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KTBW Chapter 31

Chapter 31

he driver of Zeng Youfu felt very pleased with the performance of these two people. This veteran driver with 20 years of driving experience felt that if everyone can learn to drive this fast, all the driving instructors would have an easy time teaching!


    The place where the mission was to be performed was in City G. It only required one night. One day before that, the two had already flown to City F where the mission target Sun Zhicheng was located.


    Only Guo Ming and Pang Deyou went to the meeting this time. After arriving at the City F’s airport, Guo Ming helped the airsicked Pang Deyou walk out of the arrival hall and saw two young men in suits holding their name tags waiting.


    Arriving at Sun Zhicheng’s residence, they found that Lao He had already been waiting there. Sun Zhicheng lives in a villa. This villa is similar to the others around the area. It must have been built and sold by the same developer. There are not many people in the villa, only Sun Zhicheng and a few trusted aides. His family members were nowhere in sight. But it’s also true that being a police informant, the less people know about it, the better. Sitting on the sofa, Guo Ming looked at Sun Zhicheng carefully. From the looks of the man, he was only in his forties. He was in his prime of life. He took great care of himself. His face was ruddy and his hair was meticulous. Although he looked kind when he smiled, he still can’t hide the alertness in his eyes.


    Lao He introduced the two parties, then specifically emphasized to Guo Pang that ensuring the safety of Sun Zhicheng’s life is the priority. Everything else had nothing to do with them. The two acknowledged again. He Xiangguo pointed to a huge iron box in the corner of the wall and told them that it contained the equipment for this mission. Then he squatted down and opened the iron box.


    Inside the box were two sets of clothes, shirts, suits, pants and shoes. There were also two navy blue vests under the clothes, which felt  quite thick and heavy to the touch. He Xiangguo explained that these were bulletproof vests for them. Because of the new material, this kind of vest was much smaller and lighter than the original one. It can be worn under the shirt and can block gun attacks from a certain distance and prevent stab wounds. Sun Zhicheng already got one of these vests and will be wearing it tomorrow night. The stuff under the vest made Pang Deyou shout “Alright!” It turned out to be a quaint knife. This knife was one foot long and half a foot wide. It was made of fine steel. The blade was one finger thick and the blade edge was sharp. It weighed a hundred catties when it was held in the hand. With this knife in his hand, Peng Deyou was overjoyed. He jumped out, kicking and twisting his waist in the empty hall and performed a stroke. You could only hear the wind and whirring of the knife. After the move, Peng Deyou calmed down and retracted the knife. What happened next was that you could  hear “pop” and the breaking sound from the hall when the flower pots came crashing down as their support frames were chopped in half by the wind of the knife!


    “Oh, Mr. Sun, I’m so embarrassed! I will pay you for the damage.”


    “Hahahaha, brother Pang, forget it! Brother Pang is really an expert! You have such superb martial arts. It’s only wooden shelves, even if you were to cut down my house, I will not say a word!” Sun Zhicheng saw the martial arts skill of Pang Deyou and was very happy. So strong, he was hundreds of times stronger than the MMA masters and Muay Thai masters he had hired in the past. He was smiling so hard that you could not see his eyes anymore. He took the hand of Pang Deyou and brought him over to the sofa. After sitting down, Peng arched his hands to apologize, and returned his look at the knife in his hand.


    Guo Ming looked at the clothes provided. She also had a suit. She flipped through it and looked up: “I can’t wear this clothes. There is nowhere to put my weapons after wearing them.”


    He Xiangguo thought it over and said, “Well, you can wear whatever you like, just put a white coat over it.”


    After Guo Ming listened, she couldn’t help but twitch the corners of her mouth: “Just wear a white coat.”


    ————————————————– ———————————–


   In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the meeting. As bodyguards were not allowed in this meeting, only Guo Ming and Pang Deyou accompanied Sun Zhicheng. The three of them came in one  car with six of Sun Zhicheng’s bodyguards in another car, already waiting in the parking lot of the most upscale hotel in City G. The night was like a luxury car exhibition. The hotel parking lot was full of luxury cars.  The hotel security had already set up a sign saying that the parking spaces were full. There were obviously many bodyguards in those cars, even if the car engine was turned off, you could see that the windows were open for air.


    Before entering the banquet hall, Guo Ming repeatedly reminded Sun Zhicheng that he must follow her closely and not leave by himself. Although Sun Zhicheng didn’t know what Guo Ming was capable of, he believed that He Xiangguo would not send incompetent people. In addition, the powerful Pang Deyou could not come in with such a big knife, so he had to leave it in the car. He had no choice but to listen to her.


    Unexpectedly, before entering the door, there was someone holding a metal detector to check all personnel entering the building. It looked exactly like an airport security check. Fortunately, after checking the mobile phone, gold watch and jewelry, they were released without any other problems. Guo Ming had nothing on her except her mobile phone. The golden needles on her body had been placed in the medicine box before she entered the door. After being asked to open the box for inspection, no irregularities were found, Guo Ming continued to carry the medicine box and followed Sun Zhicheng into the building.


    Sun Zhicheng who saw the inspection actually felt helpless in his heart. Where were the weapons? Other than the acupuncture needles and moxibustion medicine, there was nothing else inside the box. Was she planning to protect me by poisoning the bad guys ?


    Peng Deyou came in shortly after them. As he entered the hall, he began to survey the place. This banquet hall was quite large, it could accommodate a hundred people. There were about forty to fifty people in here at this time. Looking around, the situation was quite clear. Basically, every big boss has one or two people around, quite standard with one man and one woman. Men should be drivers, but these drivers were all very muscular, one look you can tell that they also double up as bodyguards. Most of the women were beautiful and they wore loose fitting clothes. The opening for the neckline couldn’t be any bigger, or the whole dress would just fall off. Their waists were all very slim and their skirts were so short. There were also the heels, all of them a few inches high. By the look of these people, Guo Ming was the only 2 people in the hall who did not dress up to sell flesh. Why two? Because there was one other woman there who was also wrapped up tightly.


    The woman looked about the same age as Guo Ming. She was sitting on the main table beside someone who looked like a big-time figure. Although he had black hair and eyes, he was obviously not a Chinese because it was rare for a Chinese to have dark skin. The big timer was slightly fat, his face was full of flesh, but he didn’t look bloated. Two sturdy fingers sandwiched an equally fat cigar. From a distance, there seemed to be a red X pattern on the cigar. A huge diamond ring on the middle finger gleamed under the light of a crystal lamp. Because he was sitting, you could only see the upper body wearing a light green shirt with golden flowers, with the top few buttons opened. A golden amulet around his neck and a string of black Buddhist beads in his left hand. At this moment, he was talking and laughing with the woman. The woman was in a black high-neck off-shoulder long dress with curly long hair, but not the smooth type, it looks a little frizzy. Her complexion was a little pale, there were a lot of freckles under her eyes and she didn’t bother to use any cosmetics to cover it up. The facial features were not outstanding, but those eyes were dark, surprisingly large and deep. When staring at people, there was an illusion of being swallowed. Sensing someone looking over at her, out of all the people present there, she actually glanced at Guo Ming directly and firmly, then laughed out in an eerie manner.


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