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ICAA Chapter 11 Part 1

Translator: Prakriti Bhatta

Mu Mu felt that his ass was about to be opened in fright. No! Sorry……… Very poor choice of words….. Mu Mu felt that his ass was about to explode in fright. OH NO!!!


Please send me some magical powers! !

Your child is still young and can’t stand this ”nice” situation! !

Mu Mu’s short-sighted eyes were still slightly astigmatic. So he couldn’t see Qin Yucheng’s expression ten meters away.

——Although normal people might not be able to see clearly at this distance too!

But at this time, it seems to be better to not see clearly than to see clearly.

At least…………. at least Qin Yucheng couldn’t see his expression clearly!

Mu Mu’s mind was blank and tears were about to fall.

What to do? How to do! Where to do?

What should I do!

The current scene is not within the range of Otaku’s imagination at all!

Yi Anning looked in the direction where Mu Mu turned his head and saw Qin Yucheng sitting in the taxi: “What’s the matter?”

Mu Mu recovered suddenly with an exaggerated expression. He turned his head back and looked at Yi Anning.

His eyes said goodbye to a comrade-in-arms who was about to die along with him.

Yi Anning: “?”

Mu Mu swore in his heart, ‘I, the great son of my great mom is a brave ass. I’m not afraid of this another ass’: “The person who was coming to pick me up has come. I’m leaving first.”

Upon hearing this, Yi Anning raised his eyes again to look at Qin Yucheng who was waiting there.

Unlike Mu Mu, who had his back to the road, Yi Anning had always been facing directly.

He knew that the taxi had been parked there for a while, but he hadn’t expected that the taxi had come for Mu Mu.

OHHO! Is that guy a new prey of this young master  ??????

Yi Anning pondered: “Is that taxi here to pick you up?”

“Yes.” Mu Mu nodded. He stood up with his bag and took a deep breath, “I’m leaving, bye.”

Yi Anning retracted his gaze and looked at Mu Mu for two seconds. He then smiled and nodded and replied, “Goodbye.”

Goodbye, good brother.

One two three four, let’s not see each other anymore!

This kind of rotten blessing, this child really can’t stand it!

Mu Mu didn’t answer and walked towards the taxi parked on the side of the road without looking back.

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu who came slowly.

The white sandy beach was full of tourists. The sea breeze blew the tulle skirt and long hair of the light blue figure, like lingering waves of light rising in the shallow sea at noon.

Qin Yucheng swept past Yi Anning, who was still watching Mu Mu.

These two people, he knew them very well.

Qin Yucheng looked cold.

He thought he would be furious, but his mood at this time was unexpectedly calm. He even had time in his mind to figure out how to use the relationship between these two people while gaining benefits for himself.

Mu Mu’s footsteps were very small. Dear motherfucking god, Am I walking a distance of 1000 light-years? Huhh? Isn’t it just the distance of ten meters!

But it’s okay the slower, the better!!!

But ten meters of distance, even if one meter is divided into three steps and one step takes a second, it will only take half a minute to reach the destination!


Why am I not an ant!

Poooooooooooor otaku stopped outside the taxi door to cheer himself up.

Calm down, Mu Mu! Do not be afraid!

As long as he behaves natural enough, confident enough, and says ”Oh that beach guy? No No No Dear cute and sexy Qin Yucheng, I don’t know him at all. I really don’t know him. Not at all. If I’m telling a lie then you will get bald!” to Qin Yucheng, then that Qin dude will believe him right? Hehe no need to compliment! He is quite good at convincing others.

Mu Mu opened the taxi door and sat in.

Qin Yucheng tilted his head and glanced at Mu Mu who was sitting next to him.

The sea breeze blew Mu Mu’s hair a little messily. But even if the broken hair was messy, it only made him look a little more fluffy and confused.

He looked extremely harmless.

Qin Yucheng retracted his gaze and said to the driver: “Drive to Linjiang Yipin Pavilion.”

The driver answered okay. He glanced at the man and woman in the back seat through the front mirror and started the car. Tsk tsk tsk being old is really a problem. He feels butterflies even by seeing this unromantic couple. Humph!

It had been ten minutes since Qin Yucheng asked him to stop here, saying he was waiting for someone.

But he also saw that what the customer had been staring at was the girl sitting on the lounge chair with her back to the road.

They were there from the time when the girl was holding her mobile phone to take a photo. But this customer didn’t say anything.

This customer didn’t speak anything even when that girl was being flirted with.

Until the sound of the WeChat notification sounded, the man slowly replied, and then the girl turned her head.

HOHO I smell some gossip here!

This was the first time that this driver uncle was so much excited……..

Mu Mu straightened his hair and waited for a while. When he saw Qin Yucheng, he didn’t say anything, but just stared at him, feeling very uneasy.

Humph!! Trying to scare this great Mu Mu, Huhh?

Brother…..,,,,,,,,I surrender! Sorry!

Mu Mu relied on his long hair to block a little gaze from the side. He shook his head and combed his hair with his hands. He then asked: “Why didn’t you just call me when you were there?”

Qin Yucheng’s gaze fell on Mu Muzheng’s hand combing his long hair.

Mu Mu has a pair of beautiful hands.

White, slender, with distinct joints.

When these hands pass through the satin-like black hair and when they are slowly and meticulously combed, the contrast between black and white is strong and dazzling.

Qin Yucheng watched Mu Mu’s movements and was about to answer but his eyes caught the traces in the hands that were combing through the hair.

There seemed to be a scar in Mu Mu’s hand.

Qin Yucheng’s words rolled to the tip of his tongue stagnated.

He can’t remember any scars on Mu Mu’s hands.

Qin Yucheng carefully took a closer look but Mu Mu’s hands were hidden between his hair. Those small traces were only faintly seen and could not be seen clearly.

Mu Mu couldn’t wait for Qin Yucheng’s answer…………. His palms were sweaty.


Ancestor, have you become mute?!

If you don’t say anything, then………….then I’ll……..I’ll beat you in your ass!

Mu Mu’s hair-combing action stopped. He put down his hand and glanced at Qin Yucheng carefully.

Qin Yucheng’s gaze followed Mu Mu’s hand but it was covered by the loose hair again.

He raised his eyes and met Mu Mu’s eyes.

Qin Yucheng forgot what Mu Mu had asked just now. He just let out a random “um” and asked, “Who was that just now?”

“Huh?” Mu Mu pretended to be stunned on the surface. But he felt a feeling in his heart that said:


Mu Mu sullenly replied, “I met him once before. I don’t know him well.”

Qin Yucheng looked at Mu Mu.

This person was full of tension and panic all over his body as if he had engraved the question “what to do when caught cheating” on his face.

Qin Yucheng: “…”

Is Mu Mu’s acting so bad?

Or is it that he is not as well-rounded as he was later—or was he so much blinded in Mu Mu’s love that he did not feel that the other party’s previous acting skills were poor?

Qin Yucheng was not sure for a while.

Mu Mu was anxiously scratching his hand.

Once a great philosopher said, Silence is more terrifying than a noise—especially in a situation like this, where every second he is suffering.

Qin Yucheng once again set his eyes on Mu Mu’s tangled fingers and said casually: “What did you guys talk about?”

Mu Mu: “…”

Mu Mu was silent for a moment. Skipping repeatedly between making up a lie and telling the truth, he finally chose to tell the truth.

“He asked me out for coffee.”

Qin Yucheng’s brows twitched: “Oh?”

Mu Mu quickly added: “I refused.”

“Ohho.” Qin Yucheng nodded.

He had been prepared for the connection between Mu Mu and Yi Anning. At this time, he couldn’t even bother to ask. Compared with this, Qin Yucheng paid more attention to the abnormality he had just noticed.

He stared at Mu Mu’s hand, wanting to see more clearly.

Thinking of this, Qin Yucheng stretched out his hand and spread it out: “Give me your hand.”

Mu Mu hesitated. He didn’t know if Yi Anning, this bastard’s topic has ended now or not.

Qin Yucheng seemed to be indifferent.

Fuck! How is it possible!

How could Qin Yucheng not care about the green hat(Wearing a green hat is is an expression that Chinese use when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend) on his head!

If he hadn’t cared, Yi Anning in the original novel would not have been fed to the fishes in the Pacific!

Mu Mu was sad and angry.

He himself might only be one step away from being fish-fed!

Thank you guys for reading. Please feel free to comment your thoughts. 🙂

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