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Chapter 62

Of course Guo Ming knew what Wu Yuanyuan was thinking and how she felt.

As far as Guo Ming was concerned, Wu Yuanyuan is locked in her heart. Only she can stay there. The rest of the people couldn’t get in at all. So to her, Zeng Miaomiao was just a little girl and a patient. That’s it.

How could she not notice Zeng Miaomiao’s effort to get her attention. The little show-off and eagerness under that simple and cute smile must be felt by everyone.

At first, there was a reason why she didn’t reject Zeng Miaomiao’s advance. She really wanted to see what Wu Yuanyuan was like when she was jealous. Sometimes people who love each other are so funny, although you know that the other person loves you, but stubbornly want to prove it through other things, such as being jealous, such as sacrificing one’s own time interest and so on.

But seeing Wu Yuanyuan really jealous and unhappy, Guo Ming felt uncomfortable and blamed herself. How can I make my beloved girl so unhappy? So she wanted to please her in return.

It’s a pity that Wu Yuanyuan ignored her this time.

The caregiver was also aware of their silence, so she kept quiet and went about her duties. And Guo Ming, thinking of ways to get her attention.

“Yuanyuan, I’m thirsty, I want to drink water.”

“The water is next to you, take it yourself.” Wu Yuanyuan said without looking up the circle of friends that she had read N times on her phone.

“Yuanyuan, I’m so bored!”

“Didn’t your sister bring you a tablet? How could you be bored?”

“The tablet is not good-looking. You are good-looking.” Guo Ming continued to coax her hippie smile.

“Huh! Sweet talk.” Wu Yuanyuan pouted and rolled her eyes.

“Your eyes are so pretty!” Guo Ming pretended to be delighted: “Even when you roll your eyes, they are still so pretty!”


The nurse on the side couldn’t stand it anymore, found an excuse and slipped out. Now only two people, Guo Ming and Wu Yuanyuan, were in the ward.

“Baby, the phone is definitely not as good looking as me, come and look at me!” Guo Ming persevered.

Wu Yuanyuan sat on the side of Guo Ming’s bed slowly, still pretending to be unhappy and pouting, but the love overflowing in her eyes had already betrayed her cleanly.

The three things that humans can never hide are coughing, poverty and love!

“Baby, I know you are angry. I was wrong about this. I should have rejected Ms. Zeng from the start. I admit my mistake. Don’t ignore me.” Guo Ming took Wu Yuanyuan’s hand and looked at it. She said softly.

Wu Yuanyuan was no longer angry. From the moment Guo Ming started coaxing her, there were no longer any unhappy emotions. This is love. When you love someone deeply, even if the other person irritates you, you will move the ladder and wait for her by yourself. She doesn’t need to say anything, as long as she show a little willingness to coax you, you will stride down the ladder. , Come back to her again.

“Yuanyuan, I miss you so much.” Guo Ming looked at the girl in front of him. With her bright eyes, reddish face and plump red lips, her voice became dumb as soon as she wasn’t paying attention. A flame of fire ignited in her body and she even forgot about her physical discomfort. She just wanted to let her moist lips save her thirst sooner.

Wu Yuanyuan looked at Guo Ming, how could she not hear the invitation in her voice, so she blushed, lowered her head, leaned gently, looked at the face closer and closer, smelling the familiar scent and closed her eyes. Feeling the softness that her lips touched, a tongue gently pried open her lips and teeth, entered in an inquisitive manner.

Guo Ming felt like a traveller who had been thirsty for a long time in the desert and Wu Yuanyuan was the Oasis. So she couldn’t help but wanted to keep exploring and asking for it. Her beautiful lips, sweet nose, and short breath, all boosted her morale like a pre-war horn.

Then, the only problem was that this warrior was currently injured, not to mention exploring the mountain, that is, her hands were beaten down before the two peaks were up. Wu Yuanyuan blushed and said grotesquely: “You have only just finished the operation. Don’t be naughter. Be good!”

Therefore, this unscrupulous patient had to bite the corner of her blanket, looked at her sweetheart aggrievedly and then secretly touched the jade hands of her sweetheart.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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