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IBKAWB Chapter 39


Chapter 39… Movie

Ge Fangyu turned off the live broadcast amidst the ‘hahaha’ of the barrage . He turned his head to stare at Zhong Yin and sighed, “You were also left behind?”.

Zhong Yin wanted to cry without tears, “Brother Qiao, You take me!”

Chi Zhongqiao had already gone far with Lu Yuzhou, and he didn’t even hear it.

Lu Yuzhou put a mask on him, Chi Zhongqiao smiled, the mask covered most of his face, only showing the curvy eyebrows.

When the two got into the car, Chi Zhongqiao realized that there was no driver in the car. “You came by car?”

Lu Yuzhou started the car and joked, “Don’t worry, Brother Qiao, I drove the car.”

Chi Zhongqiao laughed and said, ” I don’t worry about what you do.” Maybach turned steadily into the traffic. While looking at the road ahead, Lu Yuzhou asked, “Did Brother Qiao quarrel with Zhou Yunmo the day before yesterday?” Chi Zhongqiao was looking for a drink in the small refrigerator in the car , “Um…it’s not a quarrel, who told you?”

Lu Yuzhou had no righteousness at all, turned his face and sold his loyal assistant Qi, ” Assistant Qi saw it when he went down to get the contract. ”

Chi Zhongqiao held the sparkling water and rubbed his fingers over the misted plastic bottle. “Actually, Zhou Yunmo…he is not a bad person . He at least knows how to protect Zhuang Fu. If he doesn’t do anything, it’ll make people feel a chill . It can only be said that Zhou Yunmo doesn’t feel any pain if the knife is not cut on him.” 1 CZQ means to say that ZY can’t understand others’ troubles

Chi Zhongqiao actually understands Zhou Yunmo very well-he is partial to Lu Yuzhou, Zhou Yunmo is partial to Zhuang Fu, but he bears it. If he can live well, he won’t trouble anyone else out of selfishness. Zhou Yunmo can’t bear it .

Lu Yuzhou didn’t care about anything. He said “I heard Qi Chuyang say that Brother Qiao’s face was not good, what did he say?”

Chi Zhongqiao understood what he meant and smiled: “What is it, he made me unhappy. Now, will you tell him that he can’t go on?”

Lu Yuzhou smiled into the rearview mirror. He had very few expressions, and he looked very pleasing to the eyes when he smiled smoothly, “I am not that unreasonable either.”

Although he was smiling, he couldn’t hold back his anger in his heart-he and Chi Zhongqiao had been together for more than a year, and he never saw Chi Zhongqiao’s face sinking. Chi Zhongqiao’s heart was so big that he looked like a Buddha sitting in meditation in a temple. Even when Xu Xingzhou framed him, he didn’t see him unhappy.

Zhou Yunmo is really capable.

If he is not “so unreasonable”, he also does not intend to be “too unreasonable.”

Chi Zhongqiao shook his head, and felt that the child had a bad temper. He wandered between telling the truth and fooling Lu Yuzhou for a while. In order to avoid Lu Yuzhou’s “blackening”, he still slowly said, “Actually, I am the same as Zhou Yunmo.”

Lu Yuzhou was taken aback.

Chi Zhongqiao said , “He protects Zhuang Fu , I protect you, it doesn’t make much difference.”

Lu Yuzhou’s hand shook , and the car made a dangerous bend.

Taking advantage of the red light, Chi Zhongqiao leaned over and touched the top of Lu Yuzhou’s hair, “A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, Zhou Yunmo choked me, I choked back.”

He felt a little bit worried in his heart . He only now knows that Lu Yuzhou’s hostility is repeatedly emphasized in the original work, but now the resentment seems to be a bit heavy.

Chi Zhongqiao had some worries in his heart, and muttered: “Everything has a limit , and you will hurt yourself if you cross the limit.”

Lu Yuzhou was silent for two seconds, and he lowered his head and pressed the back of Chi Zhongqiao’s hand, his tone changed. “Well, I’ll listen to Brother Qiao .” Chi Zhong Qiao touched the back of his hand, always feeling something strange.

However, the older Yuzhou is, the more difficult it is to manage. Chi Zhongqiao sometimes feels that Lu Yuzhou is enduring something in his heart, and every time he looks at his eyes, it seems that he doesn’t dare to say something.

Chi Zhongqiao didn’t know what he was hiding. Lu Yuzhou resisted not saying it, and Chi Zhongqiao could only hold back and dare not ask. But recently, he can vaguely feel that Lu Yuzhou is acting a bit weird . Chi Zhongqiao stared at the void for a while, and slowly made up his mind.

‘I can’t wait any longer.’

Chi Zhongqiao thought.

Lu Yuzhou drove the car back to the company, “Brother Qiao go up first, Du Yusheng has something to discuss with you, I will go back with Brother Qiao after the meeting.” Chi Zhongqiao nodded.

Compared to Zhuang Fu, who remains invisible for two or three days, Du Yusheng is a diligent agent who can “squeeze” entertainers.

Chi Zhongqiao sat in front of Du Yusheng. Du Yusheng spread out a few scripts on the table, and vaguely dragged Chi Zhongqiao’s former agent out to complain, “I saw your work arrangement of last year, and it was too unreasonable- You only had one endorsement in the first half of this year to brush up your sense of presence, and then completely disappeared from the public’s eye. How was this arranged?”

Chi Zhongqiao was innocent, “It was not arranged by me.” As an artist, what does he have to do ? Others will contact the agent for work and will not find him. Of course, Zhuang Fu did all the work arrangements.

Zhuang Fu really didn’t mean it. He didn’t want to accept some messy endorsements to lower Chi Zhongqiao’s worth, and he didn’t have enough contacts to find better work, so Chi Zhongqiao’s work arrangement became so unreasonable.

Du Yusheng sounded sad, “After the broadcast of “invisible crimes “, your popularity will pass, so good momentum should have been built from last year!”

Du Yusheng spoke for a long time before he found some good news, “Fortunately, you did not enter some messy talk shows. Based on the TV drama, “Invisible Crimes”, you are no longer suitable for the traffic star route. You have to support this style.”

Chi Zhongqiao nodded: “Yeah.” His attention is on the script in front of him. Though Du Yusheng spoke for a long time, he actually only heard a few words.

Du Yusheng, “The three scripts on the left are my favorite, and the ones on the right are what I screened down. You can read them all.”

Chi Zhongqiao first picked up the three books Du Yusheng was fancying. Among them was a youth-themed movie. It is also the only movie in the three scripts .

Du Yusheng saw him open the movie and said, “This is a movie invested by Mr. Lu. It was used to promote the company’s artists. The script is good. Mr. Lu means that if you like it, you will choose the role first.”

It is indeed very good. Last year, there was a huge trend of youth-themed movies and TV series. This year, the momentum remains unabated. Although some audiences have begun to be aesthetically tired, the overall heat is still there.

But this script …

Chi Zhongqiao turned over a few pages casually, “There is no love line?”

Du Yu shook his head: “No.” After Chi Zhongqiao turned over the script, he gave four words, “The path is unusual .”

Du Yu laughed,  ” It’s not fake to take an unusual path, but the script is really good. Several roles are great, but if you act , you still have to choose the male lead.”

Most of the roles will be played by Zhaohui’s artists. There is no actor who can overwhelm Chi Zhongqiao’s popularity.

Chi Zhongqiao is already reading another script, “Okay.”

Du Yusheng said, “The script in your hand is “April in the World”. The character for the third male lead. You should have heard of the director, Nie Rong.”

This director Nie and Fu Jingshen are in the same level of celebrity directors, but compared to the Fu Jingshen’s style of exposing the “darkness in the world”, Nie Rong expresses the “warmth in the world”, mainly in the warm and healing style.

Her new play also continues this style.

Chi Zhong Qiao bowed his head to calculate the schedule. He has half a month to complete “Invisible Crimes”. After a few days off, he can start filming . The character in “April in the World” is the third male lead . Actually, there are very few scenes. If he was willing to step up, he can take care of “April in the world ” during the filming of the movie .

Chi Zhongqiao glanced at the remaining script again. Compared with the two in his hands, the remaining one was a bit short. Chi Zhongqiao neatly stacked the scripts of the movies and TV series and placed them in front of Du Yusheng.

Du Yusheng raised his eyebrows.

Chi Zhongqiao, “I want both.”

“Invisible Crimes” can only be completed in early May. With the editing and review and a series of copyright transactions, it will be good if it can be released in September. Moreover, the subject matter of “Invisible Crimes” is sensitive, and the review will be more complicated .

The filming time of the movie “School Grass, School Flowers” was about one month, and it will be released during the summer vacation. “April in the world” directed by Nie Rong will probably be broadcast at the end of the year.

In this way, the one-year schedule is full.

Du Yusheng, “If you think about it, you have to count the time for filming both and even sleep.” It’s not only a matter of filming a drama, and there will be publicity to keep up, and there are many “events” in the circle. Chi Zhongqiao will be busy.

Chi Zhongqiao nodded: “I know.” He used to have money constraints. At that time, the salary was very low and the company was deducting a lot. He was not popular, but in order to maintain a normal life, he would take several roles at the same time.

Being busy is the normal state of an artist.

Du Yusheng hesitated and said, “I think you don’t need to worry about it. You only debuted for a year. The year before was a bit wasteful. You may not be comfortable with it when you suddenly get busy.”

Entertainment industry is a high-paying industry, and they gain fame and fortune. At the same time, they can still receive the love of fans. In such an industry, hard work is actually what is most required .

But hard work doesn’t mean to desperately keep working , this line of work is so stressful, and it will be terrible to get sick again.

How can a person die young?

Chi Zhongqiao put his hand on the script and laughed at Du Yusheng , “I have a sense of measure, Brother Du will help me with the next step.” He is not a strong person by nature, and he usually has a friendly attitude when he has something to insist on –Doesn’t listen to kind advices .

It is also a good thing that the little prince is willing to endure hardship.

Du Yusheng has brought so many artists. When the popular artists get busy and don’t even have time to eat, that is the normal state.

The next day, Chi Zhongqiao went to the crew to prepare for the filming. As soon as he sat down, he felt that the makeup artist’s eyes were wrong.

He sat silently for a while under the gaze of the makeup artist, and couldn’t help but ask, “Is there something wrong on my face?” The makeup artist let out a suffocated smile, “No, no, Brother Qiao is also very handsome today.”

Chi Zhongqiao looked inexplicable, he went to the set after putting on his makeup, and Fu Jingshen, who had come early in the morning, hooked his shoulders .

Chi Zhongqiao, “What’s the matter?”

Fu Jingshen seemed to be holding back a certain emotion, ” Zhongqiao , hahahahaha, no, I can’t hold it…” Chi Zhongqiao glanced at Fu Jingshen as if he was looking at a neurotic .

Fu Jingshen smiled and leaned on the camera to gasp, “Little folding stool , do you want to check the hot search?”

Did he call him little folding stool ?

Chi Zhongqiao, “Director Fu , your ability of giving nicknames is at this level?”

He pulled out his mobile phone, and successfully found himself in the front row of the hot search. He clicked on the video, which was a clip of a live broadcast, cut from yesterday’s live broadcast.

When Chi Zhongqiao saw it, he was still thinking, “There is nothing wrong with it except that Brother Fang is stupid.” It wasn’t until he saw the second half that he held his phone and gritted his teeth, ” Where is Fang Fang?!”

In the video, after Chi Zhongqiao and Lu Yuzhou left, the straight man Ge Fangyu scratched his head and asked the audience in the live broadcast room: “Teacher Yan is so happy to go on a date. Why is Zhong Qiao so happy to coax his brother ?”


“Blind student, you have discovered the main point .”


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    CZQ means to say that ZY can’t understand others’ troubles
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