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The boy’s original steady breathing suddenly stagnated and he stammered: “I’m changing my clothes.”

Yan Xue Xiao sitting on the sofa gave a hum.

Hearing Yan Xue Xiao’s unwavering voice, he felt that he was thinking too much. It was okay for boys to change clothes. It was not a big deal. He turned his back to Yan Xue Xiao and started to change clothes.

The air conditioning in the fitting room was high, it was not cold when he took off his clothes. The person in the mirror didn’t seem to look at him. He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. The last piece of clothing was slowly taken off. A smooth and white back is exposed and the thin lines follow ‌.

He changed into a soft blue shirt and when he had just fastened two buttons, he heard a calm sentence.

“There is no injury on the body.”

The young man couldn’t help but raise his head and found that Yan Xue Xiao was watching him quietly. His face was hot and his hands stopped.

There was a sound of footsteps and Yan Xue Xiao stood in front of his body. Because the man was a head taller than him, he could clearly see Yan Xue Xiao unhurriedly buttoning the buttons for him and feel the temperature of the cold hand touching his skin.

His thin skin is so sensitive that he trembles, his face in the mirror is flushed because his brother is dressing him. Just when he wanted to break free, Yan Xue Xiao’s voice sounded above his head: “It looks good.”

The boy restrained the shame from his heart and tried his best to keep his head down. He did not look at the mirror and even the tips of his ears were red.

He didn’t have the courage to try other clothes. He tried on a shirt and walked out of the fitting room but when he walked out of the fitting room, his legs almost softened and silently thought that he would never fight again.


Shen Chi put on new clothes and returned to the training base. An unfamiliar number came in: “Is this Shen Chi? This is Teacher Ning.”

The conversation was silent for a moment, obviously he did not remember even this person’s surname. Teacher Ning on the phone introduced herself: “I am Teacher Ning Yuan who teaches “Introduction to E-Sports. Is it alright if I know the team’s name? If you don’t mind me using it as the course case material, I can give free guidance.”


The boy hung up.

“Your brother called?”

Lan Heng walked to his usual position and sat down ‌.He rarely sees Shen Chi talking on the phone with people and people on the training would look at him if he answered the phone

“No.” Shen Chi boarded on the live broadcast and denied, “A teacher at the school said he wanted to be a guide.”

“That’s the teacher of Yan University.” Ye Ning ignored the wolfberry water and sat in a chair with awe.

“What is the name?”

Lan Heng couldn’t help asking, and even Xu Cheng looked towards Shen Chi.

“Ning Yuan.”

The boy puts on his headphones indifferently.

But his voice just fell in the air and Lan Heng jumped up from the chair as if he heard the name of what’s wrong: “Ning Yuan?!”

“‌Someone you know?”

Xu Cheng asked.

“Former CS World Champion.” Lan Heng’s tone was full of excitement, “If he hadn’t retired from injury, he could set a record of consecutive championships.”

Lan Heng is the oldest out of the members from TTL, he has witnessed the brilliance of CS. He also knows what the name Ning Yuan means. He is the top tactical master in the golden age of CS and his weight is evident.

Ye Ning did not play ‌CS, but he also knew that it‌ is an FPS(First Player Shooter) game. If Ning Yuan had the opportunity to guide the team, it would undoubtedly be a great help. He couldn’t help but ask Shen Chi.

“Captain, what did you answer?”

Everyone in the training room looked at Shen Chi expectantly and the boy said without hesitation.

“I refused.”

Hearing this answer, Lan Heng was not surprised. It’s a pity that TTL does not have a coach now. It is not that they can’t pay the salary but the excellent coaches do not want to accept the job. No one wants to come to a team that hasn’t even entered the PCL.

Shen Chi ‌ opened the camera to enter the game, received a free gun skin through the ‌ event‌ card, but the focus of the live broadcast room was on his new clothes.

“Cub bought new clothes!”

“This blue shirt looks good”

“It’s a miracle for the cub to buy clothes”

“There are so many special clothes recently!”

Shen Chi looked down at the shirt he was wearing with an inconspicuous blush on his face. Yan Xue Xiao seemed to like to buy clothes for him. He didn’t wear many clothes when he was in Shen’s house.

His attention quickly returned to the game screen. After qualifying from the PDL, he can register for the official training competition. The training competition is not divided into ‌level‌. T1 is basically a PDL team. The most advanced ‌T08 only allows PCL teams to join.

In theory, the leading team in T1 also has a chance to advance to T08. It is not an easy task for TTL.

Lion continued its dominance in the PDL in the T1 training competition, leading the total points by a long way, RE also followed closely, BOX firmly occupied the first place, and TTL’s results have been hovering in the midstream.

“PCL is so hard to enter”

“Otherwise, how can it be a top league?”

“A quota can sell for millions”

“that PDL quota? ”

“Visual inspection of 80,000 to 90,000 can’t be higher.”

‌ After the afternoon training match, Shen Chi looked at the settlement interface on the screen. The number of kills in a single row can be more than 20, but the number of kills in the fourth row is less than 10, which means that the existing tactics have problems.

The red-haired boy stared at the screen of his mobile phone and dialed Teacher Ning’s number: “The team is called TTL.”

He held the phone and asked cautiously: “Do you play ‌PUBG?”

“I didn’t play ‌.”

Shen Chi hung up the phone with a straight face, he thought of looking for Teacher Ning because of the other’s influence. Although it is an FPS game, the difference between the games is far more than just the name or the gameplay, regardless of the gameplay. It is completely different from the competition system.

He trains from noon to night without stopping in the middle, but the kill rate of the fourth row is still unsatisfactory. There was a sudden shock on the phone and Zhuang Zhou sent a message.

【Zhuangzhou】‌Xiao Zui invited us for dinner

[Shen Chi] Not available

‌ After a while, Zhuang Zhou himself.

【Zhuangzhou】‌If you don’t come, I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet her properly.

Shen Chi had nothing to do. He made an appointment to meet at the west gate of Yan University. He turned off his mobile phone and walked towards the west gate of the school. He ran into Zhuang Man, who was holding his textbook, on the road.

Zhuang Man’s expression has a subtle stiffness, and his tone is still polite: “Long time no see.”

“I haven’t been to the library recently.”

Looking at Zhuang Man, he realized that they hadn’t contacted him for a long time and remembered that he hadn’t been able to take Zhuang Man to visit the training base last time. He had asked Zhuang Man to go out to eat for the second time, and he thought about it. After thinking about the bank card balance that his brother used up, he asked politely: “Want to eat oily noodles?”

“If it’s not troublesome, then.”

Zhuang Man opened his mouth.

“No trouble.”

Shen Chi took her to Lin Zui’s stall. Just when they walked to the stall, Zhuang Zhou, who helped Lin Zui clean up her things, lowered his voice and asked, “girlfriend?”

“Don’t think too much.”

Shen Chi raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t usually talk to girls.” Shi Liang retorted in a low voice, “This is the first time I have seen someone take a girl to eat.”

Shen Chi looked at Zhuang Man. It was undeniable that he liked this type of appearance. His consciousness would give rise to a sense of intimacy but the face of Yan Xue Xiao appeared in front of him and he only fully appreciated Zhuang Man.

“I want a bowl of oil noodle.”

“What to eat?” Zhuang Zhou refused for Lin Zui, “Since you are a friend, we will go to dinner together.”

Zhuang Man glanced at Shen Chi.


Perhaps because of the surname, Zhuang Zhou has a good impression of Zhuang Man. There were talks and laughs along the way to the barbecue restaurant. The waiter sat in the box and handed over the menu.

Shen Chi’s cell phone rang when he was ordering food. He just opened the screen and Zhuang Man suddenly asked, “Is that your girlfriend?”

“My brother.”

The teenager connected the phone in his hand. “I am eating barbecue by the west gate and I will come back later today.”

Maybe he heard Zhuang Man’s voice and Yan Xue Xiao’s voice became emotional over the phone: “A girl is there?”

He didn’t recognize the difference in Yan Xue Xiao’s tone and he didn’t want to answer: “One of the students in the school.”

The air suddenly fell silent. He was flustered for no reason. The phone was hung up when he was thinking about it. He pressed ‌ to turn off the phone.

“Your brother cares very much?”, Zhuang Man asked.

Although he didn’t know how Teacher Yan came to Yancheng, Zhuang Zhou answered first. “Shen Chi’s brother cared about him very much. He used to personally tutor him on his homework when he was in the border town. He was afraid that he would not eat so he wore an apron to cook. I saw it and envied my parents for not giving me a brother.”

Shen Chi nodded.

Because there are girls who are not asking for beer, the cups are filled with juice, Zhuang Man suggested: “Come and play Truth or Dare, boys can’t cheat.”

Zhuang Zhou looked at Shen Chi clearly and did not wait for Shen Chi to answer, then he agreed and played truth or dare.

Shen Chi didn’t have much interest and he glanced at the time on the wall. When he was about to stand up, the door of the box opened and a man with a perfect face appeared outside the door.

Yan Xue Xiao’s dark gaze slowly scanned the ‌box and stopped on Zhuang Man’s face.

Ah Pei, who was following, noticed that there were two girls in the box, wearing white skirts. One white skirt was a big threat. Two white skirts were present today so it’s no wonder that the strong smell of vinegar is covering up the wine in the fresh meal.

“Hello, Teacher Yan!”

Zhuang Zhou and Shi Liang immediately stood up and bowed.

“Let’s play.”

Yan Xue Xiao spoke softly.

Having said that, in the oppression of Yan Xue Xiao’s aura, the atmosphere in the box quietly cooled, and when it was the turn of Shen Chi, Zhuang Zhou coughed: “‌Who is your favorite person?”

Yan Xue Xiao’s gaze seemed to turn to Shen Chi inadvertently.

The young man sitting next to him consciously avoided Yan Xuexiao’s gaze and forced himself into saying, “Dare.”

The eyes of the crowd were watching ‌ when he drew a card.

——Kiss the person closest.

Yan Xue Xiao sat beside him as if nothing had happened. His hand holding the card froze motionless but it should not matter if he touched him.

With such thoughts, perhaps more secretive thoughts, the boy’s body moved slowly, his heart pounding in his chest, and leaped quickly on Yan Xuexiao’s side face.

——He took a bite.

Translator’s Note: I don’t think SC took a bite literally but more like he got the courage to kiss him on the cheeks or whatever on his side face. SC is being courageous now. Happy Reading Everyone!

Editor’s Note: I agree with the person upstairs ~ see next you chapter. .
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