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Coax a child

Virtual lover? 


   Yan Xue Xiao frowned slightly, and put down the “Phenomenological Analysis” that he hadn’t finished reading.


  [Yan Xue Xiao] Did you add me because of your virtual girlfriend ‌?


  [Shen Chi] The customer service gave ‌ your WeChat account. I applied for a monthly card, 500 yuan a month. At first I thought it was expensive, but now I think it’s good.


   The young man stared at the screen thoughtfully. He thought it was a little wolf pup who came to the door by himself. It turned out that being close to him was just a mistake.


  His gaze paused at five hundred yuan. After a while, he asked.


  [Yan Xuexiao] I’m worth five hundred?


   Shen Chi didn’t think about it and replied.


   [Shen Chi] I see that there are six hundred a month in the customer service friend circle store, but it is too expensive, I am not willing to buy it, but you are cost-effective


   The seller hadn’t replied to him, so the young man couldn’t help asking a sentence.


   [Shen Chi] The customer service account was blocked, and to whom should I transfer my money for a month? It is impossible not to sell virtual lovers in the future, right? I’m quite willing to talk to you


  The other party ends up ‌recovering him.


   [Yan Xue Xiao] Turn to me


   After seeing the amount sent, Shen Chi was stunned.


   [Shen Chi] Isn’t it five hundred?


   The other party answered quietly.


  【Yan Xuexiao】Price increase ‌


 Looking at the news received, Shen Chi had to reluctantly pay a monthly fee of 600 yuan at the highest price in the store, and then received a sentence from the other party.


[Yan Xuexiao] Don’t buy virtual lovers in the future


He just wanted to ask him if isn’t he buying a virtual lover now, which is the most expensive kind in the store. A message appears on the screen.


[Yan Xuexiao] Except me.


  The young man looked at the last sentence and didn’t know why the hand holding the phone was slightly hot. He said “Yes” and quickly turned off the phone.



 As the director of the Education Commission in China, Mr. Wang took an old cowhide bag early in the morning on Friday, and went to the provincial education commission meeting in a travel-stained bus.


The leader dragged his voice and spoke on the stage: “Our province has made a comprehensive and deep reform, taking the score of education management as the core, and the quality of all kinds of education has steadily improved. This year’s college entrance examination has achieved new success and re-launched …”


Teacher Wang took a pen to take notes, while the teacher in Provincial Key No.1 Middle School laughed at him: “Don’t remember, you remember every time you come to a meeting, do you have a duplicate?”



   “It will definitely come out this year.”


   Teacher Wang didn’t have a chance.


The teacher beside  shook his head. There is a place in the border town. The quality of students is surprisingly poor, but teachers who are a little bit more will not go.


   It is clearly a century-old school, and its establishment time is no shorter than that of the First Middle School.


After the meeting, Mr. Wang went to the school from the Provincial Education Committee. The monthly test scores were placed on the desk. He looked at the last name, walked out of the office, and called Shen Chi, who was about to leave the classroom: “Come over with me.”


   Shen Chi put on his schoolbag and walked behind Teacher Wang.


   “‌This is your monthly test score, please take a look at it yourself.” Teacher Wang handed the score ranking to Shen Chi, so that the teenager could reflect on it himself.


   However, Shen Chi glanced at it and closed his gaze: “In a hurry.”


   “A total of seven hundred points are added to the test. It is less than two hundred points. It is not a question of whether it will be possible or not, but it is a question of attitude towards learning.” Teacher Wang followed the temptation.


   “University is indeed not the only way out, but going to university can give you the right to choose, you can choose what kind of life you want to live, do you want to stay in the border town for the rest of your life?”


  The boy was silent for a while: “I want to make money.”


  He then turned and left ‌.


   Teacher Wang watched the young boy’s thin back immersed in the daylight and cast a dark shadow, as if it were blending with the gloomy ground.


   Shen Chi walked away from the residential building, looking from a distance, several people were on the shelf, without raising his eyelids, he put on his headphones and continued to walk forward.


  After coming to the border town for a month, he has become accustomed to the racks. As long as he doesn’t enter the hospital, it is not a big deal, and the police have no time to watch.


   To be precise, two vocational high school students were punching and kicking a boy, and the leading student stepped on the boy’s face: “There is only one hundred? You are cheating your brothers.”


   Another person expertly found a stack of money from the inner pocket of the boy’s clothes: “He obviously has eight hundred.”


   “That is the money for my mother’s medical treatment.” The boy on the ground struggled to get up, but because he was so small he was kicked to the ground again, and his wrinkled school uniform was soaked with blood.


   Hearing the words ‌, the heavy footsteps stopped ‌, took off the headphones, and said coldly to the two vocational high school students: “You are in the way.”


  A vocational high school student turned around, apparently dominating at school: “Get in your mother’s way-“


  But when he didn’t say anything, he was brought up and his collar was severely thrown to the ground. There was severe pain in his chest, which made him unable to move.


When he just wanted to beg for mercy, the other party seemed to lose strength. He took the opportunity to turn over from the ground and grabbed the young man’s fragile throat. They took advantage of the number, and the situation reversed.


   However, the boy didn’t care about his restricted throat. Instead, a heavy knee blow threw him to the ground again, and his elbow hit his companion’s chin.


   It is a total fatal blow.


  He got up in retreat, looked at his companion, dropped the money and ran out of the alley quickly.


Shen Chi picked up his schoolbag and didn’t look at the boy on the ground. When he was about to leave, he heard a whisper from behind: “Shen Chi, thank you.””


   “How do you know my name?” He looked at the boy.


   The boy in the middle school uniform didn’t seem to know how to answer, and finally he said, “I’m your classmate.”


  Shen Chi’s eyes showed confusion and added: “Those who sit in the front row received your homework today, but you didn’t hand it in.”


“No impression.” Shen Chi put on his headphones again and left indifferently


    two vocational high school boys ran to the alley and stopped, talking to each other.


   “A red hair looked at his face, and the school uniform on his body was in the middle of the school. I don’t know if it was a new one.”


“Listen to it today. After school tomorrow, ask people to go to the middle gate to block it. I don’t believe they can’t block a person.”


   Just as the two were talking, they ran into Yan Shen head-on. Yan Shen had a conspicuous scar on his face, which looked particularly fierce and had a bad tone: “You dare try to trouble him?”


   Yan was so violent, the two immediately died down, shaking their heads like a rattle, and hurriedly denied: “Dare not.”


   After watching the two vocational high school boys leave, Yan Jianguo followed Yan Shen with a blue nose and swollen nose, carefully following up: “I stole the computer from a second-hand store I went to and  was beaten by the boss.”


   Yan Shen did not answer  him, he asked: “Little Red Hair has offended many people. How can you take care of him? Is it your friend?”


   “I told you no.” Yan Shen didn’t want to talk.


   “why?” Yan Jianguo’s doubts are deeper in his heart. He has never seen his son defend a person.


Yan Shen glared at him angrily: “It’s hard to turn to the bottom of the class. If something happens to him,  won’t I become the bottom of the class again?”


   Listening to Yan Shen’s words, Yan Jianguo nodded hurriedly: “You have to take good care of him.”




   Shen Chi walked to the door, blankly tore off the small advertisement posted on the door, opened the door with the key ‌, crumpled the small advertisement into the trash can, sat at the table and boarded the live broadcast.


   “Don’t play horror games today ‌”


   “My heart can’t stand it anymore”


   “It’s been procrastinating for a long time. Fortunately yesterday, I violently cleared the customs. Otherwise, it’s not this pretty boy who is scared.”


  ”Please play PUBG.”


   Shen Chi rubbed his blue wrist. He didn’t immediately open PUBG. Instead, he opened the cross-platform homepage of the live broadcast to broadcast the event to the audience, and left his seat to take medicine.


   After he finished taking the medicine, he went to the computer, and the first game was halfway through. Xu Cheng  watched the cat live the competition, and his score is currently ‌ first.


   “Xu Cheng is a little capable”


   “Last year, the cat live broadcast seemed to only get seventh. This year I feel like they can make it to the top ‌


   “It’s not good to say that Cat Live is not a big platform after all. There are several retired professional players on other platforms. It’s good to get fifth place ‌”


   “I don’t know what Late thinks”


The live broadcast of the event is a panoramic live broadcast, and the commentator always pays attention to the battle situation: “The kitten team successfully cut two teams and moved into the center of the circle, occupying a favorable position on the top of the mountain. Can give full play to the advantages of the aborigines.”




“Xu Cheng is very comfortable with one hand.”


“I learned it in qualifying. It is not easy to enter the top 20 of the Asian server, and I don’t blame the platform for pushing him.”



   Only Shen Chi looked at the screen, twisted the water bottle to drink saliva, and simply said the sentence: “to lose.”


   Although the kitten team succeeded in clearing the enemies on the road, they did not pay attention to collecting information. A team behind them entered the circle in a low-key manner.


   Lu Xiuping, who had just finished his exam, just heard the words in the live broadcast room. He admitted that Late’s technique was very good, but he couldn’t help but send the words.


   “Whether it’s team cooperation, or circle luck, there is no shortcoming, how could you lose?  Go to the 17th Asian server and re-evaluate.”


   The voice of the boy did not fluctuate at all: “Excuse me, I am the sixteenth in the Asian server.”


  Many viewers are in the stand-alone zone. The newly-added audience in two days, they don’t believe what Shen Chi said. The Asian server’s results are ‌ good or not?


   Including Lu Xiuping, he has been busy with exams recently. He only saw the promotion of Xu Cheng’s ranking of 17 on the homepage. He didn’t pay attention to Late’s ranking. He didn’t believe it in his heart.


   He opened the Asian server rankings, and Late’s name was impressively ranked before Xu Cheng’s name, and he was eligible for evaluation.


   But he didn’t have time to think, his eyes were fixed on the screen, because the kitten team was suddenly attacked during the game, and the team was instantly wiped out.


I didn’t even think of the explanation in the picture. I analyzed it slowly: “The cat team underestimated the enemy and didn’t pay attention to watching behind him. It is a pity that the wave. If the details are better, they should not blindly rush downstairs.”


   The barrage was in an uproar.


  ”All input”


   “I’m afraid that my mentality will collapse in the next few games”


   “Just watched the rankings of Asian servers. Anchor  is the 16th Asian server, one place higher than Xu Cheng, I thought it was a small  anchor who wanted to switch to a stand-alone server.”


  Lu Xiuping’s mood is complicated, but his strength is better and his treatment is different. Even if he is a fan of Xu Cheng, he can’t help feeling unfair.




  In the morning in New Jersey, Adam smelled the aroma of food as he passed Yan Xue Xiao’s dormitory. He couldn’t help knocking.


The youth went to the door and opened it.  

Adam asked curiously, “Did you cook early?”


Yan Xuexiao added tofu to the casserole, closed the lid and whispered, “Coax the child to eat.”



Half an hour later, Shen Chi on the phone’s side received a video shot by Yan Xue Xiao. Crab yellow tofu boiled slowly on the stove, and the golden juice wrapped the tender tofu, sprinkled with a thin layer. Chopped green onion looks very attractive.


   The boy who was sitting in front of the computer playing games intently took off his headphones and walked to the kitchen.


He doesn’t know how to cook. The tofu is cut into different sizes, there are a few pieces ‌ shredded ‌, and when frying the crab roe, he forgets to ‌ put the cooking wine. Scoop out from the pot.


 However, after a long time, he managed to make a low-grade version of Crab Yellow Tofu, which was not as bright as the video, but also distinct in color.


  Before the young man was about to eat, he thought of something and took a picture of the crab yellow tofu on the table and sent it to Yan Xue Xiao.


   [Shen Chi] Make this, what’s the point?


 Yan Xuexiao, who was sitting in class, opened his mobile phone and took a look at the photo, which was about to close. The line of sight fell on the wrist of the teenager exposed in the photo.


Teenagers’ skin is fair, white and dazzling, and the bruises on his wrists are obviously new injuries.


   Yan Xue Xiao’s gaze stopped, stopped, narrowed her narrow eyes slightly, and thought he was struggling with someone again, not knowing if his waist and abdomen were injured, he quietly wrote words.


   Shen Chi drank some water. Suddenly the phone shook. After receiving a reply from Yan Xue Xiao, he put down the water glass and picked up the phone.


  But when the teenager saw the message, he almost choked on the water he was drinking before he could swallow it, and his face turned red.


  [Yan Xue Xiao] Lift up your clothes and show me


Translator’s Note: I’ve got a feeling that Shen Chi and Yan Shen would be friends. I was translating this in the middle of the night and I’ve became hungry when I saw the tofu

What to eat tomorrow?“ Crab yellow tofu, even the soup is really delicious | DayDayNews

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    I love Yan Shen’s motivation jakckakv I was wondering why he was so kind and helpful, thinking he might be friends with YXX. The revelation of the motive was a laugh trip ? Thank you for the translations! I look forward to the next one. I hope my son gets the promo he deserves on the platform!!

    1. Avatar IamNobody says:

      Right, I also don’t know why Yan Shen is helping him.

  2. Avatar Sai says:

    There’s a common mistake of referring to the ML and MC as she at random, which can be rather jarring while reading ovo. Hope you pay attention to it.
    “Yan Xue Xiao’s gaze stopped, stopped, narrowed her narrow eyes slightly” (double narrow too but that’s easy to ignore: the random sudden gender changes just bug me a lot)

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