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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

Shen Chi’s brain broke with a loud bang. He had slept at the base, but he hadn’t slept together with anyone. He stammered and said, “There is only one bed.”

Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyebrows.

“I haven’t slept yet.”

The boy’s face suddenly turned red, remembering that they slept on a bed in the border town. When he was about to explain, he heard the man’s flat voice: “I will go back if it is inconvenient.”

Shen Chi stayed and asked: “Ah Pei Jin didn’t come?”

“Something is going on today.”

He looked out of the French window. The color was pitch black, and the quiet lake swallowed all the light. He was relieved that Yan Xue Xiao was alone.

​​”You stay.”

‌‌ From the back of the young man, Yan Xue Xiao smiled lightly.

Shen Chi turned off the light and lay on the bed. After the shower, there were still some water droplets on the tips of his hair. He was clearly training the whole day. His body was extremely exhausted. He could smell the cold pine wood beside him and his mind was very clear.

This made him really feel that he was sleeping on the same bed with his brother. He moved a little to the side of the bed, moved a little more, wrapped in a quilt hanging on the edge of the bed.

“Shen Chi.”

Suddenly Yan Xue Xiao called him.

His body tightened: “What’s the matter?”

“You are going to fall.”

The boy’s body was originally tense, and he just moved a few minutes toward the edge of the bed. At this time, he heard Yan Xue Xiao’s words hanging by the bed and rolled down on the wooden floor with a grunt.


Resuming the game at 8 o’clock in the morning, Lan Heng finished his last sip of soy milk and sat on the chair. He saw the dark circles under the young boy’s eyes, so he asked curiously: “Captain, why are you not sleeping well?”

Ye Ning put the wolfberry into his thermos and teased: “‌Will there be a girlfriend staying overnight?”

The TTL captain replied bluntly: “‌It’s a girlfriend.”

Xu Cheng thought of something.

Upon seeing this, Lan Heng asked in a low voice, “What did you think of?”

Xu Cheng was serious when he said the gossip: “That’s a boyfriend.”

Lan Heng remained unmoved, thinking about it carefully, it seems that there is no problem. He never took it seriously, after all the club has regulations that outsiders cannot enter the base.

Shen Chi knew what the players were thinking, and explained all the problems exposed in yesterday’s training match. After the resumption, he walked to the training room next door, Xu Cheng followed behind.

There were only two of them in the room. Xu Cheng, who was taking notes, raised his head and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Shen Chi played the video of the first training game yesterday. In the video, Xu Cheng was exposed to the guns of two Lions for at least five seconds, causing the team to be found and defeated one after another.

“You are slow to react”

Xu Cheng realized his problem.

He is used to live broadcasts, but the game is not the same as live broadcasts. The next step is not to be distracted. He must be highly concentrated on the field. He has not been able to switch from the live broadcast state.

“It’s all about this problem.”

Shen Chi had never been a captain before and he knew what a good captain was. He just acted out of his instinct and reminded Xu Cheng alone.

“Before that, I had issued instructions to you to retreat to the roof quickly but you hesitated in your mind and missed the best time to retreat. You don’t trust my judgment.”

Shen Chi‌ knew judgment must be correct, but he is the commander of the team. If the players hesitate to listen to his instructions, even if the judgment is correct it will delay the opportunity.

He replayed yesterday’s game and found that Lion’s marksmanship was the strongest. Even the captain Qin Bai Wen could only be considered upper-middle in the league. However, his internal holding power was very high, with four players working closely together.

Xu Cheng pinched the notebook full of memories and lowered his head after a while: “I know.”

After Shen Chi finished, he went to the training room, and Xu Cheng remained in the room.

In the Lion training base, Qin Bai Wen took off his headset and asked the manager who came to send the materials: “TTL is playing a training match today?”

“The team has no time to push.” ​​The manager turned on the machine, “TTL does have training games all over, and I know how their managers deal with it.”

Qin Bai Wen raised his eyebrows. Yesterday, being killed by the group seemed to have no effect on TTL. Although he did not have a good deal of this new team, he had to admit that they did have tenacity.

While TTL continues to play training games, the teams participating in the training games are all relegated from the PCL. They are in the bottom every round, and the situation of group extinctions happen every time. The audience in the live broadcast room is very worried.

“Is the cub’s mentality okay?”

“If I must smash the keyboard, from this morning to now, I won’t win every time.”

“Do you want to stop playing?”

“+1, confidence in the game is still very important”

Looking at the barrage on the screen during the break, the boy responded: “The training game is still going to be played, or else how can I win the PCL championship this year?”

“Have you started looking forward to the championship before entering PCL?”

“Sure enough, worry about the confidence of the cubs”

“PCL champions are easy to take, and there are only 24 teams that can enter the PCL in the entire league.”

“Ye Ning, come and persuade the cub”

“First win the PCL championship.” Ye Ning followed, “How to enter the PCL in the training game?”

Lan Heng also said: “I want to win the PDL championship anyway.”

Xu Cheng listened silently ‌.

“Xu Cheng’s expression is my current expression”

“Is this the captain’s quality affecting the team? The cub broke the team, what if the TTL fails to qualify”

“Just laughed.”

“My cub wants to work hard!”

Shen Chi put on his headphones and continued to play the game. At the end of the training game in the afternoon, he found that he had received more dried fish than ever before, with a total of 2,000 yuan, which made him feel at ease when his silver card was about to run out of money.


At dinner, Yan Di.

‌The color gradually darkened, and there were only three people sitting on the long dining table. It seemed that the whole restaurant was empty, and the candlelight was shaking silently in the wind.

Mrs. Yan put down her knife and fork and broke the suppressed silence: “I heard you came very close to Zheng’an after returning home. Do you know who he is? There is no business he dares not to do in the world. ”

Yan Xue Xiao was silent.

“You know who he is.” Madam Yan stood up, “You and Zheng An, are you worthy of your dead father?”

The range of her getting up caused the cup on the tablecloth to fall to the cold ground, with the bright red wine falling down, making her words unusually loud.

Yan Xue Xiao, who was sitting next to her, leaned down, picking up the cup piece by piece, and thin blood stains were spilled on the fingertips.

There was a touch of distress in Mrs. Yan’s eyes, but after all, she did not continue to criticize: “You know what you know.”

After Mrs. Yan left, Yan Ji pushed her wheelchair to the side of Yan Xue Xiao: “Your mother was stimulated at the funeral, and her mood is not easy to stabilize. Thanks to your uncle Luo taking care of her, you have to care about her.”

Yan Xue Xiao hummed softly.

Yan Ji let go, and was thinking that blood would be thicker than water. What he didn’t expect was Yan Xue Xiao’s sentence: “The share of equity is still on her.”

The moment he heard the words, Yan Ji couldn’t describe his feelings in words, as if his nephew had changed since he was a child, even his brother had never been like this.

He has a complex expression: Yan Xue Xiao, the young man who used to be holding a book seems to have never existed before, he sighed: “You have changed.”

Yan Ji pushed to leave the wheelchair, and only Yan Xue Xiao was left in the restaurant. He sat in the main seat with a clear expression, as if everything was irrelevant.


Shen Chi took off his earphones and prepared to end the live broadcast, perhaps because of the excessive number of times, the mouse brought from Border Town to Yancheng failed.

“It’s cold, it’s time to change the mouse”

“I also know that things like mouse will always be broken.”

“The cub is really working hard, tell the address to mom. I’ll send a new mouse”

“The cub is eighteen, I have changed from my mom fan to girlfriend fan, can I get a boyfriend if I send a mouse?”

“I’m thinking about you and my daughter-in-law, you and my daughter-in-law have disappeared for a long time, only the old people remember.”

“I will buy it myself.”

Shen Chi turned off the computer directly. The base had extra mouse, but he was used to his own peripherals. He left the base and went to a digital store next to Yan, and chose a mouse with high cost performance.

The digital store is only a few steps away from Huating. The boy thought about walking towards Huating, took the elevator and opened the door with the key. Yan Xue Xiao has not returned yet.

He was afraid of the sudden beep from the microphone, he hesitated for a while to call Yan Xue Xiao, and squeezed the phone in his grip.

However, the phone was connected within a few seconds of dialing. The hand holding the phone relaxed slowly, and he subconsciously said, “You answered so quickly.”

“I pay special attention”

“I don’t have anything important.” Shen Chi added: “There is no need to pay special attention.”

“It’s necessary.” There was a pause on the phone, “I want to receive your call at any time.”

Shen Chi pursed his lips, as if a certain part of his heart was filled, an exceptionally warm emotion flowed all over his body, and suddenly he was afraid that no one would answer the phone.

He was about to ask if he would come back. He heard a sound of footsteps behind him, he turned his head and saw Yan Xue Xiao standing outside the door.

The man was dressed in a dark suit, his face was clearly hidden in the shadows, his thin lips were tightly pressed into a line. Ah Pei who followed him dared not to step forward.

Shen Chi realized that Yan Xue Xiao was in a very good mood. The red-haired boy was like a little wolf dog with his tail wagging. “I earned two thousand yuan today, which is enough for the living expenses this month.”

Yan Xue Xiao touched his head and handed him a box.

The young man suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart. He opened the box and found that it was a very expensive mouse, pretending to be calm he asked: “How much is this?”

“Two thousand three hundred.”

Hearing the answer, he hugged the box with difficulty. Although he was happy to receive the gift, he found that the money earned after a hard live broadcast was negative, so he should broadcast very well in the future.

Just as he lowered his head , he suddenly heard Yan Xue Xiao’s emotions and asked clearly: “Do you think I have changed?”

The teenager suddenly looked up, and Yan Xue Xiao’s handsome face fell into his eyes. After careful examination, he blushed and whispered,

“You are getting better.”

Editor’s Note:

My heart aches so good while editing this chapter.
YXX and SC are so cute (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) my single self can only dream.

Happy reading everyone~


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