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IBKAWB Chapter 40



Chapter 40 (Pregnancy)


Chi Zhongqiao looked for Ge Fangyu on the set, and it happened that Ge Fangyu was also looking for him, so the two met in the dressing room.


Ge Fangyu: “Just your little folding stool…”



Chi Zhongqiao: “When you broadcast yesterday…”


When they met, they found that they both wanted to settle accounts with each other. As a result, in the dressing room, they blamed each other for yesterday’s live broadcast for half an hour.


In the end, both felt that the other party was unreasonable and inexplicable, so they turned their heads away in disgust.


Yan Qingbo’s agent who happened to come to visit the class was stunned, “…They usually do this?” To be fair, Ge Fang Yu’s popularity can crush Chi Zhongqiao to death, right?


Yan Qingbo, “Huh? Oh, it’s not usually noisy. They lost face yesterday, so they are noisy.” As she spoke, she quickly edited her Weibo post and posted the video she had just taken.


Agent, “…they will hate you.”


Yan Qingbo waved her hand, “No, they would only think that the other person created the trouble.”


Agent: “…the sand sculpture crew is really happy.” 1 sand sculpture : an internet slang, generally used humorously to describe weird or stupid but funny behaviors or lame jokes.


Yan Qingbo scrolled down the comments below, then she trembled with a smile.


“Don’t let them know this, or they will really want to slaughter each other .”


Chi Zhongqiao and Ge Fangyu were holding in their fire, not knowing that Yan Qingbo had added firewood to it.


It happened that the two of them had an explosive rivalry scene today, so the two of them fought from the scene to the outside, and the whole crew was filled with joy.


Zhou Yunmo watched Chi Zhongqiao and Ge Fangyu furiously playing under the camera from a distance, even his makeup couldn’t hide his ugly face.


The assistant whispered, “Brother Zhou…Have you been resting well these past few days?”


Zhou Yunmo shook his head.


He was in a panic when he entered and exited the company today. The reason is simple. He happened to run into Lu Yuzhou who was going downstairs to pick up the car yesterday.


Zhou Yunmo only felt that he was going to be frozen by the expression in his eyes.


The man asked, “Zhou Yunmo?”


Zhou Yunmo shivered, “… Mr. Lu.” He later realized that the “background” possessed by Chi Zhongqiao was real.


And that “background” was standing in front of him now.


Will he be… hidden? 2 雪藏, hidden. Not giving them opportunities to appear on the screen, suppressed or something? Hiding him from appearing on movies.


However, Lu Yuzhou only looked at him for a moment, and seemed to remember his face, then he nodded slightly and got into the car, leaving just like that.


Zhou Yunmo has lived for so many years, no one has ever been so indifferent to him.


He waited in a panic all night. The next morning, Zhuang Fu went to work as usual. He didn’t receive any other notices. His shooting was performed as usual, and the endorsements were also good.


Zhou Yunmo almost thought that Lu Yuzhou’s unconcealed indifference yesterday was his illusion.


Zhou Yunmo licked his lips, “What do you think… of Chi Zhongqiao?” The assistant replied, “Brother Qiao is a nice person, he doesn’t have much arrogance.” Actually, he just didn’t care about the little assistant who had no sense of existence behind Zhou Yunmo. Watching Chi Zhongqiao take care of others, he really thinks he has no temper at all.


Yesterday, Brother Zhou pushed Brother Qiao, and he received forgiveness without any difficulty at all.


Zhou Yunmo said nothing.


The little assistant took a careful look at Zhou Yunmo and found that the other party was staring at Chi Zhongqiao in the filming.


That gaze was a bit too focused.


The little assistant felt a little strange.




In “Invisible Crimes”, there is a semi-naked scene of Chi Zhongqiao. He changed clothes in the cubicle, and Fu Jingshen opened the door directly and asked him, “Do you want to draw abdominal muscles?”


Chi Zhongqiao covered himself with his shirt and said, “No, I have them.”


Fu Jingshen whistled, “Yo, you have a good figure, but I’m still worried about you.”


Chi Zhongqiao: “…A thirty-years-old man cares about me as a young man?”


Fu Jingshen: “…” Mother, I want to strangle him.


Chi Zhongqiao clutched his shirt tightly, “I won’t show it to you alone, hurry up.”


Fu Jingshen was disgusted enough by him, “Can you pull your face down a little, so that I can see you?” He has a sweetheart at home. Be good, he can’t put his face down like Chi Zhongqiao. 3 pull your face down, probably means be humble


“Seriously, there’s no problem, right?”


Fu Jingshen raised his chin.


He remembered correctly, Chi Zhongqiao didn’t show any nudity in “Muyi Tianxia”, so it was probably the first time he wore “very untidy” in front of the camera in “Invisible Crimes”.


Chi Zhongqiao never fooled around in business, “No problem.” He had read the script a long time ago, what would it look like to twitch around before the battle?


Fu Jingshen nodded, “Okay.” Chi Zhongqiao opened the zipper of his jacket. He has an excellent skeleton, which is clearly tall, with broad shoulders, not to mention beautiful and non-exaggerated muscles, but they just give the person a kind of sentimental illusion.


Ge Fangyu touched his stomach and felt that the muscles under his hands were already a bit soft. Since Mr. Lu from Zhong Qiao’s family delivered a takeaway, he brought all kinds of food and beverages to him, and the food level of the entire crew had a great improvement.


Ge Fangyu couldn’t control himself and gained three catties.


The scary thing is that among the actors, he seems to be the most fat.


Chi Zhongqiao’s shoulders are broad, and he has a narrow waist. What about him? The muscles in his waist were almost drooping.


Ge Fangyu was struck by lightning and decided to eat only half of today’s takeaway.


Fu Jingshen rolled up the script, “The actors, get ready in place-start!”



After one shot was finished, Fu Jingshen had just called out, and Zhong Yin immediately rushed up with his jacket.


It was cold in the beginning of spring, and it would be bad if Chi Zhongqiao catches a cold.


Chi Zhongqiao was cold all over. He buttoned his shirt first, and then took the jacket and put it on. He moved on the spot twice and frowned slightly when he saw Yan Qingbo still sitting in the same place.


Chi Zhongqiao carefully squatted in front of Yan Qingbo, “Sister Qing, are you uncomfortable?”


Yan Qingbo held her abdomen with one hand, and smiled reluctantly, “It’s okay, it just hurts suddenly.” Chi Zhongqiao helped her get up. Yan Qingbo’s face was pale. Chi Zhongqiao only realized that Yan Qingbo was shaking with pain when he held Yan Qingbo’s forearm.


There was a dense layer of sweat on her forehead, which shows that it was obviously painful.


Chi Zhongqiao felt something was wrong, but Yan Qingbo’s assistant was called to buy hot drinks for the crew.


Chi Zhongqiao hesitated for a few seconds before telling Zhong Yin in a low voice, “…you go to the commissary…get the bag of brown sugar, hurry up.”


Zhong Yin was taken aback, understood immediately, and ran away.


Fu Jingshen and a few actors also noticed something wrong with Yan Qingbo and gathered around her.


Yan Qingbo was trembling with pain. Fu Jingshen made a decisive decision, “No filming today. Zhongqiao, you will have no shooting later, send Qingbo to the hospital.” When

Yan Qingbo was still filming TV series in the early years, Fu Jingshen and her have worked together, knowing that Yan Qingbo can endure hardships. If it weren’t really painful , she would never show it on her face.


Yan Qingbo didn’t want to trouble Chi Zhongqiao, but she was in pain, and the pain was too unbearable, so she nodded in agreement.


Chi Zhongqiao didn’t care about Qingbo’s assistant. Zhong Yin, who ran back in a hurry, took Yan Qingbo’s bag, and carefully helped Yan Qingbo into the car.


“Sister Qing, drink some hot water.”


Chi Zhongqiao made a cup of brown sugar water and handed it to Yan Qingbo.


Yan Qingbo couldn’t laugh or cry, and couldn’t say no to Chi Zhongqiao, so she accepted the cup and took a few sips.


The hot water seemed to soothe the pain, although the pain was still severe, Yan Qingbo felt that the vomiting sensation gradually faded.


Chi Zhongqiao picked up the blanket and put it on Yan Qingbo, “Sister Qing, just sleep for a while.”


Yan Qingbo responded, smelling the refreshing lemon scent in the car and fell asleep.


Chi Zhongqiao lowered his head to send a message to Fu Jingshen. There are still a few minutes to get to the hospital.


Fortunately, there are hospitals not far from colleges and universities, otherwise it would be really bad.


Fu Jingshen: I called Sister Qing’s husband. Now I will send his phone number to you. You tell him about the situation .


Chi Zhongqiao: Good.


When he arrived at the hospital, Zhong Yin went down to bring Yan Qingbo. Chi Zhongqiao was about to call Yan Qingbo’s husband, when an unfamiliar number had came in on his cell phone.


Chi Zhongqiao connected, “Hey, is it Sister Qing’s husband?”


A low male voice could be heard, “Yes, where are you now?”


Chi Zhongqiao, “Window 2, you…” Before the sound fell, a tall man had already rushed over with his mobile phone.


Yan Qingbo looked at him, eyes suddenly red.


The man squeezed Chi Zhongqiao away, surrounded Yan Qingbo and patted her on the back carefully, coaxing, “It’s okay, I’m here, and it won’t hurt right away after seeing the doctor…”


Chi Zhongqiao: “…” He felt a little bit blindness.


Zhong Yin came back after hanging up, and the man picked up Yan Qingbo and took her to the gynecology department.


Chi Zhongqiao was embarrassed to go in and waited outside. After checking the blood and doing a few more tests, the man came out with a blank expression holding Yan Qingbo in his arms.


Chi Zhongqiao looked at his face and said the words in his heart, “What’s this…” Yan Qingbo clutched her abdomen. Although her face was pale, her smile was very sweet, “It’s nothing big…” She lifted her eyes. Her voice lowered, “I’m pregnant, it’s been more than a month.”


In other words, the last time Yan Qingbo’s husband came to visit the crew, she was pregnant?


Chi Zhongqiao was taken aback, and then he reacted, “Congratulations Sister Qing! But you were still covered in cold water during the filming today, are you okay?” It was the bucket of cold water that made Yan Qingbo hurt, but Yan Qingbo was a little grateful, “It’s okay, I won’t know my situation if that didn’t happened. Otherwise, I would have directly gone to shoot the fight scenes tomorrow.”


Chi Zhongqiao remembered the intense fight tomorrow. Yan Qingbo is a very hard working person. Unless the stunts are too hard for her, she will do it on her own, she doesn’t need a stand-in. If Yan Qingbo didn’t come to the hospital today, something will definitely happen tomorrow.


Chi Zhongqiao also breathed a sigh of relief, “Sister Qing, go home and take a good rest. I’ll go back and talk to Director Fu about the situation. Uh…” His words suddenly got stucked at Yan Qingbo’s husband, he didn’t know what the other party’s name was.


Yan Qingbo slapped the man who was still giggling and said, “This is my love, Cheng Feng.”


Cheng Feng’s face changed in front of his wife, completely changing his coldness . He quickly nodded to Chi Zhongqiao, “Zhongqiao, right? Qingbo often mentions you at home, saying that if she wants to raise a son, she would like to raise-”


Yan Qingbo pinched the soft flesh on Cheng Feng’s waist and twisted it around. Cheng Feng took a breath,sighed and closed his mouth.


Yan Qingbo smiled softly, “Thank you Qiao Qiao for this time.” Chi Zhongqiao smiled and sent away the two people. When he was picking up the phone, his face sank.


Fu Jingshen: “Is she okay now? Are there any problems in the end?”


Chi Zhongqiao got into the car, “Sister Qing is fine, but I’m not good! I was so scared that I was sweating. Sister Qing was pregnant for more than a month, we’ve been shooting a scene with her for more than a month!”


Fu Jing stood up cautiously, “How is that person now?”


Chi Zhongqiao rolled up his pillow and put it in his arms, feeling his heart pounding, ” She is okay, just need to take care of her well. If you say what is wrong with this, let’s not talk about responsibility. I guess I can feel guilty for a lifetime…”


Fu Jing Shen finally knew how Chi Zhongqiao felt after suddenly hearing the news. He said while rubbing his eyebrows, “Then I would directly hit the wall and die…..”


Both were silent for a moment, and sighed, “Thank goodness.”


Ge Fangyu listened for a long time, and whispered, “It’s fine if she is okay…Did you pay attention to the paparazzi?”


Many paparazzi squatted outside the set, waiting for a shocking “scandal”. When Chi Zhongqiao sending Yan Qingbo to the hospital, they couldn’t possibly fail to notice.


Chi Zhongqiao froze and chirped, “No.” He was scared to death, who would pay attention to the paparazzi?


Fu Jingshen hung up the phone, thought for a while, and asked, “How likely do you think they were not photographed?”


Ge Fangyu was sad and angry, “Zero!”


Fu Jingshen: “??”


Ge Fangyu, “This group of paparazzi came out without even covering their photos!” After the airborne hot search list, they quickly grabbed the third place in the hot search. “The movie empress appeared in the gynecology department. Suspected of cheating?”




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  • 1
    sand sculpture : an internet slang, generally used humorously to describe weird or stupid but funny behaviors or lame jokes.
  • 2
    雪藏, hidden. Not giving them opportunities to appear on the screen, suppressed or something? Hiding him from appearing on movies.
  • 3
    pull your face down, probably means be humble
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