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happy birthday

Yancheng, Yan’s old residence.

Typical Huizhou-style gardens, with winding paths leading into the mountains and water, and the lakeshore line as long as kilometers, are in the wild in the city, and the lake is brightly lit.

Lin Sinian pressed down and stepped into the hall. He didn’t come for the first time, but he couldn’t help but slow down and appreciate every time he came. However, such a garden was only used by Yan’s family to entertain guests , and the inside details can be seen.

Even if Yan Xue Xiao was still outside and did not return, and they did not even see the traces of the Yan family, people still came to He Sheng, and no one dared to have any opinions, because the Yan family is now the owner of the family.

At this time, he saw a 40-year-old man standing in the attic, and it took him half a beat to react.

Unlike his mother’s mouth, Yan Zhao, who has a tough wrist, she has a gentle face, a smile on her face, and a tall Yan Ji, but Yan Ji looks more like the owner of the house. With such a gentle manner, one person pushed the Yan family to its current status.

When he looked around, people had already left behind him.

His mother sighed on the side: “A person like Yan Zhao, the Yan family is afraid that it will be like the sun.”

Lin Sinian bowed his head busy, he didn’t dare to tell his mother ‌‌, Yan Xue Xiao was better than Yan Zhao.

There were many people in the main hall, so he took a glass of wine and went out for air.

When passing by the side hall, he was suddenly stopped by a woman:”Sinian, right? My friend, Xiao Shu, came over to say hello to his brother, brother Sinian. But he was admitted to the Department of Physics of Yan University.”

Ji Shu hurriedly offered him a glass of wine.

Lin Sinian recognized Mrs. Shen. The Shen family, in the northwest, is the richest man. It was not enough to be recognized in Yancheng, and he could only live in the side hall. He knew his mother did not like the Shen family, so he only nodded politely.

He was about to turn around and leave, and suddenly thought that Yan Xue Xiao had said Shen Chi last time. He didn’t know why people from two different worlds intersects, he couldn’t help but say: “Is Shen Chi still going to school in Yancheng?”

Mrs. Shen obviously did not expect that he would answer this question. She had always been elegant and dignified for two seconds, but she quickly recovered her composure: “He went to school in the border town and went to a good school in the border town.”

Lin Sinian finally knew why his mother didn’t like Mrs. Shen. She knew everything in the border town, and a good school could not compare with any school in Yancheng, so it must be so impressive.

Moreover, in his dream, he heard that the school of Border Town III was closed soon. In addition to the countdown to further studies, the more direct reason-

There was a heavy murderer.


“In this exam, the class ranks down again.” Teacher Wang stood in front of the podium with a thick test paper and sighed. “If you continue like this, no one can go to the undergraduate course.”

He handed the test paper to the class representative, looking at the ranking, his tone was stained with a stern tone: “Especially last classmate Shen Chi, the total of seven subjects is less than two hundred points, and the second to last is Yan Shen. After three hundred and forty points, shouldn’t you reflect on yourself?”

It was the first time that he criticized a person. When his voice fell, the whole class couldn’t help but look at the young man.

After a day’s sleep, Shen Chi just got up from the desk, silently writing gun|weapon data, and the blank spaces in the English textbook were densely written with numbers.

After school in the afternoon, he sat up from his seat and sat beside Yan Shen. Before he left, he suddenly threw him a booklet to write, which read “Collection of Points”.

The boy sat back in his position and opened the booklet.

Zhuang Zhou was also attracted by the word “Bibliography”. He couldn’t help secretly aiming at the booklet. He wanted to see the learning experience. He saw that the content was very complicated. Sure enough, he shouldn’t expect anything from the penultimate learning materials.

On the first page is neatly written a paragraph.

——Three longs and one short choose ‌short, three shorts and one long choose ‌long, choose B for different lengths, choose D for irregularities

The boy closed the booklet with a blank expression.

While helping Shen Chi pack his school bag, Shi Liang looked at the booklet and wondered: “But how can Yan Shen teach learning experience? I feel that he has been alone all the time, and no one in the class dared to play with him. .”

“I know this.” Zhuang Zhou replied empirically, “When I was in high school, Yan Shen was the last one, and when I was in high school, Yan Shen was the last one.”

“It is estimated it is the first time he saw someone whose grades were worse than his own, he was afraid of you dropping out of school because of his broken self-esteem, and he became the last one again.”

Don’t talk about Yan Shen, since Shen Chi transferred to the class, he was less stressed every time he took the exam.

Although Zhuangz Zhou felt like he was telling the truth, the boy looked over coldly and quickly turned to the subject: “There is nothing wrong with the rank. Anyway, the first place in the class can’t be admitted to college.”

“But if I can be admitted, I want to take the Yancheng Academy of Fine Arts.” When it comes to the future, hope emerges in Zhuangzhou’s eyes.

Shi Liang packed his schoolbags and handed them to Shen Chi. His tone was full of longing: “I didn’t want to take a university entrance exam. You can speak. I hope that I will stay in the university after graduation. In the city, then take my mother to a good hospital for treatment.”

Shen Chi only took the schoolbag and stood up without saying a word.

Zhuang Zhou he said: “‌Have you ever thought of the future?”

Shen Chi squeezed ‌‌‌ on the shoulder strap of the schoolbag, hanging his head slightly, and the tip of his hair covering the amber pupils, appearing extremely silent.

That woman knew he wasn’t his own child, and they left him at the airport again and again. He can always find a way to go back. Once, the woman left him at the railway station, and he sat in a chair and looked up at the woman who was well dressed.

The woman calmly said to him: “Shen Chi, don’t look at me with this kind of eyes. If there is no accident, you will grow up in the slum area of ​​the border city. The Shen family has raised you for 18 years, and I think I am bad? No, the poor one is my child, his life was stolen from me, but things had already happen.”

The boy retracted his thoughts and raised his head: “No.”

He never thought about his future, he just wanted to pay back the money quickly. As for paying it back in the border town or in Yancheng, it doesn’t make a difference.

His life can’t be worse.

Shen Chi put on his school bag and walked out of the classroom.

A new dessert shop was opened opposite the school. He only passed by the door and smelled the sweet and sour strawberry cake. The aroma was wrapped in the wind, and it smelled delicious.

The boy couldn’t help stopping, but he looked at the cake and the price and then he moved forward

Because the live broadcast was too late yesterday, he was groggy throughout the day. When he walked back to the house and turned on the machine, he realized that he had not yet said happy birthday to Yan Xue Xiao.


Yan Xue Xiao put down the book and connected to a phone call, and Yan Zhao’s voice came from the phone: “you didn’t come back today, I’m very disappointed.”

“You know I don’t like socializing, but why is it useless to learn philosophy, because I was born in Yan’s family.”

The young man hung up the phone calmly and continued to open the book, but it took longer than usual to turn the pages.

A voice message appeared on the screen. He frowned and picked up the phone to see the sender . Yan Xue Xiao gradually eased his eyebrows and opened the message.

The young boy’s clear voice sounded on the phone, as if it were close to his ear, so clearly that he could hear the subtle gasps: “Happy birthday, did you eat birthday cake today?” Recommend strawberry flavor. ”

He has no plans to celebrate his birthday.

Yan Xue Xiao couldn’t see clearly, his eyes narrowed.

On the other side of the phone, Shen Chi never received Yan Xue Xiao’s reply. He keenly noticed that the other party seemed unhappy. He didn’t know if he said the wrong thing, so he stared at the phone for a while.

He turned off his phone and started the live broadcast. At twelve o’clock, there was a knock on the door when the broadcast was about to be off.

“How come someone knocks on the door suddenly!”

“In the middle of the night, I started to panic”
“I started to panic in the middle of the night”

“Take care of yourself when you are alone at home.”

“Cub look at the screen! Don’t open the door directly, first look at someone through the cat’s eye and decide whether to open it. ”

Shen Chi took off the earphones, carried a knife on him, walked cautiously to the door, and observed the door through the cat’s eyes.

Outside that door, a delivery clerk wear blue clothes, who open the door, immediately took out a cake from the delivery box: “hello, please sign for your cake.”

Shen Chi replied coldly: “I didn’t buy a cake.”

“‌Delivered by your friend ‌‌.” The delivery person handed him the cake.

Shen Chi took the cake and put it on the table. A chain cake brand was said to be out of town because it tasted so good.

He opened the outer packaging, and a small card fell out of ‌. On the card, the one who ordered had Yan Xue Xiao’s name written on the side, and he realized that the other party was inviting guests.

But he quickly moved his eyes from the card to the cake. The cream was dense and the top layer was covered with fresh strawberries. It looked more delicious than what he saw outside the store today.

The boy couldn’t help but pick up the spoon, and ate a bite of strawberry cake without any expression. However, when the cake melted on the tip of his tongue, he bends his eyes lightly.

On the other side of the ocean, Yan Xue Xiao sat quietly at the table——

Also eating strawberry cake.

Translator’s note: Wutttt we already at chapter 40?  If you see any typos or mistake please just comment.  Happy Reading Everyone!!

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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