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IBKAWB Chapter 15



Chapter 15… Counterattack


The net, which is slower than turtle crawling, finally sent the NG clip to Chi Zhongqiao’s phone, and Chi Zhongqiao packaged it and sent it to Zhuang Fu.


Reciprocating cycle: these are?


Flying on the branch: NG clip.


Zhuang Fu clicked and read it again, and immediately understood what Chi Zhongqiao meant. He replied to Chi Zhongqiao.


Reciprocating cycle: Okay, I see, I will let people go online for this part.


Flying to the branches: given by the director. This was taken by a camera. Although there is no later stage, it is too stable. It is not normal to pretend to be a passerby . Just find someone inside the crew.


Reciprocating cycle: Okay, I get it.


Flying on the branch: The rest will trouble Brother Zhuang.


Reciprocating cycle: Yes, this matter has fermented to the present point because I did not do my job well.


Zhuang Fu is really guilty that something happened to the artist under his hand. As an agent, he has not found a suitable solution until now. Instead, he has let the artist fend for himself . No matter how he looks at it, he is too incompetent.


Chi Zhongqiao smiled and typed quickly.


Flying on a branch: The incident happened suddenly, no one expected, I was confused for a long time when I looked at the hot search this morning.


Zhuang Fu knew in his heart that Chi Zhongqiao was comforting him. It is less than nine o’clock. From Chi Zhongqiao’s hot search to the present, it only takes an hour and a half at most. He can find a suitable solution in such a short time, which shows that Chi Zhong Qiao’s thinking is clear and has not been affected by hot searches. Chi Zhong Qiao’s so-called “stunned for a long time” is probably just a daze under surprise.


As an entertainer, Chi Zhongqiao is more professional than his own agent in the face of emergencies.


Zhuang Fu couldn’t hold back.


Chi Zhongqiao said a few more sentences before putting down the phone. Now he finally has time to open the movie he hasn’t watched.


Seeing Lu Yuzhou kept looking at him, Chi Zhongqiao smiled and shared a headset to Lu Yuzhou: “Would you like to see it?”


Lu Yuzhou nodded. In fact, he had already watched it once , but he was happy to watch it again with Chi Zhongqiao.


Chi Zhongqiao clicked and opened the film, “I heard the old man say that this is the first drama invested in our company’s name, which is quite meaningful.”


Lu Yuzhou leaned over, “Um.”



a forum owner: [ I don’t understand, why do newcomers now like to take crooked paths and take shortcuts? Isn’t it okay to act well and climb up? Is it really for the sake of money that you should abandon the basic principles of life? Why does this kind of person want to act as the general ? He is really unworthy, so irritable, he originally planned to follow the drama. ]


[+1. I don’t know the newcomers well now. xxz is considered to be a good acting in the new generation, and the people are also very good. After finally earning a male lead, he has to be pressured by the second male lead, so pitiful. 】


【Yes, “Muyi Tianxia” seems to be xxz’s first starring role. It’s very pitiful to run into this kind of thing. I still want to watch the drama. xxz is already so unlucky. If the TV series hasn’t been watched, I guess he’ll be more miserable . ]


[No,it hasn’t been confirmed and you already start scolding ah? So confident , be careful of getting slapped afterwards . 】


【Hehe, why did czq play the male second in the first play without a background? I heard that he entered the group without even having an audition. Isn’t this a backstage? 】


【Landlord. I have always liked xxz, he is not a pushover , he is a man, this newcomer… Taking the backstage ? 】


Original: 【Hahaha, I didn’t even react to the  abbreviation upstairs . I think newcomers should be down-to-earth and take their time to develop slowly. Although czq looks very good, even if I am a face fan, I will not fan a star with a bad character for a face, right? 】


【Landlord, you underestimate licking dogs. They only have faces in their minds. They don’t care if their character is good or not. Just licking their faces is enough. 】




[ Original, I suggest you go to the hot search No. 6 to find out , xxz bullying the newcomer  on the face, NG repeatedly under the high temperature of 39 degrees . This is also called acting good? There are some people in the building who don’t hear about it every day, do you have any evidence? 】


Original: 【? ? what’s the situation? Is there really a reversal? F*ck, this is all reversed, I will go and see. 】




【F*ck, f*ck, f*ck ! Forgive me for studying less, I will only  say f*ck ! 】


[ Qiaoqiao forgive me! I’m wrong! ]


[This drama! Me, it’s settled! Nowadays! I’m Qiao’s stupid fan! So handsome! 】


【I blow this acting! I can feel murderous across the screen, no wonder xxz always NG. 】


【F*ck? what’s the situation? Really reversed? What hot search? I unloaded Weibo, is there any kind person to let me know! 】


【/Video link/, no thanks for taking it away. 】


Netizens who watch the excitement in front of the computer curiously entered the link, the screen goes black, and the page jumps.


The blogger who posted the article stated at the very beginning that he was also an internal member of the crew. He really couldn’t stand the slander of Chi Zhongqiao on the Internet and decided to show these scrapped NG clips for everyone to see.


Blogger: I’ll say it again, don’t pursue my identity, a real passerby, I can’t stand it anymore. Also, at thirty-nine degrees that day, the second male actor’s props and costumes were tens of kilograms!


Netizens enter the video, because it is a scrapped clip, so there is no later stage. Compared with the edited and processed picture, it looks very simple.


In this state, every subtle expression of the actor is fully presented under the camera.


At the beginning of the video, the general in armor and blood broke into the main courtyard despite the obstruction of the guards of the other courtyard. The honorary king who was discussing political affairs with his staff was taken aback for a moment and stood up in surprise.


“What does the general mean?”


Mu Yan clenched his fist with his left hand and pressed his right hand firmly on the hilt of the sword on his waist. He gritted his teeth: “About putting the academician in jail…”


Before Emperor Yu  answered, the sluggish staff had already reacted and said coldly: “General Mu , Who gave you the courage to enter the palace at night?!”


“This is the other house, not the palace!”


Mu Yan said sharply: “Duan Ran!” The staff trembled with fright: “Big, big… bold! How dare you call the prince’s name? ! ”


Emperor Yu  stormed:” you first withdraw “!


The staff member trembled, “I’m going to call the general!” Not listening to the emperor’s interruptions, he ran away.




Mu Yan finally couldn’t hold back his anger, and drew out the long sword from his waist. The sword end was less than three fingers away from the king’s throat. His eyes were astonishingly bright, “About the academician who went to prison last night, this morning…”


He took a step forward, and Emperor Yu’s  figure shook.


“Cut—Xu Xingzhou, are you a tumbler? Why are you shaking !”


Just as the netizens were brought into the play and they were holding their breath, the whole plot was suddenly interrupted by a grumpy voice, and the netizens were feeling dissatisfied, and the voice continued shouting : “Don’t move when Muyan draws the sword! The fake sword can’t kill people!” The netizen went into the drama and guessed that the voice should be the director.


But even after the drama, when they thought of the scene where the little general was pointing his sword at the king, they couldn’t help but get goosebumps-when he drew the sword, he heard the sound of “qiang”, and the little general’s aura was too strong, letting them forget that this is acting!


Someone tremblingly left a comment: Don’t blame Xu Xingzhou, if I was on the scene, I would also be afraid .


Someone immediately replied to him: Stop joking , NG does not matter once or twice, how many times did xxz come back later? At thirty-nine degrees that day, after the performance, czq was just like fished out of the water. People said that there are dozens of kilograms of props and costumes! czq’s professional ability is too bad, and it hurts other good actors like xxz.


The person didn’t finish watching at all. After reading the comments, he clicked on the video again curiously, and was surprised to find that the video was actually 20 minutes long and was repeating this clip.


At the beginning, many netizens were taken into the play, and they didn’t feel that there was anything wrong. After one or two times, they gradually discovered that Xu Xingzhou was taken by Chi Zhongqiao in the opponent’s play. Chi Zhongqiao played the young general’s murderous awe-inspiring and forceful aura very well, but Xu Xingzhou did not show the indifferent calmness that suits the play’s own settings!


As long as the little general draws his sword, he will either have a cracked expression or a wrong action, or else he will forget his words!




Sankaka: This acting…the difference is a bit far away, it’s being crushed by others.


I don’t know if I can’t get it, I don’t change my name! : Haha, it was obvious that his acting skills were inadequate, which caused others to accompany NG. When the TV series was promoted, they even beaten up.


The wolf is coming: I also saw that Chi Zhongqiao robbed the scene. It was funny. He should have been acting like this. Brother Xu Xingzhou couldn’t handle the scene. On the other hand, I blamed others for being too dedicated. You are really weak and you are justified.


Infinite horror: Instantly enter the play, instantly come out, really 666 [T/N: 666: Chinese slang meaning awesome, superb, proficient or highly skilled.] , this acting is too awesome.


At the end of the video, even the director couldn’t stand it anymore, and he waved his hand to let the actors rest. The actor of the general took his small stool and ran to the blower, his eyes squinted by the blower. His cheeks were flushed with heat, and the foundation couldn’t be covered. The makeup artist pulled him from the side: “Qiaoqiao, Qiaoqiao, stop blowing, I’ll give you some makeup, be good.”


Chi Zhongqiao tugged at his headgear. After a while, his eyes were empty, and after a while he nodded silently.


“Ahhh! Is this hot?!”


Female netizens couldn’t help covering their chests, typing one after another: They were so fierce just now, so cute in the play. What a fairy who is so cute!


Someone commented below: The original fan said that I can be careful! I heard that the academician saved Shenzhi! So now Shenzhi [T/N: Shenzi : Mu Yan or the general] is hateful and sad. The angry, restrained and tearful eyes are great, and my heart and liver hurt when I poke!


A forum


[I haven’t watched the video yet, but I just want to say that the appearance of czq is not my dish. I like the kind of aggressive men. This is a bit milky. ]


[Dear, I suggest you say this after watching the video. 】


【Slap face warning. ]


[The host is here? Does this acting slap face? 】


【 This dirty water splashed by xxz is 666, and the perpetrator became the victim. How could he be so? No matter what the host is, I’m going to apologize to czq. I was wrong to scold someone just now. 】


Original: 【I’m the original poster, I’m here, I’ve finished watching, that… Does QiaoQiao have a fan base? (Shy)]


[Upstairs, are you finished? Attack? Take a look at the national five-A scenic area. 】




【I just said that I don’t like that kind of looks, so what… I also ask the fans. 】


【Ah, it smells so good. 】


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