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Drink more hot water

After drinking ice water yesterday, Shen Chi got up with a slight cough and his head was a little foggy. He heated a cup of milk and took a sip and went out of the door.

He walked to the school gate and saw from a distance that father Ji was the only one on the breakfast stand, but mother Ji was nowhere to be found.

Shen Chi stopped Shi Liang who was walking in front, looked at the breakfast stall and asked, “Where did you buy breakfast lately?”

Shi Liang nodded: “I buy it every day.”

“Is there only one person on the stall recently?”

“Uncle is alone.” Shi Liang recalled, “He said that the aunt is raising her body at home, she shouldn’t have a problem, she’s busy, and he’s all smiling.”

Shen Chi lowered his head and said nothing.

Zhuang Zhou pulled Shi Liang’s arm and motioned to stop talking. Shi Liang asked anxiously: “What did I say something wrong?”

“That is his parents.” Zhuang Zhou whispered.

Shi Liang was stunned when he watched the teenager leave. He watched Shen Chi dress up, his sweaters were soft and expensive, and he would wear a fluffy hat when it was cold. He thought he was taken care of by his family.

Then he remembered that Shen Chi lived alone in a rental house. If his mother was his mother, he would definitely be reluctant to go and live alone.

Shen Chi’s parents don’t seem to be reluctant. The emotions in the young boy should be very subtle.

Shi Liang arrived at the classroom slowly, walked to Shen Chi’s seat, and skillfully took out his homework: “I’ll write it for you.”

When the boy opened his schoolbag and was about to pass his homework to Shi Liang, he caught a glimpse of the mobile phone at the desk and pulled his hand back: “I write it myself.”

Zhuang Zhou blinked slowly, thinking that he had heard it wrong, and asked in amazement: “Why did you do your homework all of a sudden?”

Shen Chi replied coldly: “The homework is best done by yourself.”

When he heard the deep tone of Shen Chi, the doubts in Zhuang Zhou‌ became thicker, and couldn’t help asking: “Who told you?”

The boy’s hand holding a pen paused: “Someone else said it.”

Zhuang Zhou has never seen Shen Chi willing to listen to anyone. The head teacher, Mr. Wang will not look at him when he comes, and he will not be an online dating partner. He said that he will not object to online dating. At the thought of being advised to write homework , he has no expectation for online dating in an instant.

The morning reading has not started yet, the boy sitting in the front row is secretly calling, and the voice can be heard in the back row: “Is it cold in your city?”

“I know it’s cold, it’s easy to catch a cold in autumn and winter, you have to take care of your body.”

Shen Chi, who was writing homework, frowned, and Zhuang Zhou quickly explained: “The girlfriend’s body is quite normal, and she seems to be considerate and caring, which is very attractive to girls.”

There is one more thing left in Zhuang Zhou. With Shen Chi’s current accuracy rate, there is no room for interference if the front row is making calls or not. There is no room for interference.

Seeing that Shen Chi did not refute, the hanging in Zhuang zhou landed. Judging from the boy’s indifferent expression, the probability her would straight up tell the girl to drink hot eater is high.

Hearing the last sentence, the boy’s ears pricked up, and he turned on WeChat and clicked on Yan Xue Xiao’s portrait.

[Shen Chi] Are you cold in the city?

【Yan Xue Xiao】It’s okay

It was different from the expected answer. The young man’s typing hand stopped. At least he didn’t say it was cold. He thought for a while and continued.

[Shen Chi] I know it’s cold, it’s easy to catch a cold in autumn and winter, you have to take care of your body

After a while, the other party sent a sentence.

[Yan Xue Xiao]Do you have a cold?

He don’t know how the topic fell on him, the boy was startled, and tried very hard to come up with a reply.

[Shen Chi] It’s just a bit cold, you remember to drink hot water instead of cold water

On the other side of the phone, Yan Xue Xiao quietly looked at the screen, as if he felt that his tone was not caring enough, he withdrew the message and sent a new one.

【Shen Chi】‌Drink hot water

The young man raised his eyebrows, and felt that he was delicate. He still picked up the tea cup and drank hot tea.

Then, Yan Xue Xiao put down the black tea in her hand and turned on the computer to search.

——What should I do if a child catches a cold?


Shen Chi returned to the house in the afternoon and received a new message from the cub raising shop. He subconsciously clicked on the message.

There is a new type of thermos in the store. After drinking five glasses of water every day, he checks in the circle of friends for a week to get the full amount back, but the price is 120 yuan.

He doesn’t know if it is just his illusion, but the things in the nursery store are getting more and more expensive, just within the price he can.

【Shen Chi】Are there any discounts?

The owner quickly replied to him.

【Cub Raising Shop】Brand promotion, no discount

An insulated water cup costs one hundred and twenty yuan. If the cashback is rounded off, it’s free. The local warehouse should be delivered tomorrow. The teenager hesitated for a while, and finally placed an order.

He boarded the live broadcast, unknowingly, the number of followers in the live broadcast room rose to 70,000, and he opened the game as usual.

His current rank is twelfth in the Asian server, only two to complete the top ten goal of entering the Asian server. According to the current progress, he will finish it tomorrow.

“The top ten rushes in the Asian server!”

“Look trash Yu Sheng , cub is going to be in the top ten”

“Daily abuse of Yu Sheng”

“From the invitational tournament, the anchor technology is very good.”

Lan Heng hasn’t gone online yet. He has four rows of solo players and randomly arrives in the rain forest. He marked the altar and jumped off. Today, he jumped off the altar’s personality ‌‌.

“Has the altar been updated in the version? How come the number of people jumping is more than the military base, and they are all over twenty”

“no update”

“This is weird, a wave of bloody battle will begin”

Because the altar is only divided into upper and lower bunkers, Shen Chi temporarily changed the jumping point and landed on the edge of the altar.

The position where he jumped is very hidden, and it is reasonable to say that he would not be spotted, but the enemy, as if he could predict his actions, attacked as soon as he landed.

“katty‌‌AKM killed you”

Looking at the grayed out screen, he held the mouse tightly.

“Shocked, the first time I saw Late fall into a box”

“Its rare for the cub to be like me”

”‌It’s a shame to lose points”

Shen Chi pursed his thin lips and clicked to start the next game. This game is still in the rainforest. He did not choose a popular jumping spot, but cautiously jumped off in the wild area. As soon as he landed, he touched the next game. Inadvertently killed by the fire of two teams.

He squeezed the mouse tightly, that is, ‌ ‌ the barrage also thought something is wrong.

“Two teams landed in the wild area?”

“It’s weird that he leaned so close and didn’t attack. He only hit the cub, it’s too weird.”

“No one will kill maliciously, right?”


In a popular live broadcast room of Emperor Penguin, Si Ting opened his voice with joy: “The red-haired cub is dead again.”

“Die well”

“Who told him to snipe the emperor penguin champion?”

“Before the live broadcast, it was called the top ten of the Asian servers. This time it has to fall out of the top 20.”

“It’s not enough to fall out of the top twenty, at least let this kid fall out of the top fifty.”

Lan Heng was attacked by the fire as soon as he went online, and his row was dropped several times. That is, he did not qualify for the Asian server, and it also affected the live broadcast effect.

He immediately responded, “Come on,” someone maliciously sniping|strikes, malicious sniping|attacks are not common in live broadcasts, and they enter the game at the same time as the anchor. The purpose is not to win, but to kill the anchor to get the pleasure.

He patiently said in the live broadcast room: “Can you guys still play?” It is necessary to open up troubles and raise your hands. ”

“Old Lan really has no temper.”

“What else can I do? The live broadcast can’t go on at all. The audience will not want to see the anchor put the floor into a box, no matter how good they are.”

“I heard that Late was attacked even more fiercely. Several teams attacked together.”

Lan Heng’s voice fell, and when he opened the next game, there were not many people besieging him. He was relieved and saw the last message and clicked on Late’s live broadcast room.

Kitten video is a broadcasting platform, the most popular Su Bai does not have millions of followers, these people just want to vent their anger, reach out and hit the smiley person. They can only smile and bend down like him, it’s all right, after all. They were on live broadcast to eat.

Late still played the game silently, his waist straightened, and even survived longer under siege after siege, which attracted even more attacks. Lan Heng couldn’t help but sigh.


Shen Chi sat in front of the computer. His row fell from the twelfth to the twentieth. He still didn’t say a word, landed on the vehicle, and left the enemy behind.

“I can’t catch up now”

“What should I do when I meet in the finals, I’m so embarrassed”

“Let’s talk about the finals, anyway, I can’t keep up with the map when I’m running around the map, and I can catch my breath.”

“No, why did you suddenly turn around?”

Shen Chi turned around and drove back. Because the main driver was unable to attack, he quickly switched to the co-pilot position, shot the enemy on the side of the road, shot headshots, and switched to the main driver when the opponent did not respond.

“This wave of anti-killing!”

“It makes me comfortable”

“That person is not an emperor penguin’s anchor, I remember calling Si Ting Kai as if he can’t play in a team, it’s really embarrassing.”

Shen Chi sat in the car and took away his gun: “Don’t care about orphans.”

When he was about to destroy the remaining enemies, a system message appeared in the live broadcast room, and the live broadcast screen turned pitch black.

“Your live broadcast room is banned because the person reported a personal attack”

The live broadcast room was furious.

“The cub is really being targeted”

“I can’t help but spit fragrance”

“Parties report? This is a very 6th rule. It’s a malicious sniper|Assault,are you not embarrassed to report a personal attack. Isn’t the cub telling the truth?”

The teenager closed his eyes while watching the black live broadcast room, restraining his emotions. He was still 900,000 yuan away from paying the Shen family. He didn’t know when he would be able to pay it back. Only by counting the dried fish every day can he sleep well and tell himself to pay back soon. Then it’s over.

Lan Heng‌ sent a message: “Don’t be too anxious. The first ban will not be sealed forever. Generally, it will only be the broadcast for a week.”

The teenager on the other side of the screen didn’t speak, Lan Heng, don’t worry,’Late’s attitude was broken, and said what shouldn’t be said in the live broadcast room, the live broadcast audience , the anchor must be cautious in every word and deed, and the whole network should be blocked. Not a joke.

He wanted to persuade him to be soft, but the young man remained silent as always. He suddenly thought that he was soft. After all, he was still a child and would only try his best to play games.

As long as the game is practiced, it will be rewarded, but the world is not the game. Before adulthood, it will face the cruelty of adults.

The air was very quiet, and suddenly he heard the boy’s tone open and said: “It’s online.”

his tone was open ‌.

“Are you a friend?” Lan Heng couldn’t help asking.

The boy lowered his eyes and made a very soft “Um” sound.

Shen Chi looked at Yan Xue Xiao in his friends list. If he changed to the usual, he would definitely send an invitation. He didn’t send an invitation this time. He didn’t want the other party to misunderstand him, so he opened WeChat to explain.

[Shen Chi] Someone is sniping and killing, if you form a team with me, you will lose points, next time you have a chance let us play together

The other party should have heard it, and sent a faint sentence.

[Yan Xue Xiao] I know

Teenager sighed slightly relieved and continued to board the game, ‌ In the next second, a message appeared on the screen.

「Yan‌ Xue Xiao sent a team invitation」

For the first time, he received Yan Xue Xiao’s team invitation.

Translator’s Note: Awww Yan trying to cheer up the cub! Tell me if there are any mistake so I can fix it. Happy Reading everyone!

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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