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Grand daughter-in-law

The feeling of danger just flashed by, and Shen Chi was so daring that he asked, “Can’t we sleep together?”



Yan Xue Xiao looked calm: “No.”


He tugged at the corners of the clothes of the person in front of him, his eyes were clean and clear, and he was aware of the lethality of his actions, and he found that the ears of the indifferent youth were slightly red.


The light was turned off, and the room was dark. The two of them were sleeping on the same bed. Yan Xue Xiao’s voice rang in his ears: “What kind of house do you like?”


Shen Chi‌ took a while ‌ to answer: “In a big house, the bedroom has french windows, the curtains should be completely shaded, and there should be a separate game room.”


“I will remember.”


Yan Xue Xiao’s tone was very serious.


The air was silent for a moment, and he opened his mouth and said: “I sleep well and never kick the quilt at night.”


After a while, Yan Xue Xiao watched quietly as the sleeping teenager kicked the quilt aside, rubbing against him , looking for the quilt. He was still a grown-up child, and he closed his eyes.


In his sleep, Shen Chi calmly rubbed against the heat source. He heard the words “Don’t make trouble,” he continued to lie on his stomach until he was completely hugged, covered with the breath of pine wood.




Shen Chi wakes up ‌, ‌ with no one beside him. He smelled shredded pork sauce and went to the kitchen in loose pajamas.


The originally deserted kitchen was surrounded by fire, and the youth rolled up his shirt cuffs and tied a blue plaid apron to make shredded pork with sauce.


For some reason, for the first time, he gave birth to the idea that if Yan Xue Xiao was a girl, it would be good for him to buy a big house to hide his brother and not let anyone see him.


Yan Xuexiao brought the cooked shredded pork with sauce to the table. He was sitting at the table eating the shredded pork with sauce. The sauce was thick and the lips and teeth were fragrant, and his eyes curled: “It’s delicious.”


He finished a large portion of shredded pork with sauce and asked subconsciously, “Do you still have class today?”


Yan Xue Xiao’s words are gentle, but more strict than Teacher Wang. He still has to go to class, but the young man’s eyes fall to his right hand: “I’ll take you to Yancheng to see a doctor.”


The Thanksgiving holiday is not long. Yan Xue Xiao returned to China for his sake. He hung well and got down obediently with a few flying red hair.


When he went out, he heard Yan Xue Xiao remind him inexplicably: “Don’t sleep with others in the future.”


“Men can’t do either.”


It seems that Yan Xue Xiao didn’t sleep well last night. He realized that his sleep posture was not as good as he thought, so he felt ashamed.


In a villa in Yancheng, Mrs. Shen was sitting on the dining table: “Ji Shu, your grandmother’s illness is getting worse, and the waking hours are getting shorter and shorter. I will not see you when I send her to the hospital in the afternoon.”


“I’ll go too.” Ji Shu said.


Mrs. Shen glanced at him: “What you have to do now is to prepare for the college entrance examination. You don’t need to worry about other things.”


Ji Shu didn’t dare to talk any more, and ate slowly.




“The wrists are slowly recovering.” Professor Ding looked at the film on the computer, “but this month you can’t take off your wrist guards. Avoid strenuous activities to stimulate your wrists. Resting for half a year to a year is the best. The root cause of the disease will last a lifetime if the instructions aren’t followed.”


In the hospital department, Shen Chi raised his question , pretending to be calm and asked: “Can I still play games in the future?”


“Others can’t guarantee it, I can guarantee it.” Professor Ding replied, “As long as you insist on treatment, playing games will not affect you, but you should come back regularly.”


Like a heavy stone was lifted in his heart, and then it fell to the ground, the boy stood up straight because of tension and finally relaxed. He adjusted the wristband of his right hand imperceptibly to make it firmer.


He walked out of the department , he walked to the entrance of the hospital, and suddenly Yan Xue Xiao next to asked in a warm voice: “Did you see your grandma?”


The young man’s body froze. From the time he knew he was taken by mistake to when he was sent back to the border city, only his grandmother was protecting him. But later, his grandmother didn’t want him anymore. He lowered his eyes and said something. Finally, he hummed very softly.


He followed Yan Xue Xiao into a ward and asked why he didn’t want him anymore. When he walked into the ward, he saw a skinny old woman lying on the hospital bed. She was completely different from the old lady Shen in the memory. He stopped at the door of the ward.


“Xiao Chi is here.”Grandma Shen’s voice was so dumb that he saw him trembling and asked, “My Xiao Chi came to see me?”


“They lied to me and sent my Xiao Chi away.” The old woman was obviously unconscious and her pupils were muddy. “Obviously I opened the door for you yesterday, and you were all wet. I have to make ginger soup for you. It is not difficult to drink sugar.”


Shen Chi walked to the bedside: “It’s been a long time ago.”


“Has it been… a long time?” The old ‌‌ tone became hesitant. She carefully looked at the young man, caught a glimpse of the wristband on his right hand and asked, “How did Xiao Chi’s hand get hurt?”


He didn’t worry about his grandmother, so he knelt by the bed and rubbed his furry head against the old ‌‌ hand: “‌Injured.”


“His face has also become thinner.” The old woman looked at him with distressed eyes: “Xiao Chi must have suffered a lot.”




The boy whispered.


Yan Xue Xiao’s gaze stopped quietly on the young man. Perhaps he noticed his sight, and the old woman looked at him: “Xiao Chi, who is he?”


Shen Chi answered without hesitation: “My brother.”


“Xiao Chi has an older brother.” Grandma Shen shook her head , “I’m so confused, it’s obviously a granddaughter-in-law, you’re ready to bring a beautiful granddaughter-in-law to show your grandmother.”


“Not a granddaughter-in-law.” The boy’s face turned red and he stammered: “My brother is a man.”


The old woman paid attention to what he said, and said to Yan Xue Xiao: “Xiao Chi was born as light as a puppy. We thought we would not be able to support him, so we could only feed him using a trick. Now, he is a picky eater and likes to eat sweets. There should be an oven to make cakes at home.”


“He has a bad temper and likes to fight with people. Look at him a little bit.” The old woman said, “He is not really angry when he ignores you. It’s just that you need to coax him and touch him.”


The old woman ordered one by one. In the end, she tried to open the safe, took out an emerald ring from the previous year from the cabinet, and waved to Yan Xue Xiao: “This is my dowry. As a meeting ceremony for you.”


Yan Xue Xiao then said: “It’s precious.”


It seems that her eyes are going to be red, and her voice choked: “I know that you don’t lack things, this is so I can rest assured that you will be fine when I leave later.”


Guan Shan, who was standing outside the ward, suddenly felt that the old woman was not really unconscious. He was afraid that he really did recognize Yan Xue Xiao and knew that she would not live long. She was sober and entrusted his beloved grandson to someone who he could rely on.


Yan Xue Xiao narrowed his eyes and took the ring with a sound.


Seeing Yan Xue Xiao take the ring, the old woman lightly relaxed, and touched the young man uneasily: “Okay, I won’t keep you.”


The young man stood up in silence ‌.


When Mrs. Shen walked into the hospital, she saw the young man’s shadow entering the crowd alone. Thinking that she had made a mistake, she suppressed her doubts and walked towards the ward of grandma.


The old ‌lady will not live long, and there is a dying breath on the ward ‌, aware of her arrival, lying on the hospital bed and opening his eyes: “Take good care, Xiao Chi, that child has a hard time living, and he will be good for you.”


Mrs. Shen didn’t think that a child who was abandoned in the border town would bring her any benefit. Old Shen’s face showed disappointment, and she closed her eyes and said one more sentence.




Leaving the hospital , Shen Chi’s eyes were slightly red, with a nasal sound : “My grandma doesn’t want me.”


There was misty snow under Yancheng, Yan Xue Xiao put on a long black umbrella, wrapped a scarf for him, and said seriously: “She is just sick.”


They walked in the snow with umbrellas, and their hair was covered with wind and snow. They should have felt cold, but they didn’t feel cold. They even hoped that they could be slower.


It’s just that what he found was that the direction of the young man’s umbrella was leaning toward him, and if viewed from above the snow, it was a crooked black umbrella.


When he arrived at the airport, the boy said goodbye to Yan Xue Xiao, and his tone was very stiff: “I won’t send you in, I’m going to the train station too.”


His voice fell, as if he was afraid of being called. Before Yan Xue Xiao could reply, he turned and walked out of the airport. It wasn’t the last time they met, so he could still bear it. Anyway, winter vacation is coming soon.


But just a few steps, the red-haired young man hugged Yan Xue Xiao’s waist, and did not let the young man leave, Yan Xue Xiao was used to him, the next second——


He put a cold kiss on his forehead.

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  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    *sobbing* grandma loves you, shen chi ??? i hope he at least knows that at some point in the future but im very happy that grandma can at least say goodbye to our shen chi.

    thank you for the update!!

    1. Avatar Batata Anisia says:

      Me too! All these onions over here, just sucks QAQ
      Thanks for the chapter ?

  2. Avatar Angelica Roslin says:

    The begging of the chapter is so domestic. ?
    So sad for Grandma Shen. ?
    Their relationship is advancing in every chapter. So cute. ?

  3. Avatar ?JETJET? says:

    Grandma!!!! Shen Chi ill be your grandma don’t cry aaaaahhhhh??

  4. Avatar Sofea says:

    I curse Mrs shen. I hope she steps on many lego 🤬🤬

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