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As if bewildered, the ghost actor lifted up his clothes badly and took a photo. The flat white belly was filled with thin layers of abdominal muscles, and the narrow and smooth lines were winding and disappearing.


   The other party didn’t send a reply, he couldn’t help reminding him that “he has abdominal muscles”, but before he clicked send, a message appeared on the screen.


  [Yan Xue Xiao] Remember to apply medicine regularly to the wound


  It turned out to be about the injury under his clothes. He let go without a face, and silently deleted all the typed words.



 He continued to broadcast live after dinner, and it was broadcast until 12: 30 in the middle of the night. He closed his eyes and lay in bed.


   In October, the temperature in the border town dropped sharply, with cold wind wrapped in it, and it often rained slowly. The quilt he covered was from summer, even if he slept in bed, his hands and feet were cold.


Shen Chi got out of bed and put on his coat then the thin quilt, but he was still very cold. He huddled himself to keep warm, and his thick eyelashes covered a small shadow under his eyes, which made him look softer than usual.




   At night, Biancheng County Hospital.


Shi Liang carefully wiped the body of the woman on the hospital bed, although his own school uniform was wrinkled and stained with blood, and said softly, “Don’t worry about it, the medical expenses have been paid.”


   “Have you been bullied again?”


   the woman asked worriedly.


   Shi Liang immediately shook his head: “No, I was not bullied today, someone helped me.”


   “Then you have to thank him tomorrow.” The woman coughed weakly, “No, let others think that single-parent families are impolite.”


   Shi Liang nodded heavily. He stayed with her in the hospital and went to bed at night. He carried his school bag and walked towards the school just after dawn.


  He bought an extra breakfast when he went to the breakfast shop next to the school, and waited by the door with a paper bag. The cool wind blew by, and he wrapped his coat.


  He saw a red-haired ‌ from a distance, walking loosely with his school bag on his back. He ran over and passed the breakfast he bought into Chi’s hands: “Thank you for yesterday.”


   Shen Chi didn’t answer. He looked at mother Ji who was sitting on a stool to collect money for the first time at the stall earlier, and asked unconsciously, “Is she in bad health?”


  Shi Liang‌ didn’t react, but it took a long time to realize that he was talking about mother Ji. He hesitantly recalled: “There should be no problem, all the guests are smiling.”


  ‌‌ He did not look anymore, and did not receive breakfast from Shi Liang, and walked towards the door without looking back.


  The representative of early self-study and after class received homework, and the representative of English class reluctantly said to Shen Chi: “The teacher said that you have to ask your parents if you don’t hand in homework.”


   Shen Chi pulled away his seat and paused.


   Shi Liang immediately handed over his homework in front of Shen Chi, and quietly said: “You can copy mine, although it is not guaranteed to be all correct most of the answers are correct, don’t be embarrassed.”


Listening to Shi Liang’s words, Zhuang Zhou, who was rushing to work next to Shi Liang, cast his eyes on Shi Liang, but sure enough, he was not embarrassed at all. He opened his school bag and took his homework directly. Threw it to Shi Liang.


  Zhuang Zhou thought that Shi Liang, a good student, would refuse, but what he didn’t think was that Shi Liang immediately sat in the front row and copied it obediently, which was like a little attendant.


  Zhuang Zhou:…………


   He just made up his homework sourly. He looked up at the countdown to the bright red college entrance examination and couldn’t help but sigh: “Where is the head? I admire Yan Shen for repeating the fifth grade of senior high school.”


  ‌‌ Looking over towards Zhuang zhou.


   Zhuang zhou saw that he was interested, and said, “he didn’t pass the exam for five years. The school didn’t bother to collect fees. The seniority is older than the teacher.”


Shi Liang, who carefully copied his homework, said: “I hope that the time will be slower and the time for review will be more. I heard that if I am admitted to the university, I don’t have to go to work in a factory in the south. The salary of sitting in an air-conditioned room every day is five or six thousand.”


  Speaking the final ‌sentence, Shi Liang’s words contained ‌ Unspeakable envy.


   Shen Chi is silent, in his original world, the price of a pair of limited edition sneakers by the people around him is more than that. Sports cars and yachts are an eternal topic, and no one will worry about their livelihood.


  He probably caught a cold last night. He was dizzy. He turned on the phone and checked the price of quilts. The temperature in the border town was low in winter. A quilt with a better bed cost 400 or 500, so he was not willing to buy it.


  ‌‌ Sitting in an old classroom holding a mobile phone, he suddenly realized that he was very far away from Yancheng, living a life he had never thought of.



“Metaphysics, as a study of the essence of the world, studies the existent, while Philosophy of Mind takes consciousness as the research object. The entity dualism represented by Descartes thought holds that the ghost named spirit is the physical body …”


There aren’t many people in the classroom. The tutor took off the manuscript and spoke on the podium. Yan Xue Xiao listened quietly, talking straight from classical philosophy to the cutting-edge meta-ethics.


   After class, the white girl in front was calling and complaining: “It’s getting colder, and you can’t go to the beach to swim anymore. Go on a holiday on the west coast when you have time. There is sunshine in all seasons.”


   Yan Xue Xiao turned on the phone, glanced at Wen in the border town, thought about it for a while, and put quilts on the shop.


   When Adam stood up from his chair, he glanced at the green screen, and after recognizing the Chinese, he asked curiously: “Are you still opening a shop?”


  Yan Xue Xiao took off the ‌pair of gold-rimmed eyes on the bridge of the nose, turned off the phone.


   “How’s the business?” Adam couldn’t help asking.


   Yan Xue Xiao replied lightly: “Not so good.”


However, Shen Chi received the prompt on the cub raising shop. He clicked on the page and the store had quilts. The price could be said to be the lowest price on the entire network, which was lower than all the quilts he browsed. It still costs three hundred yuan.


  ‌ ‌ he hesitated, and temporarily closed the page, as if he knew what he was thinking, he went to the drinking fountain in the corridor to pick up the water, and opened the page again, and then he was stunned.


   The price has dropped by 230 yuan.


  It happened to be within his budget. He was concerned about limited sales, so he took the photo without thinking about it and confirmed his contact information and address.


   The store probably changed the source of goods, and it was the same day that the neighbouring city shipped the goods. He held the thick box and labored to open the door.


   He used a knife to unpack the courier. It was too cheap and he could not help but roll over. But when he opened the box all his worries vanished.


Inside is the soft and thick quilt of the bed, which is warm enough for him to have an unusually warm winter.


After carefully spreading the quilt on the bed, he ate half a pack of biscuits and turned on the computer to go to the website.


The game between platforms is still going on. Because of the defeat on the first day, the kitten team has been in a sluggish state for two consecutive days. Not only did it fail to maintain its seventh place in the game, but it also ranked second from the bottom. ‌Only four points apart.


   “The main reason is that the stance was lost. The much-anticipated team participated in the competition on behalf of the platform. As a result, the team was destroyed at the beginning of the game yesterday. No one can stand the change.”


   “Xu Cheng is too autistic today. The captain’s poor state directly affects the entire team. I listened to the voice of the team and everyone else was trembling.”


“He is under too much pressure. The platform is currently pushing him to achieve results as soon as possible in the game. However, his level is considered good in the cat live broadcast, so he is not so outstanding on his platform. I don’t know if the platform will  replace him.”


   “You can also find a substitute if you can.”


   Shen Chi indifferently put on the headphones and boarded the game. Just as he was about to start the game, he received ‌ pieces of official news from ‌Kitten Live.


  [Kitten Live] Hello, are you interested in participating in the competition as a substitute representative platform?


  【Asia’s No.‌1 Gun‌ God】Not interested


   “hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha he refuse directly”


   “I can feel  how impatient they are”


“”It’s a thankless job to play as a substitute. It’s the second last, and it’s going to be the last soon. It’s no big deal to persuade the little broken cat to lie flat and accept the last. I get used to it when I come and go.”



   The other party was probably choked by him. It took a long time before he organized the language and sent a message.


  [Kitten Live] If you are willing to play as a substitute, in addition to the 5,000 dried fish rewards, you will also reward homepage recommendations.


   “This word is very spiritual”


  ”It seems that the platform really doesn’t want to be the last, and management has begun to sell Meng. It is better to reward more small fish.”


“How does the home page recommendation sound so familiar? If I remember correctly, the last ranking activity also said that the first home page recommendation was rewarded, and the result was the stand alone area, which I will remember for life.”


   “I hope that the cubs will face the temptation of the dried fish and hold on to them.”


   Shen Chi raised his eyes and asked.


  【Asia’s No.1 ‌Gun‌ God] Come again to the ‌Stand-alone homepage?


   The manager of the computer, Hang Shiqi, wanted to cry without tears. Before he came, he thought it was a simple matter to convince Shen Chi to participate in the competition.


   Although it is his own disadvantage to put Shen Chi in the stand-alone zone, it is a lot of dreams for small anchors to participate in the competition on behalf of the platform. The entire home page will watchthe game.


   Shen Chi didn’t pay any attention, and he choked with every word, making him speechless.


He couldn’t help but blame Xu Cheng for his performance. Although Cat Live had never thought about taking the number one, they didn’t want to take the last one. If it weren’t for Xu Cheng’s poor status and ranking last, he wouldn’t have to compromise and deal with Shen Chi.


  【Kitten Live Broadcast】Of course it is not a stand-alone zone. It continues to be recommended on the homepage of the website for ‌weeks. ‌No PUBG anchor has never enjoyed this treatment


   Even Xu Cheng had only been recommended for three days. Hang Shiqi claimed that the conditions were generous enough, and the other party’s attitude was not as firm as before. He seemed to be thinking and didn’t send a reply for a long time.


   He held his breath and waited, and finally waited for the other party’s sentence.


  【Asia’s No.‌1Gun‌ God】Good


  Hang Shiqi couldn’t help but relax. On the left, there are only five thousand dried fish and no-cost recommendation spots, which is nothing for the platform.


After all, he is still a small anchor, no matter how difficult it is to deal with, he still has a low vision, and he will bleed heavily if he changes to another platform.


   “Can you forgive so easily?”


   “The recommendation on the homepage of the week is  a steady stream of dried fish, and the cub’s resistance is zero in front of the dried fish.”


   “As we all know, my cub’s body is dried fish”


   “Nothing wrong”


   He didn’t delay his effort any more, and hurriedly placed Shen Chi on the homepage recommendation position, and quickly rewarded 5,000 dried fish.


   There are six games in today’s game, and there will be six games on the last day of tomorrow. When he was about to inform the other party when to participate in the game, he received a message.


  【Asia’s No.‌1 Gun‌ God】Just forgot to say


  Hang Shiqi stopped his movements and looked at the text on the screen. Suddenly, he had a bad premonition and nothing changed. Then a message appeared in front of the computer.


   [Asia’s No.‌1 Gun‌ God] This is just the price for one game.

Translator’s Note: Shen Chi won’t forgive easily! This is also the website’s fault since they broke their promise and put him in the stand alone area. Please tell me if there is any typo or wrong grammar, I’ll fix it.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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    Thanks for the translation!

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    The cub is learning very well.. ?

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