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KTBW Chapter 30

Chapter 30

After the two picked up the other two girls and the four had a meal together, Guo Ming and Pang Deyou came to the bureau to prepare for the meeting. As soon as they reported their names at the gate, someone immediately took them in. Captain Chen received them at the door of the office, shook hands with them enthusiastically and took them into an office.

There were only two other people in the office. Both of them looked like they were in their forties. Although they were sitting casually, when they entered the room, their breath changed and a wave of coercion was released. . Guo Ming and Peng Deyou looked at each other and they became vigilant. The two sitting inside the room were not just normal policemen, the murderous aura they released shows that they are battle hardened types. Guo Ming flicked her wrist and the golden needle slid to her fingertips. In return, she stared back with her own murderous aura. Pang Deyou also took a stance with his feet slightly apart; they looked harmless, but he could strike out at any time.

The two people on the opposite side were startled. What was stated in the report was only two highly skilled martial arts traversers, but they didn’t expect these two to be so murderous instead. The man on the left was like a leopard, staring at them as if looking at his prey, seeming ready to deliver a fatal blow at any time. The woman on the right was even more ferocious. Her murderous aura is no longer a deterrent, but a contempt. The naked contempt for life, it seems that as long as she wants you to die, you can’t live. Both of them shuddered in their hearts and quickly adjusted their emotions.

“This is Director Huang of the Provincial Department, and this is Secretary He. They will introduce you to the specific situation of this operation. I shall not bother you.” After the introduction, Captain Chen left the room.

Guo Ming and Pang Deyou bowed their hands to the two of them. Because of the earlier situation, both sides lost their original politeness, so they started the meeting in a straightforward manner.

“Hello, let me introduce myself. My surname is He. My name is He Xiangguo. I am slightly older than you, so you can call me Lao He. This is Director Huang of our provincial department. We already understand the situation of the two of you. It can be said that we regard the matter as of great importance. Both of them are capable and righteous people. Thank you for the help during the last operation. Thank you for your hard work!”

“You’re welcome!”

“Because of the particularity of you two, although the permanent residency approvals are already here, there may still be some inconveniences for you. From now on, I will be your point of contact here. If you have any difficulties or questions, you can contact me directly. As I understand that you have just arrived here, highly skilled with martial arts, which has helped us a lot. So, I plan to set up an additional post for the two of you. You will be our Specially hired personnel. Salary, social security, insurance and housing funds are all available, and you don’t need to come to work every day. Come only when we have tasks that require your participation.”

“We are fine with that.”

“As for the salary issue, someone will give you the details later. We are here today to talk about the next task.”

“Please go ahead.”

“At the beginning of next month, there will be a meeting in City G. The participants in this meeting can be classified as dangerous criminals. The reasons they have not been brought to justice is because we have not yet obtained enough evidence. Your mission is to protect one of the participants.”


“Not an undercover agent.”

“Oh, I see, it’s your informant.”

“Uh…Xiao Pang understands it well!”

“Well, I have watched a lot of Hong Kong movies recently. For example, Infernal Affairs.”


“Brother He, how dangerous are these criminals that you are talking about? That… informant, why do you need our protection?”

“It’s no secret that the criminals involved this time are mostly internationally registered figures, the transactions between them are also bulk drugs or weapons.”

“Understood, arms dealers who sell arms!”

“Uh, Xiao Pang is right. Why do we need you to protect him? On one hand, you two have high martial arts skills and are very capable of responding to situations. On the other hand, a Thai person who will be participating in the meeting was said to have supernatural powers, who can read minds and know the history of the people he meets. If we send our personnel there, I am afraid that not only will his real identity be exposed, but a lot of our other information will also be exposed.”

“Read minds and know a person’s history and background, it sounds very mysterious.
“There are many wonders in this great world. Both of us came from the Kingdom of Tianrong. Why can’t someone be able to read minds?”

“Xiao Guo is right. That is why we hope that the two of you can help us with this case, which will also be regarded as laying the foundation for us to work together in the future.”

“I can handle this.”

“Then I will give you the task arrangement. You two will need to be Sun Chengzhi’s driver and personal doctor. Sun Chengzhi is obsessed with health preservation, everyone knows that he takes a personal doctor with him everywhere he goes. Xiao Peng will be the driver. The doctor will be Xiao Guo.”

“So only I am required to learn how to drive, right?”

“In theory, this is the case.”

“I’ll learn it together, so I can have additional skills.”

“Well, we have arranged someone to teach you how to drive. Because of the tight schedule, we plan to let you train with the same car model Sun Chengzhi is using, so that you can be more familiar with the vehicle you were to drive and look more real.”

“No problem.”

“But at the moment you will start with an ordinary car because Sun Zhicheng uses Cadillac only. There is only one wealthy businessman with the surname Zeng in the city who has this car and we have not borrowed it yet. But we will solve this problem as soon as possible. You can rest assured.”

“The wealthy businessman Zeng? What is his full name?”

“Zeng Youfu, the boss of Wonderful Furniture.”

“Well, I see.” Guo Ming nodded, then took out her mobile phone.

“Hi Mr. Zeng, you haven’t rested yet? Yes, let’s tell you, I have something to ask for. I want to borrow your car to practice driving skills. Called…Cadillac. Good, thank you very much! Have a Good Rest!”

After hanging up the phone, Guo Ming said to He Xiangguo, “Brother He, I have already borrowed it. Mr. Zeng explained that he can ask his driver to drive it over at noon tomorrow. I was thinking, we should learn to drive the car at his place. He has both a driver and venues.”

“If you can go directly to him to learn how to drive, it would be better! We need to send a master instructor over to teach you.”

“It shouldn’t be necessary. Mr. Zeng has prepared an instructor for us.”

“That’s great! As for learning to drive, you have to work hard to prepare yourself!” After He Xiangguo finished speaking, he was astonished in his heart: A two million dollars car. She managed to borrow it just by a simple phone call? Are there more generous people in this world now or is the world getting weird?

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