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Blind Date



Shen Chi finished speaking and said goodbye to Zhuang Man. He turned around and found that Yan Xue Xiao was also there. He was slightly stunned, “Why are you here?”

“To pick you up from class.”

Yan Xue Xiao naturally took his hand and the teenager who just wanted to be independent was led to Huating. This was the first time they held hands with their fingers clasped together, feeling the hot temperature of the fingertips and the heart under his chest throbbing.

He turned his head and looked at Yan Xue Xiao’s black eyebrows, remembering that they had walked in the snow. Something in his heart broke the shackles again, like the taste of sweet and sour pork ribs.

Sweet and sour.


“Is there anything going on in the border town?”

It is getting closer and closer to the delivery room and Zhou Ting, who has been playing with women all the year round, hasn’t been to sensual occasions.

He was sitting on the sofa and lit his cigar. Although Yan Xue Xiao handed over the warehouse directly, he did not dare to trust Zhou Ting. The only thing he sent to the warehouse was Van Nilan from Southeast Asia. The police can check him and all they can see is that he was doing serious business.


It seemed that Yan Xuexiao had no idea about his father’s death. His actions were just a simple gesture of goodwill. Zhou Ting’s defenses slowly lowered and he ordered his men, “You can change the goods.”


Shen Chi returned to the base in the afternoon for training. Under the guidance of Teacher Ning, they tried out the 3+1 tactics. The evening training match started on time and the audience stayed in the live broadcast room early.

“Today’s training competition is very fierce”

“Except for Lion and BOX not coming, all the teams that qualify for PDL are here.”

“Cub participate in training games every day (Pride)”

“To be honest, it doesn’t make much sense to participate every day.”

“Let PDLP accumulate experience this time. In the history of the alliance, only one team played ‌PCL all the way from PDL.”

The barrage is not optimistic about today’s training match. TTL ranks in the middle of the team every time and has never played abnormally or abnormally, so that the popularity of the live broadcast room has been tepid and kept steady at 100,000 spectators, just like the ceiling of cat live broadcast.

Shen Chi puts on his headphones and the game starts.

TTL does not have a fixed jumping point. It is not because of confidence in the team’s strength, but a good jumping point has been divided up by the old team. If you want to manage your own jumping point, you must take advantage of the old team like RE, and use absolute strength to overwhelm the other side.

“Jump into the fishing village.”

Lions are not here today, they can jump back to their original spot, because of the geographical location, no other team can grab this spot.

He took a deep breath and clenched the mouse. After landing, he quickly picked up the gun. Instead of staying in the team as usual, he gathered up the equipment and set off for the airport, leaving the team to scout information and resources..

“The commander doesn’t need to be in the team?”

“There is no expression on Late’s face, so don’t make conflicts.”

“My cub has always been like this”

“So is it really okay for the commander to run?”

The first lap has not yet been refreshed. Shen Chi let himself put down his worries about the team as much as possible. He lurked on the hillside behind the airport and aimed his gun at the team that broke out at the airport. He focused all his energy on the team. On the head of the person flashing in the mirror.

Because of the commanding role, he always acts in the team. In the game, he has no chance of sniping alone. He often fills up the gun or pulls the gun for his teammates.

In his eyes, it slowed down, like returning to a training field. The head that kept pulsing turned into a moving target in slow motion in his eyes and the long muscle memory made him no longer need to think about pressing guns. What he did was shoo, and the bullets swiftly passed through the air!

The head was splashed with blood in the air.

Taking away the captain of LK with one shot.

The barrage in the live room stopped.

“A headshot!”

“LK is stupefied”

“Sure enough, I can’t let the cub take ‌98K”

Shen Chi did not stay and evacuated from the hillside and changed his position to observe the airport. A total of three teams jumped from the airport, one of which had been wiped out.

He alone lacks fire power support, he did not join the battle rashly but kept changing positions to attack. The advantages are also obvious, but the opponent does not have the energy to pursue the trail of the lone wolf.

“When a team kills one, it should be said that the rain and dew are all stained.”

“Really don’t care about others?”

“The circle haven’t shrunk yet”

There was only one person left on the spot and Shen Chi only had a sniper in his hand. Instead of entering the airport directly, he chose to take it away with his hand thunder. After cleaning the airport, he also brushed the first lap. Obviously In the western circle, he spoke in the team’s voice, “Transfer from the beach to the airport.”

He cleared all the people along the way and the TTL team moved to the airport without any injuries and firmly occupied the first-placed airport in the western circle, so there was no need to risk the transfer.

“A commander who doesn’t want to be a striker is not a good commander.”

“They actually took the airport”

“Can you win a game today!”

The audience watched nervously, and the points of TTL also climbed all the way, changing from last to the ‌third place. Late’s personal kills reached ‌ twelve! That is, the level of the training competition is only T1, but it is also a remarkable result, which is equivalent to killing three teams by one person.

“The cub is so fierce today”

“My cub is happy!”

“Mom, cast you a dried fish”

The live broadcast rooms of other teams were particularly surprised. The emperor penguin live broadcast attributes it to luck.

“It was not tepid yesterday, so it’s impossible to have such a big change in one day, right”

“It’s possible for the whole team to change.”

“They got lucky and won the airport”

”TTL is still a dog team”

” I think the dog is quite cute”

Shen Chi did not take the online comments to heart. He turned on the computer to receive the file sent by Teacher Ning. The file included the analysis of each jump point. He understood that TTL had to determine the main jump point.

There is Lion in the fishing village, RE and BOX in the P city, and the airport has more than a team all year round… He pulls the file to the bottom. The most suitable place for them is the school in the middle, which has a lot of resources and a good geographical location.

“Take down the school tomorrow.”

He got up from the chair.

The hearts of everyone in the training room were awe-inspiring. The school has always been the jumping point for the veteran team Black Shark, although they also qualified from the PDL, the TTL ranked last, and the Black Shark was ranked fifth. If you want to win the school, you must crush the black shark.

Ye Ning commented: “Fight hard.”

Xu Cheng’s face also wears a trace of solemnity.

However, the members of TTL still walked out of the training room separately. The internal control of the base is not strict, but there are strict requirements for work and rest. The lights are always turned off.

Lan Heng can’t help thinking that their team may not be the best team, but it must be the best health team. His professional schedule is healthier than being an anchor.

“I made steamed corn dumplings, try it.”

After going downstairs, Manager Chen brought out a pot full of steamed dumplings from the kitchen.

Because the PCL team members didn’t think it was worthy to hire a chef, he did all the food in the busy training base recently. He didn’t worry about the other three people, but Shen Chi’s tastes were picky.

The young man didn’t say it to his face that it is not good, but he eats less. At first glance, he is well taken care of by his family. Today, he intends to buy dumplings from the supermarket in the villa area.

“‌ It’s delicious.”

Manager Chen sells his steamed dumplings to Shen Chi.

The boy was attracted by the smell of steamed dumplings and was about to sit down at the table. Yan Xue Xiao sent a picture.

He clicked on the picture of the freshly steamed crab roe dumplings. The golden crab roe filled the skin of the dumplings as thin as cicada wings, and it seemed to flow out in the next second.

He looked at the plate of steamed corn dumplings, which seemed to be not delicious anymore, ignoring Manager Chen’s enthusiastic promotion: “I’m going home.”

As if knowing that he is going back to Huating, the food was steamed and prepared on the table. The tired teenagers sat at the table and tasted the food. He tasted the fragrant crab roe, his beautiful eyes bending. He didn’t pay attention to Yan Xue Xiao staring at himself quietly.

Ah Pei who turned to go out listened to the conversation and sighed. No matter how old he is, grabbing the bank card and stomach is really the secret to grabbing a man, and one day even the private money will have to be handed over.

Yan Xue Xiao took a call and left the table.

The man standing in the night breeze answered the phone, and Mrs. Yan’s voice came from the phone: “Next week for your birthday, your uncle will come back from the UK and want you to meet his friend’s son.”

“Blind date is unnecessary.”

Yan Xue Xiao’s voice is calm.

Because of the distance, Shen Chi at the table could only vaguely hear the word blind date, and the hand of the chopsticks he was pinching suddenly tightened. When Yan Xue Xiao returned to his seat, he plucked up the courage to ask, “Are you going to have a blind date?”

“I’m getting older.” Yan Xue Xiao paused for a while, “I can only go on a blind date.”

The young man’s chest was full of sour emotions. He knew that his brother was a good person and he could tolerate all his coquetry. He was the one he silently liked since he was seventeen, and still likes until now.

Reason told him that he should be silent and keep the current relationship , but his head became hot, blushing he said: “I am eighteen years old.”

“You can also go on a blind date.”

Translator’s Note: Ohhh we finally reached chapter 100! Thank you for reading so far. Ah Pei definitely knew what’s up with those two.
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