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IBKAWB Chapter 14

Thank you brother Qiao

Chapter 14… Thank you, Brother Qiao


It’s no surprise that this topic will explode. ” Bringing funds into the group” and ” Gold master ” are relatively eye-catching topics, and the editor of the article is also very good. He did not clearly stand in line to mock Chi ZhongQiao but said sincerely that he really admired the actor surnamed Xu, and felt that such a capable actor like him should not be buried, and hoped that he could overcome this difficulty and achieve higher achievements.


The more he retreats, the more people feel pity and compassion. While defaming Chi Zhongqiao, he also sold Xu Xingzhou a wave of good characters that worked hard to make progress but was not lucky.


The methods can be described as very clever.


As Chi Zhongqiao thought, the bottom of the article was mostly filled with Xu Xingzhou’s grievances, so naturally the gun was aimed at Chi Zhongqiao, and the greetings to Chi Zhongqiao personally were considered qualified, and even Chi Zhongqiao’s family was criticized .


Chi Zhongqiao glanced at those cursing people who criticised the whole family. He wanted to remember, but there were too many, so he simply remembered a few of the highest praises. It doesn’t matter just scolding him, it would be disgusting to attack his parents.


However, the first point of praise under the official blog has passed three thousand, and the floors below have expressed that this kind of drama must be a bad movie, and they disdain to chase it.


Chi Zhongqiao slid down, and found two distinctive comments in the scolding and ridicule—


I heard your voice in the wind. V: I’m speechless, I can’t see the faces in several pictures, and there is a group of passionate people scolding . Aren’t those people who started cursing blindly afraid of things to turn around and slap your face? I don’t stand in any side, just want to ask a question- if they really want to hold the second male lead to suppress the first male lead, then why is the clip so long, why is second male lead’s shot only two or three seconds?


Ah Yuan: There are two pictures throughout the article, and the content is all edited. I don’t stand in any side , let’s wait for the real facts. But I want to say something from the bottom of my heart—that first shot made me feel that my General came to life. If he had this acting in the feature film, I would blow it up!




Chi Zhongqiao smiled, he brushed the comments for a while, guessing that Guo Ancheng should wake up, so he called Guo Ancheng.


Director Guo  went to and fro most of the night last night. He only woke up now. When he received a call from Chi Zhongqiao, his voice was still sleepy.


“What’s the matter?”


Guo Ancheng asked with a yawn.


Chi Zhongqiao said, “Director Guo, did you still have some NG episodes from the scene that was filming the night talk at the time?”


Guo Ancheng rubbed his stomach: “I’m looking for…Oh, it’s still there, do you want it?”


Chi Zhongqiao smiled and said, “Don’t you mind if I announce it? Anyway, the Internet is already noisy, it’s better to give it some heat.”


Guo Ancheng was confused: “Why, what’s the noisy?”


Chi Zhongqiao picked up the key point and described what happened, after Guo Ancheng listened, he slapped the table, his chins began to tremble with anger, “What kind of person is this!”


Chi Zhongqiao said while taking the clothes from the closet, “It hurts so much, you calm down. It’s not a big deal. It just happened to give “Muyi Tianxia” a wave of enthusiasm, and there is a small amount of publicity left… Now the hot searches are really expensive.”


Guo Ancheng scratched his chin, thinking of Chi Zhongqiao’s soft face. After listening to Chi Zhongqiao’s gentle voice at this moment, he believed that Chi Zhongqiao was pretending to be strong. He sighed and comforted Chi Zhongqiao: “Zhong Qiao, don’t be afraid, grandpa knows you are sad, don’t have to bear it in front of grandpa, don’t worry. , This matter is on Grandpa!”


Chi Zhongqiao buttoned his hat and slowly said, “I’m not uncomfortable, Grandpa Guo, don’t end this matter , just pass the NG to me.”


Guo Ancheng feels even more distressed: “You don’t have to bear it, grandpa knows it!”


I don’t know what you know.


Chi Zhongqiao was a little entangled: “I’m really not sad.” For Chi Zhongqiao, this battle was too small, and the comments seemed to be quite lively. In fact, many of them were navy trumpets, with false enthusiasm.


And the topic has barely climbed to the tenth hottest search until now. Most of the people eating melons did not stand in line, just watching the excitement.


Guo Ancheng said, “No! You must be sad!”


Chi Zhongqiao gave in: “Well, I’m sad.”


Guo Ancheng said, “I will send you those videos.”


Chi Zhongqiao responded. He walked to the garage downstairs and said, “Grandpa Guo, you really can’t end this matter. Do you think Xu Xingzhou hasn’t said anything up to now? If you end, this matter It’s going to get more and more upset.”


Fans tear their fans, and the master can stop appeasing their fans, but it’s not appropriate to end up in a fan-black battle at any time, because whether you are rational or unreasonable, it is a “fan” in the eyes of outsiders. “Deception” and “Lost-mannered.”


Chi Zhongqiao calmed Guo Ancheng, and the phone showed Guo Ancheng sent him a video.


When he hung up, Lu Yuzhou turned his face and said, “Brother Qiao has a plan in his heart?”


Chi Zhongqiao nodded and replied: “There is nothing true in the hot search except for bringing money into the team, but it’s just that. It’s already very unpleasant. If Grandpa Guo ends, he will be sitting down in the eyes of the caring people, and it will be really unclear at that time. So now the main topic is to pull the topic away from the investment ,didn’t Xu Xingzhou say that I’m not good at acting? Then make a fuss about acting.” After he finished speaking, he lowered his head to tell Zhuang Fu that he had a plan . His long bangs fell on his forehead between his eyebrows and the tips of his hair harassed his eyelashes. Chi ZhongQiao blinked, he felt uncomfortable, so he took out a disposable rubber band from his pocket, smoothed the long hair to the top of his head and tied a small braid like a radish tassel.


He is really relaxed.


Lu Yuzhou stared at Chi Zhongqiao’s face and came to this conclusion.


The internet was so noisy, and under the hot search, Chi Zhong Qiao sat calmly in the car, and had time to tie his hair.


After Chi Zhongqiao raised his head after sending the message, the little hair on his head twitched twice, “What’s wrong? Keep looking at me?”


Lu Yuzhou said, “These remarks…are you not angry ?”


Chi Zhongqiao thought. Thinking, said: “Actually, it’s okay.” In his early years, he patronized the fight against the thief, and his temperament was almost worn out a long time ago. What’s more, sometimes Chi Zhongqiao would rather someone be the cause of trouble than it would be a destiny. After all, there is still room for the former to operate, while the latter is really helpless.


So Chi Chongqiao is really not getting angry at people now, not to mention the comments on the Internet, even if the whole network  ridiculed, Chi Zhongqiao can’t be anxious.


If he were not Buddha, Chi Zhongqiao would have died of anger several times before he entered the book.


Lu Yuzhou frowned, Chi Zhongqiao’s face was too soft, which always made people feel that he was the kind of character who wouldn’t dare to speak up after being wronged. Lu Yuzhou and Chi Zhongqiao got along for a few months and discovered that this person is indeed a sluggish and good character.


Lu Yuzhou asked himself that he was not a good person, nor was he worthy of others’ attention, but Chi Zhongqiao was willing to be nice to him, specifically in order to force himself to drink milk and other trivial matters.


There is also the warmth and meticulousness piled in every corner of the house-as large as the pillows specially prepared for him on the sofa, as small as the spare pens under the coffee table.


How can the two-hundred-square-meter three-bedroom and one hall be packed with so much care?


Lu Yuzhou gradually got used to commuting to and from get off work with Chi Zhongqiao. He was used to ordering two meals a day, and he was also used to being watched by Chi Zhongqiao drinking a glass of milk every night before he fell asleep.


After twenty years, Lu Yuzhou finally dully drew warmth from people other than his grandfather.


Such a good person will not complain to others if he is wronged.


“Brother Qiao.”


Lu Yuzhou called him softly.


Chi Zhongqiao raised his head: “Huh?” When he saw Lu Yuzhou’s face, Chi Zhongqiao smiled, “What are you thinking, I’m really not wronged. Didn’t you see that I have already contacted the agent just now? I didn’t plan to just leave it as it is now.” He wanted to pat Lu Yuzhou on the head, but he found out that it was inappropriate: Lu Yuzhou was eighteen years old and was not a child.


Lu Yuzhou said, “But Brother Qiao isn’t going to pursue it any more, right? At most, you can reverse the things .”


Chi Zhongqiao thought for a while, then embraced Lu Yuzhou’s  shoulders, and said, “If it were you, what would you like to do? ?”


Lu Yuzhou was suddenly hugged by Chi Zhongqiao, his shoulders tightened slightly. There are 10,000 ways in his mind to make Xu Xingzhou unable to roll over, but he intuitively understands that Chi Zhongqiao doesn’t necessarily want to hear him say: “At least you can’t just let it go.” Chi Zhongqiao sensed his uncomfortableness and put  down his hand. Thinking of Lu Yuzhou, who was completely black in the later stage, look at the young man with his eyebrows about to grow open, and his stature is still a little green: “But we have no evidence. Although the biggest beneficiary of such a trouble is Xu Xingzhou. But what if it’s not him? Of course, it’s him in all likelihood.”


Chi Zhongqiao worried that Lu Yuzhou’s preaching tone was unhappy, and his tone and words were deliberately softened, “I really don’t want to trample him to death. It’s not because the heart is soft. But sometimes, it is better to keep half of the words than to say the whole thing. It is more profitable not to do anything than not to give in.”


Although Lu Yuzhou was reborn, he was only twenty years old after all, and he had not graduated from college. Compared with his business talent, his temperament is still a lot worse.


He couldn’t end well in his last life, and even if he did it again, his hostility would be particularly heavy, so sometimes he couldn’t suppress all kinds of thoughts even if he knew that it would be better to take a step back.


Chi Zhongqiao: “The most important thing is that the human heart is only as big as the fist. I still think it is too small and not enough. There is really no place to move to irrelevant people and things.” He has that carefree time, so it is better to coax Lu Yuzhou more.


There are too many things in a person’s life, and not everything is worth the effort.


Lu Yuzhou lowered his eyes and looked down at his hand. He came back with the grievances of his last life. Whenever he saw Lu Zhuo, he couldn’t restrain the hatred in his heart. So after he was reborn, all the losses Lu Zhuo suffered had him behind them as a pusher, but now hearing this sentence, Lu Yuzhou finally realized that he had spent too much time and energy on Lu Zhuo, so that sometimes He even ignored the old man… the cart is upside down, what he really should do is to redeem the lost, not simply and brutally revenge.


Lu Yuzhou looked up, “Well, I know.” It’s so good




Chi Zhongqiao couldn’t help but think, if this is his own brother, he will hold it  in his palm.


Chi Zhongqiao was walking away, Lu Yuzhou suddenly gave him a light hug: “Thank you Brother Qiao.”



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  1. Avatar Luci says:

    I’m really happy that, despite being reborn, Lu Yuzhou still continues to grow as a person thanks to Chi Zhongqiao. It’s something I find rare in rebirth stories, since most of the time the reborn person just acts as if they’re a higher being compared to all the clueless people around them

  2. Avatar fujostea says:

    Awwhh this is such great advice, they are so sweet although they are slowly changing their thought this is so heartwarming! I’m so happy for LYZ UwU

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