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Shen Chi arrived home with Yan Xue Xiao , and the clothes were not yet dry, wrapped in Yan Xue Xiao’s coat and walked into the living room, because he was afraid that the floor would get wet and he did not dare to move, until Yan Xue Xiao’s voice came from the bathroom.

“The water is ready.”

Stiff, he walked into the bathroom cautiously, the mist filled the air, Yan Xue Xiao’s face was not really seen, only the outline of the light could be seen.

The long-lost warmth flows through the silent blood. He lowered his head to hide the red circle, and stood under the orange light.

He didn’t know how long he had been standing, suddenly Yan Xue Xiao’s slender and well-proportioned hands fell on his cold waist, “Shall I take it off for you?”

He immediately passed over, felt the hand on his waist, and stammered: “I’ll do it myself.”

Yan Xue Xiao turned to touch his hair and walked out of the bathroom. He exhaled, took off his clothes and soaked in the bathtub at just the right temperature.

Shen Chi sank on the surface of the water. The red hair is wet on the white forehead, and the thick upturned eyelashes are stained with water drops, like a stray puppy who has returned home.

Shen Chi found out that he didn’t bring a change of clothes after taking a shower. He was about to open the door embarrassingly and caught a glimpse of pajamas on the shelf.

He took his pajamas and found them to be brand-new blue pajamas, which fit strangely in size and seemed to be made for him.

He put on his pajamas and blew his hair out of the bathroom. He was sleepy, and he walked to the second bed and fell asleep without realizing.

The door of the room opened silently, and Yan Xue Xiao approached the bed and looked down at Shen Chi, who had curled up into a ball, gently tucked him away, and restrained himself with a kiss on Shen Chi’s forehead. .

The sunlight passing through the french windows will be warmed by the sun. Shen Chi wakes up from the bed and his whole body is extremely warm. He is startled, rubbing his eyes and walking out of bed.

He didn’t have time to dry his wet clothes last night. He didn’t know if he could still wear them now. He walked to the door, and the slightly open wardrobe attracted his attention.

There are clothes in the cabinet.

He couldn’t help holding his breath. Has anyone else lived in the room? He slowly opened the closet door.

There are neatly arranged clothes in the closet, which are as brand new as yesterday’s pajamas. He tried to compare them on himself, and the size fits him perfectly.

Squeezing the clothes in his hands, last night they arrived home it was already midnight. A cabinet full of clothes will certainly not be ready, but it could be ready if it was prepared beforehand.

After he raised his head and looked at the bedroom slowly, there was a bright french window in the room, which made the lighting good, and there was also a connected game room, which was spotlessly clean. All the words he said in the past came true.

Shen Chi hanged into his pajamas and hurried out of the bedroom. He smelled the familiar shredded pork with sauce. He looked up and saw Yan Xue Xiao wearing a blue apron in the kitchen. Even the apron was exactly the same as before in Border Town.

He was not relieved until he saw Yan Xue Xiao. He was a little stunned, as if they had never separated. He just went to college from high school. He looked on his phone, “Brother, I’m going to the base.”

Yan Xue Xiao handed Shen Chi the packed shredded pork with sauce, and gently hugged Shen Chi : “Goodluck on the game.”

Ah Pei felt that the two were more intimate than brothers, but watching Yan Xue Xiao’s calm expression, he swallowed silently.

After Shen Chi left the house, he asked everyone ‌ to gather at the base. Manager Chen took the team members into the car and headed for the airport. All four of them were wearing plain old shirts and uniforms.

Ye Ning, as the only player with league experience, said aloud: “We studied the PCL Summer Games this week. There shouldn’t be a big problem with playing PDL.”

Lan Heng was training well at the base. Fortunately, he sat in the car slowly and nervously, and asked Shen Chi, who was sitting in the co-pilot: “Captain, what do you think?”

“If we can’t even hit first place in PDL——” Shen Chi raised his eyebrows slightly, “The club doesn’t need to be opened.”

Lan Heng choked. Although the PDL was nicknamed the Cyber ​​Café Tournament due to its uneven level, it was not easy to qualify from more than one hundred teams. Shen Chi’s tone didn’t put PDL at a high level at all.

But he doesn’t know why. Hearing Shen Chi’s voice, his heart was inexplicably settled for a few minutes. It’s just PDL. After they played PCL, it was just the beginning.

Xu Cheng, who was sitting in the back row, made a serious analysis: “The opponents in the preliminary match are all new teams. Most of them only have rich experience in online matches, but the Little Bees are quite strong and have won the cup championship.”

Ye Ning asked: “What configuration?”

“The four are all gunmen.”

Lan Heng was surprised. Obviously Xu Cheng had carefully studied more than a hundred teams. With Shen Chi and Ye Ning, Xu Cheng’s strength was not top-notch, but Xu Cheng worked so hard that he was the last to leave the training room every day.

“The macho team.” Lan Heng sighed.

In terms of the winning rate of the game, this configuration is not the highest winning rate, but it is the most troublesome in the game. If you die, you will be bitten. He only hopes that the team will not meet with the bee team tomorrow.

Because the flight was delayed, they arrived at the Express Hotel in Yucheng. It was already dark, and the four of them checked in and walked upstairs.

Lan Heng saw Manager Chen walking outside the hotel: “Aren’t you going to check in?”

The well-dressed manager Chen looked at the cheap hotel decoration, pushed the mirror on the bridge of his nose and said, “I still want to stay in a five-star hotel.”

“Don’t bother.” Lan Heng grabbed Manager Chen by the shoulder, “Stay with me tonight.”

They walked into the corridor, and many of the rooms were open, and they could all see players wearing various uniforms.

In a room next to them, four burly men lived directly, with the three characters “Bee” stitched crookedly on the front of their clothes.

Lan Heng suddenly regretted staying in the hotel, and dragged Shen Chi and asked: “You said they can’t beat us, it’s possible to secretly poison them.”

Shen Chi turned his head and looked at Lan Heng expressionlessly. Lan Heng immediately let go of his hand, and heard the words: “It’s a powerful enemy.”

“Why?” Lan Heng couldn’t help asking.

Ye Ning whispered on one side: “The four of them live in one house. The conditions of the team are very poor. If they can’t qualify, they will be dissolved. They will play harder than anyone else.”

There are hundreds of new teams attacking the top league every season, but there are only 14 teams at the top of the pyramid. Since the establishment of the alliance, only one team has entered the top league from the PDL, and there are many teams silently disappearing.

Lan Heng was silent for a while, but the depression was quickly taken by the excitement of the interview, which led everyone to answer questions in front of the live camera.

“I note that TTL is a new team that was established a month ago. The four players are all anchors and have received a lot of attention since the establishment of the team. What do you think is the biggest advantage of the team?” asked with a smile.

Live Broadcast‌ recognized the red-haired Shen Chi.

“He really came to play PDL”

“Happy Team!”

“If all four people are anchors, the game experience is rich, but I feel that the cat live broadcast is about to close down.”

Lan Heng really didn’t know what his team’s greatest advantage was. He handed the microphone to Shen Chi, but Shen Chi went straight into the room. He could only hand the microphone to Manager Chen.

Facing the camera, Manager Chen, who was the manager of the team for the first time, replied solemnly: “We have money.”


“Wearing an old man’s shirt and staying in a cheap hotel can also be considered rich? I feel rich. ”

“I couldn’t tell if he was telling the truth or joking, not quite like a serious team manager.”

“Forget it, let’s not ridicule, let’s talk about the advanced finals, I feel that the cooperation is quite poor, four players are not as good as two, and support the passersby.”

“Training ‌‌ is too short. The four people are completely different from each other. If they are in a group with the little bee, they will lose in the finals.”

Shen Chi didn’t have the habit of going online before the game. He put his suitcase in the room and went out to eat with everyone in the restaurant downstairs.

When Manager Chen was away, Lan Heng joked: “Would the captain like to treat us today?”

The three pairs of longing gazes all looked at Shen Chi, Shen Chi did not look at them ‌, and the three pairs of gazes all went away.

Lan Heng is indifferent. Shen Chi is known for being thrifty. It stands to reason that the salary of ten thousand yuan is not too embarrassing, but after using his mobile phones for three years, he is not willing to replace it with a new one. Treating them would be impossible.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Shen Chi suddenly said, “I’ll treat you today.”

Lan Heng hasn’t reacted yet. Manager Chen respectfully brought a man with a dazzling face to sit down at the dining table. Next to the man was a fierce mixed blood with a fierce eyebrow, exuding the aura of a rumorous superior.

Lan Heng didn’t dare to look at them more. The name of the dish was ticked on the menu. Yucheng cuisine tastes spicy. He will not order local specialties for the competition tomorrow, but order two cheap home-cooked dishes.

Knowing that Shen Chi is saving, there are not many dishes ordered by others on the table. Ah Pei is interested in many dishes on the menu, so he wanted to eat more, but Yan Xue Xiao just ordered two dishes and looked over. Ah Pei had to pass the half-selected menu to the waiter.

After dinner, everyone went to the hotel upstairs. Shen Chi accompanied Yan Xue Xiao to the front desk to check in. The front desk staff apologized and said, “I don’t think there is any vacancy, the room is fully booked.”

“Go to other hotels.” Shen Chi said.

“Then you may have to go to a hotel a little further away.” The staff kindly reminded, ” There are too many players in this week’s game, and the nearby hotels are fully booked.”

Shen Chi looked at the dark night, and asked, “What should I do?”

Behind the two of them, Ah Pei was about to say that there is a car, but Yan Xue Xiao watched Shen Chi without any emotions he replied: “A room is also okay.”

Ah Pei consciously swallowed the words and went, worrying that he was going to sleep outside the room tonight. In fact, he can hit the floor, but Yan Xue Xiao’s behavior is probably not the same.

Shen Chi had no reason to refute. He walked into the corridor and bit the bullet and opened the door. Yan Xue Xiao followed him and walked into the room.

Because it is a single person, the room is not big, but fortunately there are windows for ventilation. He opened the blinds, and the cold night breeze poured in instantly.

‌ The tips of his red ears slowly cooled down, but he was afraid that Yan Xue Xiao’s stomach would catch the cold, so he closed the window.

Without the night breeze, the small room became extremely quiet. Yan Xue Xiao sat on the chair and reviewed the documents. He was holding a little milk and watching.

He hasn’t been alone with Yan Xue Xiao for a long time. In fact, he doesn’t need to do anything. Even if he can’t read the report figures, he will feel at ease just staying.

But there will be a game tomorrow morning. He didn’t watch it for a while, so he went to the bathroom with his pajamas in his arms.

The block is made of frosted glass. From the outside, you can only see a vague figure. He took off his clothes and opened the shower head.

Listening to the sound of water all around his ears, Yan Xue Xiao’s pen dropped on the paper slightly stagnated. Without looking back, the sharp pen tip outlined the concave collarbone.

followed by a smooth and beautiful back, and a thin waist down, to the last stroke ‌, Yan Xue Xiao’s Adam’s apple bobbed.

Translator’s Note: Happy Reading Everyone! If you notice any mistake please ping me on discord or comment down below. The series would take a break for a while, I won’t release new chapters until I find an editor. Updating five times a week, I tend to miss some errors like simple he/she and more. I would stockpile chapters for now, I made this decision for the sake of quality control and fast release for everyone. Thank you for understanding and please continue to support the book.


Edit: I have found a translator, updates would resume next week.

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