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Fairy Cub

The first time someone told Shen Chi that he would become a great professional player, as if being touched gently on his head, the boy immediately lowered his head to cover up his red eye.

‌ Looking at the place of attribution displayed on the mobile phone ‌, the sound muffled: “Are you in the United States?”
”For work and for study.”

‌‌ “Is it a big deal?”

“I’m a graduate student in the Department of Philosophy.”

In Shen Chi’s view, Philosophy is synonymous with poverty. The young man suddenly felt that the burden of supporting his family was heavier: “Will you return to China?”

“I will continue to read the blog.”

After the call, Shen Chi opened the geography book and opened the world map. In the past, he only thought that the United States was only the distance of a plane ticket ‌, ‌now he ‌found out that the United States is very far away from the Pacific Ocean, exactly A distance of four thousand miles.


The next day, Shen Chi arrived late to school.

Teacher Wang, who stood at the door of the classroom, looked at it carefully for a long time: “It seems that It didn’t affect you. Did your brother tell you everything yesterday?”

The teenager nodded his head.

Teacher Wang breathed a sigh of relief: “Your brother has to call me all the way in the United States. Go and live up to your expectations.”

The boy lowered his eyes and said, for the first time, he firmly stated his inner thoughts: “I want to be a professional player.”

Hearing the words ‌, Teacher Wang took a deep breath.

When Shen Chi saw Teacher Wang’s reaction, he walked into the classroom in confusion. When he was about to put on the headset, a message appeared on the screen ‌, and ‌his hand stopped.

—— In the hot registration of the Emperor Penguin Cup solo competition, the champion award is as high as 10,000 yuan, and there is a chance to go to the scene to watch the PCG World Invitational Finals

The teenager’s eyes fell on ‌10,000 yuan ‌,he quickly opened the page. Because it is not an official competition held by the league, there is no age limit for the competition. He ‌ submitted an application for registration.

“The provincial capital opened the first Japanese food store. Do you want to eat there on Sunday?” Zhuang Zhou at the edge of the seat faces Shi Liang.

“Isn’t that expensive?”

The Japanese food is mostly seafood. The border town is deep inland, and the price of seafood is even more expensive. Shi Liang doesn’t eat Japanese food and he has no idea what to expect.

“I grabbed a discount coupon.” Zhuang Zhou took out a coupon in her pocket and said uncertainly, “If you save for lunch, it will be about five hundred per person.”

Shi Liang looked at Shen Chi: “Are you going?”

The boy glanced at the game message that appeared on his phone ‌: “There is a game.”

Zhuang Zhou: Is it easy to join competitions? ? ? ? !

Shi Liang’s voice is more excited than the teenager’s: “Then I can go to dinner after watching the game.”

Shi Liang turned his head again to Zhuang Zhou: “What do I need to prepare to watch the game?”

Shen Chi did not eat 500 yuan per head Japanese food. He was used to eating bluefin tuna only with big bellies. Looking at the expectations in Zhuang Zhou and Shi Liang’s eyes, he agreed.

The Emperor Penguin forum is discussing the list of single players. The competition has not yet started. There should not be much discussion, but the name of one of them is too eye-catching.

【Arctic Shell】Late? ? ! Isn’t that who the emperor penguin lost the championship to? This

【Hinto Penguin】Can’t ‌get the championship, right?

[Krill] Probably not. Many professional players have been invited to participate this time, and it’s impossible for a single anchor to win the championship.

【Hermit Crab】Listening to you, I feel at ease


Emperor Penguin Cup singles competition is divided into five divisions, northwest, southwest, northeast, southeast, and central. Each division competes in the top two and participates in the national finals. The northwestern competition is set in the largest Internet cafe in the provincial capital.

Sunday afternoon , Shen Chi looked at the two people holding the banner in front of him, and suddenly regretted agreeing to go to eat Japanese food.

“Is there any problem?” Shi Liang looked at the banner nervously, holding the small flag for cheering Shen Chi in his hand.

“I also borrowed a computer.” Zhuang Zhou took out an old-fashioned phone from his bag, “It’s your first time to participate in an offline game. Of course you must be serious.”

After all, the teenager said nothing: “No question.”

Three people in school uniforms take the bus to the provincial capital.

In the provincial capital, Mr. Wang wore an obviously smaller suit and walked along the road with his relatives, and introduced himself hurriedly: “I’m a teacher in Border Town No. 3 Middle School. Don’t think I’m old. Actually, I’m in my forties this year. Only four, just the age of a flower.”

Hearing the last sentence, the relatives fell silent, and tactfully cut the topic: “I remember that the wind in the border town is not very good. The annual rate of increase is the countdown in the province. Have you ever thought of teaching in the provincial capital to improve yourself?”

“Looking at the question and not at the appearance.” Teacher Wang wiped the sweat from his forehead. “Although the promotion rate is not good, my students are still very diligent and good. They take the initiative on weekends to self-study in ‌ school ‌.”

“That’s the third middle school student, right?”

‌ The relative suddenly ‌said.

Teacher Wang chuckled in his heart, feeling a bad premonition. Following the gazes of his relatives, three little boys in the Third High School uniform swaggered into the Internet cafe, with familiarity.

Zhuang Zhou, who walked into the Internet cafe, felt a knife-like gaze behind him, and couldn’t help saying: “Why do I feel that someone is looking at me?”

Shen Chi disagrees: “It’s just your Illusion.”

The game was held in an Internet cafe. Not only was the venue small, but they also had to pay a three-hour ‌ Internet fee. In particular, the latter rule made the players complain. Many players in Group D gave up participating in the competition.

Shen Chi did not participate in the ‌ line ‌ competition, so inevitably, he was nervous. When he signed the name and walked to the seat, he took out his mobile phone and sent a message.

[Shen Chi] I went to the provincial capital to participate in the competition. After the competition, I would eat Japanese food with my friends

The other party has a sentence.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Japanese food?

[Shen Chi] Not very expensive Japanese food, although I don’t know how to taste, but my friend has a discount coupon, which is quite cheap

After a while, he‌ received a reply.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Goodluck for the game

Even if it was just a simple word of encouragement, He felt a lot more at ease, he closed the phone, took a deep breath and walked to the seat marked with the player number ‌.

Since it was a group match, the organizer only hired one commentator in the live broadcast room to save costs: “There aren’t many people in Group D. Seven and five players sat in the competition table. There are still five minutes before the start of the game. Let me take a look at the scene of the game.”

Duan Shi said that the talk was just a walk through the field, the environment of the Internet cafe was ordinary, but when the director cut to the close-up, he was surprised.

Outside the game, everyone was sitting quietly, but there were two people holding a red background and white banners, and they said Late must win the first place.

“Late’s family and friends group?”

“The sub-division group stage should support the momentum of the national finals”

“No, computers in Internet cafes are not good.”

Shen Chi doesn’t feel much about computers. When he first came to Border Town, he had a worse computer at the Border Town Internet Cafe. ‌ ‌ The paper towel was wiped on the stained keyboard ‌. Before the game, he was familiar with the feel of the keyboard.

After entering the competition, the remaining tension disappeared without a trace. Most of the participants were ordinary players, and the pressure was not even as high as when playing rank games in the Asian server.

‌The points of the group stage are related to the promotion of the division. The higher the score, the more beneficial to the subsequent games. ‌ Still not neglecting at all, focus on the game.

At the beginning, Duan Shi in the live broadcast room of the game carefully explained the game: “Most players choose popular jumps. There are especially many people at the airport. Late quickly picked up a gun from the ground and faced a player. ‌Come and kill ‌ players while the opponent doesn’t respond.”

“A person appeared at the corner, and Late once again killed him.”

“Late kills again!”


Later, he was tired. When he met late he simply said: “Congratulations to Late for locking in the D championship in advance.”

“Two or three kills! Late is awesome”

“Is the level of the players in Group D not good? Why do I feel worse than before? The highest record before seems to be 22 kills?”

“‌ The level of the people participating in the competition is not low, but ‌Late is too strong, it looks like they are playing a fish pond game.”

“It’s not just , there is still a big gap between passers-by and the anchor. There are several anchors in the southeast division. There are several anchors participating in the competition. It’s hard to get a set number of kills, let alone professional players.”

The Internet cafe did not have a large screen to display the game screen. Zhuang Zhou and Shi Liang, who were outside the game stand, didn’t know how the game was going, and looked up nervously in the direction of Shen Chi.

After six matches in the group stage, Shen Chi took off his headphones and left the competition seat with no expression.

Shi Liang and Zhuang Zhou came around immediately, Zhuang Zhou handed the Shen Chi water glass to the boy, cautiously: “How about it, are you advancing?”

Seeing that the boy didn’t answer, Shi Liang immediately added: “It’s okay if you don’t play well.”

The young man took a slobber, and lazily unscrewed the lid of the cup: “First.”

Zhuang Zhou and Shi Liang finally let go of the worries of their hearts, and walked out of the Internet cafe with a smile of joy, and the cat live forums ‌‌ discussed.

[Silver Gradient] Cub is too powerful

[Blue Cat] The cub is awesome

【Big orange is the most important】What kind of fairy is the cub?

Shen Chi looked at his mobile phone without any movement, looked at the reply from the forum ‌, and couldn’t help but open WeChat and send ‌ to a message.


Raven sits in a cafe with a computer, and the young man cleans up his desk: “The Fed cut interest rates again, and the stock market rose sharply every week. Do you think it’s time to invest in U.S. stocks?”

“There will be no pressure when the boots are on the floor.” Yan Xue Xiao took the coffee cup.

“You are not optimistic about the market outlook?” Raven can’t help but sit up straight.

He didn’t know Yan for a long time. The youth has a calm temperament. After shorting crude oil and earning tens of thousands of dollars, he thought he would take advantage of the situation but he didn’t make any investment. .

“Not optimistic.”

The answer was very direct, leaving no room for it. Raven made up his mind to reduce the warehouse by half after opening to avoid risks.

After Yan Xue Xiao washed the cups, a phone call came in, and Guan Shan’s voice came through the phone: “I’ve ordered it for you.”


‌He hung up the phone, and an unread message appeared on the screen ‌.

[Shen Chi] I took the first place in the group stage

As if afraid of not seeing, he sent it again at the opposite end. He lifted up his head proudly and wanted to ask for praise. The youth didn’t know how to praise. The line of sight stopped for a moment and opened the forum.

Shen Chi on the other side finished sending the message and waited anxiously. While thinking about getting first, it’s not too much, and at the same time thinking that it is still good.

Just then, the mobile phone screen kept flashing, and he received a barrage of messages.

[Yan Xue Xiao] The cub is too powerful

[Yan Xue Xiao] The cat is awesome

[Yan Xue Xiao] What kind of fairy is the cub

Although he knew that the other party’s message was from the forum ‌, the roots of the young man’s ears were still red, hot and smoking.

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Shen Chi got friends now, so much upgrade compared to before. Happy Reading everyone

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