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It was probably two or three times, but Shen Chi didn’t receive a reply for a long time. He kept picking up his phone, and the other party sent a sentence as if helpless.

[Yan Xue Xiao] How old are you?

Although he didn’t understand why he asked about his age, he still suppressed his doubts to answer.

【Shen Chi】Seventeen

In the next second after sending , a calm message was drawn on the screen.

[Yan Xue Xiao] At the age of seventeen, go to school well

The tone of completely treating him as a child, Shen Chi’s sprawling head fell to the pillow until a message appeared in front of his eyes.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Not this year

The boy wrapped in the quilt breathed a sigh of relief, his amber eyes were bright, and he had only one thought before going to bed.

She has no boyfriend this year.


The next day, Hang Shiqi walked to the office and sat down. He didn’t pay much attention to the invitational game. Before the final, he was shocked when he saw the rankings. It was rank three at the bottom.

His heart lifted in an instant. Today is the last day of the competition, and if they rank to top ten he will pay 30,000 yuan.

“The cat live broadcast was full of anger and resentment yesterday, and it is estimated that I dare not commit crimes against the wind today.”

“I heard that yesterday, all the teams studied their jump points and lap routes. It should not be as smooth as yesterday.”

“Can we not study this, who knows if they will suddenly throw a cigarette|fog bomb for fun, let alone they are at the bottom three, they won’t be afraid”

“Originally, there was no suspense in TP, and the rankings of other teams were fixed. Cat live broadcast may become the most unstable factor. I describe this team as a miracle.”

When Hang Shiqi was angry, his heart was let go. The countdown yesterday was a miracle. It is impossible for a miracle to happen again.

The finals are about to begin. Ding Hui commented on each team one by one, and the comment came to the cat team only one sentence: “It’s all by trick.”

Fang Shengquan retorted: “As long as the tactics are not against the rules of the game, the tactics are reasonable. Moreover, the Cat team is not without strength. The Asian server rankings are obvious to all, and the team needs to run in.”

“Why do you sound so familiar? Yesterday Lan Heng also said that taking the countdown is not familiar with the map”

“I think only foreigners are superstitious about Asian server rankings, but I didn’t expect that the commentary is also superstitious. Asian servers know all the circumstances, and the top 20 use plug-ins.”

“The cat has lost its blood under the live broadcast.”

“Mr. Fang is afraid of losing the evening festival.”

The first game is still the volcano Tupala Mo. Unlike the audience’s imagination, the cats jumped out of the wild area in the south of the map, and the outing atmosphere was still relaxed.

“Where is the victim?”

“You can’t blame other teams. Other teams jumped to the home city. The circle path is easy to grasp, but the cat team jumped into the wild area. Who can snipe?”

“a touch of melancholy”

”Sorrow +1”

When the cats were in the secret room, Su Bai stopped to introduce: “In the Paramo, there are eight secret rooms with fixed locations. There are precious materials in the secret rooms. There is an emergency rescue kit for the team members in one second. The secret rooms need keys to open. It is well known that keys are very rare in the map.”

Shen Chi found a key: “Is it this it?”

“Su Bai: I don’t want face?”

” The cats are jealous of this luck!”

“Sure enough, character has nothing to do with luck.”

“The other teams are coming, and the group is destroyed. The cat team can not only eliminate the worries, but also get the key to the secret room. What are you waiting for such a good opportunity”

As if hearing the voice of the audience, the emperor penguin team on another hill discovered the existence of the cat team, and aimed their gun at Su Bai who was parked in place.

“Su Bai’s consciousness is really not good , I dared not stop the game still, isn’t it a rush to give someone a head start?”

“Their relationship should be pretty good”

“Not really, Late publicly mocked Su Bai’s level of millions of fans, and competed with Xu Cheng on the homepage list.”

“It’s not easy to be able to form a team”

Seeing that the battle was about to start, the director cut the camera to the Cats and the Emperor Penguins. Ding Hui looked at Fang Shengquan and said: “The Emperor Penguins, as the second-ranked team, are only six points away from the first. The composition is all professional players, there is no suspense in this battle.”

Fang Shengquan looked at the screen and sighed: “This is a pity. If the team is destroyed at this time, you won’t get a single point for the ranking.”

“The cats were finally sanctioned.”

“Light of Justice, Emperor Penguin”

“I declare that I am a fan of the God Penguin”

Su Bai was quickly half-blooded, and the cat team retreated to the secret room. Hearing the sound of the hand|thunder being pulled away, Xu Cheng squeezed the mouse tightly, and subconsciously asked Shen chi: “What should I do?”

Shen Chi threw a cigarette outside|Mist bomb: “Su Bai will go first.”

“Su Bai’s strength is the worst, right?”

“It’s really unnecessary”

“Change the command”

Su Bai knew that he was weak, and once assumed the role of a striker, he took the gun and walked out of the secret room flattered. He tried his best to hide, but even under the smoke cover, he was still found by the opponent.

“I know that Su Bai is weak, I don’t know it can be so bad”

“What is necessary for participating?”

“Regardless of whether it is necessary or not, I am ready to intercept the video of the cat team extinction”

“The competition is always strong, and the good fortune of the Cat team ends here.” Ding Hui concluded.

But as soon as his sound fell, the battle was reversed! The camera has been following Su Bai, who is in a hurry. He doesn’t know when Late and Xu Cheng of the Cats team came to the back of the Emperor Penguin team.

Su Bai was killed.

Lan Heng was killed.

Then the two emperor penguins were killed!

The barrage was silent, but Fang Shengquan broke the silence: “The Cats’ two-for-two exchange was very exciting. They scored two head points from the strong team in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, the Emperor Penguin team is one step further away from the championship. .”

“Why do I feel that Su Bai is a bait”

“I feel this way too”

“The emperor penguin is really miserable”

“I can see it. Just avoid the cats. They won’t get any points anyway. If they meet, they will be bitten.”

After successfully killing the strong team members, the tension lingering in Xu Cheng’s heart slowly disappeared. Su Bai found a sense of accomplishment and became more and more comfortable in playing the bait in the next five games. The enemy retreats. Anyone who watched it couldn’t help catching up with one shot.

“Pingxin Theory, the effect of changing the individual is not so good.”

“After all, it’s not everyone who cooks so naturally”

“It is recommended to ban the cat team from participating in the next Invitational Tournament”

“It is recommended that the cats be banned from the next invitational tournament”

“Please don’t attack geographically, just ban Late from participating next time.”

The cat team’s score kept rising, from 15, 14 to 12, and finally settled at 10.

As far as professional teams are concerned, there are totally 18 teams participating in the competition, and ten of them are not good results, but for a pure anchor team that nobody likes, this result can be called a miracle.

“It seems that Teacher Fang really confiscated the money, Ding Hui ‌ The competition was good, but the commentary is still a bit tender.”

“Silver Fox Team is crying”

“The Emperor Penguin team also has opinions, and it is two points behind the champion. If there is no cat team, it is hard to say who the champion is.”

“Distressed for other teams”

Although other platforms have a lot of complaints about rankings, live viewers are very excited, and they rushed to the official blog to celebrate on Weibo.

【Puppet Cat】‌Cats broke into top ten!

【British short blue and white】Why don’t you blog yet, I am so anxious

[Silver Gradient] Too low-key and I’m not used to it

Hang Shiqi, in front of the computer, looked at the results of the tenth place and wondered how he could get ten. He attributed it to the failure of other teams. Not only did he have to throw 30,000 dried fish for Shen Chi, but also The heart is unwilling to post it to Weibo.

【‌Cat Live Broadcast] I’m very happy. The cat team achieved a good score of ten in the invitational tournament.


Interview with the host after the game: “The cat team is all composed of anchors, and the ten people can say that they have maximized their operations. I noticed that Late‌’s live-streaming avatar is still the initial avatar, and I want to tell myself not to forget my original intention. Don’t you want to change it?”

The boy replied coldly: “I’m too lazy to change it.”

“The cub who is cold is strong”

“OK, next one”

“I really want to see cub change his profile picture, it must be cute, but I don’t feel like I will change it anymore.”

“I want to see it too!”

Shen Chi’s wrists seemed to be drawn away, and a thin layer of perspiration oozed. It was difficult to pick up the water cup, and he was more silent than usual. The questions were answered by Lan Heng and Su Bai.

“It’s so silent today”

“Take it, are you unhappy?”

“Maybe because he didn’t take rank one?”

”Rank ten don’t have trophies”

When the teenager opened the water cup, the water became cold, his lips were dry, he hesitated and took a cold drink, and his hand holding the water cup was cold.

He transferred all the 30,000 pieces of dried fish he had received to the Shen family. He felt that the heavy burden on his shoulders was lighter. He thought that if the money was paid, he should be able to change to a better cup.

He screwed the bottle cap and put down the water glass. Yan Xue Xiao sent a picture. The moment he clicked on the picture, his heart beat hard.

Maybe it’s difficult for him not to win the trophy. The picture is a red-haired wolf pup holding the trophy. The whole body is furry.

The young man changed his avatar silently.

“How did you change your profile picture!”

“Isn’t he too lazy to change?”

“So cute red-haired cub”

“I just want to know which wife painted it!”

Translator’s Note: Happy Reading.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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