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Poor school flowers

Two days later, the game kicked off on time at 7: 00 pm, TQ ranked first with 132 points, and the Cats ranked seventh with 87 points, with a difference of 30 points from six.

“Chasing ‌Go!”

“Come on Kitten Team”

“Sure to be in the top six today”

Lu Fan is not optimistic that the kittens can break the record of previous years. If the ranking points are not counted, the kittens will need to kill five more heads per game to exceed the rank six.

But an important principle when commenting is that you don’t want to be full. He just said euphemistically: “This year the teams on big platforms are very strong, and it’s difficult for ordinary platforms to get into the top six.”

However, Fang Shengquan turned his head and sang the opposite: “Based on what I know about Late, there is no problem with the kitten team entering the top six.”

Lu Fan was speechless, he didn’t know where Fang Shengquan’s confidence came from, but Fang Shengquan boiled as soon as he opened the barrage, and he was already in the top six.

“One time, the teacher of the cat cup gave an explanation. Late’s team chasing points is really fierce in the later stage.”

“Teacher Fang, I’ll feel at ease if you say this.”

“The first six are stable!”

Xu Cheng in front of the computer looked at the barrage and shook his head. The audience’s expectations were too heavy, and can overwhelm a person, not to mention Late‌‌ sound is an indifferent juvenile voice. Maybe he is not an adult, so how could he not be affected?

He even faintly looked forward to it. Maybe, he wanted the audience to know that Late was no better than him. He kept his thoughts away and didn’t watch the game to concentrate on the live broadcast.

Xu Cheng’s live broadcast was late at 11: 30, which happened to be the start time of the last game. He opened the live broadcast room of the game, but the Cats were still seven, and the miracle did not happen.

“The competition in the top six is ​​too fierce.”

“Seven is much better than the last one.”

“Did they fight with TQ?!”

“Seems like it”

Xu Cheng looked into the picture, the route cut northwest of the desert map, TQ changed the jumping point, and as soon as the Cats landed, TQ, the team that won the championship and called the highest, met head-to-head, which meant that seven position could not be kept.


“Yan, do you remember me?” A blonde, blue, and blue man waited outside the classroom, with a tone of embarrassment.

Yan Xue Xiao looked at him and said, “Carl Howard.”

Carl breathed a sigh of relief. He had worked in a group with the youth before, but the youth always lowered his head and wrote the model, and the two did not have many opportunities to talk: “Thank you for remembering my name. Can you go to the coffee shop to talk? It won’t delay you too much time.”

Yan Xue Xiao nodded lightly, just inadvertently glanced at the watch.

They walked and sat down in a cafe on Nassau Street. The boss gave them two glasses of American for free, and said to Yan Xue Xiao, “You haven’t come to work part-time for a while.”

Yan Xue Xiao said, thank you: “I have been busy recently.”

“Come and sit more when you have time.”

The boss smiled and turned to greet other guests. After the boss left, Carl said shyly: “I saw you remind Raven of the risk of crude oil for the first time. Is it convenient to ask your opinion on the price of crude oil? ”

It is not surprising in the news that the Russians will reach an ‌OPEC agreement to reduce production. Even if the agreement has not been signed, the financial market has already reflected the price, and the price of crude oil which has been decadent for several months has reached a new high.

Group: Raven has bought hundreds of thousands of dollars in crude oil futures in advance, and is expected to make a profit of over one million, so he hesitates to buy too.

The young man in front of him took a sip of coffee and made a firm conclusion: “An agreement cannot be reached.”

“Why?” Karl couldn’t help but ask, “The reduction in crude oil production and the increase in prices are good for both parties.”

The youth’s voice was flat: “Russia’s fiscal revenue depends on oil exports, and production restrictions will affect revenue. However, it is only a secondary reason. More importantly, it is worrying that the US shale oil will eat up its reduced market share.”

In the last sentence, Carl opened the website to find the international oil import and export data in the past two months. In the past month, OPEC reduced production and vacated production, but the US shale oil production really increased, which undoubtedly pointed to a result, that is, the agreement will not be reached.

While he opened the notebook, the young man also turned on the computer. After closing the notebook, he couldn’t help but curiously asked: “Will you read a paper?”

“Live Game.”


Due to the landing and encountering the TQ team, the kitten team quickly reduced its staff. Only Late survived.

“Suffocation, start to death”

“Don’t say ‌Six, can you keep ‌ Seven?”

“It’s a bit difficult to tell the truth. There is not a big gap between the scores. Next year, come on.”

Shen Chi didn’t know the discussion of the barrage, and if he knew it he wouldn’t care.He just patiently hid on the roof.

“The location is a bit dangerous”

“TQ clear lone wolves along the edge of the circle, and the horse will clear the edge. It is better to move into the safe zone first.”

“lone wolf survives”

“If you are lucky, you can get the ranking points if you enter the top ten.”

But Shen Chi still had no plans to move forward. He even turned on the six-fold mirror and aimed his sight at the TQ lone player.

He squinted , in order to avoid sniping in the lurking sniper|shooting the opponent while walking and jumping, it is not easy to hit, he silently calculated in his heart.

“Pick TQ fight? Cub is really vengeful”

“The distance is 700 meters, can you hit it?”

“Late a thousand miles to understand”

“Across from two former professional TQs, the live broadcast is still different. I feel that playing is still too risky.”

Interpreter’s Lu Fan commented: “The mentality is a bit anxious.”

“That’s not necessarily.” Although Fang Shengquan is not optimistic about the attack, he still has a hint of optimism about the kitten team that he has been optimistic about since the beginning of the broadcast.

Shen Chi’s breathing was so light that he could only see the sound of the game in the earphones. He slowly moved the 98K muzzle, holding the mouse tightly, and was extremely focused.

He can clearly feel that every muscle in his body is being pulled, and a piece of his back has been soaked, like a tight string, clicks —

Headshot with one blow.

“It’s amazing.”

“The opposite is the retired professional player, no matter whether they took the seven or not, you can be praised for a lifetime.”

“How is it, cub, what a great one!”

“Be circled and powdered”

Fang Shengquan breathed a sigh of relief, and the old God said, “The advantage of lone wolf can’t be estimated in action. Just like I thought, Late made good use of his own marksmanship, which is bound to bring a strong shadow of death to the couple. There is hope for six.”

Lu Fan wanted to refute, but after thinking about the performance of the kitten team for two days, he didn’t dare to say anything.

It turns out that it is great he didn’t say that it was not true, because in the following time, Late sniped one after another, and created the highest number of kills for a single player.

Lu Fan looked at the screen and even felt that Late was better than when he was in the team, so that TQ, who had won the championship without any suspense, had to play the spirit to keep points. One person is more oppressive than the entire team.

The game is over. Although TQ is the champion, he squeezed into the top five at one time. Kitty Live was so excited as if he was the only one. They can’t wait for the homepage to be full of propaganda..

“Five makes more noodles than one.”

“TQ was also a champion last year. Little broken cats are not happy to be in the top five at one time, just like Fan Jinzhong. Don’t seal my name.”

“yesterday they ranked bottom. who can think that today they entered the top five?”

“After watching the game, I just want to say, Late is awesome!”

Xu Cheng didn’t think that Late’s performance today was better than yesterday. He watched the bullet screen block his chest, as if everyone laughed at his defeat, and turned on Late’s portrait in a gaffe.

[Xu Cheng] Will you not be influenced by the audience?

The other party didn’t seem to be able to solve the meaning of the question, so he asked him back.

【Asia’s No1 Gun God 】Why would I be affected?

Xu Cheng‌ ‌ realized that the other party only has games in his mind, so he just concentrated on playing the game, accidents won’t be thought of, the game should be just a game.

He confessed that he had lost , and the boy on the opposite side was destined to have a brighter future than him.


Carl doesn’t understand Chinese. He looks at the obscure characters and asks: “Does the anchor you follow play well?”

Yan Xue Xiao took a sip of coffee: “‌Rank Five.”

Carl has no idea about the five, just oh oh, but the young man’s eyes are still watching him, he can only bite the bullet and boast: “Awesome.”

“Not bad.”

Yan Xue Xiao closed his eyes, and his tone was light.

But Carl clearly saw a very shallow smile appearing on the corner of the youth’s mouth. He speculated that Yan must be a fan of the famous Chinese anchor.

They finished the conversation. When he installed his laptop and was about to go out, he saw Yan putting ten dollars on the bottom of the coffee before he stood up. Even though the boss said it was free, he still paid for two cups of coffee.

Carl couldn’t help thinking, people who are gentle on the surface are hard to approach.

After finishing the game, Shen Chi sat in front of the computer. Six rounds of high-intensity games a day caused the young boy’s to appear dark blue, and it was difficult to lift his wrist, so he could only lie down and rest in front of the computer.

He raised his head and looked at the screen. The number of followers in the live broadcast room increased rapidly from 20,000 to 10,000. The remaining 10,000 dried fish were also accounted for, and he suddenly felt that his body was not so tired.

When the teenager was about to turn off the computer, a message appeared in front of him.

[SWL Team] Hello, I see that you played very well today. I take the liberty to ask, would you like to take part in the youth training camp assessment of our team? If you pass the examination, you can become a youth training camp player

He did not turn off the live broadcast, a message appeared in front of the audience, and the live broadcast room shook.

“The giants! The requirements for entering the youth academy are very strict.”

“The cubs should be underage. If you want to go professional, SWL’s youth academy is really the best choice. Nowadays, many star selections in the league are all cultivated by SWL.”

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Whampoa Military Academy in the Alliance”

“say yes soon.”

“is there anyone else who doesn’t agree?”

But Shen Chi forced himself to sit up straight, stared at the screen for a long time, and finally lowered his head, ‌ replied.

【Asia’s No.1 Gun God】Unwilling


“Don’t want to play professionally? But I think cub has the ability to play professionally. Today, TQ has two former professional picks, isn’t it? He was almost beaten four by one.”

“It’s a pity, first time I saw SWL take the initiative to vote for the olive branch, but he refused.”

The boy lowered his eyes, turned off the computer without saying a word, turned off the light and lay down in the bed, and transferred 60,000 yuan to the Shen family.


In the villa area of ​​Yancheng, a woman wrapped in a shawl looked at the transfer message received by the machine, frowned slightly, and said to herself: “Sixty thousand yuan.”

“What 60,000 yuan?” Ji Shu stopped writing and asked.

“Nothing.” Madam Shen shook her head, “It’s hard to learn well, and it’s easy to learn bad. You must never do illegal things for money. Look at the money coming quickly. It’s over for a lifetime. No one will sympathize.”

There was doubt in Ji Shu. Of course, he would not break the law for only 60,000 yuan. A piece of clothing on his body was more than 60,000 yuan. He suppressed the doubts in his heart and continued to do test papers in the bright study room. .

Shen Chi, on the other side, slept in the bed of the rental house and wrapped himself in a quilt. Suddenly, the screen of the machine shook.

As soon as the teenager closed, he turned on the machine with impatience, and even the red hair on his head became rooted. After seeing the name, the red hair immediately got down quietly.

[Yan Xue Xiao] Why not go to the youth training camp?

If it were for someone else, he would probably only say coldly that he didn’t want to go, but Yan Xue Xiao asked too softly, so he slowly deleted the word I didn’t want to go, and entered a new reply.

[Shen Chi] Low salary

The PUBG national service has not passed the review, the competition cannot be sponsored, and the popularity of the game is getting lower and lower. In addition to the top celebrities, the annual salary can be tens of millions. The problem, let alone the youth academy.

The members of the youth training camp are not type players, so they can’t live without exposure. They only practice day after day. He is not afraid of practice. He is afraid of not having money.

The other party commented.

[Yan Xue Xiao] You are short of money

Although he really has no money, the four-yuan shredded pork with sauce is a luxury item, but the young man’s face is low, he still can’t help refuting it.

[Shen Chi] It’s nothing good to have money. I hate rich people the most. I don’t want my family to be too rich. It’s good to eat shredded pork with sauce on weekends.

The boy remembered and asked.

[Shen Chi] Your family don’t have money, right?

After a while, the other party quietly sent a sentence.

[Yan Xue Xiao] No

Translator’s Note: Oh no Shen Chi your hubby would be rich in the future don’t hate rich people.

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    SC: I hate rich people the most. I don’t want my family to be too rich.
    YXY: ohh.
    SC: You’re not rich, are you?
    YXY: …no

    Years later…

    SC: You deceived me.
    YXY: Oh?
    SC: You clearly said you weren’t rich back then.
    YXY: I did.
    SC: You lied.
    YXY: I wasn’t rich back then. I’m rich now.
    SC: You…

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