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Chapter 61

Wu Yuanyuan knew that those sixteen or seventeen-year-old girls were not as innocent as their age showed.

More than once, she saw those girls who came out of school, with long black hair tied into a tall ponytail, their white cheeks, looking like peaches with a layer of fluffy hair. Most of them have long legs and a tall posture. Although they wore a school uniform, for the sake of sexiness, they don’t wear ocher-colored underwear to avoid the embarrassment of the white shirt as they do for professional women.

They never feel embarrassed. So they all wore black tube tops and they could see clearly under the washed translucent white school uniforms and short sleeves. That little bulging chest shows the word youth.

Yes, those with bigger blossoms will also have a strap on their tube tops, which is tied around their neck with a thin bow. When they lower their heads, they have a black bow on the slender neck and the black and soft hair on the edge of the hairline. People can’t help but want to touch it up.

They don’t understand sexiness? No, no, they know sexiness best. They knew best which angles were most beautiful, charming and most attractive. They look like children, but they already have a feminine charm. Like a real woman, they long for their charm to conquer everyone around them, but in that sexiness, they obviously still carry the innocence and naivety of a child.

They know exactly where their charms were and they spare no effort to release them. It’s like blooming flowers, wanting to spread their pollen and fragrance as far as possible.

But their blooming was subconscious. There was no purpose. They just bloom their own charm, be pursued and be admired, which is what they want. They never want a lasting relationship, they never bloom to get someone.

They are pure and just want to prove themselves.

So such a girl is also the most dangerous. Because once you are attracted and fall for her, you will fall into their “love” labyrinth. In this labyrinth, they didn’t even realize that they turned themselves into a part of the labyrinth, using a kind of performance “love”. Their self-righteous “love”. Then, trap you.

If you are worthy, they may offer their “love”. They will be obsessed with you, worship you and make you intoxicated. They will try their best to attract you, even at the expense of part of themselves. But when you think that after you are firmly in love, they reap the pleasure of “getting”, they will switch their goals and change their goals to another person to conquer.

Yes, what they give is never love. In other words, they only love themselves the most and all their performances are done to make others love them more.

And the most important thing for such a girl is the attention from her peers. The various actions that these young boys make under the influence of hormones, to them, are nothing more than ostentatious talks. They have never bothered to conquer such peers. Those who can really attract their attention must be those who are mature and experienced. Those people live completely different lives from them and their age and experience will make them infinitely tolerant of such girls.

Imagine a young, fresh and brilliant life, proud of you all day long, blooming for you. No matter who he is, he will inevitably enjoy it. Then, they are like blank canvases, whatever kind of paint you give them, they become the painting you wanted. They are like the girls you made yourself, becoming what you want them to be.

Therefore, there are so many stories about “Lolita” and the uncle.

Unfortunately, if she is a child, such behavior can be forgiven, because it is an instinct controlled by hormones and it is a dress rehearsal for attracting a spouse in the future.

However, if an adult is attracted to such a child, all he will get is a tragedy that is not sympathetic.

Because for such a girl, there will always be a day when she grows up. When she grows up, she will discover how big the world is and how many possibilities she has. Therefore, her departure is inevitable.

Wu Yuanyuan knows very well that everything Zeng Miaomiao was doing, whether intentional or unintentional, was just a subconscious reaction in such a state of mind. She didn’t really fall in love with Guo Ming, maybe she did, but she didn’t like Lady Dior more than a pink lambskin.

On Guo Ming’s side, Wu Yuanyuan was not worried at all, she still had confidence in her lover. She firmly believes that Guo Ming’s love for her is both an emotional attraction and a rational choice.

Unfortunately, Wu Yuanyuan understands the truth, but it doesn’t mean that she can really tolerate it. Especially nowadays Zeng Miaomiao will come every day. After she comes, she will be like an oriole chatting in front of Guo Ming with a sense of presence.

Even if you know it’s impossible, you couldn’t help but feel angry!

When many people are in love for the first time, they can’t wait to show their love to others every day and want to let the whole world know how good their love is and how happy they are.

Then, when truly in love, you no longer want to show off, but want to hide your lover instead. Such a good person will always be targeted by others. So, it’s better to hide it, don’t show it to everyone, just appreciate it for yourself.

Wu Yuanyuan is in this state now, she wants Guo Ming not to be seen by everyone, not to be remembered, it would be great.

However, it is not possible. Look at it now, didn’t she just attract a butterfly? Wu Yuanyuan watched Zeng Miaomiao sitting by Guo Ming’s bed, cutting the apples into small pieces, and feeding them into Guo Ming’s mouth piece by piece with a fruit fork. Even if Guo Ming watched her eyes revealing information for help, I couldn’t stop from feeling jealous.

So when Guo Ming called for her softly, Wu Yuanyuan glanced at her, then pouted and hummed.

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