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The other party worked hard part-time while going to school. Sure enough, there was no money in the family. Shen Chi’s hands on the phone were loose, and he thought of his last sentence and immediately explained it.

[Shen Chi] I have no other meaning for asking

The teenager turns off the phone, sleeps in the soft and warm quilt, puts the phone on the pillow close to him so he can reach it as soon as he open it, as if to accompany him into a dream.


Because he missed the final because of writing a report in the laboratory, Lu Xiuping just finished the game replay. He sat in front of the computer and did not sleep. He browsed the game posts on the forum, and one of them attracted his attention.

[Milk green half ice] Curious why Late did not participate in the youth training camp trial

There are many posts underneath.

[Xue Mei Niang] The trial training may not pass, is to provide an opportunity, SWL selection is still very strict, choose the top talent

【Milk Ball Pastry】If ‌‌ is not selected, wouldn’t it be embarrassing, ‌Besides, all the weeks‌ Online games are full of cheaters

[Cheesecake] It’s not necessary to open the hang-up. He broadcasts live for five hours a day. ‌No one has found evidence of the open-up hang. The level is basically stable, but the competition in professional competitions is real. The average anchor does not have this ability. , Might as well concentrate on live broadcast

Lu Xiuping was following the post but couldn’t help shaking . On the live broadcast‌, he could feel Late’s love for the game. He didn’t believe that such a person would not want to play professionally, but he didn’t think it was not enough, maybe there were other reasons.

In the next week, Shen Chi will still broadcast live as usual. Due to the recommendation on the homepage, he will always live broadcast until late at night. With a faint black circle at the bottom, he lies on the desk during the day to make up for his sleep.

Zhuang Zhou is used to catching up with teenagers, but he can’t help but think when drawing in textbooks, the game anchor is really a career that takes life to earn money, and the biological clock is not suitable for ordinary people.

He just drew a motorcycle for Du Fu in the textbook, and the teenager next to him suddenly lifted his head, his red hair turned up, and said, “Next week on the 14th.”

Zhuang Zhou stunned: “It’s the fourteenth, yes.”

Autumn passed last month, and the National Day was released at the beginning of the month. He doesn’t remember any festivals on October 14th, so it can’t be a school holiday.

Shen Chi turned on the phone and opened Yan Xue Xiao’s circle of friends. There was an empty circle of friends in it. It was taken on October 14th of the previous year. A simple birthday cake. It can be a lonely birthday. .

The boy stared at the photo and asked, “What kind of birthday gifts do you think girls like?”

This question can stump Zhuan Zhou. He hasn’t spoken a few words to a girl in his life except when talking about homework, so he can substitute it in. He answered: “It’s a mechanical keyboard.”

He dreamed that someone would give him a mechanical keyboard for playing games, but it was backlit.

Shi Liang handed the copied homework to Shen Chi and retorted in a low voice, “Not everyone likes games.”

Zhuang Zhou couldn’t help asking: “Then what do you think girls would like?”

Shi Liang spoke very well: “A full set of five-year college entrance examination three-year simulation.”

The boy with weak writing pushed the mirror on the bridge of the nose and added: “A complete interpretation of the new textbook is ok.”

Shen Chi thoughtfully.

Yan Shen, who was sitting on the side of the corridor, pulled to the corner, and couldn’t help but hear it. He said back to the three people: “First, understand the other person’s preferences.”

“That’s right.” Zhuang Zhou wakes up like a dream, “What does that girl like?”

Hearing what Zhuang Zhou said, Shen Chi suddenly realized that he didn’t understand Yan Xue Ziao at all, and recalled: “She likes books.”

“Would you like to send a notebook?” Shi Liang suggested, “There are many beautiful notebooks, which are very popular with girls. They should be sold in shopping malls in provincial cities, but the price is expensive.”

Shen Chi did not speak, he opened the ledger on the phone.

After a week of homepage recommendation, he earned ‌27,000 yuan, and returned nothing to the ‌Shen family, plus the previous ninety-one million owed to the Shen family.

He has one thousand three hundred yuan on his hand, five hundred yuan for grocery shopping, two hundred yuan for utility bills, and there is a full five hundred yuan. He should be able to buy a birthday gift, right?

After school, three boys in three blue and white school uniforms stood in front of a girl’s shop in the provincial capital.

There are pink bubbles in the whole shop, even the wallpaper is light pink, the door frame is decorated with white lace, and the people who enter and exit are all sweet and lovely girls.

“You .” Shen Chi to Zhuangzhou.

Zhuangzhou immediately pushed Shi Liang’s arm: “You, please.”

Shi Liang was embarrassed to shop. He really didn’t have the courage to go alone, and his expression was going to cry.

Just as the three of you pushed me and I pushed you, the owner of the shop finally couldn’t help saying, “Come in, don’t get in the way if you don’t come in. What shame is it?”

The three boys pretended to enter the store calmly.

Zhuangzhou has no say in buying beautiful notebooks. The books look similar for him. Shi Liang has experience: “This notebook is made of imitation leather and feels comfortable to the touch. The paper quality of this brand is so good that it won’t be dizzy. Ink, high cost performance.”

Shi Liang said the truth, but Zhuang Zhou couldn’t hear it clearly. It seemed that each had its own advantages. He couldn’t help asking Shen Chi, “Which one do you want?”

The young man with red hair raised his eyebrows: “It’s expensive.”

Zhuang Zhou:…………Really a pure and unpretentious consumer view

Because it is a book imported from the United States, one costs 380 yuan. He said that he has always been frugal and didn’t expect to spend money on others so generously, so he asked: “Is she your friend in Yancheng?”

“I met online.”

Shen Chi pays ‌ Money.

Zhuang Zhou’s mind quickly flashed through the social news on the browser, and he couldn’t help reminding: “You have to be careful when making friends online. I just got the news the day before yesterday saying that he was dating an online girlfriend. After meeting, he found out that it was a man-”

The boy said coldly: “Shao‌UC News.”

Zhuang zhou so as to stop the conversation.

Shen Chi returned to the house with a packaged gift. He sat in a chair and did not live broadcast immediately. He opened WeChat, took a deep breath, and typed slowly.

[Shen Chi] Where do you live?

The other party seemed to say what he wanted to say, and sent back a reply after a few moments.

[Yan Xuexiao] The postage is too expensive

Shen Chi didn’t send anything to anyone. He looked it up on the Internet and found that his things were the first weight. Even if they were sent to the south, they were only thirty, which was a price he could afford.

[Shen Chi] What I sent you is not heavy, and the domestic postage is not very expensive

Yan Xue Xiao from the mobile phone arrayed the screen, sent a domestic address to the teenager, and then dialed a phone number.


When Guanshan received Yan Xue Xiao’s call, he had just finished a surgical operation: “Why did you suddenly think of looking for me today? Last time you said that you had returned to China and invited me to dinner. There was no shadow. Could it be a conscience discovery?”

The young man on the phone answered plainly: “Help me receive a gift.”

Guanshan has not forgotten that October 14th is Yan Xue Xiao’s birthday. Yan’s family is like the sun. Even if Yan Xue Xiao is not in the country, the gifts he receives every year are hundreds and thousands, each of which is very valuable. Many people want to give it. Can’t send it out yet.

However, Yan Xue Xiao never put gifts on or even showed little interest in birthdays. The only exception was to buy himself a birthday cake when he broke up with his family in Princeton for graduate school in the first year.

He couldn’t help asking: “Is it a precious gift?”

The other side paused, and he replied: “It’s a very precious heart.”

Guanshan doesn’t know what’s the difference between the two. Anyway, it’s expensive. The butler and Yan’s family are big friends. When Yan’s family was not yet rich, they were neighbors, and the fox’s doctor agreed.

He received a courier from Border Town on Thursday. He unpacked the courier and prepared to send it to the United States. After opening the package, he was stunned. It was different from the expensive value he imagined.

It is a gift with cheap packaging.


On the morning of October 14th, Carl got up early as usual. He picked up his mobile phone and browsed today’s financial news. The front page was written with a line of black characters in bright characters.

-Crude oil prices have plunged.

——The price of crude oil plunges.

Because the production reduction agreement was announced to break, the price of crude oil has not only plunged. It can be said that it is a crash. Crude oil futures are forcibly delivered. A barrel of oil is less than US$20, which is not as expensive as water.

He can imagine how much Raven suffered. As a mathematics student, Raven has always believed that prices are quantifiable, but the financial market itself has a random stroll, especially when the future is unknown.

He almost bought crude oil futures in large quantities last week, and he couldn’t help feeling scared. He wanted to thank Yan and went to knock knock in front of the youth dormitory.

The door opens ‌.

When he walked into the dormitory, his first reaction was that there were many original philosophical texts, including not only Latin documents but also German documents. The youth was unpacking a package sent from China all the way.

It is not surprising that he knows many foreign friends, and he always sends homesick traditional food or handmade gifts at home.

What surprised him was that the contents of the package were neither food, nor handmade, or even Chinese.

The parcel is an American calfskin notebook with a pink soft silk bow.

Is this… exporting to domestic sales?

Carl ‌ was surprised and asked curiously: “What lovely book, did your lover send it?”

Yan Xue Xiao’s gaze gently moved away from the pink bow, and his expression calmly replied, “The kid at home.”

Carl didn’t ask any more, Yan’s dormitory was in a cool tone, and it probably wouldn’t be useful with the taste of youth. He thanked the crude oil futures and turned and left .

Before leaving, he stopped and asked: “You should make a lot of money by shorting futures this time. I take the liberty to ask, how much did you invest before?”

“not much.”

The youth said a sentence.

It is a pity for Carl, but he put himself in his shoes, thinking that people will always subconsciously avoid risks. Although crude oil prices will fall, it is not daring to let him take out large-scale funds to go short.

When he opened the door, he heard the young man say another sentence: “Fifty thousand dollars.”

Carl was shocked. Fifty thousand dollars is not too much. It means that this time the profit is at least several hundred thousand dollars. He looked back at Yan. The youth’s expression was still faint, and he pressed his shock and walk out of the dormitory.

‌The youth‌ opened the calfskin notebook and drew a picture of the little wolf pup who came over with the book in his mouth. When he is about to close his pen cap, he raises his pen and draws a boy with wolf ears on the second page.

The boy’s face is blank.

Translator’s Note:  I really hope they meet soon.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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