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Shen Chi had an unspeakable dream, in which he was hugged tightly by the man, because he was too hot and wanted to break free. As if it were soothing him, the delicate kiss fell on him, especially his wrist.

The air‌ was filled with the sweet smell of glutinous rice wine, and he was forced to endure deeper and deeper kisses until he could see that the outstanding face belonged to Yan Xue Xiao.

He suddenly woke up, his sheets were crumpled, and he was alone on the bed. He hadn’t had such a dream for a long time. The tips of his ears became red, he couldn’t sleep with his brother anymore.

The draw was divided on the day of the game. He showed that TTL was drawn in Group A. When the draw was finished, the TV reporter held up the microphone to interview: “The first game of the PDL Fall Season is about to begin. Can you talk about your goals?”

Because he doesn’t often appear in the camera, a red-haired man looked at Yan Xue Xiao in the auditorium and said calmly: “Champion.”

The word champion is too sensitive. Xu Cheng, who silently prepared on the side, felt the gaze of other teams, and suddenly didn’t know what kind of team he joined.


In Yancheng’s villa, Mrs. Shen caught a glimpse of Shen Chi’s face on the live broadcast,and the hand arranging flowers paused: “Is that kid not studying yet?”

Ji Shu, who was sitting while handing flowers, looked at Shen Chi’s flashing face and hesitated to open his mouth: “He shouldn’t be studying anymore.”

He doesn’t know what the PDL autumn game is, but he can see that the team uniforms worn by Shen Chi are extremely cheap. Even the team name is drawn with black markers. The turning point of the pen has already faded. He doesn’t think there is any future in playing games. .

He can’t remember the days in the border town. So Shen Chi is like a person from another world, and his poverty is particularly shocking.

Mrs Shen frowned when she saw Ji Shu’s shrinking appearance. At first she was very satisfied with Ji Shu. He was obedient and had good grades, but he still couldn’t change the habit raised from the border town, and he didn’t even dare to lift his face.

“The college entrance examination has passed.” Mrs. Shen said lightly, “Yan University’s politics and law are also good. I won’t force you if you don’t want to, but all you have to do is to study hard and protect your prestige. Don’t be like Shen Chi playing every day.”

Ji Shu feels too heavy to breathe, he seems to be a product displayed in the window, and any dissatisfaction will be smoothed out.

Today, he failed the college entrance examination with only 620 points. Although Yancheng Law is also a good school, it is far incomparable with Yan University, and there are only a handful of students who have passed the exam for Yan University.

He could only comfort himself that he had a better life than Shen Chi. If he hadn’t come to Shen’s house, he would be wearing cheap clothes, and he would even drop out of school to work. This is unimaginable in Ji Shu’s eyes. ‌.


Group A will play first in the morning. The good news is that you can play early and leave early. The bad news is that you can face the powerful Bee team.

After accepting the interview, Shen Chi walked to the chair in the arena, picked up the headset prepared by the organizer, took a deep breath and put it on.

He was never nervous in the past, but suddenly he was a little nervous when he sat in the competition for a formal e-sports player, and subconsciously looked up into the audience.

Yan Xue Xiao sat in the first row of the audience, watching him quietly, Shen Chi’s tension gradually eased, and he held the mouse in his hand.

He still owes the Shen family 700,000 yuan. He has to win the PDL championship and pay back the money little by little and walk upright in the sun.

The commentary of the preliminary game is Liu Xiaodong, who wrote for the E-Sports Weekly. He is known for his pungent and tricky style. Before the game started, he said to the participating teams: “What is the name of the little bee team is almost the same as that of the macho team.”

“The muscles are really fierce”

“I saw TTL avoid them.”

“TTL refers to the team that wants to win the championship. The manager also claims that the best advantage is money, and the quality of the Internet celebrity team is coming.”

“Normally, PDL is a brawl between internet cafes, mainly watching a lively event.”

The first game started at nine o’clock on time. The area of ​​PUBG‌ map is high, and the risk of blind tying is high. In order to keep the results stable, each team has a fixed jumping point, and of course there is no shortage of teams having the same jumping points. Whoever is stronger has the final say.

“The little bees jumped to the airport.” The battle in the early stage of the game was not fierce, and Liu Xiaodong explained the situation easily. “There are many people jumping in the airport resources, and the three teams fall at the same time . The play is quite fierce, and the opponent is not given a chance to breathe.”

“The marksmanship shocked me”

“It feels like a European and American team came up just right.”

“Four kills”

“My wife is happy to meet a rival”

Even though the commentator talked about TTL as his wife, Liu Xiaodong had prepared before the game. The configuration of TTL can be said to be the top level in the preliminary round. Both Late and Ye Ning can stand up a team on their own.

However, TTL unexpectedly jumped in a fishing village with mediocre resources. Although the game will increase the resource spawn rate, they will not find the right equipment, but the fishing village is located on the edge of the map, and there are no other teams in the surrounding area.

“TTL’s play style is too girly¹.” Liu Xiaodong commented without mercy.

“Liu Xiaodong’s mouth…”

“Sure enough, it’s the Wife [tl: They probably meant they are a girly team]Team”

“It’s really too conservative. They didn’t meet one person, but the little bees won nine of them.”

The teams in the preliminary rounds are not regular teams, and they play extremely chaotically. Often three or four teams don’t care about fighting, leading to annihilation. They have not considered the points. Looking at the PDL, it is mainly refreshing.

TTL has never participated in a melee, and quietly moved to the edge of the circle, stealing people ‌ very smoothly, and went to other teams to watch from time to time.

“I was eyeing another one”

“How does TTL know that there is someone behind the hillside”

“How else can they snipe people? ”


They haven’t even fought a head-on fight, but the score is second only to the hard-working Little Bees, which caused the live broadcast and the audience to condemn them.

“I have watched the Late online game before, and I feel that he played very fiercely. He can kill more than 20 in a round. How can it change?”

“He was also very fierce in single offline matches before, and I feel that the tenosynovitis is still affecting, but Ye Ning has followed, he did not fire a shot at the end of the game.”

“It’s probably contagious.”

“It’s not as good as a live broadcast”

“Live broadcast?” Liu Xiaodong saw the last barrage, “Who else doesn’t know that the anchors are all fried fish in the Silver Bureau? The Gold Bureau is considered conscience.”

He also wrote an article in the E-Sports Weekly to criticize this phenomenon. He thought that there were many anchors who came to the game and had a little bit of strength, but he didn’t expect that the water was still low.


“reasonably doubt the connotation of a certain team”

“Online gun battle on the line”

“But the TTL members has not been reduced.”

The game became more and more fierce afterwards. Even the Little Bees team lost their members, but the TTL nested in the circle was still full of blood.

“It looks like they want to get ranking points.”

Liu Xiaodong gave the attribution. In order to ensure the enjoyment of the game, the league’s points are composed of ranking points and kill points. The survival ranking points are the highest 10 points, and the killing of one person is one point. The ranking score is not so important in the game.

“To be honest, I don’t know who is directing TTL.” Liu Xiaodong shook his head, “It’s not as good as a passerby.”

But at the moment his voice just fell, the battlefield situation changed drastically, and TTL killing messages continued to be sent on the screen. Ye Ning was the last one to kill the bee and lock the champion of the game!

“How to go back !”

“This old man can’t keep up a bit”

“How does TTL know where someone is?”

Liu Xiaodong was also surprised, stunned. He can only attribute it to TTL’s good luck and robbed a few people: “It’s a pity that the Little Bees didn’t notice that the TTL were behind. Congratulations to TTL for winning. The champion of this round is currently ranked first in Group A.”

But in the next game, there is obviously not much amazing performance. TTL’s points are still stable in the first place. He finally understands why no one wants to explain the PDL anymore, there are always strange teams.

Liu Xiaodong didn’t like such a team in his heart, and he insisted on saying: “Today TTL is in good condition, and I hope they continue to maintain it in the next games.”

“Everything can be because of the state”

“I saw Xiaodong Liu being forced to talk about cliches once.”

“Congratulations on the victory!”

“Surprised, does that little red hair still have fans?”

“Unsolved Mysteries of the World”

Lan Heng stood up from his seat. He played eight games a day. He was the most experienced player but he almost froze at the end of the fight.

Hearing that the people around him only praised the state, he didn’t care too much. The six games extremely narrowed the gap between the sports and the state. They were the first in group A.

Different from the live broadcast, the opponents are professional teams. There are differences in marksmanship, so it is impossible to stop fighting after hearing the trouble. It is impossible to determine whether there are other teams behind, so it is very important to collect information under such circumstances.

And only in the arena, he realized how terrifying Shen Chi’s memory is. No wonder he was admitted to Yan. He kept collecting and analyzing information in the early stage and he became clear about the position of each team in the later stage.Otherwise, they couldn’t win against the Bee Team directly.

He clearly realized that the ‘victory’ he said in the interview was not a joke. Shen Chi just took off his headphones and left the court lightly. He knew that he was very happy when he looked at his suddenly relaxed hand.


Debt reminder voices kept coming from the phone. Xu Xin sat down on a chair, his suit stained with wine stains, and his eyes were blank, looking ahead. He didn’t know why his life had changed like this.

Half a year ago, he was the general manager of Zaiyuan Logistics. He was highly regarded by Zheng An, he had a lot of income and a happy family, until someone took him to bet on horses.

At first, he made a lot of money. He was tricked into borrowing money to gamble, but gradually his luck was gone, and his debts were very profitable. He borrowed money from everyone around him, and even his wife and children stayed away from him.

He wanted to pay off the money, but Yan Xue Xiao was willing to lend money to him without asking for anything in return, like a devil whispering.He couldn’t suppress the idea of ​​paying back his money, and the number of bets became more and more, until the debt accumulated into a monstrous number.

With the last hope in his heart, he habitually dialed Yan Xue Xiao’s phone: “Can you still lend me money?”

Yan Xue Xiao stood by the window, looking down at the city: “Sorry, I’m out of money.”

Ah Pei on the side suddenly felt empty and cold. Yan Xue Xiao was not surprised by Xu Xin’s call. He left the game venue early to wait for the call, and he said with compassion for the dying person.

When Shen Chi returned to his room, he just heard Yan Xue Xiao’s words. He just put away the room card slowly, because his brother always spent money.

He put the room card in his pocket, walked to the suitcase without even thinking about it, and carefully took out the bank card in the mezzanine.

The money he earned was returned to the Shen family. The money he saved was not much, only 18,000 yuan, of which 10,000 yuan was paid by the club, but it was all his savings.

Just after the game, he walked to Yan Xue Xiao and handed out his bank card: “I will raise you.”




Editor’s Note:

Girly – sissy

//The little cub is gonna raise his rich husband. Waiting~ :>


Translator’s Note: I know I’ve been a horrible translator so far and I’m sorry for that. English is not my first language and sometimes I used weird words? So now I’m glad that we have an editor aboard. Please welcome our editor Gummy! I’ll try to make the translations better. Happy Reading everyone!

Updates will resume now every week days same as before.

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