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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

After Shen Chi kissed him, he quickly sat up straight. His ears were stained red and he heard the strong alcoholic breath and asked in a low voice, “Brother, are you drunk?”

He knew how uncomfortable it was to be drunk so he did not stay in the box and supported Yan Xue Xiao out. Just now, he heard the man say in a low voice at the door.

“I am not drunk.”

Shen Chi’s footsteps suddenly stopped. He thought that Yan Xue Xiao was drunk before sitting next to him. Finally, his calm heart beat fiercely in his chest. Just when he didn’t know what to do, Zhuang Man stopped him.

“Can I speak to you alone?”

He put Yan Xue Xiao in the car and went to Zhuang Man: “I will take you back to the dormitory.”

“No need.” Zhuang Man glanced in Yan Xue Xiao’s direction, “I came here today just to ask why you deleted my contact?”
[tl: If the contact is deleted they cannot send anymore message]


Shen Chi’s tone was strange. He didn’t have the habit of deleting friends, even the people who were at odds in Yancheng before, let alone the Zhuang Man who he just met.

“It seems that you didn’t know it, I thought it was your girlfriend who deleted it.” Zhuang Man smiled, “But I think it should be your brother. Even making friends should be restricted. Don’t you think he has too much control? ”

“You should have your freedom.”

She didn’t say any more, only Shen Chi was left alone.

In the night wind, the boy opened the door and got into the car, plucking up the courage to ask: “Did you delete my friend’s contact?”

The air is quiet.

He squeezed his hand and knew the answer. No wonder Zhuang Man never contacted him again. If he hadn’t met her on the road today, he would never know about it. The young man faintly realized that his elder brother was not like what he imagined.

He originally wanted to refute Zhuang Man’s words, but thinking carefully about what she said was right. His life is under the control of Yan Xue Xiao, the club is run by his brother and every one of his friends has been favored by his brother. His clothes were bought by his brother, as if they fell into a tight net. He needs time to think.

Back to Huating, he packed up his things: “I’m staying in the base this week.”

His reason isn’t only because of their busy training game. He also wants to have his own space, but for this reason he can’t speak, worrying that Yan Xue Xiao’s would disagree and drag his suitcase towards the door.

To his surprise, Yan Xue Xiao did not stop him.

As if he knew what Zhuang Man had said to him, he opened the door for him and said warmly, “You have your freedom.”

The teenager with a guilty conscience, left with the suitcase.

A Pei on the side is dying of anxiety. Looking at the little wolf dog leaving home with his baggage, he can’t help but ask, “Aren’t you afraid he won’t come back?”

Yan Xue Xiao glanced at the locked drawer in the room: “He didn’t bring his private money.”

Ah Pei realized that he was still under Yan Xue Xiao’s control. He was just going to let the wind go for a few days, but he also pretended to be tolerant and pure. The feeling of coaxing the children became stronger.


Shen Chi did not tell Ning Yuan the base’s address, but the next day he came to the door personally. Ye Ning poured Ning Yuan a glass of wolfberry water.

“Now the e-sports conditions are getting better and better.” Ning Shi said with emotion, “We didn’t think of having a professional training room at that time, and we still had to squeeze a room to play the game.”

“Basically, it’s time to add rules.”

Shen Chi went downstairs coldly.

“What is the rule?”

“It is forbidden to cheat.”

Lan Heng, who was on the side, hurriedly to calm everyone “Our team has this temperament.”

“I have an important reason why I came here.” Teacher Ning was embarrassed to drink wolfberry water again, he put the water on the coffee table and said, “I watched your PDL game video yesterday and found that you have tactical problems.”

“What problems?”

Lan Heng couldn’t help but cry. He knew his strength was dragging the team and Xu Cheng’s level was better than his. He was able to break through PDL half by Shen Chi’s tactics. He didn’t think there was any problem.

While Shen Chi, who opened the refrigerator to get the milk, stopped and looked at Teacher Ning carefully.

Perceiving Shen Chi’s gaze, Teacher Ning was relieved and confidently picked up the wolfberry water that had just been placed on the coffee table. “TTL’s current tactics can only allow TTL to break through the PDL, but the tactics I mentioned can make TTL enter PCL.”

Xu Cheng hesitated: “Have you played PUBG?”

“The tactics are the same.” Teacher Ning looked at his hand, “Although I haven’t played games in these years, I have studied FPS games.”

Shen Chi raised his head suddenly, no wonder the teacher had a hand in each game during class.

“Excuse me, is it a tactic?”

Shen Chi’s tone brings humility.

“3+1 play.” Teacher Ning said.

He understood what Ning Yuan meant. As the commander of the team, he was tightly tied to the team members. The advantage is that he can micro-control the battle. The disadvantage is that he restricts his movement and kills in the four rows. The number is far inferior to the number of kills in a single row, and the performance is mediocre on the court.

Ye Ning also understood: “But the command…”

3+1 is not a new tactic. The three are a small team, and the strongest person is a free man. It stands to reason that it is the most suitable play for TTL. However, the limitation lies in the fact that the free man and the commander are the same. If the commander is not in the team, the command cannot be effectively issued.

“Shen Chi is the main one, and Ye Ning is the second.”

Ning’s teacher turned over the recorded text: “I replayed the entire PDL game. Shen Chi’s judgment on the battle situation is often in the direction. Ye Ning is good at small-scale assaults. Ye Ning can act as the team commander.”

“Of course there is a risk in the coordination of the primary and secondary command, and the tacit understanding of the team should be higher.” Teacher Ning concluded, “But with your current tactics, it is not possible to enter the PCL.”

The ranking of the TTL training competition has always been hovering in the midstream. It has not been in the top ten. It is less than half a month away from PCLP. Shen Chi understands that changing tactics is a particularly risky thing and the lack of enough time to run in may even be worse than now.

No one had the courage to make a choice. Even the talkative Lan Heng remained silent. Everyone looked at Shen Chi and felt the heavy pressure. Shen Chi pursed his lips and made a choice.

“We will change tactics.”

If they took the risk, maybe they could win.

But if they don’t they would lose.

The eighteen year old teenager made the decision for the one month old TTL team. Doing it alone, changed the choice of the entire team and laid the foundation for the future game.

The people in the living room unanimously let go of their hands. Xu Cheng wanted to say that it is better to train in the morning. He suddenly remembered and asked: “Do you have class in the morning?”

Shen Chi responded with a sound.

“It’s better to escape.” Lan Heng became interested in the new tactics, “Anyway, the lessons are not required.”

Hearing what Lan Heng said, teacher Ning pushed his glasses: “Are you trying to incite my students to escape my class?”

Lan Heng: …………Forgot that this person is a teacher


In the morning, there was only “E-Sports Overview”. Shen Chi followed Teacher Ning to class. Before the class, he looked at his phone specially. Yan Xue Xiao did not send a message to urge him to go home, but just sent one sentence.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Remember to have breakfast

He subconsciously drank the milk in his schoolbag, looked at the message and thought that his brother was not like the kind of person Zhuang Man said and started class. He turned off the phone and turned it on just before the end of class.

Yan Xue Xiao updated ‌his circle of friends.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Making sweet and sour pork ribs at noon

The teenager opened the picture. The picture shows fresh pork ribs just bought from the market, with the sweet and sour sauce ‌ and put next to ‌ to be cooked. Facing the temptation of the sweet and sour ribs, he seriously pondered whether to go home.

He just wants to be independent and then suddenly go home.

It seems to be very shameless.

The little red wolf dog hesitated and paced beside the paved net and finally couldn’t resist the temptation. He packed his schoolbag and prepared to go home. He silently told himself that he was just eating sweet and sour pork ribs but he still had to go back to the base at night..

He carried his schoolbag ‌‌ in the classroom and met Zhuang Man who was going to the library.

“What I said last night was rather stubborn.” Zhuang Man seemed to ponder her tone, “I have no opinion of your brother but I think he is too strict with you.”

She and Shen Chi didn’t know each other for a long time. The beautiful young man in front of him had never seen the dark side. He was always open and sharp, but she could feel that Shen Chi was a very simple person with only games in his eyes. It is also the reason why she is willing to warn.

Shen Chi’s elder brother looks good, so he should not be rejected by his heart but she feels the danger. When the man looks at the teenager, she sees a strong possessiveness.

Shen Chi listened to Zhuang Man’s illocutionary meaning. “My brother actually didn’t care about me too much. He doesn’t have any complaints when I live outside, just let me take care of myself.”

He knows that personal prejudice is difficult to change, but he still wants to explain to Yan Xue Xiao. “My brother is a very good person. He used to learn philosophy like you. Although he doesn’t learn it now, he can do it well. In my most difficult time he accompanied me. He is like the moon in the sky to me.”

Ah Pei followed Yan Xue Xiao to the door of the classroom. He saw Yan Xue Xiao next to him smiling gently and instantly he seemed like he went back to the past young man in white shirt.

Completely clean and unstained with dust.

Editor’s Note: Chapter 99 done ~Happy reading!
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  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    Really happy they have a coach now! Also that way of thinking that you need to change things up to proceed and drop the fear of change is a true competitor’s spirit! Proud of our red wolf cub. Aaah I miss the pure YXX but we get what we get. Wishing for happiness of our duo~

    Thank you for the chapter translation. Excited to see how far the 3+1 strategy will get them. Now I really want sweet and sour pork tho 😐

  2. Avatar Batata Anisia says:

    Thanks for the chapter 💛

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