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As if caught off guard, Shen Chi suddenly let go of the hands holding Yan Xue Xiao’s waist, and stammered: “Will you be back during the winter vacation?”

The young man rubbed his head and said something to him softly, but his brain was empty, as if it was placed in silent sea water, and he didn’t hear what was being said.

He looked at Yan Xue Xiao’s leaving back, and subconsciously touched his forehead, obviously just a soothing kiss, ‌What——

It’s getting hot.


In the middle of the night, Guan Shan took off his lab coat, got off work from Yancheng Hospital, and walked out of the side door. A person stood in front of him, filled with a strong smell of blood.

The man handed a brick bound with kraft paper to him, his voice husky like smoke: “Thank you for saving my brother.”

He glanced at it and knew what was in it, he opened his umbrella and stepped into the snow, lazily saying, “No red envelopes.”

“It’s not a red envelope.” The man still stood in front of him, saying humbly and respectfully, “I am Shi Liang’s brother, if you didn’t contact the police and rescued my brother, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have seen him.I’m sorry to hear from you just now.”

“Thank Yan’s family if you want to thank someone.” Guan Shan’s footsteps stopped, “I don’t have such a big power.”

“Which Yan family?” The man spoke with a hint of eccentricity.

“Is there a second Yan family in Yancheng?” Guan Shan asked, the doctor with fox-like eyes didn’t stay and left with the umbrella.

Shi Ran was the only one left in the snow. He squeezed the kraft paper in his hand and did not leave for a long time.

One month after Shen Chi returned to the border town from Yancheng, he didn’t waste any time studying. Yan Xue Xiao told him that he should practice mathematics for additional seven points, and he should focus on practice and reflection on wrong questions.

Copying wrong questions takes too much time. For the convenience of induction, he cut and pasted the wrong questions directly on the loose-leaf book. Every day he is the first one in the class. The pile on the table is thicker than the snow in winter.

As if not wanting to be overtaken by him, Yan Shen left the classroom later, followed by Shi Liang, Zhuang Zhou…The classroom was still brightly lit at eleven o’clock in the evening, and half of the class did not leave.

Teacher Wang saw this scene through the small window, the lens rose up with fog, and moved away very lightly. The next day he carried a shabby office bag from the dormitory to the office, and approached the class teacher of class one: ” Teacher Chen, your class took the first set of math papers yesterday.”

Teacher Chen was making tea in a cup, raised his head after hearing his words, and smiled: “Why, you also want to do it in Class 9?”

Teacher Wang nodded: “The province has a high level of questions. Last year, two real questions were asked. This will be the final exam soon. I want them to meet the world.”

“The question level is high and is also difficult. Only ten people in our class passed, and the highest score was 98.”Teacher Chen stood up with the corrected test paper and patted Mr . Wang on the shoulder. ”Class 9 is the last level in the school, but it hurts self-confidence if the exam is too difficult.”

Teacher Wang smiled.

“You can take the test if you want.” Teacher Chen sighed and took out the paper: “I heard that your blind date didn’t like you last time. It’s not strange that people have a high standard. You were also a serious teacher at the beginning, so you want to go to the first middle school and you don’t want to go back to the border town.”

Teacher Wang smiled and didn’t say anything. He took the test paper and ran to the printer to copy it. After the copy was completed, he carried the thick test paper to the classroom: “Today, the math paper is set, and the topic in the first middle school is difficult. Everyone is mentally prepared.”

The papers began to be distributed, and Shen Chi took the papers from the class representatives. He used to practice in modules, and this was his first time to do a complete mathematics test paper.

He opened the pen and started with the first multiple-choice question. The level of questioning in No. 1 Middle School was much higher than that of Border Town. The questions were all new questions that hadn’t been seen in the market, but they never changed. The investigation is still solid, and it does not exceed the scope given by Yan Xue Xiao.

He did it methodically. It only took half an hour to fill in the blanks and open the test papers to answer big questions. The overall difficulty of the big questions was not high, but the person who made the test deliberately put the problem to the front. He saw through the intention and did not hesitate. Do it from the back to the front.

After the exam, he broadcasted a notice to go to the playground to run. Originally, they could not engage in sports with the concrete floor of their school. He doesn’t know who funded the construction of the plastic playground. The headmaster hates not pulling them to run every day.

Shen Chi was lazily following a run at the end of the class, and he asked Zhuang Zhou next to him: “How do you feel about the math test this time?”

“The test is average.” Shen Chi replied.

When Zhuang Zhou was about to say that he couldn’t play well, he heard the teenager say a sentence with a straight face: “Just one hundred and twenty.”

Zhuang Zhou:…………I almost believed him

Not only was he choking silently, the next group also began to whisper, feeling the sight of the inquiring after , he blushed and pulled Shen Chi: “Let’s run faster.”

The speed of correcting math test papers was very fast, and the results came out in the afternoon. Teacher Chen held a teacup and went to Teacher Wang’s computer: “The average score is fourteen. I said it’s not necessary. You still don’t believe it.”

Seeing that Teacher Wang looked down at the test paper in his hand and did not speak, he couldn’t bear to comfort him: “After all, the college entrance examination is a selection test. Not everyone can pass the college entrance examination to become a doctor and lawyer. There are always people who go to work on the construction site.”

“Are the students in the border towns really inferior to the provincial capital? The students in the provincial capitals can study without a second thought. Most of the students in our school drop out of school halfway through to work. As for Yancheng.”

Teacher Chen paused and said: “It is common for students in Yancheng to pay tens of thousands of supplementary tuition fees, but it is a family’s income for a year in the border town. Compared with the family, the teacher can do too little. Instead of persuading the unsuitable people to take the college entrance examination. , It’s better to let them get in touch with society as soon as possible.”

In his opinion, Class 9 is undoubtedly unsuitable for the college entrance examination. Just like Yan Shen who has not been admitted to the university for five years, he really does not see the value of continuing to study.

Just after his voice fell, he heard Teacher Wang say: “One hundred and twenty-one points.”

Teacher Chen asked in doubt: “What is one hundred and twenty-one points?”

“There are students in our class who have scored 121 points on the exam.” Teacher Wang said with excitement, and the middle-aged man with a round face was happy, like a child.

Before the math class in the afternoon, the class representative sent the corrected test papers to everyone, and the people who received the papers looked solemn.

When she finally sent Shen Chi’s test paper, she was stunned, thinking that she had read it wrong. After confirming that she had read it correctly, she took a deep breath and said the score: “Shen Chi, one hundred and twenty-one points.”

Everyone looked at Shen Chi in astonishment. The fierce-looking Yan Shen flipped through his scoring book several times, seeming to want to know if Shen Chi was reborn. Zhuang Zhou couldn’t help but say: “It’s too powerful to take the first place.”

The teenager said lightly, “It’s okay.”

Zhuang Zhou:…………

Although Zhuang Zhou recognized that Shen Chi’s move was very hateful, others looked at Shen Chi’s gaze more admiringly. Shi Liang, who sat in the front row, wrote “My Good Friend with a Strong Will”.


Shen Chi returned home to open the live broadcast. Before he was about to take out the exercises from his bag, he looked at the phone in the bag and looked away, but he still couldn’t hold back, turning on the phone and sending a message.

[Shen Chi] We took the math test today, and the one was a simulation test in Provincial No. 1 Middle School. I got the highest score of 121

Yan Xue Xiao came out from the library and swiped through the message on the screen, as if he was afraid that he would not be able to see it. The little wolf cub on the opposite side deliberately outlined the key points, and quietly pricked his ears to booast.

【Shen Chi】I got the first place in the exam

The young man raised his eyebrows and opened the cat live broadcast.

Today is the last day of the finals of the PUBG Winter Cup platform host competition. The homepage is scrolling and showing the game replay. The atmosphere of the game is warm and strong. Waiting for the audience in the live broadcast room to talk about the results of the game, until the homepage keeps appearing from the same household.

“Congratulations to Late Mathematics for winning the first place”

Everyone on the platform can see this news, the audience in the live broadcast room is silent, and the tension of the game disappears.

“Woo, we are great!”

“But is this rewarding force too exaggerated? I almost won the championship with ‌Late. I was just about to ask him if he had retired. ‌It turned out he placed first in the math exam.”

“They only said the number one, I guess it’s only the number one in the class. I took the number one in the province but no one bought the broken live kitten reward announcement for me. I’m jealous.”

“I recognized it as a daughter-in-law!”

“Daughter-in-law spoils his cub too much, how can this be good”

Translator’s Note: Thank you so much for the person who bought me a Kofi. I don’t know if you want to be named so I’ll keep you anonymous, as thanks I’ll also post on the coming weekends. I support teacher Wang, we need this kind of teachers who don’t give up on his students. Happy Reading Everyone!

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KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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