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IBKAWB Chapter 38

I miss Brother Qiao


Chapter 38… I miss Brother Qiao .

Fu Jingshen was probably finally driven crazy by Li You. In order to avoid other actors who have a lot of rival scenes with Li You from being driven crazy, he forcibly cut off Li You’s role, and then took the crew out on location. The crew would shoot there  for the next few days.

And Li You’s reduced plot was added to Zhou Yunmo and Chi Zhongqiao.

Fu Jingshen said, “Now the script has been revised, so Xiao Zhou, you are missing the scene with Li You. This scene was changed to your monologue, and then the latter paragraph was also changed. It was of you and Zhong Qiao’s…”

Fu Jingshen pulled aside Chi Zhongqiao and Zhou Yunmo to talk about the play alone.

“I have nothing to say to Zhong Qiao, you can do whatever you want, but relax your performance a little bit, don’t take it too hard.”

Chi Zhong Qiao nodded.

Fu Jingshen spoke for a while, and the crew was ready for shooting, so he waved his hands to let them sit.

Zhou Yunmo’s acting skills are actually good, and the monologue is very moving.

However, when Chi Zhongqiao appeared, Zhou Yunmo’s whole state was not right, his face said, ‘I am not courageous.’

Shang Tang lights up a small lamp, and the dim light emits a small amount of light.

This is a theater that can accommodate a thousand people. There are only two of them siting there , Xu Chao and Shang Tang.

Xu Chao raised a pair of tearful eyes: “The thing they said just now… its fake, right? Did they lie to me? Mr. Shang, why would you do that kind of thing?”

He is a student sponsored by Shang Tang. He has been advancing with the goal of entering Shang Tang’s company, but this goal became worthless today when he discovered that the person he admired most was an evil spirit with a handsome skin.

Shang Tang turned his face, and his horrendous crime was revealed and exposed to outsiders, but he was actually smiling: “Why should you ask me if you are sure?”

Xu Chao jumped up and rushed towards Shang Tang.

It’s a pity that he is a white-collar worker sitting in an office, and Shang Tang stopped him in two moves.

“I can’t tolerate…”

Xu Chao tensed, almost crying, “How can a person like you do such a thing…”

Shang Tang grabbed Xu Chao’s almost free hands and buckled it in the chair. On the back, a dull sound was made.

Xu Chao is like a specimen nailed to a board at this moment.

Shang Tang leaned down, he was like a beast that had been dormant for many years and suddenly awakened. He took off his gentle disguise, and stretched out his fierce claws.

Zhou Yunmo shuddered in a trance.

Outside the act , Fu Jingshen frowned.

In the act, Shang Tang pinched Xu Chao’s chin.

Zhou Yunmo was agitated and pushed Chi Zhongqiao away.

Chi Zhongqiao didn’t expect him to do this action and was pushed into a chair beside him.

After the bang, the whole crew was quiet.

Zhong Yin was so frightened that he bounced and rushed towards Chi Zhongqiao, but was pulled back by Ge Fangyu.

Ge Fangyu said anxiously: “Director Fu hasn’t called a stop yet!” Zhong Yin was even more anxious than him: ” Brother Qiao is hit!”

Yan Qingbo shook her head, “It should be fine, if he is injured, Qiao Qiao will stop by himself. ”

She glanced at Zhong Yin: “Little young man, stay focused, Qiao Qiao has no problem, and Director Fu did not stop. If you rush forward, won’t people say that Qiao Qiao is being extravagant?”

Ge Fangyu nodded again and again: “The media is too capable to edit it up!”

Yan Qingbo said lightly, “He is not really stupid, your brother Qiao has a sense of measure.”

Chi Zhong Qiao frowned. He was hit so hard. Though it looked like it didn’t hurt, it did hurt.

He glanced at Zhou Yunmo and sighed: This buddy doesn’t follow the script. Xu Chao’s heart is ashamed, no matter how he behaves, he will not make such a fierce resistance.

This scene is spoiled = Director Fu is about to curse.

Chi Zhongqiao is sad : I’m going to be scolded again.

Fu Jingshen called to a stop.

Chi Zhongqiao rubbed his waist and looked at Fu Jingshen.

Fu Jingshen didn’t get angry. Instead, he showed sympathy: “A man’s waist is still very important. I’ll let someone give you medicine in five minutes.” The collision was so fierce, it probably turned blue.

Chi Zhongqiao lifted his clothes and took a look. The side of his waist was already red, and it would be bruised and swollen later: “Director Fu, this is a work injury. You have to pack and give a red envelope.”

Fu Jingshen waved his hand, ” Yes. Just get something from our team when you leave .”

Chi Zhongqiao: “I want my little folding stool .”

Fu Jingshen: “…Take it! Rub the medicine.”

Zhou Yunmo froze in place. He wanted to apologize, but because of the dispute that happened not long ago, he couldn’t lower his face, and watched Chi Zhongqiao walk to the rest area.

It happened that Ge Fangyu found a bottle of medicinal liquor, and was about to send it to Chi Zhongqiao.

Zhou Yunmo didn’t care about his identity and grabbed the medicinal liquor, “I…I’ll deliver it.”

He was angry and wanted to fight with Chi Zhongqiao, but that time he was mad. After all, he didn’t really want to fight with him . Well, it’s fine now. Although he didn’t fight, he actually caused a work injury to Chi Zhongqiao because of his mistake.

Ge Fangyu looked at Zhou Yunmo’s pale face, and the feelings of an old father’s loving heart aroused, “It’s okay, go and apologize to Qiao . Just be more sincere. He has a good temper. Don’t cry. We all understand that you are not the first person to be led away by him. With so many people in our group, those who can steadily pick up his act , except for our teacher Yan, there are only the old play bones.”

Zhou Yunmo: “I didn’t cry…”

Ge Fangyu patted Zhou Yunmo: “You don’t need to cry. Everyone knows that Zhong Qiao’s acting skills are overwhelming. Who hasn’t got any NG!”

Zhou Yunmo’s expression was uglier than crying—when his aura was completely suppressed by Chi Zhongqiao and he got carried away, he knew that he was completely inferior to Chi Zhongqiao.

It turned out to be so much worse.

The university where “Invisible Crimes” was filmed was the university where Lu Yuzhou attended.

While applying medicine to Chi Zhong Qiao, Zhong Yin said, “Brother Qiao, would you like to drop by to see Mr. Lu?”

Chi Zhong Qiao didn’t lift his head. “He has no class on Wednesday afternoon and he is in the company.” Zhong Yin said, ” …” Do you even know Mr. Lu’s class schedule?

“Oh, I can finish the filming at about 3:30 in the afternoon, so you can go back by yourself,” Chi Zhongqiao put down the script. “I”ve discussed with Teacher Yan and Brother Fang and they will do a live in the afternoon after filming.”

Zhong Yin quickly shook his head: “No, no, I’m going to follow Brother Qiao’s live video  , just to give Brother Qiao some support and help you with work . Look at  Brother Fang and Teacher Yan, they have several assistants. If Brother Qiao doesn’t bring any of them, it’ll look bad. ”

Chi Zhongqiao was very serious , “Seriously, I don’t have any work for you.” After rubbing the medicine, Chi Zhongqiao dressed up and acted the second half of the scene with Zhou Yunmo.

Zhou Yunmo has been unable to enter the state, Fu Jingshen held in his anger and moved this one to tomorrow.

“Fang Yu, prepare for the scene. Zhong Qiao is done for this afternoon.” Fu Jingshen waved his hand.

Yan Qingbo, who has also finished filming, changed her clothes and went live with Chi Zhongqiao with her mobile phone.

There was no prior announcement for their live broadcast, but because they were using Yan Qingbo’s account, countless viewers flooded in within a few minutes of opening the live broadcast room.


“Crying! My sister Qing, you have disappeared for a long time!”

“Ahhhhh, my sister, I finally saw you!”

“Has Sister Yan been well on the crew lately? My sister Qing hasn’t filmed a TV series in a long time. I wish you all the best!”

“Uh… next to Sister Qing… Chi Zhong Qiao?”

Yan Qingbo, ” Good afternoon! I’ve been filming recently, so I was busy. The crew? The crew atmosphere is good. Come, let me introduce you to our most handsome boy in the crew.”

Chi Zhongqiao greeted the barrage.

After the barrage discovered Chi Zhongqiao’s existence, there was a weird pause for two seconds. Some fans in the live broadcast room were quite confused — er, is Chi Zhongqiao trying to take advantage of Sister Yan’s popularity ? He and Yan Qingbo appeared together?

Sister Qing, if you are kidnapped, you blink!

Yan Qingbo said, “Today we are out on location, and then it is more beautiful, so we plan to start a live to chat with everyone. Well, your brother is still filming pitifully.”

Chi Zhongqiao, “That’s it. Brother Fang can rest after the filming.”

Just like Yan Qingbo said, the two really chatted with the fans in the live broadcast room, and occasionally remembered the funny things that happened during the filming or brought out their own embarrassment for others to enjoy.

Chi Zhongqiao’s attitude is just that of doing a small talk. He doesn’t seem to realize that he is sitting next to one of the hottest actresses in the circle, and he doesn’t seem to know that the popularity gap between the two is so big that it can crush him completely . He spoke naturally without showing any awkwardness .

Originally, some of the barrage questioned  Chi Zhongqiao’s intentions of holding this golden thigh.

“Speaking of folding stools ,” Yan Qingbo smiled, “Our Qiaoqiao especially likes a small red folding stool in the crew. He sits there every time he finishes filming.”


“What the hell is folding stool ?”

“What’s the matter with this kind of weird cuteness?”

Chi Zhongqiao, “That was given to me by the field PA.”

He usually sits on it after filming, with his long legs straightened, and the script on his lap. .

This posture is more comfortable for people. It just takes up more space, and Fu Jingshen had disliked it more than once.

Chi Zhongqiao ,  “That stool is good-looking and very strong. It’s very comfortable to sit on. This is what I sit on now.” Yan Qingbo couldn’t help laughing anymore, “Actually it’s not strong-it’s broken!”

Chi Zhong Qiao: “Broken ? Isn’t it good? I still use it.” He started using that stool since he had joined the group!

Yan Qingbo laughed so hard that she could not breathe: “You had no show in the morning and no one was there. Xiao Ge insisted on sitting on your stool . During the lunch break, he was too tired. He sat down suddenly and it collapsed.” Yan Qingbo panted and said, “Director Fu looked back and said that when you come back this afternoon and don’t find your stool, you will be uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable, you can’t act well. He let someone find an identical one in the supermarket and brought it back.”

Chi Zhongqiao felt unbelievable: “Why did Brother Fang even believe this?”

He always thought that Ge Fangyu was upright, but only now did he realize that he (GFY)  might be stupid.

Yan QingBo,  “I could not persuade but tried to persuade!”

Chi Zhongqiao said while rubbing the little folding stool “I’ll be good to it.”


“My mother! Ge Fangyu is so funny?”

” Nothing, Folding stool and the male god hahahahahaha.”

“Your group is poisonous, really.”

Just as the barrage was laughing like crazy, Ge Fangyu finally finished the last scene of the afternoon, and rushed over with a small folding stool .

“What are you talking about so happily ?”

Chi Zhongqiao, “Oh, I said my little folding stool is good-looking.”

Ge Fangyu was secretly proud- could it not look good? It took him a lot of effort to find one that is exactly the same!

He moved his folding stool to sit next to Chi Zhongqiao , “Oh so many people, why is the barrage laughing?” Chi Zhongqiao and Yan Qingbo said in unison, “Laughing because you are cute!”

Ge Fangyu smirked , “Hey.” After the three of them continued the live , Xiao Xu, Yan Qingbo’s assistant, walked over and handed Yan Qingbo a mobile phone.

“Sister Qing, Brother Zheng is here to pick you up.”

Yan Qingbo picked up the phone. The others didn’t know what she heard, and her cheeks were red, “I’m almost done, you wait for a while.”

Chi Zhongqiao heard nothing, and was surprised to find that Yan Qingbo’s  eyebrows were relaxed and her lips raised into a smile. It is different from her usual smile, a little inexplicably shy.

Yan Qingbo turned and walked to the side.

Chi Zhongqiao and Ge Fangyu were left together.

Ge Fangyu, “What’s the matter with Teacher Yan? Her face is so red? It’s not hot today.”

Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, and said, “I now know why Brother Fang can be single until now.”

Ge Fangyu: “Huh?” What does this have to do with me being single?

Chi Zhong Qiao  continued, “Brother Fang, you try to use your thinking skills. You can see  sister Yan  clearly. She laughed when she just took the phone and didn’t speak. Why do you think it is?”

Ge Fangyu suddenly realized, ” She won the lottery ! ”

Chi Zhongqiao, ” …… the lottery can be received, but sister Yan laughed without speaking. She certainly blushed …… ”

Ge Fang Yu assured, ” Its because of the sun ”

Chi Zhong Qiao gave up, and said indifferently, “Fang brother, its good that you are single . ”

Ge Fangyu: “You are also single , and you talk about me!”


“Qiao Qiao understands well.”

“It’s very sad .  My uncle Ge is really stupid.”

“Straight steel boy Ge Fangyu and super intelligent Chi Zhongqiao , your group is toxic .”

“Qiao also tried to wake up straight boy Ge hahahaha.”

After the phone call, Yan Qingbo blushed and said, “I can’t continue the live with you, I have something to do today.”

Ge Fangyu is very concerned: “Are you uncomfortable…”

Chi Zhongqiao covered Ge Fangyu ‘s mouth: “Sister Qing, you can go, you’re tired from filming all day, so relax.” Yan Qingbo tucked her hair behind her ears and poked Chi Zhongqiao’s forehead, “I see, you too.”

Chi Zhongqiao blinked at her.

Before Yan Qingbo left, she said , “I sometimes wonder, if I raise a son like Qiao Qiao, then I can accept it.”

Chi Zhong Qiao laughed.

Ge Fangyu was covered by his mouth and wasn’t let go until Yan Qingbo left.

“What are you doing?”

Ge Fangyu, “What if Sister Qing is uncomfortable?”

Chi Zhongqiao: “We don’t need to worry about whether Sister Qing is hurt.”

Ge Fangyu: “What is it?”

Chi Zhong Qiao : “Meaning, Sister Qing’s lover came to pick her up.”

Ge Fangyu was confused: “How do you know?” Chi Zhongqiao choked silently, “…probably I have eyes.”

Ge Fang Yu scratched his head: “I also have eyes, why can’t I see it?” The dense barrage is already filled with hahaha, submerged in a sea of ​​joy.

Ge Fangyu, who brought joy to the audience, was still puzzled: “How can you say it so easily ?” The two took a cell phone and circled the crew. Chi Zhongqiao received a call from Lu Yuzhou.

“Well, I’ve finished the filming and doing a live. You have already arrived?”

Chi Zhong Qiao turned his head in amazement. Not far away, Lu Yuzhou was standing under the sycamore tree. Seeing him looking over, he stretched his eyebrows.

Its unknown how long he has waited.

Chi Zhongqiao lowered his voice, “Why did you come so early?”

Lu Yuzhou’s voice was wrapped in the rustle of dry sycamore leaves: “I miss Brother Qiao.” Chi Zhongqiao stood there for two seconds, and suddenly gave Ge Fangyu the mobile phone which they were using to do the  the live, “Brother Fang, I have something to do. You continue the live , and give the phone to Sister Qing tomorrow!”

Ge Fangyu: “No, what should I do if you both leave?”

Ge Fangyu took a breath and shouted, “Teacher Yan went to coax her family, what are you going to do?”

Chi Zhongqiao’s voice floated over, “I’ll coax my brother.”

Ge Fangyu, “?? What is it?”


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