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Even through the screen, Shen Chi’s ears were still flushed. He closed the exercise book in his hands: “I’m sleepy.”

He turned off the video and lay down. The border town was quiet at night. The boy was lying on the bed with his arm resting on his head and memorizing the map silently. He could hear his heartbeat very clearly.

A sound more intense than another.


In the next four days, he finished all the content of the subject of geography. It was not an easy task. The desk was full of scratch paper.

But it also means that the curriculum system is clear. He does not need to remember the reasons for the formation of the desert climate in the Peruvian Pacific coast. The back ocean current map, the Peruvian cold current passes through, the back pressure belt and the wind belt distribution map, the southeast trade wind, land Blow into the ocean, and the answer will appear naturally.

The disciplinary context is presented in front of him through a map, and the knowledge is not scattered but connected. He thought this was the end when Yan Xue Xiao sent a printer.

He had a hunch that there were many printed exercises, but he looked at the table with a thick pile of questions. He had never thought that there were so many. After repeated practice, he remembered the map more deeply and could quickly correspond to all the knowledge points in an area.

However, the questions are surprisingly suitable for his progress. They can be completed every day at 11:30 in the evening. The completion of the questions is the most relaxing moment of his day. He always glanced at Yan Xue Xiao secretly, and then quickly retracted his gaze.


Teacher Wang posted the test room seating arrangement on the wall:”The monthly exam will begin after the early self-study. Everyone will look at their own examination room. In addition, the books on the table should be cleaned up and moved.”

His voice fell, and someone from the stage asked: “Mr. Wang, is this exam difficult?”

Teacher Wang glanced at the door and after confirming that no teacher had passed by, he coughed and said, “I will give you some insight. Generally speaking, it is relatively simple. It is for you to use for confidence. Geography uses a provincial key internal volume. the comprehensive text can be done at the end.”

“Take a test once, and everyone will take a good test.” Teacher Wang encouraged, “Treat every exam as a college entrance examination, and have a good attitude when you go to the examination room.”

Shen Chi walked to the seat table, gaze ‌ from the top to the bottom, frowned and said, “My name is not here.”

“You can’t move your right hand for a month, so you don’t need to take this exam.” Teacher Wang’s tone was very concerned.

It can not only protect the wrists, but also effectively improve the average score of the class. He never thought that Shen Chi would refuse, but the next second he heard the teenager calmly say: “I’ll write with my left hand.”

The eyes of the people around Shen Chi changed in an instant. Teacher Wang was surprised and started to persuade: “If you choose to fill in the blanks, you can write with your left hand. What should you do with the composition? Or don’t take the exam, just take a monthly exam break.”

The teenager blankly repeated what he had said before: “I take the exam once, and everybody takes the exam well. Treat every exam as a college entrance examination. Only when you go to the exam room can you have a good attitude.”

Teacher Wang:…………

Shen Chi got his wish to participate in the monthly exam. As there was no place for other exams, he was arranged in a special examination room in the office. He first made a selection and filled in the blanks, then opened the cap and slowly wrote with his left hand.

As time went by, his handwriting became more and more fluent. The last exam was comprehensive, and the geography, history and politics were all 100%. He didn’t have time to read history and politics, so he did geography first.

The questions are much more difficult than the after-school exercises, and most of the questions that can be tested are only a single point of knowledge. The provincial key topics are exceptionally simple in his eyes, and the examination is even easier than usual. It took only half an hour to finish the geographical part.

The exam bell rang, and the two-day monthly exam was over. He stood up on the chair, sighed slightly, and walked out of the office.

The teacher in the office was correcting yesterday’s subjects. The Chinese teacher said to Teacher Wang, “The students in your class wrote very well this time, especially Shi Liang, who is good at observing life. one example.”

Teacher Wang asked curiously: “What example?”

Shen Chi also stopped.

“Let me show you Shi Liang’s, he wrote this.” The Chinese teacher opened the test paper. “In the history of the development of human society, persistence is an eternal topic. But at this moment, I sat in the examination room and thought of a good friend of mine. Even if his right hand suffers from tenosynovitis, he must insist on going to the examination room. He said he will write the answer with his left hand.”

The boy’s face is black.


After the exam, Shen Chi returned to the rental house and boarded the live broadcast. As the only learning anchor of the kitten live broadcast, the live room cares more about the monthly exam than he himself.

“How did you do on the exam?”

“How many points do you think you can test?”

“As soon as you finish the exam, you will ask about his grades, you won’t be a good parent like this. Do you want to relax?”

He didn’t know how well he did on the test. Except for geography, he didn’t do most of the questions. He had a vague impression. He chose it based on his feelings. But this time the composition was done seriously. There should be a passing score of 60 points.

Shen Chi’s gaze moved away from the game on the screen, and he didn’t relax, because he said that as long as he stopped, it would be accompanied by forgetting.

He took out a stack of white paper and drew the map silently as usual, except that when he drew to the North Continent, he was very detailed, and even the subtle edges and corners of the coastline were clearly drawn.

Shen Chi always thought that he was not nervous, but when he sat at school and heard Zhuang Zhou say that the monthly test results came out, he held his breath and was the first to walk out of the classroom.

Grade results were published on the bulletin board on the first floor. He caught a glimpse of his name appearing in the middle, and he slowly looked at the scores.

Language 85, Mathematics 45, English 97, Politics 57, History 54, Geography 97, with a total score of 445, which is only five points away from passing 450.

It is five points short.

His head slowly hangs, his expression is not clear.

Zhuang Zhou on one side asked carefully, “Are you still not satisfied with this achievement?” I heard that the highest geographical score of the provincial No.1 Middle School is only 96, and you have scored higher than the provincial key students. ”

He doesn’t say why he’s not happy. No one wants to come to a city like Border Town. There are no attractions and no food. Only shredded pork is considered delicious. The specialty is only oranges, and even the hotel is broken.

Even if Yan Xue Xiao came, there was nothing he could do to entertain him. However, looking at the score, his chest was stuffy, he seemed to have not been so looking forward to the arrival of a person. He stood on his toes in the northwestern city, eagerly looking forward to the arrival of a person.

The young man lowered his eyes under pressure and dialed a phone call: “The monthly test results came out, and I only gained 445 points in the test, you–”

He tried his best to make his own tone hard to hear. Before he could finish his sentence, Yan Xue Xiao’s cold voice sounded in his ear: “I’m at the gate of your school.”


Translator’s Note: While translating this I nearly shouted at the last part, Shen Chi is so sad that Yan Xue Xiao won’t visit him anymore and then bam Yan says he is visiting the cub.

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