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A young man dressed in dark gray clothes stood by the school gate. When a parent saw that he was a new face, he couldn’t help but wonder: “Are you here to pick someone?”

Yan Xue Xiao said faintly: “I’ll pick up my child.”

The school is not far from the gate. It took only five minutes for Shen Chi to run from the school building to the school gate, but when he was about to walk through the school gate, he caught a glimpse of the reflection on the window and suddenly stopped.

The windows reflected ‌‌his face, he was loosely dressed in school uniform, and his head was colored red. No matter how you look at it, he is a bad student.

In front of the mirror, he fixed his uniform neatly. Shi Liang had poor physical strength. After a while, he followed up, ‌ stared at the glass window and asked Shi Liang,”Is it too late to dye it now?”

Shi Liang wondered why Shen Chi suddenly wanted to get dyed, but he couldn’t answer: “I haven’t gotten dyed before.”

It must be too late now. Shen Chi looked away and saw Yan Xue Xiao standing by the school gate. The light was strangely good. Now in the sunlight, his face is not very clear.

‌He takes a deep breath and nervously walks towards the school gate, each step slower than the previous step.

When he was about to walk in front of Yan Xuexiao, Shi Liang suddenly ran over: “If you are in a hurry to get a dye, you can go to the store opposite the school.”

The young man had no expression on his face, but his ears were slightly red. After Shi Liang left, he emphasized: “I just want to change the color, not like I want to change today.”

Yan Xue Xiao squinted his eyes: “Very cute.”

The boy’s ears are getting more red. Fortunately, in winter, the hat covers the red ears tightly.

“Mr. Wang told me in advance about the results of the exam.” Yan Xue Xiao paused for a while and continued, “Four hundred Forty-five points.”

A full score of 750 points, 445 points is a good result in the border town, if it is in Yancheng, it is only the last level.

But a well-knotted hand dropped, Yan Xue Xiao rubbed his red head, and said softly: “Good job in the exam.”

His uneasiness disappeared without a trace.


Ji Shu was picked up and dropped off by the driver, and walked into the villa holding the report card. Mrs. Shen sat in the flower hall arranging flowers, glanced at it and asked: “The monthly test scores are coming?”

“It’s here.” Ji Shu’s voice was unusually low, “only six hundred and forty points were taken.”

“Regressed from last time.” Mrs. Shen’s tone was still soft, “It’s just a monthly exam, and you don’t need to hang on to it too much.”

Hearing the words , Ji Shu’s hand holding the transcript finally relaxed. When he was about to go to the restaurant, Mrs. Shen said lightly, “The soup in the kitchen is still hot, so eat it after reading the book.”

Ji Shu did not dare to disobey, he only walked to the study room, the attached middle school course task was heavy, and he was tired after a morning of class. He couldn’t read a word when he opened the book, so he only sat upright at his desk.

Shen Chi took Yan Xue Xiao to visit the campus. After the tour, he asked: “Do you like sushi? Last time, my friend and I ate in a sushi restaurant in the provincial capital. The cooking techniques are average, but the food is fresh.”

“‌You are the host.” Yan Xuexiao looked at the shabby playground, his eyes closed, and said, “‌You have the final say.”

Shen Chi, who was the host for the first time, carefully planned the route. There is a bus from the border town to the provincial town, but it takes four or five hours to go back and forth. He called the car on the side of the road and the driver drove them to the gate of the square. The two got out of the car and walked towards the sushi restaurant.


The waiter who entertained them last time was still the waiter who led them to the box, and Shen Chi handed the menu to Yan Xue Xiao: “Let’s order.”

“Is there anything delicious?” the young man asked.

“White truffle salad, tuna belly, Matsuba crab, tamagoyaki, Arctic shellfish sashimi, sukiyaki, and udon noodles are also delicious.” Shen Chi did not want to answer.

“Write it down.” Yan Xue Xiao said to the waiter.

The waiter wrote down the name of the dish, and remembered the last time the boy with the red head wanted to drink, he thoughtfully asked Shen Chi: “What kind of wine do you want?”

The bad boy with red hair unconvincingly denied: “I don’t drink.”

Yan Xue Xiao glanced at the boy: “Two glasses of juice.”

The waiter took the menu and walked to the private room, and it didn’t take long for the dishes to come up in order.

It is inconvenient for Shen Chi to wear a wrist brace on his right hand. Although he can eat with his left hand, he can’t open the crab legs when he encounters Matsuba crab. He was not disappointed and continued to eat his dishes.

Yan Xue Xiao was very quiet when eating, and suddenly a small bowl ‌ was now at ‌’s hand.

The bowl was nothing else, but was full of disassembled crab meat, the crab meat spread out like pine needles, stunned, he coldly concealed his helplessness: “I am not a kid anymore, eat by yourself.”

“I know.” The young man asked gently, “Please help me finish the meal?”

Shen Chi lowered his head, barely accepting it: “Yes.”

He ‌ dip the ground wasabi and eat the crab meat. The taste is not as good as when he ate it last time, but it is still fresh and tender, with a touch of sweetness, and the boy’s amber eyes are narrowed.

‌ Eating crab meat with their heads down, the private room for two people was quiet. There was too much wasabi when eating the last bite of sashimi. The nasal cavity was full of spicy smell. He immediately picked up a drink at the table, and Yan Xue Xiao raised his eyes and looked up.

“What’s the matter?” He sipped the juice and asked.

“Nothing.” Yan Xue Xiao’s voice was calm.

After drinking from the cup,he noticed that the cup was not right. Looking at the table. Suddenly, his cup is in Yan Xue Xiao’s hand. No wonder he thought he just saw it.

‌ His face blushed quickly, and the temperature of the left hand holding the cup was so hot, and there were bursts of warmth between his lips, as if being touched lightly, subconsciously wanting to leave.

The seat of the box is a two-story design. The left and right sides are lower than the main seat. Yan Xue Xiao watched the boy move down, and finally sat on the left side of the schoolbag.

Shen Chi noticed Yan Xue Xiao’s gaze, and felt nervous for no reason. He opened his school bag and took the math test paper under the monthly test to explain: “I remember that there is a problem that I can’t do, so I suddenly wanted to try it.”

“Let me see.” The young man’s cold voice came from above.

‌He never thought that Yan Xue Xiao would take it seriously, ‌ he just bit the bullet and handed the paper to Yan Xue Xiao, but the teacher said the answer all over, and before he had time to explain the derivation, the time for class was finished.

“Sit here.”

The youth said suddenly.

‌ After hesitating for a while, he cautiously moved a little closer to Yan Xue Xiao.

However, Yan Xue Xiao quietly watched him‌, so he ‌ had to move a little more, the distance was closer, and he could smell the breath of pine wood on Yan Xue Xiao’s body, he couldn’t help but pause.

Yan Xuexiao looked at the teenager who was still sitting under the seat, he unconsciously bent his fingers and tapped on his leg, and then calmly said: “Sit on it.”

He means to sit by his side.

But the boy didn’t know what he thought of, his body froze suddenly, as if he was making a concession, he held back what he wanted to say, and got up from the seat with a blushing face.


He sat in the arms of the youth.

Translator’s Note: The second hand embarrassment is real. I’m happy that he sat on his lap but at the same time I feel embarrass for the boy. Arghhhh omg. Please tell me if there is any error in the comments or ping me on discord. Happy Reading Everyone!

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