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KTBW Chapter 10

Chapter 10

When they arrived at the place that sells mobile phones, a new problem arose. Guo Ming now has the money to buy a mobile phone, but unfortunately, he can’t apply for a sim card without an ID card.


    ID card, what a troublesome thing.


    The two went back in anger, and along the way they bought Guo Ming’s favorite pie that was called “pizza” for dinner. Sure enough, Wu Yuanyuan had returned home from work, and soon Zhang Qiang was also back.


    Zhang and Wu were surprised how good and handsome they looked with the new hairstyles, they were equally surprised to hear about the event that happened this morning. They could not believe that a girl who was diagnosed to be paralyzed by doctors could be treated and will recover to what she was before. They were even more surprised that these two returned with $200,000 dollars!


    Guo Ming pushed the folder and the rest of the money to Wu Yuanyuan: “Miss Wu, this is for the living expenses and the troubles I have caused you so far!”


    Looking on, Pang Deyou also hurriedly handed over his folder: “Miss Wu, this is the share for my living expenses.”


    Wu Yuanyuan hurriedly waved her hand in embarrassment, “There is no need for this much money, it’s just room and board, it’s too much.”


    “It may be needed some day. Miss Wu, keep it, otherwise we won’t dare to stay here any longer.”


    “Yuanyuan, you can help them deposit it into a bank.” Zhang Qiang helped.


    After careful consideration, Wu Yuanyuan accepted the money. After putting it away, they took out the dinner they brought back. As everyone was eating and chatting, Zhang Qiang finally couldn’t help it and asked: “Did you two really transmigrated here!”


    “Transmigration? This word sounds cool. Yes, we came from a country called Tianrong. It is a bit like the ancient times shown on your TV. But the details are different.”


    “You have being calling him General Pang, is that  his official title?”


    “Yes, he is a general in the Prime Minister’s Mansion, which is what you call the leader of the personal bodyguards.”


    “How about you”


    “I’m just a doctor.”


    “Doctor Guo is a well-known doctor in our Tianrong country. The so-called nameless genius doctor, life and death depend on the heart. This is the saying that all children in Tianrong know.


    “Life and death from the heart?”


    “Well, I don’t know why I said that. Haha.” Pang Deyou felt that he had said too much, and hurriedly laughed twice.


    “Then how did you two meet?”




    “The Prime Minister was ill. I went to treat him, that’s how I met General Pang.”


    “Wow, that’s amazing! After the prime minister was healed, did he give you a lot of rewards? There must be a lot of gold and silver?”


    “It was a pity that the prime minister succumbed to his illness and died.” Guo Ming said with a straight face.


    Pang Deyou rolled his eyes: The Prime Minister was clearly murdered and poisoned by your twelve poisonous needles that sealed his five organs and heart!


    “Then how did you transmigrate here? The Prime Minister is dead and no one could punish you.”


    “Yes there is, General Pang was ordered to arrest me and to bring me back for punishment. I was evading him, and I woke up here after sleeping in the woods. General Pang, how about you?”


    “… I… I too slept in the woods and woke up here.”


    “So it seems that there must be a problem with that place you both slept!” Zhang Qiang said with certainty.


    “Yeah! Miss Zhang is right!”


    “Hey, you are a doctor, how do you know martial arts? I can see that you are very good at it too. You could take down so many strong men in such a short time.”


    “In our place, everyone practices simple martial arts to strengthen the body and protect oneself.” Guo Ming said with her usual calm.


    Pang Deyou almost couldn’t take it anymore. What nonsense is Guo Ming saying! She is the Number one poisonous sage doctor of Tianrong Kingdom! Ranked number one both in killing and saving people! Simple martial arts my ass! Humph! He bit so hard on the pizza till everyone could hear it.


    “Don’t just focus on chatting, let’s eat, General Pang must be very hungry.”


    Peng Deyou: “…”


    “By the way, Miss Wu, I tried to buy a mobile phone today, but I was told that I can’t apply for a sim card without an ID card. Where could we get this ID card?” Guo Ming asked.


    “Zhang Qiang, what should we do? They don’t have any ID cards!”


    “Uh… I’ll go back and ask my father, let’s see if he can figure out a solution.”


    “Thank you for your help, Miss Zhang!” Guo Ming got up, clasped her fists, and took a bow.


    “No problem, no problem at all, oh, let’s eat!” Zhang Qiang flushed and sweated when she saw Guo Ming looking at her, and hurriedly changed subjects.


    Wow, she is really handsome!


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