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Seeing Yan Xue Xiao’s silence for a while, he actually took the salary card. Ah Pei thought that he (YXX) was really black-hearted, even taking the hard-earned money the child had saved, but he couldn’t see it as he walked out of the room.

The door to the room was knocked on and he felt Yan Xue Xiao’s eyes stop on his face. He subconsciously said, “Now there is not much money in the card.”

He added: “But there will be some in the future.”

The line of sight was still on his face, his thick eyelashes trembled slightly and his face turned red.

When Yan Xue Xiao left the room, he took out his room card and put it on the sensor. He found that there were many keys with metallic luster in his coat pocket.

The key to Huating.


Ah Pei looked at Yan Xue Xiao who was sitting in the car and flipping through the documents. He couldn’t help asking: “Did you accept that silver card?”

“Only ‌Keep it.”

Although Yan Xuexiao’s answer is simple, he is not like a person who spends money randomly. Ah Pei thinks that he does not want Shen Chi to have money to hook up with little girls, especially those who wear skirts and are pure and beautiful.

After a week of competition, the players sitting on the preparation stand were quite exhausted. But under the pressure of qualifying, no team dared to relax even in the last ‌ match.

TTL ranks first in Group A, followed by the small Bee with a slight difference of six points. Many people are quite critical of this result.

Although the level of PDL preliminary teams is generally not high and the playing style is particularly chaotic. The directing footage can’t be cut, and there aren’t many people watching the live broadcast of the competition, but there are still people posting on the forum.

【Oolong Tea】No one pays attention to the TTL team?I didn’t see any highlights, and the total number of bees killed by the first group was high

Immediately, there are more replies.

【A cup of green milk with green】 Good condition, good luck. Every game is basically a circle, and the light ranking score can get ten points

【Da Hongpao】Not only is it a round trip, but it is also good luck. So many teams have never hit the bee head-on, and both teams have lost both sides and come out to collect their heads.

【Kumquat Lemon】This…is too stubborn, I suddenly hope the Little Bees can win

【Milk Cover Ice Cream】 Hope +1

Liu Xiaodong sat in the commentary position and adjusted his headset as usual: “The last game of Group A is about to start. After knowing the opponent’s jump point, the team’s tactics will not change.”

“The bee’s gun is too fierce. In the last game yesterday, the lone wolf was destroyed and reorganized. This time, even if he didn’t qualify, he could circle a wave of powder. TTL won’t get a word.”

”TTL doesn’t look good”


When the game started, the Little Bees changed their fixed jump point to the airport, and jumped to the fishing village, Port P in the south.

“The little bee is behind TTL.” Liu Xiaodong focused and looked at the screen, “TTL is unlikely to hit the little bee.”

“Fight up”

“Justice bees punish old dogs quickly.”

“Late seems to be only eighteen, right?”

“Then change to puppy ”

“If you don’t fight, you are not a man.”

After searching for equipment in Port P, the little bee went along the fishing village, stepped lightly, and hung in ambush behind TTL.

“Little Bee’s gun has been opened, and TTL hasn’t noticed it yet.” Liu Xiaodong shook his head. “The points difference between the two teams is not much. If TTL is eliminated at the start, the situation will be reversed immediately.”

“Maybe they didn’t expect the little bee to change their jumping point. The little bee is also very risky to do this. After all, he never skipped Port P.”

“Small bee play”

Liu Xiaodong’s voice fell, and TTL, who had just moved out of the fishing village to the opposite mountain, was ambushed!

Lan Heng, who was used to a smooth start, suddenly flashed and was beaten with residual blood: “There is someone behind the tree in direction 235.”

Xu Cheng, who hid in the bunker, threw a smoke bomb in front of Lan Heng, and when the fog was full, he reached out to save people, but he did not expect the hand|thunder to be thrown in succession, and it exploded rapidly in the air!

“Beautiful! Take away the two TTL directly.” Liu Xiaodong paid attention to the battle, “The macho team is well-deserved.”

“Throw it too accurately!”

“There are only two people left in TTL ‌”

“With this team, most of them have to run away.”

“Then they have to run away” ‌

However, unexpectedly ‌, Ye Ning touched the ‌ Little Bee ‌ behind, and directly fought hard.

“Home delivery?”

“A fight in melee ‌It can only be said that the courage is commendable”

“Ye Ning is too bold. He is not lovable in PCL. He especially likes to go alone and doesn’t take the command of the team seriously.”

“I said in a game that it is too easy for the anchor to play . Today, they bring their habits to the professional competition.” Liu Xiaodong commented , “It was too smooth before the show.”

“If it doesn’t go well, I won’t say TTL steals people’s heads, it’s great to steal”

“The little bees should change their strategy early. If the total points ranking is not high, only one team can qualify. Their opponent is actually only TTL”

“The little bee gun can’t be commanded fiercely.”

“A common problem with the macho team ”

Liu Xiaodong lowered his head to drink water and didn’t look at the screen. Ye Ning didn’t have to stay in close combat, but the Little Bee team was not weak. It was too hard to solve an enemy, especially an enemy lurking in the dark. No matter how you look at it, he is dead .

However, when he put down the water cup and raised his head, there was an extra gunline on the battlefield. He suddenly realized that he had forgotten a person. Late, behind the second-floor window, solved the enemy in the dark and raised the muzzle accurately for Ye Ning.

It is not appropriate to say that the gun is repaired because Late has a 98K in his hand, and one shot takes away the enemy who is aiming at Ye Ning.

Witnessing the rapid extinction of the little bees, Liu Xiaodong was speechless for a long time but still did not take back his own judgment. He only sternly boasted: “TTL cooperates better than I imagined, tacit understanding.”

“They have been established less than a month ago, why can they have such a tacit understanding?”

“Maybe because Late’s marksmanship is good, you can safely hand over the back to him. Back then Ye Ning ‌‌ didn’t dare to fight like that on the previous team.”

“Oh, marksmanship, sour.”

Shen Chi was sitting on the gaming chair for four hours. At the end of the game, his back froze due to his concentration, and he could not feel any sensation. He could only get out of the chair after a while.

He stood up and did not relax until the host looked at them: “Congratulations to the TTL team in Group A for getting their tickets to the finals.”

Shen Chi looked towards the audience and did not see a familiar figure. The squeezed hand suddenly was put down. It seems that Yan Xue Xiao was still not around. He hung his head and walked towards the car that Manager Chen bagged. The other team members followed.

“I didn’t expect us to enter the finals like this.” Lan Heng fastened on his seat belt and exclaimed, “I was still worried before the game, maybe we could win the championship.”

Professional playing is much more tiring than live broadcasting. It is necessary to maintain extraordinary concentration. After six games, not only are the hands and legs numb, but the sense of achievement that can be brought is also unmatched by live broadcasting.

“It’s still early.” Ye Ning took out his own soaked wolfberry water from the bag, and analyzed objectively, “The preliminary competition teams look so competitive, but they are all new teams with no competition experience. The actual competition is not that big.”

Ye Ning drank a mouthful of wolfberry water: “The biggest opponent in the final did not qualify for the eight teams together, and the twenty-four teams that were downgraded from PCL last season, each team has rich experience in the top league, and then the enemy, light analysis every team is a headache.”

“Go back and review the game.”

Xu Cheng spoke.

Manager Chen sitting in the front row said intimately: “You should take a good rest just after the game. You can put it in for the replay.”

But Manager Chen’s opinions were ignored by everyone. Shen Chi lowered his head and sat down next to the window in the last row. Then he closed his eyes tiredly and rested, but did not find the man sitting on the other side.

He closes his eyes and still thinks about the game. What Ye Ning said is right. The preliminary competition is more like practicing hands. Next week, they will face many opponents in the league, and every team should not be underestimated.

Tired, he went to sleep with his head leaning against the window, suddenly a cold hand held him in his arms. He sniffed the familiar pine smell and found a comfortable place to lie down like a puppy.

When Shen Chi woke up and saw the man’s dark eyes he froze, he did not expect Yan Xue Xiao to come, and the amber pupils became bright: “When did you arrive?”.

Yan Xue Xiao answered flatly: “Since the beginning .”

Talking less and he found himself sitting on Yan Xue Xiao’s lap. His hands were still holding Yan Xue Xiao’s clothes, his face flushed.He quickly bowed his head and sat back in his seat, but his eyes couldn’t help drifting in Yan Xue Xiao’s direction.

Before the car arrived at the airport, Lan Heng, who was sitting in the co-pilot, suddenly said, “Have you watched today’s news? The general manager of Zaiyuan Xu Xin was killed by a debtor, and loan sharks. ‌ The phone was still stuck in the throat, but unfortunately it couldn’t be saved.”

Ah Pei couldn’t help but look at Yan Xue Xiao behind him. The man in a black suit had a calm expression. He was obviously not surprised by Xu Xin’s death, just like an indifferent bystander.

But Ah Pei said that Xu Xin and Yan Zhao’s death were inseparable. If Yan Xue Xiao did not lend Xu Xin money again and again, Xu Xin might not gamble anymore. Even if he gambles, he has no confidence to borrow deep figures from loan sharks .

His dull head turned slowly, Yan Xue Xiao didn’t expect Xu Xin to pay back the money.He wanted Xu Xin’s life.

Ah Pei’s heart arose inexplicably and he felt that Yan Xue Xiao was even stranger. He could remember him wearing a clean white shirt and then it flashed to the bloody night.

Ye Ning closed his eyes and rested: “Watch less UC news.”

“Don’t you think it’s scary?” The goose bumps on Lan Heng’s body were all up. “Not only was the phone stuck in his throat, there were bloodstains all over his body.”

“It is said that there is a risk of injury to the kidneys.” Ye Ning, who was keeping in good health, did not start to drink a sip of wolfberry water.

“The two bees are not jumping back to the airport?” Xu Cheng didn’t listen to what Lan Heng was talking about, and concentrated on resuming the game on paper.

However, when he just woke up, after hearing the news he pretended that he was not affected. But in fact, he quietly moved to Yan Xue Xiao’s position and moved again, and the cold feeling that spread disappeared.

Seeing Shen Chi’s behavior through the rearview mirror, Ah Pei was worried. Yan Xue Xiao was the scariest one.

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