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Philosophy and painting

Just one round? !


  Hang Shiqi looked at the screen for a long time, saying that the cross-platform anchor competition organized by the alliance is mainly to promote the popularity of the autumn game. The prize money is down to ‌, the championship reward is only 120,000, and the players are only 30,000 per person.


   There are 5,000 dried fish in a round, and there are twelve rounds before the end of the game. Shen Chi will cost 60,000 to open his mouth.


The price of a small fish is two pieces. Even if the platform doesn’t need to deduct half the handling fee, if he has to pay a full 60,000 piece, he himself is naive. Where the other side’s short-sighted, it is completely a wolf that bites people and wants blood.


   He couldn’t help complaining.


  [Kitten Live] One round is too expensive, and the championship prize is only 120,000. If you just said it was one round, I would definitely not agree


   Shen Chi quickly replied to him.


  [Asia’s No. 1 Gun God] The last place


  Hang Shiqi just started to react, and when he reacted, he did not believe in the evil place to broadcast the game. It was just a game of effort. The kitten team scored first from the bottom, and he had to reluctantly agree to the condition.




In the live broadcast of the game, Fang Shengquan and another commentator, Lu Fan, brought ‌ headsets and sat on high chairs facing the audience to review and analyze yesterday’s game.


   Lu Fan noticed that the kitten team had changed a member, and said tactfully: “The kitten team replaced Xu Cheng. The bench members lacked a good fit and their strength was not as good as the main players. It should not be a choice.”


The live barrage also expressed dissatisfaction.


“Xu Cheng ranks 17 th, why change to a small anchor whose name is unknown?”


   “Late’s fans have something to say, the little anchor, I admit, ‌My baby Asian server ranks 16th.”


   “Asian server rankings don’t tell everything, even if he is really stronger than Xu Cheng, PUBG is not a one-person game, don’t you need team cooperation?”


The first game started, the barrage was so noisy, and Yan Xue Xiao, who returned to the dormitory, hung a dark gray windbreaker on the coat rack once he entered the door. He walked to the computer and sat down. He sent a message in the barrage.


   “Will it be worse than the last one?”


  The live broadcast was immediately quiet.


   “It’s like saying it.”


       “They are already at the bottom, and there is no room for worse.”




Fang Shengquan is no stranger to the name Late. He explained the kitten cup some time ago. He has a deep memory of Late. Substitution may be the way to open the situation, so he said: “The strength of the substitute is not necessarily worse than the main force.”


If Lu Fanxin’s substitute strength is worse than the main force, he should be a substitute. However, Fang Shengquan is, after all, a veteran commentator of the league. When he is on camera, he has the face of refuting Fang Shengquan.(He meant that a substitute is not the main player for a reason but he can’t say that to Fang Shengquan)


  The first round of the game started slowly. The first three rounds were all islands. The southeast direction of the route was ‌P city over the ruins of the top of the mountain. It lived in the center of the island, and was relatively friendly to all teams ‌.


   Except for the kitten team.


“In addition to not paying attention to information collection. There was another important reason for the island map’s failure yesterday. The training jump point P City was occupied by TQ, and there are teams at other jump points. They can only blindly hit the Roll points, and they are not lucky. The group will be destroyed if it lands.” Fang Shengquan commented.


   Lu Fan also nodded: “The two retired TQ professional players are far more powerful than the kitten team. The kitten team will definitely not be able to grab P City. This round should still be a roll point.”


   To their surprise, the kitten team did not ‌ went to grab jumping spots with other teams, but chose to jump off in the wild by the sea.


   Lu Fan glanced at Fang Shengquan and said: “Being on the bench still has a big impact on the team, knowing that they can’t fight it, he just gave up the hot spot.”


   “Wild area resources can’t support a team”


 ”This game is to score points. Although it is to score points in the game, in order to enhance the appreciation of the game, the killing points are the big ones.”


“there is also the ability to avoid unnecessary battles in the early stage”


   Fang Shengquan ‌ speaks, only frowning and looking at the screen, he always feels that Late’s style would not be so conservative.


   There are a total of 16 teams from different platforms on the field. Generally, the director cuts the camera only when the two teams conflict.


 In the past ten minutes of the game, he found the shadow of the Cats. He can only guess that it is steadily advancing to the safety zone on the map track.


   “It’s really going to go”


   ” Be cautious, the penultimate Snow Fox team ‌ won ‌ individual head points, the score is still expanding, and now it is nine points short.”


   “Is it because the team doesn’t work well? It’s making me anxious.”


   “That’s not as good as Xu Cheng to play.”


Hang Shiqi in front of the screen is more anxious than the live cat audience. Although he is a manager, he doesn’t play PUBG himself. He thought that his ranking must be high and his strength must be high. If not, he regretted agreeing to Shen Chi’s conditions.


Lu Fan, who was broadcasting live, noticed the score: “The Little Cats have won a head so far. I said before that it is not recommended to change on the spot.”


 Fang Shengquan doesn’t think so. With sixteen teams on the court, it’s impossible to avoid all the teams.


   “Lu Fan is still good, his mind turns fast when he is young, but teacher Fang is a little bit older and not keen enough.”


   “Let’s change Xu Cheng back in the end”


 ”+1, I only watched the game for the Cats. As a result, I had a shot for half a day, and I felt lonely.”


“come back, come back.”


The  circle slowly shrank, and after a few fierce battles, there were only twelve teams left on the field. Everyone contracted their formation and waited for the next round, and the game fell into a rare quiet.


  Suddenly, a passing jeep appeared on the screen, and it was difficult to hit the vehicle at a high speed. Generally, it was too late to shoot twice.


  This car not only swayed around, but also turned on its horn. The only difference was that there were people behind the hillside, and dense bullets shot at the car.


   By the way, this car moved extremely fast, as if it would be predicted, it was hit by a shot, and ‌ whizzed past.


   The jeep wandered around on the map, but the gunshot was cut off, marking almost all the teams’ positions.


As a result, the teams on the field are in a very embarrassing situation. They are still ready to fight. If you don’t fight, the others will come over. For safety, they will only fight, and there are endless guns on the field. sound.


   “Which team is in the car, they are so wicked”


  ”Keep it down, it’s like our little cats.”




   Lu Fan, who has explained hundreds of games, couldn’t help being stunned. It was the first time he saw such a wild play: “Did the kittens give up on their own?”


   “No.” Fang Shengquan looked at the screen, “They are collecting points.”


The cooperation of the kitten team is indeed a big problem. In order to say that they have the strength to face any team on the field, they gave up the frontal attack and took advantage of the other teams to grab the head when they exchanged fire. One more team is one. .


   “How do they know the positions of other teams?” Lu Fan was puzzled. His impression of the Kittens team still remained in the impression that they had fallen into a box in the last game.


Fang Shengquan laughed and said in a pointing tone: “In addition to avoiding the early battles, they also left room for investigation in the wild areas where they started jumping. Have you noticed that they haven’t been fighting? The information is collected.”


   On the screen, the kitty team steadily pierced into the enemy’s heart like a dagger hidden in the dark, climbing to twelve points at an astonishing speed: one point, two points, three points…


   and it continues. 


   “Teacher Fang is right, the ginger is still old and hot, Lu Fan has a bad experience and waits for the fire.”


   “They overtake the Snow Fox team!”


   “Late is really strong. If you change him early, you might be able to break seventh last year, so you don’t have to struggle in the countdown.”


   “It’s your own team anyhow, can the platform show the perspective of the kitten team, ‌Look at how Late commanded”


  ‌ After a game, they are no longer at the last place in the rankings. Hang Shiqi was so nervous that he poured himself a few sips of water, and finally let go of his heart.


   He couldn’t help but think he is expensive  ,but this will not raise the rankings, there will be more competitions, he hastily transferred all the money today.




  The end of the sixth game was at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, and there was a lot of coldness in the live broadcast of the game. The score was relished and the discussion was even more enthusiastic than the first day.


   “They ranked seventh, can they be sixth in the final tomorrow?”


  ”The best result of the little broken cat is only the seventh, and the team lacks running-in. I feel that the sixth is still hanging, and I look forward to entering the top eight.”


   “It’s a pity, Late is so strong just as a substitute, he is obviously weaker in all aspects, and his mentality is better than Xu Cheng.”


   “Xu Cheng used to bury his head in live broadcasts. The Cat Cup is always number one every year, but the competition is smashed by the platform. I don’t know if it’s swollen. Look at Late.”


   Xu Cheng turned off the computer without saying a word.


   He looked down and looked at the thinly callused hands that he gave birth to. He had swelled before, but before playing games, he wouldn’t be nervous, and the competition is different under the eyes of the public.


  Because of the expectations of several people, every mistake will be magnified, just like walking on thin ice, he laughed lightly, and the same was true when he changed to Late.


   The red-haired boy rubbed his sore wrist, turned off the light and lay down on the bed to count his dried fish. After counting, he stared at the empty room and sent a message.


   [Shen Chi] Are you asleep?


   He waited for a reply with an expression on his face. At this point, the other party was probably asleep. Even if he was asleep, he should be reading a book. He pressed his thin lips and was about to turn off the phone when he received a reply unexpectedly.


  [Yan Xue Xiao] Just watched your game


   The boy’s heart jumped heavily, and his face was hot in the dark, he got into the quilt and hid himself tightly.


   [Shen Chi] I got into the quilt


   [Shen Chi] Good night


   He closed his eyes after sending it, and after a while, ‌ quietly opened his eyes and glanced at the screen, and a message appeared on the phone.


  [Yan Xue Xiao] Good night


   The young man turned off his cell phone contentedly, closed his eyes under the warm quilt, his red hair lying softly on his head, and fell asleep.


On the other side, Yan Xue Xiao sat at the table quietly watching the German text “Fichte Collection”. As a transition between Kant and Hegel, the brilliance of Kant and Hegel concealed Fichte’s brilliance. 


   The youth opened the next page. The ultimate goal of man is to subdue all irrational things to himself, and freely control all irrational things according to his own inherent laws.


  Philosophy is rational and cold, ‌He lowered his eyelashes lightly, drew a little wolf pup lying on the quilt on a blank piece of paper, and stretched out his hand——


   touched it.


Translator’s Note: Face slapping for all the people who underestimated our cub! Happy Reading Everyone.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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