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KTBW Chapter 28

Chapter 28

The scene after leaving the bar was really tragic, which Wu Yuanyuan never expected. The people from the next table didn’t expect it either.


    That’s right, initially they were chasing out with the intention to teach Guo Ming’s group a lesson and to let them know who they should respect and give face to. As a result, they were being taught a lesson instead. The most annoying thing of all was that they were being taught by just one girl. After the lesson, the girl took out her ID and told them that she would arrest them if they were to cause any more trouble!


    Seeing that group of people limping and leaving the place, Wu Yuanyuan stared at Zhang Qiang with her eyes widened: “Oh, you can fight so well now! One against so many! That’s amazing!”


    “I have only learned three styles so far. It is the Pang family’s swordsmanship that is powerful.” Zhang Qiang humbly replied.


    “Miss Zhang must have worked very hard recently! All the basic skills were practiced well!” Guo Ming nodded and praised.


    “The German Youjia is serious, I am also stunned by the light of having a good master!” Zhang Qiang continued to be humble. Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t help thinking, with a boyfriend, her character has changed. The power of love is so great!


    With infinite curiosity, Wu Yuanyuan and Zhang Qiang separated. Pang Deyou insisted on sending his girlfriend home first, then he will go back to sleep in his living room.


    The two who came home first must have fallen back into the previously romantic atmosphere again because of alcohol. Wu Yuanyuan’s face blushed when she looked at Guo Ming who was keeping the cleaned clothes from the balcony. She felt that she was so good-looking, her figure was so slender, and her gestures were so elegant! Holding her hot face, Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t help cursing at herself. How could she like Guo Ming like this!


    Guo Ming, who had collected her clothes, came into the room and saw Wu Yuanyuan blushing and looking at her with foggy eyes. She felt really funny about this. Putting the clothes on the bed, she took Wu Yuanyuan’s hand and said after listening to her pulse, “Why has your internal qi flow been so erratic recently? Is it becaused of all the alcohol you drank?” After saying that, she went to the dining room and took a cup. No idea what she placed inside the cup, she mixed it into a cup of slightly sour water and passed it to Wu Yuanyuan.


    Wu Yuanyuan frowned and drank the water in the cup, put down the cup, folded the clothes with Guo Ming and talked about Zhang Qiang.


    “When did they get together? There were no signs at all, they were so secretive!”


    “I don’t know about that, but they have been learning kung fu together every day, as a result, some feelings may have arisen.


    “Yes, brothers and sisters in martial arts novels are the most prone to falling in love with each other! Hey, you are also a martial art practitioner, so do you have any brothers or something?”


    “Heh, what are you thinking about? I don’t have a senior, I am my master only apprentice. My martial arts are ordinary, not many people want to learn them.”


    “Ordinary? I think you are amazing! Like a hero!”


    “If just by knowing a little bit of life-saving work, you are already a hero, then our Tianrong Country is filled with heroes!”


    “Hey, do you think Zhang Qiang’s family will allow them to be together?”


    “Why not? Peng Deyou has a good character, is practical, hardworking, and possesses special skills. Why wouldn’t they agree?”


    “But you have to know, over here, getting married and living a life together is not just about character! Everyone knows how good a person Peng is, but he has no job, no car, no house, he just came here, and he has no foundation. Even the basic material conditions can’t meet Zhang Qiang’s requirements, furthermore, he traversed here,” said Wu Yuanyuan, lowering her voice. “Will he suddenly traverse back again? Who knows.” After that, she seemed to have thought of something, her expression went dim, and didn’t speak any more, but silently put the folded clothes back in the closet.


    “Without material foundation, no one would allow their daughters to get married! Me too, a transmigrator who has no car, no house and no stable job!” Guo Ming thought silently, her mood became depressed.


    In a gloomy mood, the two gathered their things, washed up and went to bed.


    Not another word for the night.


    The next day, after watching Wu Yuanyuan go up on the elevator, Guo Ming came out of the parking lot of Wu Yuanyuan’s company. The Zeng family’s car was already waiting there. Zeng Miaomiao’s recovery under the conditioning of Guo Ming’s acupuncture and decoction was amazing. In just a few months, she can already roam around the house in a wheelchair. Although it can’t be too long, it’s better than either in the medicine bathtub or the bed.


    The condition of the friend introduced by the Zeng family was not difficult to treat, he was a elderly person having problems with his legs and feet. As this is an age related issue, it cannot be treated within a short time, but the discomfort can be greatly relieved in the meanwhile. Therefore, Guo Ming prescribed a prescription and asked him to take the medicine according to the instructions. As it was a stubborn illness, the medicine consisted of many expensive and precious medicinal materials. Fortunately, the owner had a strong financial background. For them, that was not a problem. Guo Ming was given a credit card as a consultation fee, which was worth a lot of money. It seems that he wanted to maintain a long-term relationship with Guo Ming, so he was being generous.


    When she arrived at Zeng’s house, Pang Deyou was already sitting in the living room drinking tea. After they cleaned their hands, they came to Zeng Miaomiao’s room. The little girl, soft as a flower, was waiting for them with her big eyes opened. Seeing Guo Ming coming in, a sweet smile formed and stayed on her face.


    “Miss Zeng, starting from today, we will reshape the meridians and reconnect the bones. The process will be painful. You need to clench your teeth, don’t give up, and don’t let go, so as not to affect the effect.”


    Zeng Miaomiao nodded her head: “Yes sister Guo, I will persist, don’t worry!”


    Guo Ming took out the golden needles and began to administer the needles on Zeng Miaomiao’s back. The twelve golden needles were connected into a strange pattern on the girl’s smooth waist, which looked shocking.


    Pang Deyou looked at Guo Ming and saw her nodding at him. He gave out two violent qi that ran into the feet he was holding. Zeng Miaomiao felt a sharp pain suddenly and had the feeling that the soles of her feet were about to split. As she was completely unprepared so she couldn’t help exclaiming, but heard Guo Ming’s voice above her head, “Concentrate, hold back.” She shut up, gritted her teeth and began to endure.


    Those two qi flowed all the way up from the soles of the feet, Guo Ming also passed her qi through to the golden needle, in order to detect the movement of Pang Deyou’s qi. When Pang Deyou’s qi traveled to the dumai, it would be lifted into Changqiang by Guo Ming’s qi. Over here, all the qi would consolidate together, then scour through the Yaoyangguan, Mingmen, shuanqui and other meridians in an extreme violent force. Its momentum was like sea water rushing into the river ditch, almost bursting the meridians of Zeng Miaomiao!


    Zeng Youfu and his wife were standing by the side watching their daughter lying on the bed. Seeing her suffering from the severe pain, he arched his body unconsciously as if wanted to resist the pain on behalf of his daughter. His whole body was already shaking, his face turned white, his lips bloodless with deep marks caused by his teeth. When Mrs. Zeng saw all these, she couldn’t help feeling distressed. She was holding Zeng Youfu’s hand so hard that she scratched her finger into Zeng Youfu’s arm.


    Guo Ming glanced sideways, frowned slightly, and whispered, “Honey refined ginseng!” This pulled Mrs. Zeng out of her distress and she hurriedly took out the ginseng slices made according to Guo Ming’s request. From the servant, she picked out three slices of it. The film came, but Zeng Miaomiao was clenching her teeth so tightly that it couldn’t be fed into her mouth at all. Guo Ming was still operating on the golden needles with both hands and had no time to take care of it. Zeng Youfu still came over, opened his daughter’s mouth forcefully and fed the ginseng in. He was almost bitten by her.


    With the help of the ginseng, Zeng Miaomiao persisted for more than half an hour. Seeing that she really couldn’t carry on anymore, Guo Ming slowed down, collected both their qi, and slowly released it out from the acupuncture points on the soles of her feet. As soon as the needle was withdrawn, Zeng Miaomiao passed out.


    After reaching out to check Zeng Miaomiao’s neck to make sure she was OK, Guo Ming and Pang Deyou spreaded out on the sofa in Zeng Miaomiao’s room as they were also exhausted.


    Zeng Youfu and his wife looked at the two doctors covered in sweat till  their complexions became much paler and unable to even speak. They only used their eyes to stop their offer to come and help. This made them feel guilty deep down in their hearts. After standing beside them for a long time, he saw Guo Ming took out a porcelain bottle from her pocket, took one of the pills and gave Pang Deyou a pill too.  The faces of the two of them then slowly began to  turn red.


    They ate at Zeng’s house. Zeng Youfu had arranged a big feast, full of fresh seafood and delicacies. Knowing that Guo Ming loves pizza, he specially invited an Italian chef to make pizza for her. The gratitude to the two can be seen. After the meal, Zeng Youfu arranged for the two to rest in the guest room. They were rejecting the offer when Guo Ming received a call.


    “What? Want us to be drivers?”


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