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IBKAWB Chapter 41

Applying medicine

Chapter 41… Applying medicine

   According to the normal process, from the paparazzi clicking photos, to the article or video release, it takes at least one day. Who would have thought that this group of paparazzi would act so quickly?

   When Chi Zhongqiao returned to the crew, he knew that he had been hung up on the hot search.

   He watched the hot search for a while, and silently dragged his little folding stool, sitting with Ge Fangyu and Fu Jingshen, worrying about it.

   Although the public relation departments had refuted the rumors and explained that Yan Qingbo was suddenly unwell, Chi Zhongqiao just sent her to the hospital. No one cares.

   [Why is Chi Zhongqiao sending Yan Qingbo if she is uncomfortable? Why not Ge Fangyu? Where’s the assistant? Where’s the agent?]

   [Haha, if you want to cover it up, somehow make up a fresh excuse.]

   There were too many comments like this.

   Chi Zhongqiao flipped through various comments, frowning slightly.

   He has various contact information of Yan Qingbo, but he doesn’t want to disturb Yan Qingbo very much.

   The sky is big and the earth is big, but life is the greatest. Yan Qingbo was pregnant and filmed the scenes for a month. Could there be no problems at all? When Yan Qingbo was sent away in the morning, Cheng Feng said that he would take Yan Qingbo to other specialized hospitals for a comprehensive examination. Now both of them are estimated to be in the hospital, waiting for the results.

   Or should they wait for Yan Qingbo’s studio to respond? The movie empress’s studio cannot allow this kind of scandal to spread everywhere. But it may take a while, because the studio still needs to deal with Yan Qingbo’s pregnancy.

   Before Chi Zhongqiao figured out a solution, Du Yusheng had already called.

   ”I saw the hot search,” Du Yusheng said quickly, “Can you tell me the specifics?” He had contacted Yan Qingbo before and didn’t think the other party would cheat. As for Chi Zhongqiao, can the little prince be that stupid?

   Du Yusheng browsed the web page. The hot search had exploded, and the next few articles are all related to Yan Qingbo and Chi Zhong Qiao.

   Yan Qingbo has always been very popular both inside and outside the circle. The scandal of “derailment” directly squeezed out the original hot search that was at the top. People who eat melons, fans and black fans are all fired up.

   Even yesterday’s live broadcast of Chi Zhongqiao and Yan Qingbo was used by someone who wanted to make a fuss.

   [If it weren’t for cheating, why would Yan Qingbo be so good to an incompetent newcomer?]

   [Hehe, when I watched the live broadcast yesterday I don’t think it was right, Yan Qingbo was too kind to Chi Zhongqiao.]

   [It’s kind of believable. Chi Zhongqiao’s face is beautiful, don’t all the girls like that? There will be a group of diehard fans guarding them later.]

   Chi Zhongqiao’s fan groups were also not quiet, Du Yusheng sent a message to several group owners, asking them to hold down the fans who were going to swear before they clarified the misunderstanding.


   Du Yusheng moved his mouse down and shook his head when he looked at the comments. The situation was not very optimistic, there were a bunch of trumpets mixing up the water.

   Chi Zhongqiao briefly described the ins and outs, and he was not very worried about hot searches.

   This would have been unnecessary false news, as long as the public relations are appropriate. They can bring it to the right track, and the offensive and insulting articles can be proved to be inaccurate.

   Du Yusheng: “…So Teacher Yan’s husband was there too, right?” The little prince was also quite lucky. This wave of paparazzi will simply increase the craze for “Invisible Crimes.”

   Chi Zhongqiao replied, “He was next to me when the picture was taken.”

   Du Yusheng said, “Well, let me find a way to communicate with Teacher Yan.”

   Chi Zhongqiao said, “I have Sister Qing’s contact information here, I am just afraid of interrupting her.”

   Du Yusheng said gently, “It’s okay, I can contact her studio. You can concentrate on the shooting, no need to do anything else… uh, Mr. Lu.” Lu Yuzhou, who had been listening for a long time outside, knocked on the door twice and walked in. His hand reached out to Du Yusheng.

   Du Yusheng was taken aback, and quickly handed the phone to Lu Yuzhou.

   Chi Zhongqiao : “… Yuzhou?”

Lu Yuzhou whispered, “I called Brother Qiao, but there was no answer and it was always busy.”

   Chi Zhongqiao listened to his worried voice, and he couldn’t help but worry too.

   ”Well, Brother Du is asking me about my situation. In fact, it’s not a big deal, it’s just because I didn’t pay attention carefully.”

   Lu Yuzhou listened to him. The anxious feeling he had since he had seen the hot search was relieved.

   Du Yusheng felt that he was too intrusive here, so he picked up his mobile phone and rolled away.

   When Du Yusheng left, he closed the door gently. The door panel of the office cut off the outside world. Lu Yuzhou took off his thin-rimmed glasses and decided to give Du Yusheng a red envelope tonight.


   Chi Zhongqiao and Yan Qingbo’s Weibo have been spammed, and there was a lot of scolding. Some people even touched Cheng Feng’s Weibo and expressed sympathy for what happened to him.

   Just as the hot search continued to ferment, and even the various male stars and female stars who had derailed before were pulled out for a scolding, one of the protagonists of the scandal, Yan Qingbo, finally spoke up.

   She posted a post.

   Yan Qingbo V: Thank God, thank you Qiao Bao @ChiZhongqiao.


   The netizen who was kept in darkness: ?? WTF?

   They clicked on the picture and found that it was actually a check-up report.

   Netizen: I feel that the direction is a bit wrong… Squatting first.

   Immediately after, Yan Qingbo’s husband forwarded a picture of the evidence used to prove Yan Qingbo’s derailment. He circled a human head in red with the words: “Can you see me?”

   He is not an insider. Few people really knew him.

   What stuff?

   Those who are passerby are purely watching the excitement, and those who think he is pitiful are stunned.

   No one will cheat in front of their lover, right?

   What is this inexplicable development?

   At this time, Chi Zhongqiao, who was silent, also posted an article, succinctly speaking about the farce.

   Finally he @YanQingbo and asked about the situation of the other party.

   Yan Qingbo replied: “All is well, but I need to pay more attention and be careful. My goodness, you really are a little lucky star Qiao Bao. I have joined the crew for six weeks,  and I got pregnant just a little while ago!”

   Calculating the time, it happened to be during the few days when Chi Zhongqiao comforted her.

   So coincident, it’s kind of unreal.

   He’s really a live koi.

   Yan Qingbo sighed with emotion in her heart. She was in a good mood and went to various websites to eat her own melons until her phone was confiscated by Cheng Feng from the kitchen.

   At the same time, Yan Qingbo’s Studio and Chi Zhongqiao’s agent issued clarifications, and said that this time, the relevant media will be held accountable.

   Yan Qingbo’s Studio’s wording was extremely harsh: “In the absence of evidence, compiling false news based on only a few photos taken without the parties’ consent has constituted slander and caused serious psychological harm to the parties. We will investigate it to the end.”

   Chi Zhongqiao immediately reposted this Weibo, and then posted another post.

   Chi Zhongqiao V: “Do you think it’s melon this time? No, it’s actually dog ​​food.” In his previous article, he described in detail Cheng Feng’s multiple visits and various extra meals from time to time. Between the lines, he described how he was stuffed with sugar and dog food.

   The comments under the Weibo:

   Pigeon is bald: I really shed tears for this beautiful love. Teacher Yan has a very good relationship with her lover.

   I can eat more: oooooo, they are so good.

   No one on the wild crossing: So my focus was wrong? Qiaoqiao, your Weibo is really bad.

   Lululu: Qiaoqiao really suffered a lot of psychological damage. You see, he started to hurt us with other people’s dog food. (Dog head)

   Chi Zhong flipped through the comments and slowly made himself comfortable on the sofa.

   Lu Yuzhou sat next to him, “Brother Qiao is so happy?”

   Chi Zhongqiao nodded and clicked on a voice message in the crew group.

   Ge Fangyu’s loud voice came out immediately: “Qiao! Director Fu said that the bruise on your waist should be treated! It can still be seen in the filming today—”

   Chi Zhongqiao: “??”

   He turned off the voice.

   However, Lu Yuzhou had already heard it and looked up at Chi Zhongqiao quietly.

   ”What kind of bruise?”

   Chi Zhongqiao shrank into the sofa, trying to fool around: “Just… knocked it somewhere.”

   Lu Yuzhou then came over: “It was knocked when filming? Let me take a look.”

   Chi Zhongqiao picked up a pillow: “No need, it’s almost better.”

   Lu Yuzhou emphasized: “Brother Qiao!”

   Chi Zhongqiao : “…actually, I bumped it on the back of the chair while filming.”

   He said, slowly putting down the pillow.

   Lu Yuzhou: “Where?”

   Chi Zhongqiao opened his clothes, and there was a bruise on his back, which looked like it’ll hurt.

   Lu Yuzhou endured, “Why don’t you come back and rest?” He took out a small medicine box under the coffee table, which contained medicinal liquor.

   Chi Zhongqiao consciously lay down on the sofa and stretched his shoulders and waist. He didn’t care: “It’s not like no one stumbles when filming.”

   Lu Yuzhou poured the medicinal wine on his palm and pressed it on the bruises. Gently rubbing the medicated wine with the palm of his hand.

   The pungent smell spreads.

   Although Lu Yuzhou’s movements have been as gentle as possible, the pain of rubbing the bruise was absolutely uncomfortable.

   Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t help tightening his waist and abdomen.

   Lu Yuzhou helplessly said, “Brother Qiao, relax.”

   Chi Zhongqiao knocked his chin on a pillow, half-squinting his eyes, “Uncomfortable.”

   Lu Yuzhou leaned very close, his knees pressed against Chi Zhongqiao’s skin on the sofa and his palm was pressed against him. His palm was damp and hot, and the thin calluses on the belly of the fingers and palm rubbed Chi Zhongqiao’s particularly sensitive waist skin.

   Lu Yuzhou whispered: “Now you know that it’s uncomfortable.” He was angry and reluctant to scold Chi Zhongqiao, so he had to complain softly like a baby.

   Chi Zhongqiao knew that he was wrong, and let him rub it for a while.

   Lu Yuzhou put some medicinal wine on his palm again, and just covered Chi Zhongqiao’s side waist. Chi Zhongqiao, who had been lying down, seemed to be like a cat who has been stepped on his tail, and flinched abruptly.

   Chi Zhongqiao grabbed Lu Yuzhou’s hand, “Wait, wait a minute!”

   He quickly grabbed Lu Yuzhou’s medicinal liquor, and hid it from the other: “I’ll do the rest by myself.”

   Chi Zhongqiao was embarrassed and hurriedly tugged his clothes. While retreating to the room, he said: “It’s late, you go and rest.”

   Then he hid in his room and closed the door.

   Lu Yuzhou was stunned for a while. The air was still filled with the spicy smell of medicinal wine. As he looked down at his hands, the palm of his hand still had the touch of Chi Zhongqiao’s body.

   Lu Yuzhou pursed his lips, his ears soon became red .


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    Insisting on hyping a cheating scandal when the husband is literally also in the shot is some high level conspiracy theory work haha
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