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KTBW Chapter 29

Chapter 29

   The call was from Captain Chen and mainly consisted of two things: First, they invited Pang Deyou and Guo Ming to work with them again; second, after the cooperation was completed, the official residence status of Pang Deyou and Guo Ming  would be finalised. Their official work status will be as personnel attached to their team.  It also comes with insurance and retirement benefits. Guo Ming knew that to live here, it was necessary to have a formal identity. This was regarded as a good gesture by Captain Chen and his team, but it also showed that the task ahead that needed their help this time would be quite difficult. But as a driver? Neither she nor Peng can drive!


    “Ms. Guo, you can rest assured that driving is not difficult to learn. As long as you and Brother Peng come to the team on time every day, we will have someone to teach you both to drive.”


    “Then, all right, there are patients who need medical treatment from us every morning, so we can only go to your place in the afternoon.”


    “We can discuss the specific implementations later. You and Brother Peng will be required to participate in the action meeting tonight.”


    “Okay, see you tonight!”


    When Guo Ming hung up the phone, Zeng Youfu smiled and said to her: “Doctor Guo, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to eavesdrop on your talk. You wanted to learn to drive?”




    “It’s very simple. You and Dr. Pang worked hard here every morning to treat my little girl. In the afternoon, you don’t have to go all the way there to learn to drive. I have drivers and cars here, and there are places for you to learn to drive too!”


    Guo Ming thought it was a good idea too. So he thanked Zeng Youfu, took a break with Pang Deyou, and then went out together with Peng to the station.


    Seeing that it was still early, Guo Ming suggested that they find a place to rest and wait, so the driver drove them to a nearby pub. In the afternoon, there were still not many people drinking, so they enjoyed some rare moments of quiet. They randomly ordered a few snacks as recommended by the waiter. Chatting over drinks.


    “You and Miss Zhang…” as Guo Ming started the conversation, Pang Deyou began to laugh.


    “Yes, I have lived for more than 20 years before I know what it’s like to like a girl.”


    “What  do you really like about her?”


    “What do I like about her? To tell you the truth, I’ve asked myself the same question. But I can’t find the answer. Why don’t you ask me what I don’t like about her.”


    “What don’t you like about her?”




    Guo Mingwu rolled her eyes. She was really caught off guard by this situation.


    “I was thinking, where can we find a girl this good! Looks, temperament, the way she treats other people, there is nothing that I don’t like. If you really want to ask me what I like, after thinking about it, I like everything about her.”


    “A girl who screams and looks for a fight every day, how good a temperament she has?”


    Pang Deyou glanced at Guo Ming: “You wouldn’t understand the goods she possessed. Actually, I’m also surprised. Tell me, why would a weak girl like her want to be a policewoman? Furthermore, the type that goes out on the street to catch the bad guys? I asked her this question one day. She told me that her father had been a policeman since she was very young.  Her father would often stay up late to investigate crimes and go after the bad guys. There were times that he didn’t come home for more than 15 days in a stretch. Her mother took care of her all by herself. Two weak women had to double check the door locks several times at night. One summer, there was an earthquake notification, everyone said that it would happen in the area where they lived. Her mother slept with her in normal clothes at night. They also had an escape backpack ready on hand. She was so afraid that she couldn’t wake up at night that she placed a few empty beer bottles and stood upright in the room, hoping that it would wake them up if any earthquake was to happen. The next day, the bottles were still standing on the ground, nothing happened that night. When her mother was packing up the house, she started to cry. She knew that her mother was actually scared and felt neglected. So she thought at that time, when she grows up, she will be a powerful policewoman and catch all the bad guys. So that her father would have time to go home to accompany her mother.”


    “What a sensible girl.”


    “That’s right. She may look careless and clueless, but she is actually fragile and strong at the same time.”


    “Then how did she agree? Is she not afraid that you may go back? If someday there is a way we can return to the Kingdom of Tianrong, what will she do?”


    “To go back? Doctor Guo, I didn’t think about going back again. What do I have when I go back? Home? My whole family is buried in a mass grave. If I was to go back, my enemy would come looking for me and the killing would start again. My whole life has been killing and killing, what’s the point? Now that I have Qiang’er here, I can stay here with peace of mind, guarding her, I can have a family in the future and have a few children. I can also pass on The Pang Family sword technique to the children. So my actions are considered worthy to my ancestors. 


    “If one day, she doesn’t want to be with you, and if she leaves you, will you go back?”


    “If one day she is to leave me, I will escort her and guard her from a distance. Going back is really not an option. My heart is with her, wherever she goes, I’ll go.”


    “You are really infatuated!” Guo Ming sighed.


    “Doctor Guo, if there is a way to go back, will you go back?”


    “Me?” Guo Ming thought for a while. Wu Yuanyuan’s smiling face suddenly appeared in her mind, a little delicate and a little sly. “I have no relatives and no reason, I’m afraid I have nothing to go back to too.”


    “Then when do you plan to propose to Miss Zhang’s parents?”


    “Hey! Speaking of this, It gives me a headache! I own nothing now, don’t talk about Mansions, I don’t even have a house to live in or a car, so what can I do to propose marriage! I’m thinking, maybe I can open a martial arts gym. Yes, first find a way to settle down, earn some financial foundation, then I can propose a marriage!”


    “Hahaha, I am a penniless hero!” Guo Ming laughed while muttering to herself, or else, let’s open a medical clinic.


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