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KTBW Chapter 33

Chapter 33

“You…Why are you here too? Here…Where is this place?” Wu Yuanyuan opened her eyes and looked at Guo Ming.


    “I’ve told you, I am accompanying someone to a meeting.”


    “Then why am I here…?”


    “I don’t know. What is unusual about your unit today?”


    “Nothing…” Wu Yuanyuan said. She got up from the bed and stumbled onto Guo Ming’s side. She threw herself into Guo Ming’s arms: “I’m so scared…” She said and she buried her head in Guo Ming’s arms.


    Guo Ming was startled, put her hand on Wu Yuanyuan’s head, stroking and comforting her. After a short while, she lifted her face, stroked it lightly, sighed and said, “Let’s go out.”


    Wu Yuanyuan took Guo Ming’s hand tightly and walked out of the room. Seeing Sun Zhicheng and Pang Deyou on the sofa, she did not say a word. She just leaned closer to Guo Ming.


    Guo Ming looked inside the house, the original guards had retreated out at some unknown time. Sun Zhicheng and Pang Deyou were leaning on the sofa with their eyes closed.  But their facial expressions were not calm, it was as if they were having a nightmare. Guo Ming wanted to walk over to take a look, but was holded by Wu Yuanyuan: “Don’t go there… They look frightening… they look terrible…”


    Guo Ming glanced at her: “Okay, let’s not go there. I will take you out.” She said that and walked to the door, but found that the door had been locked. When she was about to find something in the room to smash the door, she heard Wu Yuanyuan muttering from behind: “Ah… My head hurts…”


    “I’ll help you, let’s go and lie down inside.” After saying that, Guo Ming took Wu Yuanyuan and returned to the bedroom, watching her half-leaning against the head of the bed, looking at her with a pitiful face.


    “Do you want some water?”




    After passing the cup to Wu Yuanyuan and watching her finish the water, Guo Ming got up to return the cup but Wu Yuanyuan grabbed hold of her.


    “Don’t go, I’m afraid…”


    “I’ll rub your head for you.” Guo Ming put her hands on both sides of Wu Yuanyuan’s temples and started massaging her head. Wu Yuanyuan’s posture became weaker and weaker, then gradually lay in Guo Ming’s arms.


    “Who are you?”


    “My name is Kreimuk, and my English name is Tina.”


    “What did you do to my friend?”


    “Let them sleep, let them sleep.”


    “What do you intend to do?”


    “Check, everyone’s, identity.”


    “Did you find out our identity?”


    “Vast white fog, blood red, can’t see clearly, can’t see clearly. Only can see Mr. Sun clearly. He is an informer. For the police.”


    “You are wrong. He is not. You are wrong.”


    “I was wrong. I was wrong.”


    “Okay, take us out.”


    When the person in her arms raised her head again, it was no longer Wu Yuanyuan’s face, but Tina’s freckled face.


    Tina took Guo Ming out of the bedroom and the two people on the sofa woke up, sitting there frowning and rubbing their temples.


    “Mr. Sun, are you finished with the gadgets? Let’s go out.” Tina spoke in substandard Mandarin.


    “I’m done looking, the gadgets Mr. Su Cha brought this time are very appetizing to me.” Sun Zhicheng smiled.


    “Then talk to Mr. Sucha about it later.”


    After that, the door opened and the three walked all the way back to the banquet hall.


    From that moment on, Tina suddenly became quiet and never appeared in front of them again. For the rest of the period, the two chatted with Sun Zhicheng and Su Cha and agreed to have tea together in the afternoon on the next day.


    When it was about ten o’clock, seeing that the activities were basically over, the three of them left the house and Pang Deyou drove towards the place of residence.


    After traveling for less than ten kilometers, there was a loud “Bang!!” and the harsh sound of  brakes. Looking back, the car behind them with their bodyguards inside was hit by a moving truck. As they turned their heads back to the front, they saw two black SUVs stopped side by side ahead of them. Pang Deyou hurriedly braked and stopped the car just before hitting it.


    “Wow~” The SUV door opened and a dozen sturdy men came down. Sucha and Tina were the last to come down.


    “Mr. Sun Zhicheng, I would never have thought that the unbehaved person is you! Tonight, I am afraid you can’t go back.” Su Cha said as he walked forward with Tina. Holding a thing in his hand, a dark gun body, small and exquisite, it is the Kitty II that he had introduced to Sun Zhicheng earlier on!


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