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New Teacher

Shen Chi woke up at six in the morning ‌, ‌ After drinking oats, he wanted to read at the desk, but to save electricity, he wrapped his scarf and walked out to school.

He is the first one to arrive in the classroom, the classroom is empty and extremely quiet, only the sound of flipping through a book, absorbing knowledge like paper dipped in water.

Because of the change of class, the first class was a geography class. Shen Chi was listening patiently at first, but the geography teacher would only read according to the textbook, and with a strong border city accent, after a while he simply put on the headphones.

Teacher Wang saw this scene from a distance, and walked to the podium after class to exhort heartily: “Our school advocates liberal education, and the students are not so strict, but try not to wear headphones in class.”

Seeing that the teenager was indifferent, Teacher Wang didn’t threaten him and said, “Otherwise,you would be sent to the so-called devil training camp by your parents, and go to bed at two o’clock in the evening from 5:30 in the morning. It’s not a weekend yet, do you think you’re afraid of it?”

The teenager finally lifted up and said seriously: “Where can I report it?”

Teacher Wang: …………

‌‌Teacher Wang was puzzled. Shen Chi turned on his mobile phone to check the introduction of Devil’s Training Camp. All the large-scale counseling institutions in China were opened, and the training camp was closed all the way. Teachers were invited to teach from time to time.

Most campers’ scores have improved significantly, and of course the cost is very high, with 40,000 to 50,000 cases frequently. He carefully selects the ones with moderate price, and the 200-day course includes 48,000 accommodations and meals. After confirmation, send a message to Yan Xue Xiao.

[Shen Chi] The school teacher can’t teach, and he doesn’t feel as efficient as the book. After the monthly exam, I plan to report to the Devil Training Camp in Yancheng

Yan Xue Xiao opened the message on the screen, checked it on the computer, walked out of the library and dialed a phone call: “Do you know the Devill Training Camp?”

Guan Shan received a call from Yan Xue Xiao in the car, and did not even want to answer: “I know, a friend of mine opened it, and the effect is really good. The students can basically go after booking.”

“Implemented militarized management. They get up at 5:30 and study in the morning at 6 am every day. It is very popular with parents. The more people report, the more it becomes popular. My friend still asked me if I wanted to invest at the beginning of the year.” he continued to say, “Does your kid want to report?”

Although Yan High School walked the competition to recommend Yan University, he thought that Yan Xue Xiao should be aware of the cruelty of the college entrance examination. Compared with a difference of 3,000 people, this is not bitter.

However, the young man replied: “No, he won’t report.”

After the phone hung up, Guan Shan realized in hindsight that the child was loved dearly. Once upon a time, he would think of Yan Xue Xiao as a parent. Now, he finally understands that he is a doting parent, and he doesn’t give up children to suffer hardships.


Shen Chi returned home to do the questions at night, and his pace was much slower than expected. Even though he memorized the book, the questions in the exercise book were very difficult to do, and he didn’t finish it in an hour. One chapter.

‌ Looking at the calendar hung on the wall, geography alone occupies most of his time, only ‌seven days away from the monthly exam, and he doesn’t have enough time to study six subjects ,‌ don’t even say anything about passing.

He pursed his lips, thinking about whether to go to the training camp ahead of time ‌, a video call invitation suddenly appeared on the phone. After his hands pause he immediately accept the invitation.

Perhaps because they don’t often video call, the young man’s face looking at the screen is extremely nervous, as if he can smell the cold breath of the pine wood, pretending to be calm he asked, “What’s the matter?”

Yan Xue Xiao’s voice is gentle: “you want to report to the Devil Training Camp.”

“How is it?” ‌

“The number of enrollment is large each year, and it is difficult to take care of each student.” The mobile phone said suddenly, “and only guarantees that the top students are the most important.”

Although he doesn’t know how the large number of students enrolled and the guarantee of paying more attention is a disadvantage, it sounds reasonable : “One-on-one tutoring is too expensive for me.”

Even if it’s just a teacher in the county town, the price of one-to-one tutoring is two hundred per lesson, which is still two hundred days from the college entrance examination, and it is impossible to pay the high supplementary tuition.

‌ He didn’t notice the other person’s sight staying on him until he heard a sentence: “I will teach you.”

Red-haired boy jerked his eyes up, only to notice that Yan Xue Xiao had a thick stack of college entrance examination materials at hand, which was obviously prepared in advance.

Shen Chi can’t say how he feels. His chest is filled with strange emotions, so he can’t resist it and spreads all over his body. His thick eyelashes tremble slightly, and he opens his geography book slowly.

Different from imagination, Yan Xue Xiao didn’t follow the idea of ​​textbooks, but explained according to maps, from topographic map to waiting map to ocean current map.

You just need to focus on listening, the world map is slowly forming in your mind, you can easily correspond to the terrain, weather and surrounding ocean currents of each place ‌, and the complicated knowledge slowly becomes clear , And time passes ‌ for two hours.

“The core of high school geography lies in the map.” Yan Xue Xiao’s voice was a little soft, “Can you write down today’s map silently?”

The teenager can’t hold a pen when wearing a wristband in their right hand, and slowly outline longitude and latitude nets on paper with their left hand. The prime meridian connects the north and south poles as the longitude starting point, but the first stroke is the longitude of the border town.

The outline of the continent gradually emerged on the paper, and the map was drawn carefully. The last meridian passed through the state of New Jersey, USA.

‌ Like drawing maps, it will make ‌ feel that ‌it is close at hand. After the last stroke, he suddenly heard Yan Xue Xiao’s voice: “After drawing, do your homework.”

Like a secret being smashed, he opened a blank exercise book, and his mind told him to do the problem, but he still couldn’t help but quietly lift his head and look at the youth wearing a white shirt on the screen.

It was still daytime in New Jersey, and the light was cast from the window on Yan Xue Xiao’s chiseled face, the long and narrow eyes of the phoenix formed a nice arc, as if living in the breeze of the moon.

Shen Chi can’t help but hold his breath. At this time, the young man raised his eyes and looked at him and said, “You can’t solve the problem by staring at me.”

The moment he heard the words, ‌ his face suddenly turned red, and his heart was beating, as if it was about to break through his chest, as if something was growing spontaneously.

The teenager looked at the exercise book, but his brain was blank, and Yan Xue Xiao’s dark eyes were still in front of him. He didn’t remember a word, holding the pen blankly.

After a while, his heartbeat slowly subsided, and he forced himself to calm his mind to do the questions. He didn’t know if it was an illusion. The questions in the exercise book became simple. It only took half an hour. After doing it all ‌,he checked again.

After answering the book, he looked twice then thrice then he pinched his pen and quietly said: “Done. ”

“Shen Chi.”

He was caught off guard and heard Yan Xue Xiao calling ‌: “What’s wrong ‌?”

The youth stared at him, and said calmly: “Now I can answer it .”

Translator’s Note: I would like to thank you all for patiently helping me correct if I have mistakes and of course always reading and commenting.  As thanks I would like to share another chapter with you guys, happy reading everyone!

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