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Virtual Lovers

The other party sent over the medical expenses, and the infusion and prescription cost a total of 730 yuan. Shen Chi’s heart ached. The other party seemed to know what he was thinking, and sent a sentence.


  【Yan Xue Xiao】You  have to ‌‌to eat


  He looked at his balance of 3,000 yuan and said “hmm”.


   He has been very healthy since he was young. This was his first hospitalization. He lost the liquid for one night and went through the hospital procedures for himself the next day.


The doctor said to him at the hospital: “Taking medicine is the second priority. You must eat and supplement nutrition. Now it is a minor problem. If you delay minor illnesses, serious illnesses will be severe. If you are uncomfortable your parents would worry.”


   Hearing the last sentence, the boy lowered his eyes and nodded.




  The quantitative trading model is completed, and Rui, as the team leader, pays each employee a salary of 5,000 U.S. dollars, and intends to use the model for futures trading.


   Before leaving ‌, Yan Xue Xiao reminded: “OPEC negotiations are coming soon, so be careful about crude oil transactions.”


   The history of the rise and fall of crude oil prices can be said to be a history of geopolitical confrontations. Every political change will affect the rise and fall of oil prices without exception. The trading model is designed based on historical data, and it is difficult to resist the black swan event.


  OPEC stands for Petroleum Transportation Organization, which aims to maintain the stability of international oil prices to ensure the income of member countries. Due to the decline in oil demand, OPEC will negotiate a production reduction agreement with Russia to ensure oil prices.


   “While reducing production and raising prices, will Russia still agree to it?” Rui did not rest assured that Yan Xue Xiao said, “I believe the data, the data will tell lies.”


   Yan Xue Xiao did not argue, and left quietly.


  Only when he spends all his wages on short-selling oil futures, he will make a profit when the oil price drops.


   Yan Xue Xiao left the meeting room. He did not go back to the dormitory immediately, but went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for porridge.


  He uses a casserole to marinate the selected beef belly. After the water is boiled, the rice is added, and the rice is gently stirred with a long spoon, the heat is turned to a low heat to continue boiling.


   Two hours later, he boil it on high heat for three minutes, pour in the marinated beef, break it with long chopsticks, when the beef was scattered, sprinkle it with green onion, and make a pot of raw beef porridge.


   Yan Ji sent a book to Yan Xue Xiao. As soon as he walked into the dormitory, he smelled the scent of beef porridge. He asked in shock, “When did you learn to cook?”


   The youth who has always been cold is now full of fireworks, and his noble face is hidden in the rising mist, so he can see clearly, he suddenly thought he was mistaken.


   Yan Xue Xiao replied lightly: “Just learned.”


   The tall young man scooped up a bowl of porridge from the pot: “How about tasting it.”


   Yan Ji took the porridge. According to his thoughts, his nephew had to say anything and he should taste, but he took a bite and praised it: “It’s very delicious.”


   The beef in the porridge was very tender, mixed with the thick white porridge to add a third of the flavor, and he finished it in a few bites.


   Yan Ji thought that he made it specially for himself, put down the bowl and said flatteredly: “You are my nephew, what are you so polite after borrowing this book?”


   He looked at the young man. The young man concentrated on using his cell phone to shoot a video on the bubbling porridge. He suddenly found that he was like a…taste tester.




  Shen Chi came from the hospital, probably because of the infusion for too long. He was weak and weary through illness, and his red hair was limply on his head.


He just wanted to go back to the house to sleep. At this time, he received a video from Yan Xue Xiao.


He started the video in confusion.


It’s raw rolled beef porridge bubbling in the air. If I remember correctly, it is the first dish in this week’s recipe.


The bottom of the porridge is thick with cotton silk, neatly cut chopped green onion and tender beef. Because the camera is very close, he can clearly hear the bubbling sound in porridge, and can smell the full aroma through the screen.


The young man’s stomach let out a cry.


   He turned around, walked to the vegetable market, bought the ingredients needed this week according to the recipe given by Yan Xue Xiao, and added condiments for two hundred and seventy yuan.


Shen Chi laboriously came home with food and prepared to save money to buy a new computer, but when he opened the door and entered the room, he froze. There was a computer on the desk, as if everything was a dream.


  The young man pursed his lips while looking at the lost computer. Although he don’t know why he would return it, he still used a screwdriver to unscrew the screw to replace the door lock, and took a sharp knife near his body.


   He washed the rice according to the recipe ‌, because he only bought a small piece of beef because the beef was expensive, but even a small piece was cut, crooked and twisted by him. 


   He looked discouragedly at the meat he had cut, but remembering the picture of beef porridge, he continued to do it, and carefully cooked the porridge according to the recipe.


  Because it takes two full hours to cook the porridge, he went to the table and sat down and turned on the computer to log on to the website.


  He is still ‌on the homepage of the stand-alone zone. Although the stand-alone zone is deserted, it is the homepage after all. There are more and fewer viewers in the stand-alone zone and full of messages in the live broadcast room.


   “‌Is it a stand-alone zone?”


   “I thought I clicked the wrong partition”


  ”There is no need to come to a single machine to smash traffic when playing PUBG.”


  ”‌Play a single function ‌Can roll ‌Go”


  The young man pursed his lips while looking at the message. His left hand still had the pain of last night’s infusion. Instead of turning on the high-intensity PUBG, he purchased and downloaded the stand-alone game Ghost in the store.


   Castle Ghost is a horror survival game that was just released yesterday. It was hailed as the best of the year in the same genre after only one day of release. Almost all the anchors in the stand-alone zone are broadcasting live. Unfortunately, none of the anchors have been able to pass the level.


   Seeing him open the ghost of the castle, the attitude of the audience in the stand-alone zone to him was much relaxed, and the tone changed from repelling to admonishing.


   “This game is quite difficult, and there is no strategy yet. It is recommended that the anchors do not challenge this game”


   “It is really difficult to decrypt the castle. Several anchors I am following are stuck in the fifth level.”


   “+1, let’s play something simple”


   After opening the game slowly, there was a burst of depressive darkness, and the words ‌Castle ghost image slowly appeared on the screen. 


   He clicked to start a new game. He woke up in the basement of the old castle and heard the faint cry of a child from the building. The old table had only a dagger and a hunting gun.


   “Blu-ray quality!”


   “The image quality rendering is all on the highest and it’s stuck. Is it convenient for the anchor to tell the computer model?”


       “Aurora’s new model”


   “I looked at the price, I’m sorry to disturb you.”


  Because he didn’t have a backpack, he could only take a weapon. He didn’t hesitate to choose a hunting gun.


  ”The first level is wrong.”


“The dagger should be chosen, and the ghost moves very fast. Although the hunting gun can kill with one shot, it is accurate at all, and only one bullet can be shot at a time.”



   “Is this PUBG’s bolt?”


   “……‌Is it the same game‌, abandon the file ‌Go on”


 Shen Chi finished firing his gun. He didn’t go directly to the room. He shot two shots into the wall to estimate the range trajectory, and then went to the room.


   The darkness outside the room is so dark, you can see everything clearly, the sound of wind blowing from your ears on your eardrums, talking to him as if rustling.


   “The sound effects are too oozing.”


 ”I’m afraid of something coming out of nowhere.”


“I hope the anchor will be scared off.”


The boy frowned. One of the important reasons why he likes to play horror games is that the picture is too dark, so he conveniently raised the brightness.


   “I will regret it when I adjust the brightness. The anchor next door was so scared that he threw the mouse away. Look, it’s very clear.”


   “The horse will turn around and kill”


 ”barrage protection”


“You made me dare to look at it.”


Shen Chi continued, the door of the room was locked, and it was necessary to find the corresponding key to explore.


   Suddenly he heard a bang from behind. It seemed that a heavy body fell to the ground. He looked back and saw that it was a headless corpse hanging on the ceiling, dripping blood.


   “How can the anchor run!”


   “He was scared, right?”


   “I’m suffocating just hearing the sound”


   Shen Chi passed by the corpse without expression and searched for the key in the room. However, he searched every corner and found nothing.


   He stared at the corpse  for a moment, and walked to the corpse  hanging from the ceiling ‌.


   Castle Ghost was evaluated as the best horror game of the year. There is no reason. The rotting corpse is vivid, and the bright red organs produce squirming mosquitoes and flies.


  Shen Chi was familiar with the game ‌, and repeatedly fumbled with the corpse ‌ ‌. He had nothing to do. The live broadcast room was frightened. The reaction was exactly the same as that of pointing to mountains and rivers.


   “Why are you stuck here?”


   “Please, brother, find it soon”


   “Don’t look for it, it’s in the pocket of the clothes on the right”


   “I’m hiding in the bed now, dare to get out of bed”


  Shen Chi continued playing like no one’s watching, until a silver key fell out of the bloody clothes bag, he opened the door with the key and walked up the stairs to the castle hall.


   The hall was lit with dim candlelights, and there were many moving puppets. Most of the puppets’ bodies were mutilated, with either arms or legs missing, but they were all staring in the direction of the second floor.


   The second floor was still locked by an iron door, requiring a four-digit code. He turned and walked back to the hall. What he didn’t notice was that the puppet’s eyes were all looking at him.


   “Look at the anchor, the puppet’s head is moving!”


   “Ah ah ah ah ah, terrible”


   “Hiding in the bed, dare to get out of bed”


   “You ‌ are one ‌”


   Shen Chi glanced at the puppet along the barrage, his expression unchanged, and he rummaged in the hall.


  He is good at cracking passwords, and he was still stuck in this level for half an hour, while the corner of the puppet’s mouth in the hall pulled more and more ‌, staring at him bitterly.


   The area of ​​the hall is gradually shrinking, and the atmosphere is depressing and weird, as if something is coming.


   “The first time I saw an anchor with such a long period of time, I used my own ability to increase the horror of live broadcast”


   “But the anchor was not scared, only us were scared”


   “I’m very angry”


   “Suddenly regret letting him play stand-alone”


   Suddenly, the dim candlelight in the hall suddenly went out!


   The picture was completely plunged into darkness, and the puppets in the hall seemed to be all alive, accompanied by creaking and piercing noises, and some kind of heavy footsteps.


   “Are ghost images coming?”


  ”It’s a pity that the candlelight went out. In fact, the password for opening the door can be inferred from the light angle of the candlestick. The physics of the anchor should be too. How can we escape and dare to see it?”


“A handsome boy is shivering in the quilt.”




   “Anchor, let’s play PUBG?”


   Shen Chi looked at the pitch-black screen intently. He could not see anything, but he could hear the sound, and he could judge the distance based on the sound, but he only needed to eliminate the interference of the puppet activity.








Getting closer and closer to him, Shen Chi did not escape, but picked up the hunting gun, silently calculated the position of the opponent in his heart, fired the first shot in the dark, the fire flashed by, and the bullet shot in. The wall was silent.




  ”Shooting blindly is so difficult”


“ghosts move very fast, and it is difficult to shoot even if there is lighting, and the ability to listen to sound and distinguish positions is too high.”


“Because this game theory kills ghosts, it passes customs clearance, but ghosts are almost likely to be killed. After decryption, ghosts will disappear by themselves. It depends on the brain, but why do so many anchors have not yet passed customs clearance since yesterday?”


Shen Chi did not give up and continued to fire the second shot.



   still missed.


   The third shot.


  ‌ never hit.


Because the ghost is getting closer and closer, his current blood volume is only one third. He closes his eyes, distinguishes his position with more care, ignores all interference, and finally opens his eyes to shoot at the dark picture.


In the third seconds after the bullets were fired, the extinguished candles were lit, and the puppets in the hall were restored to their original appearance and arranged neatly.


In front of him, a ferocious ghost was burning slowly, and the body of the ghost was covered with large and small faces, all of which were devoured guests in the castle.



   “The first time I saw a blind shot!”


   “The feel of the gun is too good , run in  to ten shots, I want to watch the anchor live PUBG”


   “I have a hunch that the studio will change the game overnight”


  The screen ‌‌ shows a line of bright red characters.


   “Congratulations on clearing the level”


   As a PUBG anchor, he was the first anchor to clear the ghost of the castle in the stand-alone zone, and there was an overwhelming barrage.




   “Sick from the bed, sit up in shock”


   “Is the clearance real?!”


   “This is the legendary violent pass, right”


  While Lan Heng logged into the game, he wanted to send a team invitation, but after a glance, Late is still offline.


   He sighed, Xu Cheng  has attracted much attention to participate in the inter-platform anchor competition, but he(Late) was exiled to the single-player zone where there is no interest, and this matter is accepted by everyone.


   He opened Late’s live broadcast room and wanted to leave a message to comfort him, but he was stunned when he saw the number of followers in the live broadcast room.


   He clearly remembered yesterday’s attention was more than 15,000, but today’s attention suddenly rose to 20,000, and it is still growing rapidly, at least not inferior to the recommendation on the homepage of the website.


   Lan Heng was confused, single-player players can be said to be the most picky group of games. PUBG anchors have always served in the single-player zone, and they can’t think that they have clicked the wrong live broadcast room.




  Shen Chi did not continue to play after clearing the level, because the porridge in the kitchen was boiled, and the thick porridge was tumbling in the pot. He put the beef and sprinkled the chopped green onion, and three minutes later, he took a bowl of porridge from the pot.


   The boy sat at the table, bending his eyes while drinking the porridge.


   He turned on his phone while sipping his porridge. He made 500 dried fish today. He turned on the calendar, and when it came time to renew the 500 yuan monthly fee for the heartbeat shop, he opened WeChat to transfer money to the customer service.


 The screen plays a warning.


  “The other party’s account number is abnormal, please do not transfer money to the other party”


   He suspiciously sent a message to Yan Xue Xiao.

   [Shen Chi] I was just about to renew the monthly fee to your store, and it prompted the customer service account to be abnormally unable to transfer funds. Recently, is it still possible to sell Virtual lover?


   After a while, the other party asked.


  [Yan Xue Xiao] Virtual Love‌r?


   The red-haired boy answered naturally.


   [Shen Chi] Aren’t you my virtual lover?

Translator’s Note: Just two more weeks and I can update regularly again, for now I’ll just pop up whenever I can. Happy Reading and here is the pic for the beef porridge.

Beef Congee (Rice Porridge) + PBS Show • Steamy Kitchen Recipes Giveaways

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