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KTBW Chapter 8

Chapter 8

When Guo Ming heard the words, she straightened up and listened carefully to Liang Jili’s.


    “I have a good friend who grew up with me. He didn’t have any kids until he was in his 40s. She is very precious to him. His daughter has been lively since she was a child and was sent to learn dance. She is also very talented. At the age of 16, she was admitted to the Royal Academy of Ballet.”


    “Wow~ That’s amazing!” Wu Yuanyuan and Zhang Qiang both exclaimed in a low voice.


    “After receiving the notice, the girl celebrated with a few close classmates. One of them, a boy, sneaked out with his father’s car. After the celebration, he drove the classmates home and had an accident. “


    “Ah…” exclaimed again.


    “Fortunately, they were all wearing seat belts, so no one died, but they were all injured. The boy who was driving the car and the girl sitting in the front passenger seat were more seriously injured.”


    “My good friend’s daughter was sitting in the front passenger seat. She injured her lumbar spine and inner nerves, her lower limbs, and is paralyzed.”


    “When did it happen?” Guo Ming asked.


    “It was about 20 days ago, half a month ago.”


    “Confirm there is no sensation in the legs? Are you sure it is the spine? Are there any other injuries? What about other causes, poisoning?”


    “I’m sure. I’ve done a thorough checkup. I’ve done it with the best orthopedics and neurologists in the city. We could only apply conservative treatment for her at the moment. One thing for sure, we know that this child will not be able to dance again in the future. .”


    “Her parents won’t give up, they’ve contacted a well known hospital in the United States, and they are leaving next Monday.”


    “Okay, I’ll take care of this. Let’s go visit her tomorrow morning.” After that, Guo Ming turned to Pang Deyou, “You are to come along too.”


    ————————————————– —————————–


    The next day, a tall and graceful Guo Ming was standing on the side of the road with a tall and strong Pang Deyou. He was carrying the medicine box on his back. Liang Jili who came to pick them up couldn’t help but sigh, it’s so good to be young! Then looking at Pang Deyou’s bun on his head, he had the feeling that he still does not understand the thinking of the young man. Why would he want to become a Taoist priest at this young age!


    Upon picking up the two, the three of them drove to the old friend’s house.


    Liang Jili’s old friend, whose surname is Zeng, had been in the timber business for several generations. When he was young, in addition to the timber business, he also started several furniture factories. Most of the other cousins were also in business, which makes them a rich family background. It’s just that Mr Zeng Youfu was the only son of the old Zeng family, and he had only a daughter when he was more than 40 years old, so his love for his daughter Zeng Miaomiao was evident.


    The Zeng family had many properties in this city, but they all felt noisy, so they still lived in the old house in the midst of the mountain. This old house was where Zeng Youfu’s father and mother got married. Even though it is almost sixty years old now, the house was still in good condition. Not only was the house strongly structured, but it was also beautifully maintained. As it is located in the middle of the mountain, there was even a lake surrounding half of the mountain, making the air here good and the temperature comfortable.


    When the car drove into the garage, they passed through the courtyard with an artificial lake and came to a three-and-a-half-story main building. This is where the Zeng family lives. Those working for the family also have a worker’s quarter on the other side of the courtyard.


    Zeng Youfu and his wife were already waiting at the door. After meeting the three of them, they greeted Pang Deyou enthusiastically, and said, “Thank you so much, Dr. Guo. for taking time off from your busy schedule to come see our daughter. I just didn’t expect Dr. Guo to look so young.”


    Pang Deyou: “…”


    Liang Jili hurriedly pointed to Guo Ming and introduced: “This is the doctor Guo I told you about. Regardless of her young age, she has proven medical skills. I can vouch for that. This is Xiao Pang, a friend of Dr Guo. He is here to help too.”


    The couple looked at each other, and continued to laugh with embarrassment.


    Guo Ming saw that Mrs. Zeng’s face was flushed  and her eyes red, faint tears could be seen in the corners of her eyes. She took her hand, checked the pulses with her left hand, and used her right hand to press on three of her acupoints. After a short moment, she turned to Liang Jili: “The fire in her heart is too strong, and the qi within the body is too sluggish. Uncle Liang, give her some bitter stuff.”


    Mrs. Zeng looked at Liang Jili in a puzzled manner, and found that Liang Jili was looking at Guo Ming with a look of admiration. It also seemed that Liang Jili did not intend to explain the meaning of all this to her at all, so she looked to her husband for an answer. Instead, Zeng Youfu hurriedly greeted and asked everyone to come into the room. So she followed everyone  into the living room.


    After everyone had sat down, Liang Jili asked Mrs. Zeng: “Sister, tell me, are you having problems with sleeping and eating lately?”


    Mrs. Zeng sighed: “Look at Miaomiao’s condition, how am I able to eat and sleep at all. Whenever I close my eyes, I will see her covered in blood. I do not feel like eating. And everything I ate tasted bitter.”


    Zeng Youfu sighed with his head down.


    “Sister, your conditions are caused by too much anxiety. Dr Guo helped check your pulse earlier on. The anxiety is causing weak qi circulation in your body. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will collapse eventually. I’ll prescribe some tonic for you. Get someone to decoct it. Consume it a few days to check for results. The most important thing is to relax. Miao Miao is depending on you to take care of her! The words caused the Zeng couple to feel sad again.


    Guo Ming asked, “Where is the injured person?” A servant came over to lead everyone upstairs to Zeng Miaomiao’s room.


    The room was large with simple and comfortable decoration, light oak furniture, linen bedding and curtains. The whole room was so clean and tidy, it did not look like a girl’s room. The windows were wide open, sunlight shone through the ivory white linen curtains and landed gently and softly on the floor. A servant stood by the bed, and not far away a family doctor in a white coat was looking down and trying to remember something. Lying on the bed was a girl with big eyes and long eyelashes. She has a nose resembling her father, tall and beautiful. And her mouth looks like her mother’s, even when it is pressed tightly, it still gives out a gentle curvature, like a delicate rose petal. She wasn’t sleeping, just laying there with her eyes opened, looking at the ceiling. Her eyes were full of sadness and frustrations. Tears were flowing out from the corners of the eyes, and a portion of the light gray pillow was wet.


    Guo Ming walked over to her, reached out and grabbed her wrist to check the pulse. The girl’s wrist was thin and delicate, and the skin smooth as silk. She was really a woman blessed by God. It’s a pity someone so pretty had to suffer the pain of paralysis, it was really saddening. Even with her wrist caught, Zeng Miaomiao didn’t respond, and she continued to look at the ceiling quietly without tilting her head.


    After a brief moment, Guo Ming put down the girl’s wrist, walked to the foot of the bed, lifted the bed sheet and grabbed the girl’s foot. These feet were not as beautiful as her hands. Although they were also fair looking, they were covered with calluses, the joints and nails were somewhat deformed. Only then did the girl react. Since she couldn’t get up, she tried to raise her head and shout at Guo Ming: “What are you doing! Don’t touch my legs! It’s useless! It’s useless!” Weeping again. Zeng’s mother hurried over to appease her.


    Guo Ming stretched out her hand to diagnose by pressing the Fengshi acupoint all the way to Zutonggu acupoint, and then secretly applied strength to the girl’s foot. After another moment, Guo Ming said to Zeng Youfu: “Mr. Zeng, could you please arrange your house maids to strip her naked and turn her over with her back facing up.”


    But the time they stripped the crying Zeng Miaomiao naked and laid her with her back facing up, they were all sweating profusely. After that, Guo Ming walked to the window and summoned Pang Deyou.


    “Apply qi on Yongquan, Zutonggu, Rangu, Jinggu acupoints, starting with minimal force. When I say ‘UP’, increase the force tillI I say stop.”


    Pang Deyou acknowleged. From her portable medicine box, Guo Ming took out a large cloth bag and unfolded it.  Inside were densely packed long shining silver needles used for acupuncture and moxibustion. Guo Ming’s hand flew up and down Miaomiao’s back. After a short while, she had several rows of needles inserted along her back, making her look like a hedgehog, and the people present there were kind of shocked to see it. Meanwhile, Pang Deyou was holding Zeng Miaomiao’s feet with both of his hands, palms pressed against the soles of the feet, and gradually applying qi on it. All of a sudden, Guo Ming shouted “UP!”. With both her hands, Guo Ming inserted eight silver needles into Zeng Miaomiao’s waist and spine. Pang Deyou continued to apply and increased the pressure. Then everyone heard Zeng Miaomiao yell: “Ah~!!! That hurts!!!”


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