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KTBW Chapter 32

Chapter 32

The banquet hall provides a buffet with all kinds of high-end drinks and food. Seeing her favorite pizza on the staple food side, Guo Ming stood beside Sun Zhicheng and directed Pang Deyou to get it. Just as she was taking her second bites, the dark skinned fat man walked up to the stage holding the wine glass on one hand and a microphone on the other hand. He knocked the wine glass in his hand and the crisp sound was amplified and spread far through the microphone.

“Thank you all my friends, for coming here today, I am very happy.” A mandarin that needs to be carefully distinguished to understand was delivered. In order to prevent you from reading the article and guessing, I still use normal text to express it directly.

“I came to China this time and I had a great time. I brought some ‘gadgets’ for everyone by the way. Don’t underestimate it, the ‘gadgets’ are very powerful. Friends who are interested can go with my Tina. Go to the room and take a look.” He glanced at the woman next to him, smiled wryly, and then continued: “But, I heard that some of my friends are not behaving and brought in someone I don’t like. This thing is not fun. So tonight, my Tina will play a game to find out who is so disobedient. If I find him, I will take him back and throw him into my crocodile pool!” He laughed out loud after talking, everyone on the court joined in. It was obvious that everyone would look at each other as they laughed and then they would be silent after that.

Everyone continued to chat with their familiar companions. Sun Zhicheng was also surrounded by two or three people. In addition to compliments and teasing of each other, the chatters were also testing each other to see if anyone had anything to do with the Thai people. At this time, Sun Zhicheng’s experiences came into play. With a sincere smile on his face and very good acting skills, he would play ignorant at times and acted experienced at other times. It sounds like a sincere and open conversation, but at the end of the day, nothing came out of it.

After playing Tai Chi with the people around him for a while, Sun Zhicheng said, “Let’s go to the back to see what these gadgets are all about!” After that, he took Guo Ming and Pang Deyou to the Thai man named Su Cha.

As soon as the two parties greeted each other, the woman named Tina leaned over and walked straight to Guo Ming. She stretched her fingers across the clothes from Guo Ming’s shoulders to the elbows. She lowered her voice and said slowly, “Later when all of this is over, don’t go, the three of us shall play together.” After speaking, she pointed to Sucha, and then smiled humorously. Guo Ming resisted the urge to punch her with a punch, suppressed her anger and did not respond.

“Tina, take Mr. Sun to see our gadgets!” Su Cha ordered.

Tina took Guo Ming’s hand, turned her head and said to Sun Zhicheng, “Mr. Sun, please follow me.” Guo Ming removed her hand, stayed on the left side of Sun Zhicheng.

From the banquet hall, they got on the elevator and went to a suite. There were four strong men standing at the door. After Tina had a few conversations with them in Thai, one of them unlocked the door and followed in. The other three locked the door and continued to stand guard in the doorway.

There were also another three men sitting in the room, with dark skin, gloomy faces and evil eyes. After Tina entered, one of the men consciously got up, took out a password box from the corner safe, put it on the table, and then retreated to the door. Another man came over, opened the lockbox, and walked back to the door. The last man came over, opened the password box, put on his gloves, took out the contents, and started to introduce it to Sun Zhicheng.

“Magnum Kitty Hawk” II, this is a smaller version of the famous Magnum, lighter and easier to carry. Kitty Hawk II uses a double-action mechanism, you can use the popular three caliber bullets, 9mm, point 40 Smith Wesson and point 45 ACP. The sleeve is made of high-quality carbon steel and the polymer sleeves are optional. There are leather rail accessories for laser sight and flashlights under the Kitty II. The front sight notch device has also been improved. The aiming is more accurate.” After speaking, he took out a black gun, checked it in his hand, and handed it to Sun Zhicheng.

Sun Zhicheng put on his gloves and took it over for a closer look. This was an exquisite gun, small, chrome gun body, black butt, and a wood-colored decorative board in the middle, with a small eagle pattern with spreading wings. In the hand, it was light and convenient, indeed a good gun.

“The Ruger SR 1911, a modification from the famous M1911. It shortens the length and adopts a more ergonomically optimized grip, which greatly improves the feel on the finger, palm control grip and trigger. It can challenge any new model that currently claims to be the best. The fiber glass reinforced nylon frame of SR 1911 reduces the impact of recoil on the shooter and the sleeve maintains a durable steel structure.”

Sun Zhicheng put down Kitty Hawk II and started playing with the SR1911. With a small and exquisite black gun body and a suitable weight, Sun Zhicheng hopes that he has a target at hand now so that he can really check it out.

After the two guns had been carefully examined, the three people in the group were about ready to leave. As soon as she got up, Guo Ming heard a whisper from the bedroom next to this suite, the sound was very familiar. Guo Ming motioned to Pang Deyou to stick close to Sun Zhicheng and she herself went over to the bedroom door and opened the door. She found that there was a person sleeping on the bed and as if had just woken up. The person was struggling to get up and when the long hair was turned aside, Guo Ming felt her heart stop beating.

“Wu Yuanyuan, why are you here?”

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