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Sneaking on sleep

Shen Chi thought it must be expensive, but looking at Yan Xue Xiao’s dark eyes, he did not say anything, but silently nodded and moved the things he had brought to the new place.

The room he lives in has no windows, but there are bay windows on the whole wall. The heating in the room is full, and the transparent glass has a colored fog.

The teenager changed into his pajamas and slept on the bed. He didn’t need to curl himself up into a ball, and he didn’t need to put on a thick coat. The cold calf gradually became warm, and the whole body was warmed up.

He usually sleeps very fast , but he doesn’t know why he can’t fall asleep tonight. Worrying this is all an illusion. After waking up, he still stays in a small rented house, and he is alone.

He stared at the ceiling and memorized words.




He didn’t fall asleep even with his back from A to E, and a daring thought suddenly floated in his mind. The boy took his own blanket and walked to Yan Xue Xiao’s door, knocked gently and no one responded, it seemed that he fell asleep.

He plucked up the courage and pushed open the door of Yan Xue Xiao’s room. The light in the room was turned off, and the dark curtains were pulled tightly. The whole room was plunged into darkness, and no light was visible.

He fumbled into the room, and wanted to sleep next to Yan Xue Xao. Because it was too dark, he couldn’t find the correct position. He plunged his head into the warm arms of the young man, and his body froze with tension.

After a while, the boy held his breath and raised his head. In order not to wake Yan Xue Xiao, he slowly adjusted his position and moved a little to the side.

Seeing that he was about to move to the side, Yan Xue Xiao suddenly embraced him and heard the young man’s tired voice close at hand: “Don’t move.”

He thought that Yan Xue Xiao was awake and didn’t dare to move at any moment. He was thinking of explaining like this, but the young man just said this sentence and tightened his hold around him.

He should be dreaming.

The young man put his heart down and slept in Yan Xue Xiao’s arms. The sense of unreality seemed to disappear, clutching the corners of his clothes tightly, lying in his brother’s arms like a puppy.


The next day, Shen Chi woke up very early, got out of bed softly, and returned to his room with a guilty conscience after taking away the crime tools.

However, what he didn’t see was that the young man’s narrow eyes suddenly opened the second after he turned .

Shen Chi lay in his bed for half an hour, pretending to have just woken up, rubbed his eyes and walked to the dining table to sit down, pretending to be calm: “Good morning.”

Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyes: “Good morning.”

The milk on the dining table is hot. He took a sip from his cup and looked up at Yan Xue Xiao.

While eating breakfast, the young man was reading a Bende book. He bit down on a corner of the toast and asked, “What are you looking at?”

“Kant’s Criticism of Pure Reason.”

Shen Chi only read about Kant’s objective idealism in political books. He asked curiously: “Can you tell me about him?”

“Kant is hailed as the reservoir of Western philosophy.” Yan Xue Xiao said slowly, “He has never left the city where he lived and lived a solitary life, but his life’s work is for human reasons. The basis is to end the philosophy of classicism and start the era of epistemology.”

Although he didn’t understand it well, the young man took it down very seriously. He also wanted to get close to Yan Xue Xiao’s world.

After breakfast, the phone rang, he opened the screen, and Zhuang Zhou’s voice came from the phone: “Aren’t you here? ‌I knocked on the door for a long time with Shi Liang and no one responded.”

“Moved.” He cleared the table.

“Where did you move?” Zhuang Zhou asked immediately, “The provincial capital has opened a haunted house. I originally wanted to ask you if you were going to play.”

Shen Chi hung up the phone and stared at the screen for a while, and sent the address to Zhuang Zhou.

After Yan Shen arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning, they started the class on time, and the doorbell rang suddenly when they finished the class for practice.

He walked to the door and opened it. Zhuang Zhou and Shi Liang stood outside the door carrying things. Zhuang Zhou handed him the gift box: “Congratulations on your new move. The digital store bought you a solid-state drive at a discount.”

Shi Liang also shyly handed the bag in his hand to him: “I don’t know if you like this wristband.”

‌He never received a housewarming gift before, Shen Chi looked at Yan Xue Xiao subconsciously. Yan Xue Xiao looked at his eyes with encouragement. He licked his lips and took the gift: “Thank you.”

” Still in class.” Maybe because he felt his tone was too cold, the young man asked after taking a test: “Are you going to come and listen?”

Zhuang Zhou:…………

He received an invitation to attend a lecture for the first time, but Shen Chi was unable to invite the person. He and Shi Liang looked at each other carefully and opened the door carefully.

Zhuang Zhou did not expect that Yan Shen was also there. The young man sitting in the chair should be Shen Chi’s older brother. He has no similarities with Shen Chi in appearance. He has a pair of narrow eyes, and his eyebrows are as dark as ink, with a sense of distance.

He only glanced at it and then turned his gaze back. Yan Shen was concentrating on grammar problems and returned after learning at Shen Chi’s place.

But to Zhuang Zhou’s surprise, Yan Shen not only failed to be annihilated as he expected, but instead had 20 questions correct and ten questions, all of which were attributive sentence questions. He took another look at Shen Chi’s exercise book. The topics are correct, indicating that they are really studying.

He heard Yan Shen called Teacher Yan, followed by Teacher Yan. Seeing that the youth had no objection, he pulled Shi Liang and sat down beside Shen Chi’s seat.

Today’s is the sentence’s tense(Passive and active sentence). He used to spend money to go to the cram school in the provincial city. He studied in a scattered way. They haven’t focused on the explanation before. The young man summed up the 16 tenses in one sheet. On the table, the vague knowledge points suddenly became clear.

Zhuang Zhou’s hand in taking notes hasn’t stopped. He stopped writing when he was resting and said to Shen Chi: “PUBG has updated the version, and new guns have been added. Are you able to fight with your hand?”

Shen Chi looked at his wrist. After nearly two months of treatment, it no longer hurts, but the doctor advised him to rest for more than half a year. Hearing Zhuang
Zhou’s words, he said: “It’s not impossible to fight.”

Zhuang Zhou just wanted to make an appointment for a game, the youth looked over, he couldn’t help but shivered: “When I think of seeing it on the Internet, you still have to rest more for tenosynovitis. After the college entrance examination, we will try again.”

After he said this, the cold eyes disappeared, and the youthful spirit was still gentle.

In the following time, Zhuang Zhou did not dare to mention the word game, he sat upright and listened carefully to the class,he did not dare to be distracted.

Perhaps because of class, the time passed very fast, it was dinner time in the blink of an eye, the steaming oden image appeared in Shen Chi’s brain, and the belly mumbled quietly, and subconsciously wrote the three words oden in the exercise book.

Before he came and crossed out the word, Yan Xue Xiao rolled up his book and tapped on his furry head, realizing that the teenager had to concentrate on the problem quickly.

After class, Yan Shen stood up on the chair and silently bowed. Zhuang Zhou and Shi Liang held their schoolbags and said goodbye: “Goodbye, Teacher Yan.”

After the three people left, Yan Xue Xiao walked to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and picked up the ingredients, while Shen Chi was washing the vegetables: “What are we eating today?”

The youth said lightly: “Oden.”

Shen Chi’s hand washing the dishes, it is probably his own illusion that he thought Yan Xue Xiao would remember every word he said.

While Zhuang Zhou walked through the door and pressed the elevator, he suddenly said that he had forgotten to take his notebook. He told Shi Liang to hold down the elevator, ran back to the door and knocked on the door: “Shen Chi, ——”

The door opened.

It was not Shen Chi who opened the door, but the unsmiling teacher Yan in class. The young man wore a pale plaid apron, as if he had caught some secret. Zhuang Zhou swallowed half of his words and closed the door on his own initiative.


Yancheng, Yan Mansion.

Secretary Yin accompanied Yan Zhao into the study. Unlike Chen Ding, who was imagined by outsiders, the furnishings in Yan Zhao’s study were half old, except that the calligraphy and painting on the wall were not ‌ ‌.

“Just saw Zhang Sheng’s face.”

Yan Zhao opened his mouth.

“The sons and nephews from Gao Bo’s country will leave after seeing Gao Bo.” Yin secretary respectfully replied, he knew Yan Zhao was suspicious, and there was no need for strangers.

Yan Zhao, sitting in a chair and asked: “Did you find it?”

“I found it.” Secretary Yin handed an unopened document to the sinking wooden table, organizing the language, “Yan Xue Xiao had been at Yancheng Airport, and had a close relationship with a young man in the border town. ”

Turning over Shen Chi’s information on the desk, looking at a red-haired young man, Yan Zhao, who has always been incapable of joy and anger, twists his brows, obviously extremely dissatisfied.

Secretary Yin, who was standing on the side, couldn’t help but mutter. It was the first time he saw Yan Zhao’s dissatisfied look.

Translator’s Note: So I was supposed to update next week but then I saw someone gave me KoFi and wished me good luck on my defense. Your potato translator is touched and I would share would you guys that our defense is a success.  I think Yan Zhao is Yan Xue Xiao’s dad or uncle I’m not sure.
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