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IBKAWB Chapter 43

Is This Our Girl ?

Chapter 43… Is This Our Girl?


Sun Qi left the keyboard with both hands, thinking: Good, I will watch the play this time.

This boss is usually present in the group and never participates in discussions. The reason why Sun Qi knew that he was in the group was that Lu Yuzhou once mentioned a topic that they were talking about in the group-“What kind of girl will our Baby Qiao look for in the future?”

Sun Qi was so frightened that day. She rolled back to the group and stopped the group of people from continuing to think.

If she didn’t stop, these young mother fans would come up with even stranger topics!

From that day on, Sun Qi knew that Mr. Lu had an account in the group, but no one knew who it was.

It was so exciting to be caught by the master on the spot.

Sun Qi’s heart was dead.

After a few minutes, the group leader typed out a few words under the high pressure: Is it Mr. Lu?

Lu Yuzhou: Yes.

The group was silent again.

Lu Yuzhou raised his eyebrows and pushed away the documents on the table.

Lu Yuzhou: If it is a bad movie, I will definitely take care of it.

I listen to your voice in the wind: Mr. Lu means that you don’t think this is a bad movie?

Sun Qi squeezed the phone: Fuck, the wind is so good, dares to be tough with Lu.

Lu Yuzhou: This is not what I meant, but what Brother Qiao meant.

Lu Yuzhou took a sip of his coffee and typed a line on the keyboard: The script was sent to Brother Qiao, only so that he could read it. There was no pressure whether he chooses it or not.

After sending out this line, Lu Yuzhou opened his cell phone.

After it was confirmed that Lu Yuzhou would not reply anymore, and the fan group became active again.

Owner: Why is Lu Yuzhou in our group? None of us knows? I don’t even know!

Lululu: Our group is lively, and he didn’t chat at all before, who knew he was here!

A group of people suddenly remembered the embarrassing situation when Chi Zhongqiao had sent several pieces of texts before, but no one noticed, and they were silent for a while.

I listen to your voice in the wind: So Mr. Lu meant that this script is what our Baby Qiao likes?

Nanshan and Beihai: Baby Qiao’s vision… do you remember his luck?

The group leader: … mother is anxious, Baby Qiao’s vision can be as reliable as his acting skills.

Lululu: I’m afraid he is looking at the script with luck.

Sun Qi didn’t care that there were a few worried hearts in the group. After ending all entanglements in all sorts of ways, she sent a message to Lu Yuzhou.

Sun Qi: Mr. Lu, they are worried about Brother Qiao.

Lu Yuzhou: Worried that I would act against Brother Qiao?

He laughed. It is not convenient for him to speak in front of outsiders, so he just thought in his heart: I feel more sorry for him than you.

Sun Qi: We are fans, far away from Brother Qiao. We don’t know what kind of resources he gets. You also know that Brother Qiao looks too soft, people always feel that he is easy to be bullied. Maybe they are a little excited, but we all really care about Brother Qiao.

Sun Qi remembered that when she just knew that Brother Qiao was going to pick up a movie like “School Grass, School Flowers”, she was not angry, but remembered Lu Yuzhou’s usual care and attention to Brother Qiao. He would definitely not let Qiao choose the script randomly.

She waited for a while and didn’t receive the message, and she was full of soreness and sadness- How could Mr. Lu understand their mother’s heart with such an identity.

The people they like can only be seen through the screen. Although they know that there are thousands of good people, they can only wait and see from afar.

So many people do not understand them, regard their love as superficial emotions, saying that they like them only for their faces, and sneer at them. Although Sun Qi took Lu Yuzhou’s salary, she was a fan of Chi Zhongqiao before being found by Lu Yuzhou. It was only because she was very restrained that she was chosen by Lu Yuzhou.


The mobile phone made a notification tone for receiving a message, and Sun Qi glanced down. It was a voice from Lu Yuzhou.

Sun Qi was dumbfounded, always feeling that the big boss sent a weird voice message.

She clicked on the voice, but what came out was not Lu Yuzhou’s cold voice, but a more familiar and softer voice—

“Is it our girl?” When Sun Qi heard the first sentence, she suddenly covered her face, her eyes instantly turned red.

It’s Brother Qiao.

The only idol in the world who can call his fans “our girl”.

“I heard Yuzhou say that my work arrangements make you worry. In fact, I chose the script myself. No one forced me to act.”

“As for the quality,” the voice was smiling, “Perhaps all the works are not the same, not necessarily all of them are deep and stylish. But I will never fool you. Believe me?”

Sun Qi squeezed the phone and cried out.

I believe in you, of course I believe in you, I like you so much.

Chi Zhongqiao put down his phone after sending his voice. He was waiting for Lu Yuzhou to get off work, and along the way, he revised tomorrow’s lines. Worried about interrupting Lu Yuzhou’s work, he entered the office cubicle.

He was reading his lines and had no time to see his mobile phone. He didn’t know that the group was already crying until Lu Yuzhou came out to look for him with his mobile phone.

After Chi Zhongqiao understood the ins and outs, he smiled helplessly.

He thought for a while, and sent two voices to Sun Qi to comfort the little girl first.

Chi Zhongqiao himself does not reject commercial dramas at all. Not all spiritual enjoyment needs to convey a certain deep meaning. As long as the distorted concept is not conveyed, what does it matter even if there is no extended connotation?

If all the TV dramas in the world are “Invisible Crimes” and all the novels are like “Notre Dame de Paris”, then what is the point?

People have happiness, anger, sorrow and joy, and cultural enjoyment is of course like a hundred different flowers blooming, each with its own merits.

“School Grass, School Flowers” is just a comedy, it is used for recreation after a meal, and being cute is the meaning of its existence.

Chi Zhongqiao accepted it very openly. He didn’t think there would be any loss of value in a comedy after the performance of “Invisible Crime”.

“These little girls.” Chi Zhongqiao shook his head.

Lu Yuzhou: “What’s the matter?”

Chi Zhongqiao started digging through his bag to search for a mobile phone. Hearing that, he smiled and said, “Silly and cute.” Why do they think he is a little baby?

Lu Yuzhou leaned over, “Then what about me?”

Chi Zhongqiao, “They are stupid and cute, but you are not stupid. Our Yuzhou is the cutest in the world.”

Lu Yuzhou: “…” It is strange that a big man is praised as cute. .

He sat leaning against Chi Zhongqiao for a while, and got up to his feet after not getting the comfort he wanted.

He has to deal with those things quickly, and can’t let Brother Qiao work overtime with him until seven o’clock.

Chi Zhongqiao , who has been busy looking at his phone, finally turned. He quickly opened the group, started browsing through the previous texts. He found an ID with a particularly familiar name, and suddenly exclaimed: “Lu Yuzhou?!”

Lu Yuzhou, who reached the door, turned back, “What’s wrong, Brother Qiao?” Chi Zhongqiao flipped through the phone, “Are you in the group? Why are you in the fan group?”

Lu Yuzhou didn’t expect that he would read the previous texts, and his back was tense. “… Brother Qiao, why aren’t you memorizing lines?”

Lu Yuzhou’s heartbeat gradually became chaotic, wouldn’t Brother Qiao find him too strange?

Chi Zhongqiao: “Can I not take a look at the group? Don’t change the subject, why are you in the group?”

Lu Yuzhou pursed his lips, found the chair farthest from Chi Zhongqiao and sat down, “I’ve been inside the group all the time. ”

Chi Zhongqiao patted the armrest: “Sitting far away… are you worried about me hitting you? Come here.”

Lu Yuzhou had to stand up and sit beside Chi Zhongqiao.

Chi Zhongqiao looked at him and sighed.

Lu Yuzhou was worried. He joined the fan group just hoping to get to know this person in a different way.

What does the Chi Zhongqiao who fascinates outsiders on the screen look like?

With what kind of eyes do those who love him look at him?

At first, he quietly joined the fan group with this idea, and the crowd of thousands of people didn’t even notice him.

But Lu Yuzhou was too busy. Although he joined the group, he could spend very little time in the group. Today, Sun Qi and the others were “caught on the spot.” It was really bad luck.

Chi Zhongqiao, the magpie spirit, actually raised a group of black koi. 1 black koi : Black symbolizes great adversity, the black koi fish is used to represent adverse struggle to succeed.

Here , it means that czq’s fans have bad luck

“Is Brother Qiao angry?”

Lu Yuzhou decided to take the initiative to admit his mistake and resolutely didn’t change his decision. If Brother Qiao asked him to withdraw from the group, then he would ask Qi Chuyang to help him register a fake account.

Chi Zhongqiao was silent for a while and lovingly said, “Yuzhou, the group is too messy, so enter it less in the future.”

Chi Zhongqiao currently has five fan groups, but he still only visits the first large group. That group is very active, and because of the age verification, the group is full of adults. There are many topics, and 99+ messages are generated in a few minutes.

And there are many painters and writers in the group. When they are interested, they will talk about various topics that only adults understand, and even spread their wings on the edge of being reported.

Very pornographic.

Sometimes Chi Zhongqiao entered the group chat, and he was muted by the group leader as soon as he showed his presence, saying that it was inappropriate for children. He would not be allowed in until they finished talking.

Chi Zhongqiao, the righteous master, had no authority to speak more.

They may just want to come together and discuss, it doesn’t really matter.

Chi Zhongqiao was completely dumbfounded after being muted for the first time. After four or five times, he was indifferent.

Now Lu Yuzhou is also in the group, and he can notice the commotion in the group today, which shows that he usually browses the group.

His family’s Yuzhou is still a child, how can he play in such a group?

Thinking that Lu Yuzhou might have seen something messy in the group, Chi Zhongqiao was annoyed.

Chi Zhongqiao: “The group interferes with work, so enter less, be good.”

He coaxed Lu Yuzhou away and looked down at the group. After a while, another 99 in the group came out.

Chi Zhongqiao glanced at it with a complicated look, “…”

Fan base:

Zucchini: / Driving in the war link /

He asked the group owner to give himself an account of the administrator, then …

The squealing fans who were eating melons in the group suddenly discovered that the link message was gone. When they focused their sight, they almost threw their phones out of their hands -the administrator Chi Zhongqiao withdrew a group message.

The whole group was dead silent .

Chi Zhongqiao: Fight against pornography, cute.jpg*

Zucchini: You betray us, owner! How can you give Qiaoqiao another account?

Ji Li Gulu: I can’t hide from Brother Qiao anymore, sad…

Chi Zhongqiao calmly put down the phone: Fake fans, they are all fake fans.

In the office outside the cubicle, Lu Yuzhou had already clicked on the link. He looked at the words “King Yu×Little General, driving car warning, blade warning” on it, which was a bit strange.

These are the two main characters in “Muyi Tianxia”. What does it mean to put the male lead and the second male lead together?



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    black koi : Black symbolizes great adversity, the black koi fish is used to represent adverse struggle to succeed.

    Here , it means that czq’s fans have bad luck
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