eyes gave him a unique look. Coupled with the slightly messy hairstyle, he has the look of a man full of manliness. 


    Nice haircut! Guo Ming nodded secretly, then walked to the hair stylist who was still looking at Pang Deyou and said, “I want to cut my hair the same way as him. Cut it as short as possible.”


    This time round the hair stylist didn’t give her a strange look, nor did he come out with any other nonsense, only saying that it was a pity for such good hair to be cut away. After checking  and walking around Guo Ming, the scissors in his hand started to fly up and down.


    After a while, Guo Ming’s hair was done. Unexpectedly, the hair stylist started to look at her with a love-struck face again: “Oh no, you are going to cause me to be straight again!”


    Other customers in the store also praised: “Wow, so handsome!”


    Guo Ming originally had nice eyebrows and bright eyes, but her short hair now made her look more powerful, handsome and pretty at the same time. So much so that the girls at the cashier were blushing when she was paying the bill.

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