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Chapter 63

When Zeng Miaomiao came back the next day, she found that the originally easy-going “Sister Ming” seemed a little different. Although she still seems to smile as before, it has a little less warmth. When she wanted to get closer again, she felt a cold feeling, which seemed to be: “Don’t get close to me.”

Zeng Miaomiao also couldn’t figure out why a person who was quite warm at first could suddenly change. But what she had to admit was that when Guo Ming doesn’t want to be approached, no matter what she did to please her, it was useless.

After staying aimlessly for a while, Zeng Miaomiao, who was really bored, decided to get into the wheelchair and let the driver bring her home. Before going back, Guo Ming said again: “Miss Zeng, you don’t have to come tomorrow. You are already recovering well now. If you want to return to the state of dancing, you need to practice hard at home.” Sitting in a wheelchair Zeng Miaomiao pouted her lips, this was being rejected in disguise. Humph, then change an admirer, anyway, there will be no shortage of suiters under her skirt.

After the successful operation, Guo Ming recovered relatively quickly. It’s only three weeks and she could be discharged from the hospital. The wound healed extremely fast, so the newly made ointment became the research object of the Chinese Medicine Research Association.

Because this is a work-related injury, not only was the medical expenses waived, she also received work-related injury subsidies. But after being discharged from the hospital, there was an important thing for her that has not been done yet.

“Guo Ming, I have asked. The sniper has not been caught yet, only the owner of the room at the sniper site. But nothing came out from him. The bureau was also suffering from a headache.” As soon as she got home, Pang Deyou called.

“The homeowner should know. Can’t you get some information out?”

“We tried. Not only he didn’t open his mouth, he self-inflicted injuries on himself. I heard that the detention time is almost up. If nothing comes out, we will have to release him.”

“Ok. When will he be released? Find out for me.”

“Okay, wait for my call.”

Hanging up the phone, Guo Ming went to the kitchen and brought the boiled medicinal soup into the bathroom, poured it into the bathtub, and soaked it in while it was hot.

Wouldn’t you open your mouth? Hmph, what I have are ways to make you open your mouth.

————————————————– ————————————————– ————–

On the second day, Guo Ming only said that she was going for a walk, so she changed her clothes, wore a baseball cap and went out.

According to the time mentioned by Pang Deyou, bypassing the cameras on the road, Guo Ming squatted on top of the tree of the sidewalk next to the gate of the bureau. She took out her mobile phone to look at the photos sent by Pang Deyou, then compared it with the people going in and out. About fifteen minutes later, she saw a fat and sturdy man walking out.

At the same time that the man came out, a van on the side of the road also started it’s engine.

Seeing that the man was about to open the car door, Guo Ming jumped from down the tree. As he was pulling the car door, she slashed the man’s neck with a hand knife, then pushed him into the car and jumped into the car after him.

In addition to the driver, there was another man in the car. He also looked sturdy, shaved a circle around his hair and only tied a pigtail in the middle. Guo Ming thought of the shaved man who had only a circle of hair around him who had been chopped off by her previously.

Seeing such a sudden event, the man in the car reacted fairly quickly and immediately attacked Guo Ming. Unfortunately, he responded very quickly, but his kung fu was not very good. For Guo Ming, the slow punching speed shouldn’t be too hard to dodge.

Turning her head to avoid the man’s heavy fist, Guo Ming attacked the man’s armpit in a tricky angle while using her fingers as a knife. The man instantly felt his arm go numb and he could no longer lift it up. Immediately after receiving another heavy blow to his temple, he leaned on the back seat and fainted.

Guo Ming turned up from the back, clasped the driver’s throat with one hand, and asked in a deep voice, “Where are you bringing him to?”

“Don’t… Don’t be impulsive, hero… I’m just a driver… I don’t know anything…”

“Answer me!”

“Pick him back…home…”

“Then go.”

Followed the car all the way to the parking lot of a community. The driver stopped the car and waited for Guo Ming’s instructions.

“Get out of the car and carry him,” Guo Ming pointed to the man with pigtails, “Take me to his house.”

After speaking, Guo Ming dragged the bald man out of the car, easily carried him on her shoulders and followed the driver.

The driver really knew where the bald man’s home was. When he arrived at the door, without Guo Ming needing to say more, he cleverly took out the key from the bald man’s pocket, opened the door and walked in.

“Hero, I’m really just a driver, I don’t know what they are doing. Let me go.” After the driver left the man with pigtails on the ground, he begged Guo Ming to let him go.

“Don’t worry, how do you know what I want to ask? I still have great use for you.” Guo Ming smiled, locked the door, and walked around the room casually. This is the highest floor. The room has good ventilation and good lighting. Standing at the window, Guo Ming had a wide field of vision. Looking at the conference center in the distance, she could only vaguely see part of it.

“MF, can you hit that far? Interesting, these are very powerful weapons!” Guo Ming thought to herself.

Swinging around in the house, she came to the living room again. The driver was still sitting on the sofa, looking weak. Guo Ming walked to the two people, tapped their toes twice. The two of them took a deep breath, coughed suddenly and woke up.

The bald man opened his eyes and found that he was at home. He then saw Guo Ming standing condescendingly in front of him. He immediately got up and rushed up with his fist. Guo Ming lightly side stepped away, grabbed his outstretched fist and raised her foot. She kicked straight under the armpit and a “click” sound was heard. The bald head fell to the side, but his arms stretched forward at a strange angle.

“Ah~~~” The bald howl in pain.

Guo Ming looked at him coldly, “you better not move.” Then she looked at the other two, turned and walked into the kitchen and took a fruit knife out.

“Let’s play a game. I ask questions and you answer them. The person who answers too slowly will get one of his fingers removed each time. If you can point out that others are lying, you will save one finger. Answer seriously, or you can help add on to what the others say, you get to save one finger also.”

Guo Ming smiled and played with the fruit knife in her hand: “Now, the game begins!”

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