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I raise you

This was what Shen Chi saw when putting on his headphones. ‌ The website knew that he got first place in the math test. He had to deduct the handling fee for rewards, and he distressingly calculated the dried fish.

His brother is good at everything, but he spends too much money. He can’t help but open the WeChat reminder because he imagines that his brother is going to live a hard life.

[Shen Chi] The platform will deduct small fish and it’s not cost-effective, because the price of goods in the United States is high, you have to save more

Seeing that the other party did not reply, the boy sighed heavily.

[Shen Chi] It’s okay if you don’t save.

【Shen Chi】I’ll raise you

Yan Xue Xiao walked back to the dormitory. After the young man sent the message, he transferred the living expenses for this month. The young man looked at the last sentence and smiled gently.


Shen Chi sat at the desk and recited words. He took a full month’s math class,but for the subject of English, unexpectedly, Yan Xue Xiao only asked him to recite words.

He bought a vocabulary book with outline vocabulary, and memorized one unit. It is inevitable that he will forget it. Compared with memorizing new words, he spent most of his time reviewing, so as to slow down forgetting as much as possible.

For him, there is no shortcut to learning, he needs to memorize over and over again. It was almost twelve o’clock when he got up from the desk after reciting the words, and suddenly he received a message.

[Kitten Live] Would you like to explain the best match of the Winter Cup?(He would act as a commentator)

Hang Shiqi on the computer was anxious about the news that Shen Chi was the only paid contract to prepare for the college entrance examination in Cat Live, which was a fish that slipped through the net under the gap of the old contract.

The company has been turning a blind eye, but this year’s bounty is too attention-grabbing, it just so happens that the commentator temporarily left, and hurriedly pulled Shen Chi on the field to prove that the game is still live.

[Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] Unwilling

Hang Shiqi had already expected this answer. Others didn’t understand Shen Chi but he did. Seeing that most of the game was about to start, he sent a message.

[Kitten Live] One Thousand Dried Fish

However, the dried fish didn’t work well for the first time.

[Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] Not interested

He was surprised to find that Shen Chi was really obsessed with learning. He didn’t waver in front of the dried fish. He sent a sentence without hope.

[Kitten Live] Next Friday is Christmas. Isn’t it good to earn a little fish and buy Christmas gifts for girls?

The boy lowered his eyes.


Although the last game of the Winter Cup has not yet started, and one of the commentators temporarily left, the Emperor Penguin team is far ahead in points and there is no suspense about the championship. Someone mentioned Late in the forum.

[Arctic Shell] Do you remember Late? I heard that because of tenosynovitis he has retired, and now he has transformed to a learning blog. Today, It’s so embarrassing to see him on the homepage

Many replies below.

【Punch Crab】I remember, after winning the singles championship ‌, there was no sound. I thought he would become a professional player. I didn’t expect him to have a hand injury at such a young age. I regret that I couldn’t see him on the court.

[Angkangyu] I have watched his live broadcast. The intensity of the live broadcast is too ‌much. I can say that I didn’t like him before, and said that his style is too public. Now I think about him as a child, so I don’t need to care about it.

[Luminous jellyfish] +1, boys and dogs of this age dislike cats and dogs. There are many primary school students who live on kitten My platform is supposed to be for adults

The discussion at home was very ‌peaceful until the game started, the off-site commentary was changed to Late, and the live broadcast room was quiet for a while, but the home was still peaceful.

“It’s actually Late, it’s quite unexpected for him to come and explain”

“I don’t know what the red-haired cub thinks about watching the game now, It must be very uncomfortable in his heart. Others are playing games and he can only watch them by the side.”

“The emperor penguin members are very strong. It is recommended that the organizer pay more wages. Transition and learning are not easy. I think his live broadcast has not been more than 100,000.”

The other commentator in the live broadcast of the game was Fang Shengquan. He suppressed his regret for Late and enlivened the atmosphere: “I heard that you have been reviewing for the college entrance examination recently, and this time you promised to explain in order to give a girl a Christmas gift.”

The ears of the teenager on the screen turned red, his mouth opened and closed, and he did not deny it.

Yan Xue Xiao in the amphitheater couldn’t see him, he watched the video, and opened the book with a sound.

Shen Chi knew about this. He was watching the game with headphones on. The Emperor Penguins scored the highest score.

Fang Shengquan is also the most optimistic about the Emperor Penguin team: “The Emperor Penguins were not lucky in the most, and they could not jump from the military base, but he decisively chose to jump off the mansion. This point is also very familiar to him.”

“Aboriginal people are the Silver Fox team, right?”

“The strength of this team is quite weak. It can’t even beat the kitten team. I don’t know if they will insist on jumping into the mansion.”

“It will not be tough with the emperor penguin, the state of the emperor penguin for the winter cup is too good”

However, what some people did not expect was that when the landing speed was slower than that of the Emperor Penguins, the Silver Fox team still chose to jump from the mansion. Fang Shengquan shook his head: “The Silver Fox team is not as good as the Emperor Penguin team in terms of marksmanship or cooperation.”

Shen Chi, who never said anything, said, “The Emperor Penguin team is in danger.”

“Is it dangerous to fight the silver fox team? Brightly and rhythmically against the emperor penguin”

“Calm down, I’m an adult, and I don’t have the same knowledge as a high school student. He may not be able to keep up with the rhythm after playing games for too long.”

“Don’t care about little red hair”

“I bought all the beer to celebrate the championship”

If the long commentary career has told Fang Shengquan, the most important point is not to be too full. He did not insist on his own opinion, but said ambiguously: “Both teams have their own advantages.”

“When it comes to rounding off, I still admire Teacher Fang.”

“Everyone has their own advantages, but obviously , the Emperor Penguin is an overwhelming advantage.”

“Speak more if you can.”

The barrage did not take the Silver Fox team to heart, and the Emperor Penguin team on the field was not disappointed. Looking to kill the two Silver Fox team members, the remaining two members of the Silver Fox team seemed to disappear. From the perspective of the Emperor Penguin team, there was no trace, bullets shot in all directions, and the Emperor Penguin team was cut by three.

The Emperor Penguins withdrew from the championship early, and the barrage was in an uproar.

“How is this possible!”

“the Silver Fox team become invisible?”

“I bought beer for nothing”

“What’s going on?” Rao was also deeply puzzled by the number of battles that Fang Shengquan saw.

“Stuck in the blind spot, the Silver Fox team is not sure if they would take the bait.” The young man replied coldly, “If the emperor penguin is more patient, it is not difficult to find out, but the emperor penguin has successfully killed two and it affected the judgment. Even low-level mistakes like underestimating the enemy will make them lose.”

Hearing the young man ‌, Fang Shengquan felt even more pity in his heart. If there was no hand injury, he believed that he would definitely see Shen Chi’s demeanor at the World Championships in the near future.

“It’s true that it’s like this, but why am I so angry to hear him say it, ‌ comes pretty much the same as ‌ his hand”

“It’s different in an instant, he must be bitter, since his mouth is so poisonous”

“Suddenly glad that he hurt his hand, otherwise how many teams staying in the league will have to tolerate his mouth”

“Go on, let him study hard, try to review a year to take a test, find a job in the classics, don’t harm PUBG”

The competition ended, Fang Shengquan asked casually: “The high school is about to have the final exam, are there any goals?”

He occasionally went to Late’s live broadcast room, and he remembered that his grades were not very good. He was still learning from scratch in his senior year. It was not easy to get 20 or 30 places.

Who knew that the teenager answered without hesitation: “First in the grade.”

“What is the first????”

“I specifically went back and looked through his monthly rankings, he ‌ ranked 450th grade, now he want to take the first grade?”

“I took a screenshot, I will look through this picture.”

“It’s amazing, just like anyone who hasn’t been to high school, if he can take the first grade, I’ll go to the kitten live broadcast and throw 500 small fish.”

Shen Chi took off the earphones, and the thousand dried fish that Hang Shiqi cast was paid. Following the principle of saving, he turned on the phone and found the WeChat account of the cub raising shop.

[Shen Chi] Manager, can you help with purchasing? I want to give my friend a necklace at Christmas, the price is about 1,000, I hope the arrival time can be soon


Yan Xue Xiao was sitting in the classroom, seeing the news from Shen Chi, his phoenix eyes narrowed, and a sentence passed after a while.

【Cub Raising Shop】A thousand yuan can’t buy a good necklace

After receiving the message, the boy felt that it was right. He hesitated for a while, and typed a question on the phone.

[Shen Chi] How about Polaroid?

The other party quickly replied to him.

【Cub Raising Shop】The chance is low

He said several gifts in a row, and they were rejected. The store manager was telling, secretly, that not only were Christmas gifts not worth giving, but rather disturbing, he was persuaded without knowing it.

【Shen Chi】Because he is a very important person, he is not in the country, so I want to surprise him at Christmas. If it bothers him, then I won’t send it.

After he finished sending the message, he was ready to sleep. After a long time, a gleaming message appeared on the dark screen.

——He will like whatever you give.

Translator’s Note: Those penguin fans are really malicious, they keep saying they are glad Shen Chi hurt his hands and it made me mad. If you notice any mistake ping me on discord or comment down below. Happy Reading Everyone!
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KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Pig says:

    Ouch ouch ouch. As someone with an wrist injury, I would never be glad someone has an injury because of their hobbies or work. It isn’t fun, and it actively prevents me from doing the most basic of things. For people to wish that other innocent people get injured, God, how cruel.

  2. Avatar Sofea says:

    I hope the kitties will bite all of the flightless birds soon 😤😤

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