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IBKAWB Chapter 42

Bad Film

Chapter 42… Bad Film


What happened last night was so embarrassing that in the next few days, Chi Zhongqiao avoided Lu Yuzhou and walked away.

Obviously it was just a medicine… It’s all Ge Fangyu’s fault this time,  why was he shouting in the group! Couldn’t he type?

Chi Zhongqiao thought back for a while. Since he had joined the group, the stumbling points for him were basically the pits that Ge Fangyu dug. His anger suddenly surged from his heart- Ge Fangyu was actually his catastrophe!

Chi Zhongqiao continued filming with this resentment, and within two weeks after that, the “catastrophe” did not continue to harm him, and Chi Zhongqiao successfully finished his shooting.


After the last scene was filmed, Ge Fangyu rushed towards Chi Zhongqiao wearing a police uniform covered with blood stains.

Chi Zhongqiao hurriedly avoided him, “Don’t come over!”

Ge Fangyu said , somewhat lost, “My son is getting rebellious…”

Chi Zhongqiao snorted.

Yan Qingbo walked over and said with emotion, “It’s not easy for you, but you can be considered free now.” Shang Tang’s role has been played for a long time, but it’s actually pretty tiring.

Chi Zhongqiao smiled.

Yan Qingbo whispered, “When the child is born, let him recognize you as a godfather.”

Chi Zhongqiao also whispered, “I’m afraid Brother Feng will kill me.” Yan Qingbo laughed, “He won’t dare!”

At this time, Fu Jingshen slid over with a red envelope, “Okay, you can get out of here after lunch.”

Chi Zhongqiao ignored him and said to Zhong Yin, “That little folding stool, yes, the red one. Take it away.”

Fu Jingshen: “…What eating, you can just get out now.”

Chi Zhongqiao didn’t have too long to adjust his state, before he devoted himself to the shooting of “School Grass, School Flowers”.

“School Grass, School Flowers” seems to be only a youth idol film, but in fact it is a small-cost hilarious film. There is no love line in the whole film, just daily funny, and a little inspirational movie.

This kind of film is academically called surreal humour , and it’s filled with cheesy sand sculpture 1 sand sculpture : internet slang used humourously to describe weird or stupid but funny behaviours or lame jokes scenes .

That’s why Chi Zhong Qiao said that this film will be successful.

In recent years, some refreshing and healing youth films have become popular. It is clear that the market needs various investors to spend money to buy such scripts. It’s a pity that good scripts are limited, and many of them can just make a fortune. Gradually, the original fresh breeze has turned into a variety of strange and painful literature.

Although the market seems to welcome this kind of subject matter on the surface, the popularity has been fading a lot.

The audience is not stupid, they can see it clearly.

“So the heroine is Yan Yiyun?”

Chi Zhongqiao took out the cast list.

Du Yusheng nodded, “Yiyun’s acting skills are fine. I just let her join you in the group, and it can save me from running at both ends.”

Chi Zhongqiao nodded.

On the day of the start-up, Chi Zhongqiao and Yan Yiyun joined the team.

“School Grass, School Flowers” is basically a rookie group. Except for Chi Zhongqiao , who had a “Red” hanging on top of his head 2 it means CZQ is popular , they are all newcomers who have just debuted or have been transparent actors who have been sinking for several years.

Chi Zhongqiao went to the studio in the same car with Yan Yiyun in the morning. He was sitting in the co-pilot and Yan Yiyun was in the back seat.

Since they were both making movies for the first time, Du Yusheng nagged all the way.

It is not only the first time that Yan Yiyun has made a movie, but it is also the first time to be the female lead. If it weren’t for the sake of maintaining her image in front of Chi Zhongqiao, she would have made a fool of herself a long time ago.

Yan Yiyun lay on the back of the driver’s seat: “Brother Du.”

But Du Yusheng gave Yan Yiyun a warning stare.

Yan Yiyun was wronged, but she couldn’t sit still, so she tentatively changed her target, “Brother Qiao?”

Chi Zhongqiao was already asleep beside Du Yusheng, and was suddenly called. He thought that Du Yusheng found out that he was asleep and immediately awakened.

After discovering that it was Yan Yiyun, he glanced at Du Yusheng who was intent on driving, leaned back, and gently said, “What’s the matter?”

Yan Yiyun whispered, “Brother Qiao, I have seen your “Muyi Tianxia”. ”

Chi Zhongqiao nodded, he woke up, took out a bottle of soda, but didn’t open it and handed it to Yan Yiyun.

Yan Yiyun squeezed the bottle and whispered, “I really like Mu Yan.”

Chi Zhongqiao smiled at her. Yan Yiyun was only nineteen and was very young. In Chi Zhongqiao’s eyes, she was a child.

Seeing that he has a good temper, Yan Yiyun moved forward again, “Then, Brother Qiao, do you think the general doesn’t like the heroine?”

Who does he like if the second male lead doesn’t like the heroine?

Chi Zhongqiao asked, “Huh?”

Yan Yiyun: “If the general likes the heroine, why did he save the honorary king so many times? Wouldn’t it be better for the honorary king to die? Would he actually like the honorary king?”

Chi Zhongqiao was shocked.

Was this girl’s brain blasted by rockets? Where did she find that Mu Yan had a sense of CP with Emperor Yu?

He and Xu Xingzhou have both been enemies in reality, okay?

After hearing this, Du Yusheng laughed twice in his heart. He was finally able to leave the little troublemaker Yan Yiyun away for a while. He was almost annoyed by this girl.

Ah, what a wonderful life without this kid.

Du Yu hummed and drove to the studio.

After the editing of “School Grass, School Flowers”, it was only one hour long. So the shooting time was not long, only one month, and it was May.

Chi Zhongqiao and Yan Yiyun listened to the script.

Director Ji Shan is also a little-known director. He has made a bunch of tepid movies. He is not well-known in the industry. Fortunately, the film “School Grass, School Flowers” is not very demanding.

The essence of this movie is all kinds of funny dialogues.

When Ji Shan saw Chi Zhongqiao for the first time, he hesitated, “Zhongqiao’s role is mainly to show high coldness and uh…”

Chi Zhongqiao calmly continued, “Stupid and cute.”

The male lead is the school grass, he is a seemingly cold and stupid boy, a straight steel man, who depends on IQ and face to eat.

Ji Shan nodded again and again, “Yes, that’s what it feels like.”

Although Chi Zhongqiao read the script during the filming of “Invisible Crimes”, he stayed up late to circle all the points that should be paid attention to, and took time to think about it many times.

The character of the school grass is not complicated, he is not like Shang Tang, he can do every move with his scheming. The only difficulty for this role is how to show high coldness instead of simply being a facial paralysis.

A young man with a cold surface but a quick panic, even with a straight face, his eyes should be smart.

Chi Zhongqiao recalled the character’s psychology he had figured out, and stood alone in the brewing state.

In fact, he was not as relaxed as it looked. He spent too much energy trying to figure out the role of Shang Tang, and “Invisible Crimes” had a great influence on him. But he will be cast into a completely different role within a few days of his success, and this sense of emptiness is hard to ignore.

Chi Zhongqiao rubbed his eyebrows, the necessary rituals for starting the shooting have been completed, and the filming is about to start. He must ensure the state.

He is the most popular in the entire crew, and he greeted everyone kindly when he entered the crew. Then he held his script and walked to the side, saying that he would revise his lines.

He put on a gentle and polite but not close attitude, blocking a bunch of people who wanted to come up to join in the fun.

Every company knows that Chi Zhongqiao and Mr. Lu have a good relationship, even if they want to get close, they dare not stick to it.

“Brother Qiao” Zhong Yin walked over, “Get ready to shoot.”

Chi Zhongqiao put down the script, “Okay.” Yan Yiyun was filming with Chi Zhongqiao for the first time. She had known Chi Zhongqiao for a long time. Her acting skills are good, but she got nervous when she went to shoot.

Chi Zhongqiao smiled when he looked at her, “Don’t be nervous, just play normally.”

This is not “Invisible Crime”. There are almost no fierce conflicts in the whole movie. Without the rigid requirements of the script, he is not interested in being someone who robs the limelight in the early stage.

Yan Yiyun nodded, and the director told them to be in position.

For Chi Zhongqiao, “School Grass, School Flowers” is actually a good adjustment, because he will follow up with the filming of “April on Earth”, and it is very relaxing to play, a happy and illogical comedy in the middle.

But outsiders may not think so.

Chi Zhongqiao’s fans have been suffering since the start of the Chinese New Year, because Chi Zhongqiao’s arrangements last year were very unreasonable, resulting in him being completely empty in the first half of this year.

The most terrifying thing about an artist is not being hacked, but that there is no work and no sense of existence.

“Muyi Tianxia” ended at the end of December last year. After the annual drama event in January gave Chi Zhongqiao a sense of presence, there was no other movement. If it weren’t for the messy hot searches, Chi Zhongqiao’s presence would be even lower.

The audience is always forgetful.

From then on, from early April to mid-June, Chi Zhongqiao had a terrible and long blank period.

Fans who are not determined are likely to stop being fans, while diehard fans are very bitter-there is no food to eat.

And as soon as the news came out that Chi Zhongqiao participated in “School Grass, School Flowers”, the fans exploded. Was it funny? Their Baby Qiao just finished a good film like “Invisible Crimes”, and what did they pick up next?

“School Grass, School Flowers”, My mother, what kind of ghost name is this? It sounds like a bad movie.

The owner of the fan group and Sun Qi arranged by Lu Yuzhou struggled to hold onto the restless group of mother fans.

Group leader: No way, Qiao Qiao also has to eat well. Look at our poor Baby Qiao. He doesn’t even have much work up to now. What kind of money has he made?

No one in the wild crossing: Yes, yes, Qiao Qiao is just an artist after all, so he still has to obey the company’s arrangements.

After drinking Sanlu, the head is very big: I’m going to be mad, I’ve long felt that Qiao Qiao’s arrangements were bad. It’s really that the small company didn’t have a plan, and Zhaohui, this tattered thing, finally picked up a big treasure, okay. Do they not want to spoil him?

Group owner: Anyway, the movie tickets are not very expensive. Everyone, take a step back for Qiao Qiao’s sake. If you are willing, contribute to the box office. It is really not easy for Qiao Qiao.

Lululu: I don’t understand. Everyone knows what Qiao Qiao’s acting is. I understand when he takes commercial films, but why does he take such films? Youth films, my goodness. What the youth films are now, everyone knows! A hodgepodge of dog blood in youth skin.

I’m listening to your voice in the wind: It’s coming, let’s not talk about the company giving Qiao Qiao a hand, can you at least not hold back our Qiao? Isn’t it said that Lu Yuzhou is Baby Qiao’s younger brother? He doesn’t care about this kind of bad movie?

Outside the screen, Sun Qi’s cold sweat fell to the ground. Damn, did you know that Mr. Lu would still be reading these because he in in our group..!?

*In the Fan group*

Lu Yuzhou: I care.

The boiling fan group suddenly fell into a dead silence.


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  • 1
    sand sculpture : internet slang used humourously to describe weird or stupid but funny behaviours or lame jokes
  • 2
    it means CZQ is popular
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