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Moderate Consumption



        The kissed place on his forehead is hot. Knowing that Yan Xue Xiao is drunk, he is still throbbing with little thoughts, and stuttering: “I will help you to bed.”


   Yan Xue Xiao is a head higher than Shen Chi, and his shadow is covering him. He was almost staggering as he helped Yan Xue Xiao to bed.


      Looking at the faint fatigue in the man’s brow, he carefully covered him with the quilt and said, “I will play the game well.”


   If I win the  national championship, the salary should be over one million. By that time, you don’t have to go to work, you can stay at home and watch philosophy.


  ‌ After speaking, he went out, but he did not notice that Yan Xue Xiao, who was sleeping on the bed, opened his eyes completely sober, and the corners of his lips curled slightly.





   Yan Xue Xiao was hungry after a hangover, and Shen Chi woke up at six in the morning, ready to buy breakfast in the building. However Yan Xue Xiao woke up earlier than him , drinking coffee while reading the newspaper.


  Shen Chi rubbed his eyes and walked to the dining table to sit. He lowered his head and found that there was an extremely rich breakfast on the table, not only porridge and cut toast but also various exquisite desserts.


   Looking at the bill sent on the mobile phone, ‌he can’t help but remind: “Brother, now we should advocate moderate consumption.”


        “What’s wrong?”


   Yan Xue Xiao reading the newspaper looked up.


   Looking at Yan Xue Xiao’s exceptionally dazzling face, he swallowed everything he was about to say: “Nothing.”


  Although the breadwinner is very generous, the burden on his shoulders is extremely heavy. Yesterday’s estimation was wrong. At the speed of his brother’s way of spending money, he has to become a world champion.


   After eating breakfast, he arrived at the training base. He went up to the second floor and walked to the training room. He sat in the ‌ position and boarded the ‌ cat live broadcast. His team members also arrived one after another. 


  ‌ The cat live broadcast has been declining. Two months of wages have not been paid yet, and the rewards cannot be claimed.


   The anchors who were still on the platform directly hung a QR code on the left corner of the screen, and Shen Chi also learned to hang up the payment code.


   “It’s great, there is no middle cat to make the difference”


   “Today, is the broken station closed down?”


   “Oh, it’s not good to go bankrupt, maybe the contract of Cub will be packaged and sold.”


   “Are you still qualifying today?”


   Shen Chi put on his headphones: “Qualify.”


   It didn’t take long for the new season to start, and they reached the high rank, which meant that the matches were all top players in the game.


   The problems found during the resumption of yesterday seemed to be solved easily. Today they worked closely together. Today they only lost five games.


   “This level is okay, I was not optimistic about the formation of the team before, but I didn’t expect to play in a decent way.”


  ”Keep it up”


   “Come on, Cub, I made a light card to prepare for the finals to cheer”


   “Please let me help!”


         When Manager Chen walked into the training room with a fruit tray, all four of them were dedicated to playing the game. They didn’t dare to be distracted. They didn’t ask the red-haired young man until the game was over.


         “Captain, shall we take a break?”


   They didn’t hold any hope when they asked, habitually practice did not end until ten o’clock in the evening, but what made them surprised was that Shen chi unexpectedly took off his earphones.


         We won’t play qualifying anymore.”


   Manager Chen was relieved. Just after putting the fruit plate on the table, he heard another sentence.


        “Can you make a training match with other teams?”


   Training match?  Manager Chen’s mind quickly turned, he held his glasses up and said, “I’ll ask.”





  ‌ Noon, Lion Club.


  Richard knocked on the door of the training room. After a while, a man with brown curly hair walked to the door and asked impatiently, “what is it?”


       “Bai Wen, TTL asked us if we wanted to play a training match.”


      Qin Bai Wen frowned deeper,”TTL?”


   “The team that just came up from the preliminary match——”


    He was interrupted by Qin Baiwen’s wave before he finished speaking.


          “The team that Ye Ning was with, I watched the game yesterday, there is no need to play a training match.”


   “The manager over there asked several times and made an appointment with his team.” 


   Generally, the league has a tradition of holding training games before the official game, which is to maintain the feel and to fight before the game. However, as a secondary league, the PDL has a low stake and there is no training game organized today.


   “Let’s play with them then.”


   Qin Bai Wen turned back to the training room.


   “I’m still afraid that you won’t like it.”


   “Ugliness comes first.” Qin Bai Wen stopped. “I won’t be soft on the new team. Don’t blame me after playing.”


         Richard nodded, knowing that Qin Bai Wen was telling the truth. If the team of PCL had not been reduced from 48 to 24 today, the team would still stay in PCL to play the game, and the root would not fall to PDL.


   This also means that the scale of competition in PDL today is extremely fierce. There are 24 teams that left the top league last season. He is not optimistic that TTL can qualify from the finals. He just hoped that they would not be defeated early.


    While Shen Chi sat in front of the computer, Manager Chen brought twelve teams, just to make up a game, and he put on his headphones again.


   “Still jumping into the fishing village?” Lan Heng asked.


   Shen Chi lowered his eyes and hummed.


   In league events, teams tend to avoid each other’s jumping points tacitly. Everyone wants a good jumping point. Of course, it’s not a modest one, but a clear sword in the training game.


  After confirming the selection, everyone cheered up.


   Route southwest to the ruins on the top of the mountain. Shen Chi jumped from the plane ahead of time, jumped on the houses outside the fishing village, and the Lion team landed next.


  He swiftly picked up a ‌VSS from the ground. The slow rate of fire of the VSS is not an ideal melee weapon but there is no time to change his gun ‌ because the battle has started.


   If you use one word to evaluate Lion’s style, it is fast. Captain Qin Bai Wen is even more famous as a striker in the league, but he is more famous for his leadership than his marksmanship.


   Under Qin Bai Wen’s command, the Lion is like a tight whole, catching their formation by surprise.


  He said to Xu Cheng: “Go to the roof opposite.”


  Xu Cheng took a step slower, and for a second, the two Lions team members pulled up guns on the two wings. Xu Cheng died first, followed by Lan Heng who came to help.


   After a while, even Ye Ning died in their hands. Shen Chi’s calm brain went blank for two seconds for the first time, and the outcome was decided in just two seconds.


   TTL group is off.


   Shen Chi expressionlessly took off the headphones, and the training room was silent, so quiet that he could even hear a needle falling on the floor.


        After a while‌, Lan Heng broke the silence: “Too strong.”


   Xu Cheng squeezed the mouse tightly.


   “We will face such an opponent in the future.” Ye Ning stood up and moved his wrists, looking at Shen Chi in the seat, “Do you want to fight?”


         Shen Chi is the captain of TTL . He came to play professionally just half a month after he recovered ‌. He has no doubt about Shen Chi’s talent, but the higher the talent, the harder he can bear to fail. The captain’s mood will undoubtedly affect the mood of the entire team.


   Unexpectedly, Shen Chi  looked at the screen and pursed his lips, then put on the headphones again.




   The lights in the training room stay on until twelve o’clock in the evening.


   The problems that were not exposed in the qualifying match were all exposed in the training match, both individual and team, Shen Chi all remembered it in his mind.


  In ‌ it seems that watching replay is as important as training. Training is to discover errors and replay is to correct mistakes. After a day of training, it is difficult for everyone to concentrate, so watching the replay is moved to tomorrow.


  When he walked out of the training room, he heard Xu Cheng calling again: “Just finished training, mom, don’t worry about me, go to rest immediately.”


  ‌ With silk envy, Shen Chi felt Xu Cheng has a very good mother.


   Walking upstairs, he took a bottle of milk from the refrigerator and saw the tall man next to the door. Immediately he walked to the door : “What can I do for you?”


   “I’m picking you home.”


   Yan Xue Xiao said softly.


  Shen Chi suddenly didn’t envy Xu Cheng, ‌ he also has a good brother, even if there is no other family member so ‌ he doesn’t feel sad.


   But exhaustion came out of my body, he yawned less, feeling embarrassed at opening his mouth : “I want to sleep at the base.”


   The man murmured, seeming to agree.


  Feeling relaxed ‌, Shen Chi walked to the room upstairs. When he was about to open the door, he suddenly noticed something was wrong, and turned around——


  His head was caught on Yan Xue Xiao’s chest unexpectedly, and he grabbed the man’s suit to prevent him from falling into his arms. He gulped down and asked, “Why did you follow me into the room?”


   Yan Xue Xiao watched calmly and replied, “Didn’t you say you were going to sleep at the base?”

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